Sisterwives Plus – The Musical (kinda)

There’s a distinct possibility you’re going to think I’m utterly crazy for this, OR you’re going to take one look and give me a roll of your eyes and a “TLDR” but stick with me and give me a chance – you can only judge if you know what you’re judging, right? Cos I’m going to confess to something which is…okay…a little ‘out there’.

For as long as I can remember (and possibly before) I’ve been subject to that oh-so human tendency of getting caught up in music. I could sit here and expound in great tracts about the aesthetics and the ways our very neurones are made to respond deeply, soulfully, to beautiful auditory stimulus, but I’m confident you know all that already. Music resonates with SO many people, it would be fallacy to suggest that it isn’t very fundamentally linked to what makes us, at our core.
Music can transport us. I still can’t hear Beethoven’s 5th Symphony without being whisked to a magical world of centaurs and angry gods; beautiful rainbows to slide down, and cherubs watching delightedly over everything, nor can I listen to Bach’s ‘Tohnet Ihr Pauken’ without smelling the delicious scent of pine, and feeling the excitement of fairy lights and anticipation and Christmas and happiness…but in recent years I’ve kind of wobbled off sideways. Or gotten deeper into the association thing. Because now it happens with people.
Yeah. You heard me.
Sometimes it happens quite by accident. Sometimes because of something someone else has said. Sometimes I almost feel a NEED to link music to someone, and to better understand them by knowing ‘their’ song. And the wonderful thing is, the association can grow so strong that those songs become intense, buoying events when I hear them – it’s as if I’ve brought a little of the person’s spirit through the speakers, to be near me. And it’s wonderful – I feel I am able to immerse myself in the music of my friends’ characters and enjoy their musical company.
Songs which speak her to me so strongly she almost shimmers into being
Granted, it’s a little odd, but it’s my blogspace and I thought I’d let you know what level of bonkers you’re dealing with by sharing a few wonderful ladies with you, via ‘their’ songs: a selection of the SisterWives, past, present, and sideways. Some of these are women I don’t know very thoroughly yet, but who have made a deep impression on me. Some are women I warm to immensely, and am delighting in getting to know ever better. Several have my friendship forever, if they choose it. There are those I cherish far more than I tell them, and whom I love very dearly. Two I talk to every. single. day.
* * *
Beth (cos of course my BlogWife has to come first (as it were (!))) has a bit of a reputation for being slightly cheeky. Or a little risque. Or absolutely downright filthy. She rapidly earned the nickname ‘Smutster’, and has delighted in maintaining her status as The Racy One. It’s almost mandatory that any conversation with Beth shalt includeth the words BOOBS or PENIS, at least eleventytwelve times, and she is a past master (or mistress?) at both double-entendre and flirting. I can’t remember precisely how or where this association happened, but suffice it to say, it’s there and each time I hear the song I smile and think of my Beth. [Disclaimer – this ^^^ is an incredibly one-dimensional view of my dear friend, but were I to wax lyrical about her kindness, her sense of fun, her determination, her steadfast encouragement and support, and the thousand and one ways I am thankful for her friendship every day, it would totally ruin the vibe and not fit with the song any more. Search her name in my sidebar, if you want to know more…I write about her aplenty – she’s a keeper]
* * *
Samara is so much more than who she plays online, but she plays her role very well, and she writes beautifully in raucous HD, giving us a window into a life which has more LIVING in it than many of us are like to see. She’s witty, spicy, full of piss and vinegar, and always ready to get raucous on your ass. This song fits her persona to a ‘T’. It’s intense, multifaceted, a bit sexy, and a lot confusing. [Disclaimer – For fear of being sued for discrediting her badass reputation, I’m not going to tell you about how kind and smart and loving she is, or the reasons I call her Precious, or the way she seems to experience every aspect of life amped up to ten, making it more exhausting, more painful, and more beautiful than you or I could ever know. She tells me she is my friend for the long haul, which is an honour and a delight (and a relief, because short-haul *really* upsets me)]
 * * *
Gretchen is one of my new favourite people. I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore her, and from the moment Samara introduced me to her writing, I somewhat fell head over heels in WriterLove (see ‘Blogygamy‘ – it’s *totally* a Thing) and decided that this was a person whose mind I needed to know more of. Since then, I have come to know Gretchen as a kind, incredibly intelligent, shinybright soul, whose spirit of compassion and social consciousness is matched by her determination to find fun and enjoyment in life. She eagerly became part of the 1000Speak team, and begins her blog posts with music. The afternoon I was idling my brain around what song might fit her, the radio station I was playing happened to have a disco hour. Something clicked (which was bizarre, because to my knowledge she’s never included a disco vibe in her writing) and I had this sudden very intense picture of Gretchen in a giant rainbow afro and sparkly everything, at a roller-disco, bringing light and music and happiness to all around her [Note – it was such a compelling and incongruous connection that I went as far as asking Gretchen about it, and to my astonishment not only does she like disco music, but she used to rock out at the roller-disco. Crrreeeeeepy. But also kinda perfect for my beautiful purveyor of music.]
* * *
Gigi has one of the most exquisitely beautiful brains I’ve come across. Her writing is intelligent, stunningly well put together, her character is one of the most complex and wonderful I know, and she can talk sensibly about gun control one minute, and the next be involved in an interpretive-dance-off with a pal. All with equal enthusiasm. She sings. She sends me delightful messages on WhatsApp. She tells me her troubles and hopes and dreams with delightful candour, and somehow we have developed a gorgeous friendship which might be put down whilst life gets in the way, but will be picked up as shiny-new as it was left, and just as lovely.  [Note – When I say her writing is stunning and her brain is exquisite, well there are (*counts on fingers*) two writers, one scientist, and three musicians whose brains I’d like to lick. She’s one of those writers.]
 * * *
Renee is someone I am still getting to know, but who I have already experienced as kind and funny and thoughtful. She has many sides to her, and I sense that this is a lady with more layers than parfait. She also has one hella attitude and I suspect would hold no qualms about flipping off the Queen of England, if Her Maj dared to diss her! I’m also pretty convinced that she’d snap the world in two if you needed help and that would enable her to provide it. There’s more to Renee than meets the eye, and that’s intriguing.
* * *

