Happy Easter, lovelies

I might as well, because it’s a day to celebrate, even if it’s just to join in with everyone else and be part of the bon-homie and chocolateyness. Yes there’s a deeper meaning, and if you look beyond the stolen pagan festivals, there’s something about a bloke coming alive again (quite why, in the age of tv soaps where you can guarantee that a character will come back alive a few years later when the storylines wane, anyone remains surprised at this plot twist, is beyond me) but you know that – you’ve heard it before. The point of my post here, today, is to just say THIS:

Have a good one, my lovelies, whatever you do.

Happy Easter

Oh, and DUCK! *throws chocolate at your head*

32 thoughts on “Happy Easter, lovelies

  1. confession: I don’t like chocolate so I’ll gladly throw it
    In other related news: My friend sent me a packet of glitter for my egg decorating. She thought of me because I curse glitter and then of course I immediately thought of you because you bathe in it. One day I might cozy up to the stuff….one….slim….chance….maybe….day

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    • Well of COURSE! And if it happens to hit them and bounce off, and they have to scramble to find it and step on it and fall in a pile on the floor whilst trying to get the chocolate back, SO MUCH THE FUNNIER, but they CAN eat it after…

      Happy Easter, Liv ❀


    • Thank you, I did. I got some gardening done and I ate a bunch of those candy hearts you sent me, and I thunk of you and wore my rescue necklace and I was happy about all those things πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful sunshine here, so will be heading up the hill to have a picnic, and to bounce a few chocolate eggs on the heads of the bunnies πŸ™‚

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    • Now that sounds UTTERLY beautiful. I got to do a bit of gardening in the sun, but it’s overcast and grey now. Never mind πŸ™‚ It’s not too cold, and not *actually* raining. I think that counts as good springtime weather. Have a lovely picnic and try not to kill the bunnies πŸ™‚

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