Ten Things of Thankful #93

“And SMILE!”

Each flash illuminates a split second – a hair-fine moment in time, when something, somewhere in life, was occurring before the camera; captured to be preserved forevermore, or deleted in a second. No full story this, but merely snapshots, kept as memories of those moments and minutiae which become lost in the detritus of life – sandwiched in between the flotsam and jetsam which washes up around the edges of memory, clogging its pathways to clarity,

“And SMILE!”

We were walking, There was cake and laughter and inconsequential chatter. We explored. We held hands. I raised my arms to the sky and inhaled deeply, over and over again, the scent of wind which had gathered the rich, coconutty furze-smell into its arms and blew it into my lungs. I laughed up at the scudding clouds and for a time we were content. I climbed a tree. We found a stream. We petted a feral pony. For a time, we were free.

Go outside and climb a tree“And SMILE!”

A wary nod as the chap acknowledges me and directs me to the office. A new bike place to try out – one I’ve been recommended, but not one I’ve used before. The Society of St James runs a Re-cycle workshop, offering training and employment opportunities to the people the Society looks after. A great initiative for people who are homeless or struggling with mental health issues or substance misuse, and a way for them to find their way back to their feet and hopefully regain their independence. A triple win, for me, as I get to support people who need it, ‘Reduce, re-use, recycle’ AND save money, because the whole shebang only cost me £25. BOOM!

“And SMILE!”

Right after sending my bike into the shop, I went to get my nose pierced. My piercer was a HUMUNGOUS bear of a man, with long dreadlocks and a passion for veganism and all things Tibetian. Honestly – what parts of him weren’t covered in tattoos were bedecked with piercings! I came away with a gentle lecture about the milk industry, a ‘Free Tibet’ sticker, a vegan-friendly lollipop and a pretty pink stud (yes, it hurt, but SO worth it).

Studded Now“And SMILE!”

A hug in the street. Linked arms. Matching strides. Talk and talk and talk and talk and good food and giggles and talk and passing the time and finding the perfect things and buying BEAUTIFUL new shoes and talk and talk and gelato and talk and laughter and talk and ridiculous pranks and talk and talk…that’s what sisters are for, and I love spending time with mine.

“And SMILE!”

A Very Important Glitterbomb arrived. One more is in the post. And two smaller missives appear to be missING, which is frustrating, but oh well. C’est la vie. I shall have to hope they turn up SOON.

“And SMILE!”

One of ‘my’ kids won first place at the science fair for his project on how colours can influence human emotions. He did lots of research and presented everything beautifully, and did absolutely BRILLIANTLY. I was privileged to be in the loop as his piece was judged and then later as the winners were announced. It was a very exciting moment, and I was honoured and delighted to be included in it. Well done LD – you’re a star xo

“And SMILE!”

I got to spend the day at a local arboretum with my mum, chatting and laughing and walking (slowly, because I injured my foot running too far earlier in the week (oops!)) around to look at the gorgeous flowers and bask in the faint warmth of the sunshine. We took lots of photos and had our breath quite taken away by the magnificence of some of the blooms. It was very special to be able to talk at such length, and so freely, and I truly am blessed to have such a close relationship with my mum.

Its magical springtime“And SMILE!”

For unquestioning acceptance (okay, and a little laughter) when I revealed a huge, shameful secret on Monday. It was lovely because in spite of the nature of it, had it been anything else, I think there would still have been the same level of acceptance and encouragement and support from the people who read what I have to say on this here blog.

“And SMILE!”

My friends – my darling lifeboats – ALWAYS Them.

“And SMILE!”


*attempts something between a dance and a collapse from exhaustion*


How was your week? Which highs would you like to share? What made you thankful?


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92 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #93

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  2. I forgot the damn refresh and lost my comment. Ugh.

    Anyhow, your piercing fella reminded me of mine back when I got my navel pierced years and years ago when that was a trendy thing to do (no points for originality there). He was also a large guy, but bald, with tattoos everywhere including his head. His earlobes were stretched so long with wooden rings that they rested on his shoulders. I went to him because my SIL knew him for her dialysis clinic, where he was a patient and she was a nurse. And his name was Bear.