Michelle is a raver, a rager, a writer supreme – full of heart and profanity and everything in between. She’ll catch you out, between cursing and humour, by proving to be an incredibly warm and wonderful person. I first ‘met’ her on Twitter, where her picture (her own hand, holding a burning image of her own face) intrigued and compelled me to start pestering her with tweets. I was delighted when she joined SisterWives, and have long known her to be full of grit, determination and AWESOME. A true inspiration, and her song comes from my certainty that she’d drink with you, dance with you, punch you in the middle of your face if you got rowdy, then drink with you again. I also think that she’s the kind of friend who’d be there with all guns blazing on your behalf, if you needed her.

* * *
Carly once sang to a select group of us on video, and the song she sang STUNNED me with its wonder and poignancy. Carly is a beautiful, bright, infectiously bubbly person, and in spite of her share of challenges and agonies in life, she has more bounce to her than India-rubber, and is utterly determined to go the distance. Her tagline is about butterflies, and that’s how light her soul is, most of the time, and how beautiful. And DAY-UMMMMMM she can SING. But this piece was shared with me recently and it took me a few minutes to realise where I knew it from. Now it’s the song which sings Carly to me.
 * * *
Helena is a delight. Knowing her is like playing with fire, not because she’ll burn you, but because her brain is so bright, it will set you alight and you will want to keep adding her thoughts to your own mind like tinder, until the conflagration of brilliance engulfs you whole. She sparks off new ideas approximately every 30 minutes (or after every other greyhound) and when she’s generous enough to involve you, buckle up – it’s going to be a glorious, incredible ride. And she’s so very, very elegant. And always ready with a beautiful song or a cultural reference which I smile at and pretend to understand. I *cannot* keep up with this amazing writer, nor ever hope to come close to the level of output she generates. And in spite of now knowing ‘Helena’ as Ken, I relate to him as I ever have, and call him ‘cherie’, just as I did her. He is as kind and engaging and enigmatic as Helena at her very best. [Ken’s brain is another I would lick, just for how stunning it is. And this song is a lullaby he sent me once, when I was tired and upset. It is every bit as complex and wonderful as Ken and the gorgeous characters he creates. It still brings me comfort, this song, and I listen to it when I’m sleepy.)
 * * *

