Punchy Fiction #KickCancersAss

Anyone remember a longlonglong time ago when I tried to sell my words in return for donations to the cancer charity of your choice? Well, IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!

I was inspired to do something that I *could* do, because I hate going around with a sponsorship form in hand, asking for donations – it just grates. And I wanted to do something which would be enjoyable for me, but also give something back to whoever was generous enough to dip their hand in their pocket to help beat back one of the shittiest and most pervasive diseases on the planet.

I’ve lost too many people to this. And there are more to come, and that SUCKS. The Big One. And it hurts and I want to take that disease and punch it into oblivion.

I also want to write. It’s what I’m good at and it’s what I enjoy. SO I came up with a compromise – I write; you donate – we’re all happy.

My prices were reasonable – most people would probably donate these ANYWAY – and the wonderful people who joined in got a gorgeous piece of original writing. If you want to book a piece, JUST ASK.

Poetry – $10
Fiction – $25
‘Considerings’ – $30
In Real Letter – $50

At the time, the very amazing and wonderful Roshni (of Indian American Mom) asked me to write her a fiction piece. And I agreed. But then my fiction button broke, and just…I couldn’t find a story in me to write. She waited so, so patiently, and finally (after an embarrassing number of MONTHS) I came through.

So HERE IT IS! And thank you Roshni, for your patience and commitment to participating in this venture.


Using Writing Keep Fighting

18 thoughts on “Punchy Fiction #KickCancersAss

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    • You can’t have it. Well. Maybe. But because reasons I’m…okay well alright but we’re doing it my way because I’ve had it in mind for a while now to write and send you a REAL POEM but just haven’t found the right words yet.


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