    Liked by 1 person

    • His name was *actually* ‘Bear’? That’s AWESOME. My guy had long tatty bits in his earlobes where piercings USED to be but had ripped through. He had the wibbly tatty bits pierced. And honestly, I’ve never seen so much metal in a face, not In Real, but he was SO incredibly twinkly and so kind.

      Your guy sounds great, too.

      Sorry about your comment.


  3. and SMILE because this made me smile so many times. I really enjoyed your pictures whilest you were out and about. Especially your piercer. What a wonderful combination and also a great reminder to not judge based on sight alone. I bet he has some fascinating stories!
    GLITTERBOMBS!!!! Jazz hands and some squealing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do like sending glitterbombs and I have more I want to send, though I might have to slow down the pace a bit until I’m sure I can afford them.

      I should think my piercer guy has some AMAZING stories – from his time in India and Tibet if nothing else! I’m tempted to go back and get something done just to have the opportunity to chat to him more!

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the pictures, and the list 🙂

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  5. Can’t beat climbing trees for that sense of being out of sight and watching, and just being up high:-) It does bring a freedom. You’ve had a beautiful week 🙂

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  6. Guess what smiles are contagious – I am smiling too – lovely week – my mom is my rock too – congrats to nephew – I love his topic – gelato, climbing tress – 🙂 big smile


    • Not my nephew – just one of my gang of kids, but a gorgeous topic and I’m so proud of him.

      There have been some good moments this week. Glad to know you also have a very trusting relationship with your mum.



    And to think, I *almost* didn’t see this post. And there you are, acknowledging LD! I just showed up what his Aunty Lizzi wrote about him, and he grinned HUGE!

    On another note, I’ve got to figure out why no one that I’m following shows up in my reader anymore. I just re-followed everyone. Perhaps that will fix it.

    I love you, dear heart. Sounds like you had a lovely week. What is a feral pony?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw that you followed me again and wondered what that was about. 🙂 SO PROUD of Little Dude and so happy that he knows how wonderful I think he is 😀 He’s a superstar, and so are you, for supporting him and celebrating him.

      Feral ponies are the ones which live wild in the forest. They’re owned, and rounded up once a year to be treated and counted and stuff, but they just get on with their lives unbothered.


  8. I love that photo of you in a tree. I don’t know what it is about sitting in a tree vs. sitting under the tree, but it’s just a different, better feeling.

    Sounds like you had loads of fun and happy moments while I was gone. I’m glad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The ground is where we normally are – where our perception of ourselves within our world, and all its itinerant problems lie. By climbing a tree, we take ourselves physically above that usual space, and feel freedom. I think that’s part of why I feel so happy on the second floor. I feel somehow elevated and lifted above. When we were in a ground floor flat, things felt much more oppressive and inescapable. Here, I am level with treetops, not pavements.

      There were many good times while you were gone, and it looked like you had fun, too, but I’m glad you’re back.


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  10. Hey, I’m not “mad” at you after having read this post! 🙂 I’m still recovering from the Kindle one. What a huge amount of happiness and joy you have scattered on here. I felt it here in MA. 🙂 Nice nose ring too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now now, you said that you and Mr B had forgiven me! That means you don’t hold the Kindle post against me!

      I’m glad you saw so much happiness and joy. There really was, wasn’t there? I’m glad you liked it 😀 And YEAH – I’m so psyched about the stud! I love it already.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Spring has sprung inside of YOU this week, Lizzi. Flowers, new shoes, bicycles and science fair winners. I love the subject of the project. How colors influence emotions. Beautiful. And I love the nose stud.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I can honestly say that I’m surprised that you don’t already have one!! It suits you that well!! I am not fond of my nose and there is no way in hell I want people to be drawn to the damn thing. Plus I pick my nose.
    I’m kidding.
    I seriously would be self conscious though. I had my belly button pierced for ages. THAT was an OUCHIE. Kept getting snagged on my jeans!
    All of these things are super smile worthy. I loved the pictures you posted on instagram this week. All the beautiful spring shots…ahhhhh….looks outside my window and sees snow mother f*%ker.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh I’m so sad for your snow. That sucks. Sending you sunshine wishes for WARM WEATHER SOON SOON!

      These things are definitely worth smiling about, and it’s nice to be able to look back over snapshots of the week and know that there were good things in it.

