Ten Things of Thankful #95

I’m gonna do it, for the distraction if nothing else. The week has still been a week, and good things happened in spite of the really awful. So there’s that.

I mostly just still feel…numbish. But there have been times when I’ve laughed, and some were even caught on camera. Another rollercoaster week here inside my little brain, but nonetheless, there were silver linings around the edges of the grey clouds, and the sunshine prettied up the rain and made it less awful, less solid, and somehow gave me hope that somehow I’ll get through this; somehow I’ll cope.

And in the meantime the thing I can be absolutely assured of – I have my Village, and in it, no shortage of care, support or love. And thank goodness for it – I am held together and surrounded by people who, for a variety of wonderful reasons, are willing to offer their friendship and encouragement to me, and I am A MILLION thankful for them.

There was an afternoon out with my vloggy friend, which you can watch here:

There was a day off work, in which Niece and Neff were hugged and snuggled and delighted in. Eggs were hidden and found and eaten, and the sun shone and there were beautiful, gorgeous flowers to take photos of. There was a street to be ridden by a boy on his bike, and a willing aunty to run up and down to his designated points, between which he would deign to ride.

There was this:

Spring SunshineThere was THE RELEASE DAY FOR ORDER OF SEVEN, and it was SUCH A FUN, EXCITING, WONDERFUL DAY! And congrats to all who won signed copies, or whose In Real copies have already arrived. You lucky, lucky things.

Order of Seven ConsumedThere were workdays in which I worked, and didn’t completely louse it up. Okay that’s kind of a backwards, lame kind of thankful, but I HAVE been glad for the distraction and the need to continue being the consummate professional for each patient, thereby removing my time to dwell particularly much.

I’ve been kind and gentle and nurturing to myself, and on the evenings (most of them) when instead of going boxing, I’ve ground to a halt and had to sleep because emotions are turning me into an incredibly sleepy sleepything, and I’ve just let it go, and SLEPT. Which is probably good for me.

I spent three hours on WhatsApp to some of my favourite people in the world on Thursday evening, once I got up from my nap, and it was gorgeous and perfect and lovely and SO free and beautiful and just…nourishing for the soul.

The pressure is off, and Husby and I are getting along better. Not great, but better. OH, and I now officially know I’m not pregnant, because there was literally the tiniest chance in the entire world, but ohmigosh if there had ever been a NOT GOOD TIME TO BE PREGNANT, this is surely it. So *PHEW*!

POETRY has been continuing to happen over at Bards.

I got a glitterbomb from Erin, on the perfect day when I needed it and was feeling all sad and low, and it was gorgeous and cheered me up and made me smile.

The sun shone today and I happened across a magic daisy again. I like the magic daisies – they make me smile. I needed to smile.

Sometimes Magic Happens
No idea if this is ten and I have HTML coding to do to get you your linkie, but that I can even WRITE THIS, this week, is a win.

Your turn to write:


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106 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #95

  1. Dearest Lizzi, You never ever cease to amaze me how you find all the happiness and Thankfuls, every week. You are TToT. This week will be better than last week even though last week had The Order of Seven released. Sleep is good. Get lots of sleep. It will be a GOOD week.

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    • I try, I try…SO HARD! And honestly, this hasn’t been the most difficult week – there have been many which have been a LOT worse. Which is sad, but there ya have it. This week is already okay – I got my friends around me, I started a new running challenge and …. okay I could do better with sleep 🙂

      Thank you ❤

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    • It’s okay – I know you have your own stuff going on, and goodness knows there’s plenty of challenge, and also support, to go round, right? I do know that, though, and I appreciate it HUGELY. Thank you 🙂

      WhatsApp is free, you download it on your phone, and you can send messages via the power of the internet rather than through your network provider, which ostensibly makes it easier/cheaper to send to people abroady. I love it. You can send your voice and it’s amazing.


  2. Oh, your video made me laugh! When you laugh to the point of tears, your laugh is so robust! I love it!
    (In which part of the world is fish a vegetable?)

    I love that you still find things for your TToT post, even during the Hardest Week. xoxoxoxo

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    • Yeah I think it’s a good response. Better than some. My other inclination is to drink, and no good comes of that. Thanks for liking the video. I’m good at being a dork 🙂

      My weekend’s going well. I hope yours is, too 🙂


  3. it’s always been so aggravating to me, (to realize) the thing about the character of (our) realities that says, ‘it is at times of breakdown that there exists the most freedom’…this meant to imply, of course, that the routines of our lives are way tough to overcome and the (only) way to true change involves overcoming them, but there are times, like you are experiencing, when the world crashes down around us, when all the potential (of ourselves) is closest to be realized. Of course, it is at times like this that, almost by definition, we tend to be least optimistic about our futures.
    however, this (potential for a new, and possibly, but not guaranteed, life) is inherent in the event, not just our conscious minds.*

    *just recalled one of the old, semi-religious sayings, something about when one door closes, another opens… but then I thought, ‘screw that, roger, this makes more sense!’
    l not necessarily outloud, just l

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    • Things become possibilities again, don’t they. It’s perspective – nothing has actually CHANGED (yet) but a re-framing of the relationship and my position in relation to the world has made a drastic difference. Drastic.


    • So far so good, thanks. I had a lovely time boxing this morning – it was SO good to get back to it. I’ve really missed it. And the people there. Missed them, too. The sun shone on me, and we got some sorting out done, which sucked but was necessary. Then a lovely meal together. This stuff is weird, but there ARE good things around still.