Sandy, otherwise known as my Darling American (or DA), is the only person (to my knowledge) who has ever kindasorta stalked me. She rocked up one day, announced that she’d decided she liked me, and proceeded to come back post after post after post, to leave thoughtful, caring comments, encouragement and lovely feedback. Once I’d gotten over my surprise at her enthusiasm, I took time to get to know her, and discovered a wonderful, warm, witty, kind lady, who rapidly became a friend. Then a close friend. Then one night she took me to bed* and our relationship was cemented forever #kissingthefrog [Disclaimer – *IN HER PHONE! Good GRIEF! I was up late and upset about can’tevenremembernow and Sandy talked me through. A lot. With gorgeous common sense and compassion and loveliness.] The association with this song was actually Beth’s fault – she’d had some kind of medical appointment and apparently the doctor she saw was a doppelganger for Sandy. Jokes flew back and forth about Sandy secretly being a sexy, Texan doctor, and at some point during my involvement in the conversation, a radio was playing (I suspect I was in my phone, on a lunch break, with music in the background) – this song came on, and it clicked. Almost audibly.

* * *

Hasty, is how you probably know her, but very early in our knowing of each other, I was struck by a gorgeous photo of her with flaming, red hair, and immediately thought “This woman is a Sunset”, and she has been Sunset to me ever since. I have absolutely DELIGHTED getting to know her, and it’s been the strangest, most beautiful journey of love and friendship that I think I’ve been part of, because somehow, in this incredible poet from Oklahoma, I’ve found my SoulTwin, my 1000-Mile Heart, and one of the people I am very most closest to in life. Our outlook, the way we experience things, our temperament, our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, are so similar as to be identical in many cases. It’s as though I know her well enough to ‘feel’ her spirit, sometimes. She has taught me so much about life, about love, and about myself, that I am forever indebted, and eternally grateful to her. Whatever else happens, this one I will not let go. Sunset is beautiful through and through, and she writes poems in ways I only hope to achieve when I grow up. They speak to me in a way which I’ve never before experienced, and I will quite often find myself responding to her pieces with poetry of my own. In fact, I can safely say she has inspired more poetry from me than any other person, ever. We wrote this together and mean every word. And because she has added such colour and joy and vividness to my life, this song made me immediately think of her, and it stuck. [No disclaimer needed. Ever.]

* * *

Mandi earned herself the nickname ‘Squishy’ at some point in our friendship (as in, ‘I shall call her Squishy, and she shall be mine, and she shall be my Squishy’), and though I apologised, she didn’t mind, and it stuck. I confess, in the beginning, when I saw Mandi hanging around Beth’s blog and realised that they know each other IN REAL, I decided I wouldn’t make friends with her, because I tend to be terribly bad at sharing, and knew that I’d likely find it difficult to manage my envy. But she was so incredibly funny and sweet that I followed her back to her blog and kicked myself, because I knew I’d stumbled across another very wonderful person, and that I wouldn’t be able to resist either her writing or her shinybright soul. That said, Mandi remains an enigma to me. She keeps me on my toes, and I’m never certain whether I’m privy to soul-deep stuff, or kept at arm’s length; shown her struggles after she’s sorted them out, or allowed to know and support her through them; whether some of the Best Comment I ever Got is genuinely just for me, or something she does on purpose, for everyone she likes; whether I’m a true friend, or someone kept in a little internet box where the rules are different and things can be wonderful without spilling over into Real. These confounding feelings have done little to change how much I adore her, and for whatever reason, the music is strongest with her. Perhaps because she’s a musician as well as a writer. Perhaps because she somehow ended up as my muse for the longest story I haven’t finished. Perhaps anything. All I know is that there are many, many songs which speak her to me so strongly that she almost shimmers into being next to me, and her name hangs in the air on the chords as they play. [Note – in keeping with the Finding Nemo theme: “Mine!”]

* * *

So there you have it. A foray into my mind and friendships via the music which reminds me of some of the most wonderful people I have the pleasure of knowing. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you stayed with me to the end. And I understand if you suddenly fall for these incredible humans, because I know I’ve written them glowing reviews, but no. I still don’t share well and you can’t have them.

Do you associate music with people? Or places? Or experiences? Did you stay to the end? Who’s your favourite? TELL ME!