      I would never have my belly button pierced. No-one needs to see that! But I hate my nose too, and this is my way of drawing attention to the sparkly bit, rather than the size and shape of it, so I hope it works! So far, the feedback has been good, which is a relief, to say the least 🙂 And thanks 🙂


    • HA! Yes that really would be a different kind of stud – and not one you could have in your nose! I think you should go ahead and do it – it’s sore but not for too long, and really quite easy to look after. I decided that life is too short and also too LONG to not at least try these things. And thanks for liking it 🙂


  13. I LOVE the pink stud! It looks so pretty on you. I would love to have a big burly, dreadlocked, vegan piercer – that would totally get me to take the leap. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your pics on Instagram this week. The place with the feral ponies looks magical and that magnolia is a sight for sore eyes. I hope you have another week with lots of time outside in the fresh air. It’s good for the soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly next week I’m back at work, so there won’t be nearly the same level of outdoorsy loveliness, but perhaps there will still be sunshine and blue skies *crosses fingers*

      I’m glad you liked the instagram pics – I was lucky to get them before my battery died on my phone. The New Forest (where the feral ponies are) is an AMAZING national park, and I love having it pretty much on my doorstep to go and visit.

      I reckon my piercer would get you to make the leap. He was ADORABLE. What would you have done?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Probably what you did. I love the little nose stud! I also like the top of the ear, which I had done once but let close up because it wouldn’t stop getting painfully infected.


        • Ohhhh that’s no good 😦 I used to want the top of my ear done but now I’ve kind of thought the better of it. I don’t know that I’d want any more piercings, but I won’t rule it out. It’s onwards to tattoos for me – I have at least THREE planned 🙂

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  14. “And SMILE!”

    I love it!

    “And SMILE!”

    And, I am SURE that HAD your secret earlier this week been ANYTHING else, you’re absolutely right in the fact that you would’ve been met with much the same kind of support. . . How could you not? You’re pretty fabulous from what I can tell. . . 😉 LOL. 😉

    “And SMILE!” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah – I’ve always hated having my photo taken, so I think the fact that I can do selfies and little snapshots like this, mean that I can show what I want to show, without having to worry too much about the far-less-lovely candid versions getting out 🙂

      I think the people I know in this corner of the Blogosphere are pretty awesome. They wouldn’t have been fazed, whatever it was. Not for long, anyway 🙂

      THANK YOU 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am the same way about pictures. Plus, I’ve gained SO MUCH weight over the past year or so that I dislike them EVEN MORE. . . Maybe I should start at least TRYING to do more selfies too. .. Maybe that’ll boost my self-confidence a little while still giving me SOME sense of control? Ack. Nope. My pulse is racing just thinking about it! LOL. 😉 Kudos to you! I think you’re quite cute!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Awh thanks. I’m getting to the point now with…yaknow…everything…where I don’t HATE every photo. Which is good. Most of the time I feel completely detached, as though I couldn’t possibly look like that. Unless it’s a horrendous picture, in which case I get sad because I know that’s how everyone else sees me.

          I grew up in a household where my mum was OBSESSED with taking photos. And my aunty. And there were just SOMANYALLTHETIME and I look horrible in all of them. I clench now, when someone points a camera in my direction, but I’m working on it. And working on the ‘me’ bit, too, so that I’m at least vaguely happy with what gets documented.

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    • Cycling is such wonderful freedom, and so good for you, too. There’s not a thing about it which doesn’t WIN at transport. It’s lovely and I’m glad you like it too 🙂

      My foot is already mostly better, thanks, and I’m going boxing soon to prove it 😉 I’ll watch out for feral ponies! 😉

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  16. SMILE! I am. I am I am. Also, one day I will tell you the story of how my college bestie convinced me to NOT get my nose pierced and then got hers done and how we ended up on wine, trying to pierce one another’s belly buttons (easier typed than done because that’s some tough skin) and how mine is still there….

    Liked by 1 person

    • OHMIGOSH that sounds SO VERY PAINFUL! I would NOT want to try that, not even a little bit. Fortunately I don’t now, nor have I ever had, the figure or inclination to have my belly button pierced. I know they can look great on some people. I am not those people. I will stick to facial piercings!

      Congrats on managing to keep it though, because it sounds like it probably wasn’t the most sterile endeavour!

      Glad you’re smiling. Hope you’re smiling ‘between photos’ too. I’m starting to.


