Ten Things of Thankful #98

I hope you’re ready for a HUGE (if totally expected) announcement – in TWO WEEKS TIME the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop turns ONE HUNDRED (weeks old). We’re gonna have TWICE the party we had at #50, and YOU’RE INVITED!We have yet to work out the particulars and run risk assessments, but it’s going to be amazing. All of the co-hosts will do something EPIC together, and there will be a fancy-beautiful SPECIAL ONE-OFF button for the event, and PRIZES! (there will always be prizes).

Come back next week to find out what awesome shenanigans we’re planning, and how YOU can get more involved in our #100 celebrations.

Meantime there are DEFINITELY ten things I’m thankful for, but in a week where I managed to go for a run, do some housework, AND cook, AND go out for an evening with friends on the Tuesday, and on the Wednesday morning I was outsmarted by my own socks, and being too warm nearly made me cry…my brain is sufficiently discombobulated (HOLYFUCK! I just saw a cricket run across my floor. Yaknow, eventually when they go, I am NOT gonna miss the bloody LIVE FOOD for the spiders)

Damnit. I moved. Then it moved. Now I can’t find it and I don’t know what I was saying. Something about NOT being in a head-space for any kind of coherence, and I just realised I have no photos for my week except one…AUGH…yaknow what, this is gonna have to be one of those times where YOU, dear reader, trusted companion of the Blogosphere, will have to just use your imagination and pretend that I’ve done a fabulously exciting and insightful Ten, when in fact what I’m putting out here is kind of like the crud you get left in the sink once you’ve let the dishwater go…


A – I’ve worked. I have a job I’m competent at and ever-learning to get better at. It’s fun and distracting and the people are very nice. I get to leave it behind at the end of the day and come home and WRITE, which is what I love to do. So there’s that.

) – I got a piece published on Andra Watkins’ blog (muy exciting – I do love to guest post) about my excitement of making a memory in September, when I come to Murica to meet a wonderful selection (though definitely not enough) of my Blogosphere friends. It’s going to be INCREDIBLE and probably one of the most exciting things I will ever have done.

8 – I applied for (and got) my ETSA. At the end of the process (nerve-wracking, and done with my heart thrumming panic in my throat, just in case the US decided that I WOULDN’T be allowed to come) I got a lovely message from the Department of Homeland Security, welcoming me to the USA. I’m INNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

q – I finished NaPoWriMo over at The Well Tempered Bards. It’s been such a gorgeous ride, this writing a poem every day malarkey – it’s helped me to process, to connect, to have an outlet for silly and angry and happy and all the feels in between, and I am SO happy I joined in with this one.

# – I got a GORGEOUS parcel in the post, with AMAZINGINCREDIBLE BOOKS in it. I am SO psyched that Helena’s campaign to get published was successful, and that I now have Memoirs 2 to read, as well as the play, Penelope, to lend out (and bring back and keep forever) – Penelope made me laugh so hard I cried and nearly stopped breathing. I can’t recommend it highly enough. BUY THEM NOW! Memoirs AND Penelope. You won’t regret it…

Memoirs 2 and Penelope

g – I’m tired but I have a warm blanket snuggling me in, and I’m about to go and get a cup of tea and a bowl of ice-cream but I want to finish this first so it’s DONE, because otherwise I never will, and I hate feeling like a let-down when I don’t manage to get the code out on time (it’s currently only an hour and a half late…for the HOP!). But all will be well and they’ll get the code and I’m sure no-one will mind too much.

x – I can’t remember this one, so I’m going to try to sleep-type something for you. I have my eyes closed and am letting my fingers wander around the jeyboard. Thing is, I won’t know until I open my eyes whether o or not I was anywheree good, so I think I’kkl just issue the challenge that I have to publsish this however it comes out, and then see whether anyone else fancies writing a sentence or so with their eyes closed, and see how it turns out. I bet your fingers know more than you think…

11 – ^^^Not bad, and now I feel somewhat refreshed, having had my eyes closed for five minutes.