86 thoughts on “Sisterwives Plus – The Musical (kinda)

  1. I have recently found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’ve started at current and reading backwards. You certainly are a deep thinker and I love that. I specifically wanted to tell you that because of you I am currently reading “Dear Stephanie” and loving the shit out of it. Thanks for the recommendation. I love yours and others blogs so much. Maybe someday, if I find something to say, I will start one myself. You rock Lizzi.

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    • Diana, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your comment. I very, very rarely meet someone entirely new here, much less someone who’s not a blogger, and even less someone who’s so thoroughly enjoying all the (not sure what I can collectively term the writing I produce, other than ‘me-stuff’) I put out there. You just made my evening.

      I love that you’re reading Dear Stephanie, and OHMIGOSH isn’t it brilliant? I’ve rarely found myself so railroaded by a character as I was by Paige.

      You sound like a thoughtful and considered person – I definitely think you would have a voice to contribute to the Blogosphere, should you choose to begin a blog (and if you do, I thoroughly recommend WordPress, for the level of responsiveness it affords you in comments).

      THANK YOU 🙂


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  3. I love this so much. It might be my favorite ever post you’ve published because you know how I love music. More like I’m obsessed with it. Shine on me Crazy Diamond is my all time favorite Pink Floyd song ever. Great choice, and I love the music you put with each SisterWife. So fitting. One day, I’m going to sit on your blog and listen to every word while looking at the pictures and try to see what the inspiration was for each.

    You’re so good to us, Lizzi, for doing this. What a fun post to read and a great way to learn a little about why you love each of us. Now for your song, but this you know. “because in a sky full of stars, I think I saw you.”

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    • ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ is just….an incredible piece which I think speaks to most people. Ever. Like Bach…

      And I LOVE that you gave me a song. Well, lots of songs. I’m so happy about that, as you know, because music and meaning and…well, you 🙂

      Thank you.

      And eh, it was SO MUCH FUN to do this, and I do love to share the people I love with other people. Well, I share badly. Hmm…I like to show them off 🙂 That’s more apt.


  4. hahaha this is great, and so very entertaining to the core! Well done, Miss Lizzi! This was so very fun to read! If I had to pick a song that reminded people of me, I think would be “Superfreak” by Rick James 🙂

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    • I LOVE that song. Yeah I could go with that – it’s a fun, happy, sunshiney song. Perfect 🙂

      I’m so glad you liked this, and enjoyed getting to know a few of my favourites via their songs.


  5. WOW, Lizzi! This is an amazing post! I know some of the ladies you mentioned and can totally see the song choices you made for them. You are such a giving soul!! 🙂 My fave song is Play That Funky Music, of course – being the brickhousechick that I am, FUNK is my life!

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  6. Wonderful post, Lizzi. Sorry we haven’t been by in a while. We’ve been drowning in the sequel to The Perfect 7, but have finally reached the Beta Reader stage. YAY!!! Loved this peek into the Sisterwives and we are continuously amazed at the array of talent and bad ass-dom in the group. Mathair and I have always been very inspired by music. She is a guitarist and songwriter while I sing. We always write with some form of music playing in the background. Mathair will gravitate towards the grunge era, (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains). I’m a classical girl at heart, (Chopin, Beethoven, Bach).

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    • I like Nirvana but Bach is my absolute very favourite ever. And I do love Beethoven. And I couldn’t say why, but I prefer Rachmaninov to Chopin.

      If my soul has music in it, I know I’m doing okay. When the music goes, I’m in trouble! It plays a fundamental part of my life, and for whatever reason is a really strong indicator/trigger of my emotional landscape.

      GO YOU for reaching beta reader stage. I’mma have to see if I can get you and/or Mathair to come on A Slip of the Lit at some point 😀 Do say “Hi” to Mathair for me 🙂

      WHOOT! How exciting to be at this stage. I’m so impressed by you both.

      And I’m so glad you like the Sisterwives, in all their collected nebulousness. They are some of absolutely the most marvellous women I know.

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  7. Oh, yes – I have associated music with people and experiences for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s because I worked in radio for such a long time and it was non-stop music every day at work (especially for the four hours when I was on the air and actually playing the music). Just about every experience has a song attached. Sometimes I hate it, because a bad experience can ruin a perfectly good song – but mostly it’s a nostalgia thing and while it may occasionally make me long for this day or that person, most of the time it makes me smile.