  4. Yay for glitter-bombs, and also yay for them not going up in my house 🙂 How does anyone know that there are little girls living in our house?? We have glitter in the lint trap of our dryer. I bet you have, too, from all the glitter-bombing. So, could you call it a glitter bomb each time you clean the lint trap?? Considerings..

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  5. Nothing like cheering up a week with car explosions and crying at the end. I’ve yet to see Fast 7, but Zany went last week and came home destroyed. Love all your silver linings and good for you to let your body sleep. Hugs, love and all the glitter!

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    • It’s BRILLIANT. Really, really good.
      Thanks for liking my silver linings. I think they’re good ones, and this week I need them. And yes – sleep is good, too, I suppose *hugs* 🙂


  6. HUNDRED AND TENTH LIKE A BOSS! heheheh Really, REALLY awesome TToT, m’dear. Especially considering your current circumstances, which you’re handling with pure grace. As always, I’m in awe of your spirit. ❤ U.

    (and thank you for including Oo7 in here…so exciting! You did SO much to help the launch and I'm forever grateful!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah BOOM, Baby! *grins*

      Thank you. I guess I just have to keep going, and keep remembering that there genuinely ARE wonderful, lovely things, even in the midst of quite atrocious circumstances. Like right this second now, I have a cup of tea, the sun is shining gently in at the window, and much of my ‘to do’ list is done. Even the horrible bits. So there’s that.

      You’re absolutely welcome for the bits and pieces I did to help with Oo7. I LOVED being part of the launch and it made me very happy to be able to join in and have fun. And I quite liked seeing your unwrapping each day 🙂 ❤

      (^^^^message full of understatements. Whatevs)


    • Sometimes sleep is absolutely necessary, and I was just lucky that I was able to indulge. Silver linings, huh? THANK YOU for all your pictures, and that gorgeous glitterbomb. You’ve really been a huge support to my spirit and mood this week 🙂

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  7. BEST part of this list was that you TOOK CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOU WERE GOOD TO YOURSELF!!!!! How did it feel? No anxiety? No self deprecation and torture? You actually basked in it, didn’t you!!!? It actually felt GOOD, didn’t it?

    THAT is the best thankful I could ever hope for…

    And magic daisies. I’ve never heard or seen them. I want to see one now, like I want to see a shooting star.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t so much a lack of disappointment in myself as just that the tiredness was completely obliterating and I could NOT EVEN. Not for a moment longer. I had to sleep. I suspect that might be the way on a few occasions over the coming weeks. But I AM annoyed because over the last howeverlong I’ve put LOTS OF WEIGHT on. And it needs to come off. BUT I’m not stressing. It will go. There’s time. No need to panic about it, right? Priorities. HA!

      I’m glad you’re thankful for that. I am, too. It’s a FAR pleasanter head-space to be in. Thank goodness.

      The magic daisies might or might not have had some help… 😉


  8. Glad your week was full of lemonade. And I’m very glad that through it all you are taking good care of your physical self. It will help when you are feeling the emotional stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I decided a while ago that life was too short, and also too long, not to do something fun with my hair 🙂 Thank you. I’m glad you like the vlog so much – it was fun to make 🙂


  9. How completely adorable are you???? I loved the vlog and listening to you speak. That was even MORE adorable. I am happy to hear that there has been some laughter amongst the darkness, Lizzi. Dia a dia. One day at a time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes – that’s how I think it’s going to be for a while. There was laughter, and there was darkness. It’s going to be a bit of a mixture for the forseeable future, I think. I’m glad you liked the video 🙂 My friend always makes such good ones, and we have such fun goofing around.


  10. Havent seen any of the Fast and Furious movies… missing something am I? Hey did you see in ( I cant recall where…maybe Singapore?no… hmmmm….) anyway …they actually had to make a rule in Ikea that you can’t go in and nap in the bedroom department? I thought of you and the wardrobe situation … funny to see that mentioned again on the vlog even if the good parts were muted! Hope you cont to fall into a mode of coping with all that is going on… Oh and yes I had preordered Beth’s book and it came! It came!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Incredibly exciting, but this is the frist time I’ve been frist. Frist time for everyFING 🙂
      Glad you got to hang w/your buddy, I love to hear you guys talk “….3 quid fifty…” delicious.
      That smoothie looked super healthy.
      Glad you have your support group, that’s so monumentally important.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Joy-to-my-world it made me so happy that you got your frist FRIST here 🙂 And that you like the dorkiness which is the vid (I had sweet potato wedges tonight and marvelled at the memory of that juicer and that juice! It was INCREDIBLE!)

        I’m so, so, so thankful for my support network here. I need them so much.

        *MWAH* ❤


        • You know, I stopped to watch the video and for a sec I scrolled down just to see how many people had already commented and was BLOWN AWAY there were none yet!
          I’ve only tried “the juice” from veggies once, and it did not have a good balance of fruit, so uh….have at it! I make smoothies with spinach and fruit and milk, I’ll stick to that. And NEVER kale! BLeeeh.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hehehh Kale is okay but as a VEG, not as a drink. I can’t imagine spinach being that good to drink, either! Ergh. Carrot and pepper and sweet potato is the way to go. Deffo.

            And yeah – people took a LONGGGGG time to come over and find this one. I’m glad you were frist 😀


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