$ – I’m a dork and nobody minds. That’s a BIG thankful. I played this week, sending a topless pic* to certain, select friends. It was all quite hilarious and raised a number of eyebrows but people joined in and wanted to laugh and joke and celebrate a certain liberty with me. So to anyone who got the pic, you’re welcome, and thanks for being sweet about it.

3 – I have amazing, wonderful friends, both on and offline, and that is worth EVERYTHING. Even though I *just* wrote about correct usage of superlatives and not being a dick with language…and it turns out I’m as bad as everyone – I just never noticed. OOOOOPS! [The content of the post still stands, though]

“*sounds on fingers* I *think* that’s the telly. They’re happy for us to use whatever we like” <—- Okay I AM tired. That wasn’t just with my eyes closed – that was with my brain closed and I have NO idea where it came from.

This MUST be Ten…


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*Um yeah, so it was a photo of half my face, holding up a pen to the camera. The PEN had no top on it. As *IF* I would ever send a boob shot – what do you take me for?

**The cricket just came back. I caught him and threw him outside, where he can take his chances. Now I’m gonna eat the tail-end of a tub of ice-cream. From the tub. PURE CLASS!

*falls down*

68 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #98

  1. I’m not a fan of crickets – if I’m out for an evening walk and I can hear them chirping away, I find THAT pleasant – a lovely spring/summer’s eve and all that. However, if they are hiding in a dark corner in my garage or back porch and incessantly chirping while I’m trying to read or go to sleep, it drives me crazy!! I’ve been known to rampage around the back patio with a broom, hitting things indiscriminately and making all sorts of noise (much more noise than the cricket ever did) in order to scare them away. All will be silent – until I go back into the house and settle down on the couch – and then they will merrily begin chirping again…except this time it sounds suspiciously like, “fuck…you…fuck…you”

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  2. I could never, ever type that well with my eyes closed. I’m a horrid typist. And just to prove my point: I am going to try to type this somewhat legibly and see how bad it is.

    Shut up, Sarah, you underestimate yourself. I had my eyes closed for all the bit after the colon. Ha! That makes me happy!

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  3. I am seriously NOT a fan of crickets. In fact having to keep crickets was the only down side to the pet lizard my boys used to have. My youngest used to spend his morning capturing them and hiding them in the seat of his push and ride toy. I never quite understood the fascination.

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    • Well I think you probably have to like them from childhood (as I have done) and to be fair it’s just as well – I found ANOTHER FOUR after this post, and then ANOTHER one this evening…so…I am inundated. I don’t think I’d try to hide them though – I capture them and throw them outside.

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  4. This, this, THIS is a post written by the ‘old’ Lizzi. The one I used to stay up late and chat with on Facebook, when we would send silly songs and clips from tv shows to each other and talk about potato farmers. She’s baaaaaack! I don’t like crickets OR spiders. I would simply have to leave, if they didn’t choose to eat each other. I’m quite thrilled Homeland Security let you through – shhhhhh! 🙂

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  5. “bloody live food for the spiders”. Gee, what’s not to miss?! I could never feed a live thing to another live thing!!! You are special Lizzi. LOL

    A, 8, q, – This. this is most excellent:) Very, very exciting! What an awesome accomplishment (will have to stop in over there wa-ay more often 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • The ones which have escaped I’ve considered worthy of a stay of execution, and have thrown them out of the house to take their chances. I can be hard-hearted when it fits.

      Ohhh I’d be honoured to see you over at Bards more often 🙂


  6. No to spiders AND crickets. Ugh! I don’t know how you do it! I’m excited for your 100th. Wow! I need to get back to doing this. I was much less cranky then. It sounds like a good week and I’m so very glad that the powers that be are allowing you into the US. That’s wonderful news.
    I know (hope!) you’re asleep right now. It’s late here which means it’s far beyond the witching hour there and I hope you are off dreamin’ a little dream.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was dreaming. And as you’ll see elsewhere, that was a GREAT BIG HUGE MISTAKE (maybe) and I’m cross and upset about it but trying to remember that important things are important and not that and SIIIIIGH 😦

      I like crickets. They’re fun and sweet and chirpy and bouncy. I like *MY* spiders but not the normal ones much.