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  8. What a beautiful tribute to your friends, Lizzi. This is an amazing post. I’m listening to The BNL right now as I type this. I’m currently reading Helena’s Memoirs Volume 1 and thoroughly enjoying it, knowing I’ll be buying all of her books. All these ladies are amazing writers including yourself! I was introduced to the SisterWives by the lovely Kim Robinson and I have enjoyed slowly getting to know these women. p.s. I love your song choices. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Lisa. This is a piece which has been evolving over several months, as people’s songs have come to me and made themselves known.

      I’m SO glad you’re enjoying Helena’s books – they are EXQUISITE are they not?

      And that BNL track…so, so wonderful.

      YAY! I’m glad you like this. Thanks for sticking with it all. Kim’s FANTASTIC and I’m SO glad she introduced you to the SW.

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  9. So this post has been open since last night on my computer. All day and all night long I have waited. And finally. I laughed out loud…I don’t know how I could have forgotten about the hot Texas doctor thing but you’ve brought it all back. This is awesome and I love the choices…all of them. I find it incredibly humbling and perfectly enchanting that you went through so much thought for each of us. I feel completely within the boundaries here when I say I hope you know you are loved by each of us just as much. Thank you for this keeper!

    XX Your Darling American (DA)

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  10. This was just SO cool!!! I love reading about each one of these amazing women, hearing their chosen songs and seeing the connections you have so deeply dove into with them all… I just think that is stunning!! There are a few I don’t think I know… I need to come back later and dig into the links to get to know them better!!

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  11. Fun and brilliant. And it really gets me thinking about some of my friends, blogging or otherwise. The songs are some of my favorites. “She’s a Rainbow” is stuck in my head.

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    • Ohhh I love that song so much. I currently have a mashup stuck in my head on a loop (Soggy Bottom Boys vs Gwen Stefani, and it’s AMAZING) but I love love love she’s a rainbow.

      What did this get you thinking? Where did your thought end up?

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  12. I am grinning so hard my cheeks hurt. You nailed it. Your words embody these people I’ve come to know and adore. First, I have to say that I am in love with the fact that you associate people with music and that’s how your brain works! Second, Oh My God, Beth and T-Rex! Puuurrrrfect! And Samara, the way you describe her… yes, writes beautifully in HD. And yes, there’s much more to the beautiful person behind those brilliant words. And Helena, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t keep up. I am seriously in awe of the brain on that one. But it’s a privilege and joy to know and witness the person that is Helena. And the song you chose for GiGi? One of my favorites EVER. I have always associated that song with my youngest so it has a special place in my heart. I love this and I missed the whole Nickleback thing, dammit. Oh, and I forgot that I was counting in this comment and got too carried away after “second” so forgive me.

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    • Ahhhh my purveyor of music, I am SO GLAD you liked this, and that you think I got the songs about right. That’s awesome, because I know you understand music, and sometimes (particularly around you and Helena and Mandi) I just feel lost! BUT, my brain does its own thing (as so often) and I’m so glad that these made sense. They make sense to me.

      I KNOW! Beth and T-Rex, right? *grins*

      The Nickelback thing was a fiasco. I feel silly for doing that. Lol. Oh well! It was the right song but the wrong singers.


  13. I love musicals almost more than regular movies or plays. And I’ve always wanted to be IN a musical. (And I was. Once. COPACABANA. Hello Barry Manilow says hi, Michelle.)
    But now my obsessions with writing and musicals have come together in a glorious GASM and I am mentioned! For one of my favourite songs! You make dreams come true. And for that, I have a present for you. (Check your facebook later)

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  14. Lizzi, as much as I wanted to scroll straight to the part about me, first I took in all the words about everyone else and listened to their songs. Savoring the anticipation was like suckling delectable chocolate that I badly wanted to bite and swallow, but in the end was glad to prolong.

    First, I adore this entire post and all the songs you chose. (I got here after Nickelback, otherwise that might have been a different phrase. Wink.) Second, when I read what you wrote about me, I gasped. You should know that the only time I ever gasp is…uh…well, let’s leave that unsaid.

    Next, I jolted into action and immediately selected, copied and pasted the passage into my hard drive.

    And then, I…multiple gasped!!! Because I saw my song.

    If I were to choose the greatest band of all time, it would be Pink Floyd. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” has been known to bring tears to my eyes because I’ve associated it with the most extraordinary of people.

