Ten Things of Thankful #99

If you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna cartwheel and whoop and holler and throw glitter for a bit, because NEXT WEEK IS OUR 100th WEEK OF RUNNING! Are you coated in *twinklysparklygoodness* yet?

Awesome. Let’s continue.

SO, we promised you a PARTY (we’re definitely having one) and we promised you PRIZES (and there are going to be an abundance of them). I’m about to announce an impromptu COMPETITION (which no-one knows about yet, and I may or may not be making it up as I go along, but hey, let’s roll with it) and it’s all going to be AN INCREDIBLY HUGE AMOUNT OF FUN!

And the theme is going to be SHOW US YOUR BOX (hey, our 50th theme was ‘Naked with Cake’ – I’m *sure* we can get away with this, right?) and the point is that we collect our thankfuls into one place each week and ‘box’ them up prettily in writing and share them around like delightful gifts we all get to enjoy.

The PRIZES will be box-related; in fact, each co-host is going to collect a REAL LIVE BOX full of lovely things from around their house, and when you enter your links next week, you’ll go into the prize draw to receive one of those Real Boxes SENT TO YOU IN THE POST!

Make sure you’re here, and tell all your friends. And if we get 100 people into the link-up, there’s going to be a SUPER MEGA PRIZE DRAW, and one lucky person will win something EPIC (and not even my co-hosts know about this one, so they count amongst the entrants for the purposes of this game).

I’m awed that we’re nearly at 100 weeks! When we first started I wasn’t even sure we’d make it to five, but you lovely people who have been engaged from the beginning and entering into the spirit of things as you’ve joined up all the way through, are the ones who have made this hop, and this community, what it is, so THANK YOU!

We couldn’t have done it without you.

My Thankful is YOU

Each week you come here and you write and engage and share the beautiful things, the challenging things, the things you’d rather hadn’t happened, and the things you wish could happen every day.

You visit each other and nurture friendships, devolving comment threads into conversations and competing to be FRIST on any new post.

You’ve formed bonds which extend beyond the hop, and play out in the rest of Online (and in some cases, In Real), and you look out for one another, think of and encourage one another, and find ways to play nicely together in this world between the wires.

I don’t think you’ve ever, ever, ever brought any drama (thank you!).

You look after each other when you’re sad, and you always, always find kind and gentle things to say, to try to make it a tiny bit better, even if your input can’t effect the change you wish it could.

You are a WORLDWIDE bunch, and utterly without prejudice, and FULL of character, and such, such fun.

You encompass all manner of bloggers, from musicians to photographers to list-writers to poets to storytellers, and every single one of you has important things to say each week, and you say them, wonderfully.

You keep coming back, realising the value in this discipline – that looking around and taking stock of life and being grateful plays a HUGE part in emotional wellbeing.

You’ve developed into a glorious, somewhat amorphic community, where everyone is made welcome, and you greet people and include them whether it’s their first time playing along, or their 99th, or they only make it in every so often.

You are fabulous, and I don’t know whether I’m proud or humbled or astonished or just thrilled to pieces to be part of this blog hop each weekend.

I’ve a feeling that as with everything in life; I’m a mixture, and I love that.

Thank you, x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10.



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78 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #99

  1. The whole “blog hop” thing confuses me horribly. I get (I think) that lots of people are writing about their 10 things to be thankful for each week and that somehow you are all connected – but I just don’t understand how that works. It’s times like this that I think it might be a good idea to sweep out the cave, put on my fur dress, tie a bone in my hair and, and cook up some mastodon over an open fire instead of trying to figure out this blogging thing.

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    • Nailed it.

      You write ten things you’re thankful for, then you come over here to my thankful post, click the blue button at the bottom of the post, and then add the URL of your post, and TAH-DAAAAAAHHHH *jazzhands*

      That was a piss-poor show for a troglodyte – if you can share a link on fb you can do a blog-hop 😉

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  2. My steady thankful every week as I write my 10 things of thankful is YOU, dear Lizzi! Without you, I would not be sitting there every week, meditate over what happened that week; because of this excercise, I truly believe I have become a better person. Thank you so, so much, Lizzi!

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  3. Sigh. I suck. But hopefully won’t and please further explain the box stuff to me. I’ll be out of town but want to want to want to have a box (hehe). But for real.

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  5. AW!!! What an AWESOME way to celebrate something so wonderful and amazingly lovely as this link up!!! YAY for ONE HUNDRED!! Wow. That is just so incredibly beautiful… this world you have created… filled with GOODNESS!!! And COMMUNITY!!! And LOVE!!! And GRATITUDE!!! And SUPPORT!!!

    All because of YOU,my love. YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!

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  6. sure is this now a successful group effort and it enjoys the obvious benefits for having co-hostinae and many regular participants. the TToT is a genuine community, a thing that I haven’t seen elsewhere in much bigger and more popular bloghops.
    But, talk about ‘walking the walk’! damn!
    there are a small number of us who remember ‘considerings’ when it was just starting out and, (an even smaller number, I suspect) remember you practicing the Gratitude List… on your own, by yourself because you believed that it would help (and things were …difficult at that time). Post by Post you wrote and practiced the developed this not-particularly easy thing to do, and you wrote the posts that you committed yourself to writing, despite how you felt or what benefit you might perceive. Many people, especially here in the ‘sphere ‘talk the talk’ but you, Ms. Rogers totally ‘walk the walk’

    very cool

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  8. I’m in for week 100 – yippee! It’s been a long time since I linked up, but I don’t want to miss your big celebration. I know you have amazing co-hosts, Lizzi, but I think they would agree that YOU are the glittery, driving force behind this hop.

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  9. Oh, boy! Now, what to put in that box? I’m ashamed to admit, my first thought was, “How can I send a box through the blog post? OH! She means the mail!”