      *OUR 100th… :/

      (goodness me I’m a right negative nelly in response to your comment. sorry 😦 )


  7. I linked up, since you told me to! I’m a big fan of crickets. When they would get in our house, though, our cat would always eat them. Ick. How exciting that you will be visiting our shores. Can’t wait to hear all about it! (Oh, and I can type without looking–until I start thinking about it and then I become paralyzed.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH! I can reverse in my car…until I think about which way the wheels are pointing and then I have to stop and start over again *sigh*

      I had to chase and catch FOUR MORE CRICKETS LAST NIGHT. I was steaming mad…but I can see why cats love them so much – they’re hilarious to play with (though I didn’t eat them – I threw them out into the night).


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  8. Ohhh, believe me, I’m ever thankful that hubby doesn’t mind being married to a chaos-magnet like me 🙂 So excited for your trip to the US.. Yes, ESTA is always a joy, especially if you have to fill it out for your 6-year old daughter (who actually IS a US-citizen but travels with a German passport); I never pictured myself to explain STDs to a pre-schooler 🙂 Can’t wait for next week’s announcements and of course the big 100!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh good grief that sounds like rather a nightmare to have to finagle! I totally understand the need for all the paperwork, but honestly, it’s wearing! I’m laughing at the term “chaos-magnet” – not one I’ve ever heard before.

      Can’t WAIT for my trip to the US – I hope I can still blog from there, but we’ll see. I think I’ll be entirely too busy being PRESENT for the whole entire time. I’m gonna love it.

      And YAY the 100 😀

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  9. Clearly I missed the part where your socks outsmarted you. *makes note to find out about the sock thing*
    I am beyond excited that you’re coming here to visit. As is Zilla. She wants to take you for a milk steamer.
    Wow…started that like an hour ago…got distracted. Back again.
    I think you have a lot of good going on here and that makes me very happy indeed. I’m off to finish mine…way behind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am SO looking forward to the milk steamer with you and Zilla. It’s gonna be AMAZING and I’m so looking forward to getting to hug you In Real and chat about ALL THE THINGS… *happysighs*

      YES I have good things. Lots of them. Lots I didn’t say, but also I was half asleep when I wrote this.

      The sock thing. Wednesday morning I woke up with a mouthful of ulcers, and was so spaced out from sleeping badly that when I got to getting dressed, I got socks out of my drawer, cos I knew that they had to happen, but then I put them on my bed and just stared stupidly at them, with absolutely NO CLUE what to do next. After that I couldn’t keys, and dropped them about eighteenbillion times and couldn’t make my fingers make them work while I was trying to lock up the house, unlock the shed to get my bike, re-lock the shed, and then unlock and re-lock the back gate to leave. Then the cycle to work made me too hot and I was so sad and overwraught about that that I nearly broke down in tears, all the while a part of my brain was telling me that a MONKEY would have had more success with my morning than I had…

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  10. # x I liked it.
    Number 100 eh? surely must involve something revelatory and celebratory!

    (god! is this comment barely on step above, ‘Loved your Post, it was just what I was looking for, keep up the good work!’ ?) (why yes…but barely. I will say that enjoyed following the pattern of your numbering on my keyboard… obvious to see, but just barely got the sense of the ‘view’ (you know, that perspective from inside the person’s head, as the yes open slowly… field of vision mostly horizontal and then turning to left and right… it was in a movie I saw once…or twice… no, I don’t have too much time on my hands! )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhh but WAS there a pattern?

      There will be revelry and celebration, but revelatory? (or revealing?) – WHO KNOWS! We all need to email each other THIS WEEK and figure it out 😉


  11. I’m going to try the aeyes closed challenge and see what Oes out

    CRAP I would have failed if that had been a typing test. Blerg.
    Anyway, there is no other way to eat ice cream except out of the tub. Is there? 🙂


    • *giggling* That was still pretty awesome, Precious. I like that you tried – it made me happy.