    Thank you—no, bless you—for making me gasp so intensely.

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  15. Holy shit! This took so much thought and work. Wow. I died laughing at the song you picked for me, and put it on play for Jim to hear while I read what you wrote about me. He laughed too, needless to say.

    Very interesting and wise song choices for everyone. I don’t connect with music much, so this is all completely foreign to me, but I love learning more about how your brain works, and which songs you think of in reference to us.:) Very cool, indeed.

    p.s. boobies

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    • It really did – over 2k words! Ridonkulous! BUT I like it, and I’m glad you like it. And yes, as I said – it’s a peek inside my brain (for those who wish to see).

      I’m always surprised you don’t connect with music, but I know not everyone does. I just can’t imagine that, but I’m so glad you like your song, and that it made you laugh. T-Rex are awesome anyway, even if this particular association makes me giggle.


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      • I think it’s because I associate music with *feels*, ones that are too big to process and I just don’t wanna, you know? There is music I love to listen to, or that moves me, but it’s not how I remember and associate things. *shrugs*

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        • I know – I wasn’t trying to be jabby about it. I know your reasons and that’s fine, and that’s you. I get totally lost in music and it’s a powerful thing for me.

          What *do* you associate things then? You intrigue me now, my BW 🙂


          • oh gosh, I didn’t take you as being jabby AT ALL. I was just continuing the convo. 🙂

            You know, Eli (coach daddy) did a post about associating memories with smells once, and I remember thinking/recalling how I associate feelings with tones, which I guess is sort of musical, but not, because it’s not a melody or song, but literally a single tone. So anger is a low note and sometimes I even hear and see it with a specific color (red, in this instance), whereas sadness is a flat note and feels ominous or “heavy”. Fear shrieks in several different tones, and happiness is a high note and I see yellow. To name a few…..

            I need medication, don’t I?

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            • and to further this little Bethanalysis, this might be because of my connection to classical music in my youth. Maybe I associate emotions with notes because that’s what composers do. (?)

              *gasp* MAYBE I’M A FUCKING SAVANT GENIUS!?!? hahahaha

              On your music FB thread the other day, I didn’t answer, obvs, since I have no song that I think is “me”, but I did immediately think of this one Chopin concerto. I felt silly though, so I didn’t say anything, but it really is what came to mind.

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              • Never feel silly. Especially not for Chopin. Which one is it? There’s an AMAZING dubstep version of his ‘Nocturne’ – have I ever sent you that? You might hate it because of what it’s done to Chopin, but….you might love it cos you also like Eminem.

                There’s a beautiful bit in ONE of the Lewis Thomas books (and if it’s not Lives of a Cell, then it’s The Medusa and the Snail) where he’s pondering over what message we could send into space as a note to the aliens, to let them know we’re here, but bearing in mind that of course by the time they receive it, our world will have moved on by 200 years. In the end he suggests that perhaps Bach, but that maybe that would be bragging…

                I LOVE that.

                And yeah, I think you’re a genius 🙂

                SO, BW mine…why don’t I know about this connection to classical music? I grew up on that stuff. Didn’t listen to pop radio til 1994 (can you say SERIOUSLY isolated from the real world?!!? Pah!)

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                • I GIVE UP. I’ve on youtube for over an hour trying to find the Chopin piece I was so connected to. I thought it was a scherzo, but the two I have on this CD don’t sound like *it*. Grrrrrrr. Very frustrating. I’ll have to listen to this CD in the car tomorrow and try to locate it. It was INCREDIBLE. (Bach would be bragging….hahaha)


                  Okay, so let’s just get down into it right here and now. My first car was named Beethoven. My second car – Wolfgang. third car – Amadeus. First dog – Hayden….you catchin’ my geek drift? I was like a little old lady. My favorite thing to do was sit in my lazy boy THAT WAS IN MY ROOM and watch old movies with Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, ohhhh Danny Kaye…old Hitchcock movies….yeah. Shocking that I even had a prom date. I don’t know why I liked old movies so much. I don’t watch them anymore, nor do I listen to classical music regularly, but I still love the powerful stuff of Tzaikovsky (sp), Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, Chopin, etc.

                  Then I got super into science and had a tank full of newts all named after other planet’s moons (triton, io, etc). sweet jesus…I’m so lucky I found some cool along the way because WOW.