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  11. OMG Quirky Chrissy’s comments down there made me absolutely HOWL.
    I can’t even begin…this is wonderful. I found Dyanne so long ago and I so do wish I could remember exactly WHEN my first one was and I didn’t start labeling things on my blog clearly until after that so if anybody actually knows that little statistic, I’d be happy to have confirmation.
    This has been probably the single most wonderful thing my blog has brougth me – all of the TToT gang. And that has led to so many other grand and wonderful things.
    And now I”m feeling all mushy and lovey so I had better go write my post.

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    • I adore Quirky Chrissy 😀 She’s one of my favourite ‘people I want to get to know better’ – I can see her shinybright soul and her happiness glittering wherever she goes, and I just…I haven’t taken the step yet, but I’m working on it – I want to be friends 😀 Don’t tell 😉

      I can’t remember your first, but I DO know that you being part of this has been SUCH a trip, huh? And we got you into facebook, and oh just SO MANY THINGS, and so many ways you’ve become a more and more integral part of this community and of the lives of the people in it…and I know you were hesitant at first to let that happen, but I am GLOWING because you’ve said that the TToT gang is the best thing it’s brought you, and I feel SO MUCH (almost*) the same way… *happysigh*

      I love that you feel mushy and lovely. I do, too.

      *I’ll qualify that, because the TToT didn’t bring me the SisterWives, so I can’t go exclusive… 😉

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  12. I remember when you first asked me to help you host all those many, many weeks ago. I was thinking, “Can we really do that every single week? Will people like seeing that every week?” You knew, though. I’m so glad you followed through with your idea. It has been wonderful. Going around reading what happy things are going on in other people’s lives always puts me in a better mood, no matter what my mood is when I start reading.
    And, by the way, I’m with Sarah. Amporphic?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Amporphic is the twice-derided semi-cousin of what I *meant* to say. Which was ‘amorphic’ 😉

      I am SO PSYCHED for 100!

      I remember those fears. I remember thinking that it might work out for a couple of weeks and then just quietly fade away to nothing, but…WOW! The people who’ve been part of it have MADE IT LAST! And that’s superbrilliantamazingfabulouslovely 😀 😀 😀

      One of my thankfuls this week (had I listed any Real ones) would have been our phone conversations. They were awesome, and you made my day MUCH brighter and…it just helped a huge amount on an evening when I was feeling dire 😀


  13. Even though I’ve been absent the past few weeks, I pause and have moments of gratitude every day. Often my thoughts are toward all of yous in this fantastic, glittery hop. Hopefully it will all align for me this weekend and then Time and Words will intersect for sharing. Thank you for gathering us together Lizzi!!

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    • I’m always glad to gather people (as you know) and I just think it’s absolutely LOVELY, and so buoying, that these souls from across the world come together each weekend to celebrate the GOOD in their lives, and in each others lives…and it’s a guilt-free, no-obligation hop, and when people can join in, GREAT, and if not, I reckon I’m always impressed by how the spirit of gratitude stays with them into Real, and they find themselves being thankful as life carries on 😀

      I hope you come back, but if not this weekend, then try for next weekend 😀


  14. I’ve been a little late to this party, but I’ve got to say it is a really wonderful group of people and I plant to participate whenever I can subdue my nasty side and appreciate all the good in my life.

    Liked by 2 people

    • As I tell these guys on a semi-regular basis – this is a no-obligation, guilt-free hop, and just whenever people join up or join in, is GOOD 😀 It’s not about subduing, but seducing – those nasty sides sometimes HAVE to admit the Good in life (mine, anyway) and it so, so helps 😀 YES join us 😀 😀


  15. fun, fun fun. I’ve done about 45 posts so far since joining in last June. I think I only missed one in that time. Gratitude is life changing. I am so happy to connected with such wonderful people.

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  16. 100 seems like a good time to join.
    I’ve been a part of the Facebook group for a while, but haven’t posted yet. Is it okay to do a post for the first time next week, assuming I get my technology issues sorted out by then?

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  17. It is a bit of magic that seems to abound in this here place called the Ten things hop. I don’t remember where you guys were when I first heard of you….and then I found you again like a long lost sister and family and now I can’t imagine my life with out TTOT happening weekly.

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    • I’m so glad you’re here each week, and with such enthusiasm even in the hard times. You have an indomitable spirit, Erin, and I’m glad of that in this, and in 1000Speak, and goodness – if we’d never had the TToT, I bet 1000Speak wouldn’t have happened, either!

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  18. These past 99 weeks have been magical! I’ve learned so much about so many, made oodles of friends, been forced to look into myself for thankfuls when I wasn’t sure there were any, rejoiced with others for their list of thankfuls, oh, it goes on and on! Gathering up wonderful items for my box….

    Liked by 4 people

    • I can’t quite believe it’s been so long…I really feel that we’ve had an amazing, incredible ride with this, and I’m thrilled to pieces at how it’s gone. SO many wonderful people have come and taken part, over time, and it’s brilliant that it’s still going…wow.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Thank you for creating and hosting this amazing event.
    I started taking part in it about a year ago, and this is my Week 55.
    I’ve found ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ addictive.

    Liked by 5 people

    • I’m so pleased, Romi – I remember when you joined us first, and I’ve loved your dedication, and I’ve been fascinated to learn so much from you about Japanese culture and food and scenery – I’m really glad you’re part of this, and thank you for joining in so faithfully 🙂

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  20. So this is going to sound silly…so silly that I almost didn’t even say it.

    I’ve been watching all y’all with your Ten Things of Thankful…and considering maybe someday asking if I could play too…but then I never did because I’m really really bad at commitment in blogging. Because my ideas change with the wind like Mary Poppins. That being said, I will enter your contest. Because I’m always up for showing off my box.

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