  17. I love this. I love seeing your beautiful smile and the happiness in your face and eyes. I love that I already kinda knew about pretty much all of this, via one pipeline or another and didn’t have to wonder what you were talking about. (Damn Facebook – but thanks.)
    Ninety three, huh? You know we’re getting pretty close to 104…two whole years. There really should be a party. Just putting that out there. ❤

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  18. I have always been scared to get my nose pierced. What will you do if you have a runny nose and a bad cold?!

    Loved you list for the perspective and in the way you found goodness in the little things 🙂

    Have a lovely week and an even more beautiful week ahead Lizzi 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You hold a tissue gently over the stud on the outside while you blow. It’s really not so bad at all.

      Thanks for liking the perspective. It was tough but necessary this week to just focus in on small moments of happiness which happened. I haven’t read yours yet, but I hope it shows at least as much thankfulness and acknowledgement of the joys which exist in life, in spite of everything else going on.

      Wishing you a gorgeous week, my friend xo

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  19. I love this format! One tip: Make sure you have your books actually downloaded to your device before hopping on a plane. It’s disappointing to start up the Kindle, only to discover that, while the book cover shows, the book itself isn’t downloaded yet. Don’t know what made me think of that. 😉

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  20. AH!! LOVE THIS!!! The flashes of light are simply perfectly wonderfully beautifully and lovely in every way. You did this so well, my dear Faves. You are such a creative gift. I just love that about you, dear friend. *And…. SMILE* Find the flashes, always find your flashes of light.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup. This is truly a week in momentary flashes of happiness, which nonetheless existed and are valid. Even the last one, cos I got to go to bed after that, and I was EXHAUSTED.

      Thanks for being there for me ❤


  21. You win ‘cos I smiled! Sorry you hurt your foot! Those flowers are really spectacular; we have magnolias down south but not so much in the arid southwest. And the whole kindle thing. I don’t have one so I can’t really judge haha. How was MY week? Better now; I tend to build up worry (and shopping frenzy) when I don’t hear from hub for two days when he’s not even able to email or call and I know he’s in bad weather. But I heard from him and so my world is shiny again. On a personal note, I might be on a journey of getting some of my thigh fat removed. True! A couple friends and I are going to investigate cool sculpture, a noninvasive way of melting/freezing the fat that we can’t work off. You know, the fat that lingers? I’ll be posting about it, first appt with first doc on Monday. I’ve only heard good things about the procedure, but I’ll proceed carefully. I haven’t worn shorts in 25 years! And I know I look small, but I have my areas that bug me! That’s my week, since you asked, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wore shorts for the first time last summer since I was about 8, and though I wasn’t ‘happy’, I was cooler and well…it wasn’t a total nightmare. I hope the appointment goes really well for you 🙂 SO glad you heard from your hub. It must be awful to worry and not know what’s going on with him. I wondered what the shopping was all about, now I’ll know if I see you looking laden with bags, to check in and say hi.

      I think any book lover can judge a kindle owner. They might be in error, but they can do it (as I did).

      And the magnolias were A-MAY-ZING! I’m glad you smiled, and my foot is almost better now 🙂

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  22. … loved the photos and the the flowe… (did you say, ‘feral pony?!!?!) ok good that your bike got fixed… and your nose pierced (or was it just a badly timed lunge from a feral!! pony!)

    hey thanks for the bad dreams, yo…. we all think of ponies as those cute little munchkin horses or even the ‘My Little Pony’ thing that girls of a certain age seemed to have been drawn to in huge numbers… those numbers would have been a lot smaller if Disney or Channel or PBS or whoever the hell came up with the idea had thought, ‘hey! I have a better idea, lets make dolls of feral ponies! they’ll have fangs and everything….’

    ok I better stop now, I need to turn on all the outside lights on my house so that I can sleep and not be torn to pieces in my bed by a herd of feral ponies

    Liked by 1 person

    • HA! The New Forest Ponies are a breed unto themselves. They’re technically owned (by people) but they live wild apart from being rounded up once a year for check-ups, and to see which ones ended up dead (or scraped off the bonnet of an idiot going too fast across the forest road) and they just get on with life. The forest also has cows, donkeys and wild boar, which just all live …Out There.

      The bike is one of the best bits. When I got back on I realised how much I had missed that freedom.


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