                  I will find *the* chopin one for you, so help me….

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                  • *GRINNING HUGE* Nope, I think I might just love you MORE though. That all sounds SO amazing. Especially the tank full of planetary newts – for some reason that absolutely tickled me pink.

                    My dad is bigtime into old movies, so (once our relationship improved) I’ve ended up seeing a lot with him – the original St Trinian’s movies; a bunch of Elim comedies; Norman Wisdom….loads of things with people like Peter Sellers and Hattie Jacques and….all the oldtime crowd.

                    I LOVE DANNY KAYE. (did we do *that* yet? I feel like we did)

                    I’ve never watched a Hitchcock movie though. Husby kept trying to get me into them but I do very poorly with scary/jumpy stuff.

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                    • I kind of feel like we talked about Danny Kaye before, didn’t we? My grandfather met him! D.K. came to his army base to entertain (I assume) and I have a photo (somewhere….) of my grandpa shaking hands with him.

                      P.S. I feel compelled to add my cat, Ludwig. Can’t believe I forgot him. That was one damn cool cat. 🙂

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            • No. I’m grinning my head off because that’s how I cook – acidic/astringent flavours are red, spicy/fragrant flavours are yellows and oranges, and deep, mellow flavours are brown. Green things are (obviously) green. And carbs are white. I’ve been tasting something I’ve cooked and gone “Hmmmm too red. Needs more brown” and *I* know what I mean, but to the casual onlooker it’s absolutely ridiculous, so YES! I GET IT!

              Glad you didn’t think I was jabby. I didn’t mean to be but I can see how it could have been. Ack. I’ve overthunk this post now.


              I think frustration would be a kind of off-puce.


  16. Bring back the Nickleback song!!
    *dies laughing at “glitter cannon”*

    I lurve this post. And how much thought went into it and yes, the part about ME ME ME!!!

    I quite like the song you chose for me and your description of me, and our friendship. This is just what I needed tonight. And since Beth is not here yet, let me just say BOOBS! and PENIS!

    *adjusts clothing; lights cig*

    I feel exactly the same way about some of these ladies. And who can resist
    *falls over laughing again*

    Liked by 5 people

    • Ohhhh SHUSH, Precious *giggling* I know Nickelback are a laughing stock but there are actually some of their songs I really like SO THERE! Hehehehehe. I DID laugh hard at the glitter cannon comment though. *grins*

      I’m glad you quite like yours. I know it’s probably not what you would have chosen, but…eh, this one chose you. In my brain, anyway. The description is better and I’m SO GLAD that you’re here and that I have your friendship. It’s an honour and a delight.

      PENIS! (I just don’t feel I can pull it off as well as you and Beth can (#thatswhatshesaid (*facepalm*)))

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t really understand the whole Nickelback thing or why they became such a laughingstock. Then again, I have no interest in bacon or Nutella, and I call leggings “leggings” not yoga pants.

        I shall lose my right to peruse the Interwebs for the above admission.

        Liked by 2 people

  17. Oh, Lizzi I was so happy when I saw you had posted this! I love your choice for everyone’s song. It made me want to pick some, too, but at this point I’d get it all wrong, I’m sure. What a great idea! (Hang on I have to go read what you wrote about everybody again) OK. It is my hope that all the layers of my parfait (or my onion, apologies to Shrek) – are worth knowing, and that you choose my friendship. Thank you for including me.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ohhh I’m so glad you like this 🙂 It took ages and ages to make this right, and in some places I’m still not sure it’s perfect, but in other places it absolutely is. I really like that I have a song for some of my friends, in spite of how (maybe) bizarre it is that that happens. I don’t think you can go wrong with music, but for whatever reason, these are the pieces which spoke to me about each of the people I featured. It’s like the music chose them.

      Even you – and you know the first choice I had for you (until the lyrics were wrong) and this one is the same in attitude but far more apt. I still think you should do your post – the experience of music is different for everyone, isn’t it, and each would be valid still 🙂

      YOU GOT THE SHREK REFERENCE! Heheheheh you’re SO worth knowing. Definitely.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I love you and I love this post so much. I love hearing your thoughts about all the sisterwives and I am so honored to be among them….that being said…if you ever associate me with Nickelback again, I will shoot a glitter cannon at you.

    Liked by 5 people

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