      And yeah – when you have to share it with someone, you use bowls, otherwise it’s just slatternly 😉 (unless you have two spoons, one tub, and you’re feeding it to each other and it gets all 9 1/2 Weeksish… (which is why I know so much about using bowls))


  12. When I was a girl we moved from the city to the shore town I grew up in. I was 13. The frist time I saw a cricket, and he jumped, I screamed “bloody murder”. It’s the unexpected jumping that scared the ______ out of me. In spite of that, it sounds like your week had a balance of exercise, writing, eating and socializing and other good things.

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  13. So I took typing in school and learned the keyoard with my eyes closed. They are mow. I can’t wait to open themup and see how this came out. Thing is is if your finger is one off, you are in trouble. Of course, I just got up.

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    • I did discover that the lid had been left half OFF the live food box today. By a certain someone who claimed absolutely no responsibility, yet is the only person to touch it…

      Clearly Mr Invisible and the One-Armed Man are back, meddling again.

      and BUGGERDAMNIT 😦


      • Found her! I could hear them last night but couldnt find them so we went out under the full moon last night … was out from about 12 to 2 am with flashlights cuz chickens cant see so well in the dark. Actually found both babies. I thought the fox got the other one but he got one of the big girls apparently… 😦 but anyway… got the girls back in after a bit of combat crawling in the mud under the brush where they were hiding … kind of biblical like going after the one lost lamb… I just couldnt stand the idea of them being helpless out there.

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  14. Pingback: Ten Things of Thankful #98 | ladyleemanila

  15. I type with my eyes closed all of the time. Of course, my computer talks. That means I’m not doing it totally blindly. Not ending on a good note, this week for me. Just spilled sticky liquid all over my laptop. I’m probably screwed now. Using my phone instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah that’s totally cheating 😉 But I WONDERED how you did it, so…cool! Now I know. But…really not a good way to end your week. Have you got a dehumidifier you can put your laptop by? Just DON’T TURN IT ON for about three days til it dries properly


  16. I’d be a bit ished my crickets too … but then I’m recovering from ants, so maybe I have a bit of a general bug aversion at present.

    And yay 100! Can’t wait to see what you have planned. Yay to visits across the ocean, and packages of books and guest posts and what sounds like a great week all round!

    Liked by 1 person

    • There was lots about it which was great fun. I just woke up at my laptop at 3.30am WITH ANOTHER FUGGIN CRICKET – this time *ON* me! *sigh*

      I threw him out. Bloomin’ hell!

      YAY 100 (er, I can’t wait to see what we plan, either)


  17. HAHA to the topless pen! And yay for good things and 5 minute rests and ice cream and tea and guest posts and #100TToT! (what WILL we do?!?!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • At the moment I think we will PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC (but hey, what do I know? I’m just promising fun we haven’t planned…)

      You’re the only person who’s ever received a proper topless pic from me (and it wasn’t even proper)


  18. In a way I imagine seeing the cricket is like seeing money jumping around on the floor. I know they are rather cheap here but still it does cost. Crickets don’t bother me much but the thought of one roaming my house when I am sleeping…No thank you. Not that it would because cats.
    Coming to Merica!!! !!!! YAY!!!!
    A guest post and quite the parcel too! Whoa!
    And now for the part I know you have been waiting for:

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to ten things of thankful and even still I am excited to see what you all do for the big one hundred.

    Hey look at that Typing classes actually paid off. I did that whole line above with my eyes closed

    Liked by 1 person

    • WAHEYYYYYY You ROCKSTAR! You did better than I did (but I’d wager I’m tireder than you right now). WELL DONE 😀 Love it.

      And no, I have to say, I’m kinda looking forward to finding out myself, but now that I’ve started the ball rolling, the co-hosts will HAVE to get their act together and decide in adequate time.


      I hadn’t even thought of the money aspect (lucky me, right?) but there’s that, too. I like crickets though – they don’t bother me at all – it’s Husby’s laxness which bothers me.


  19. It does make me chuckle that huge spiders don’t bother you, but loose crickets do. 🙂 I’ll chase your crickets, if you’ll shoo my spiders away.

    Liked by 1 person

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