A Slip of the Lit – Order of Seven (Endorsement)

I wish I could tell you the story, because it’s awesome. I wish I could tell you about the richness of archaeology, the seriousness of cultural issues, the gorgeousness of the locations and people, and the lightness and brightness of a paranormal tale done really, really well…but I can’t, because I don’t trust myself not to bust the plotlines wide open.

So instead, I’m going to tell you how reading my special ARC copy of Order of Seven made me FEEL.

Order of Seven Cover Beth Teliho

The night I began reading Order of Seven, I was little-prepared for how much I was going to enjoy it. If I’m absolutely honest, most of my excitement came from the fact that the author is a friend of mine, and that I was FINALLY getting to read the story she’s been working on since I’ve known her. So there was that. But YA fiction (especially paranormal) is not my usual fare, by any stretch, and I had zero expectations for it, other than I knew that the writing would be good, because I’ve experienced Beth’s writing before, and I KNOW she’s a skilled wordsmith.

I began reading, open-minded and hoping I would enjoy it. The first couple of chapters set the scene nicely, but it was the third which hit me like a sucker punch, sumptuous imagery pulling me into the story and getting me hooked. I was a goner, and at 3am, I stopped, reluctantly, wishing I could read all night.

It was delicious – I’m not sure which way around it happened, but as I consumed it, the story consumed me, engulfing me in a warm, robust plot, spiced with excitement, sugared with truly delectable characters (and believe me, they’re so well written you can SEE them…and anyone on the lookout for a book-boyfriend need look no further) and rippled through with a piquancy lent by fear. I had gorged myself, but like every word-addict, I was hungry for more.

It took me a while to come back to, because life began to get in the way. The book was constantly hanging in the back of my mind, taunting me, beckoning with tantalising scents of the possibilities; inviting me to abandon the things I needed to do, in order to do the thing I wanted to do – read gluttonously for several hours, until it was all gone.

After too many days, I found my window of time. I closed the door on life, locking myself away with the laptop, my mind salivating, and lifted the lid to find Order of Seven still there, just as tantalising and scrumptious as before. I couldn’t bear to wait, and began spooning in chapter after chapter after chapter, my mind bulging with twists and turns; whimpers, chuckles, moans and sharp intakes of breath falling unbidden from my insatiable word-smudged lips as I BINGED on that story.

Oh. My. Gosh. It was SOOOO-OOOO-OOOOOOO good.

The characters got up from the page and walked into my psyche, playing out the tale for me as though I was watching it unfold from within. I connected very quickly with Devi, the focal point of the tale, and soon felt everything through her – the swooping giddiness of being around her love-interest, Baron; the eye-rolling frustration at dealing with a brother who thinks he knows best; the urgency and sweet release of responding to a higher calling when it begins to insist on being acknowledged; the gnawing undercurrent of knowledge that at some point, someone was going to upset the applecart and prove dangerous; and the teetering uncertainty as to whether or not everything would be alright in the end.

I grinned with delight. I bit my lip. I clenched. I whooped and hollered (internally – it was nighttime and I didn’t want to disturb the neighbours with a noisy book-reading session). I growled. I tingled. I swooned. I howled in outrage (again, quietly, on the inside, but PROPERLY BECAUSE OHMIGOSH PLOT REASONS!). I cheered. I revelled. I luxuriated.

Even once it was late-late and I began to slow down, I couldn’t give up. I was compelled to finish the entire, gorgeous bookful of story. Each chapter brought a new flavour to the palate – never giving me time to grow tired of one aspect before popping in a new sensation, or revisiting a delicacy which had been enjoyed before – and I savoured every single sentence as the ending began to show through.

Then just when I thought that Order of Seven and I were done, and I was already lamenting having finished it so quickly, and beginning to wonder how on earth I could find a book which would fill my mind the same way, I turned over the page and read an entrée which sent my heart soaring and made my mind seize with frustration:

Soon to be available in another flavour: the scene is set for a sequel…

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PRE-ORDER Order of Seven HERE – it will be released on April 7th, 2015

Find author, Beth Teliho HERE:

Website: www.bethteliho.me

Facebook: www.facebook.com/writerbisme

Twitterverse: @beth_teliho

Goodreads: Beth Teliho

39 thoughts on “A Slip of the Lit – Order of Seven (Endorsement)

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  3. Yes. I felt all of this too. I felt all the emotions, the whole ride. And when I was done I had to sit in silence for a while. I felt serene, peaceful. Yet sad about giving up the characters until the next book. I haven’t had a book transport me like that in a looooong time. The whole vibe of it was, I don’t know, I had a hard time describing the way it made me feel. But it makes me want to read it over and over so I can have that feeling again.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I hesitated to read this knowing that when it was my turn to review, I wouldn’t even begin to follow you, and here now I have to. Ugh. Fantastic review, Lizzi. Make sure you put it on amazon and Goodreads too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have to wait til the release date to put it on Amazon, but Goodreads I can do tonight. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

      And have no fear – your review will be beautiful and uniquely YOU, and so it will be lovely 🙂 But thanks for liking mine 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh who else do you know who got one? I’m very, very lucky to have been able to read it so soon. I will still be buying the OFFICIAL one though. And especially the for-real BOOK version 🙂


    • I shall forgive the Kindle terminology on my blog. I hated knowing that I was 80% (or whatever) of the way through, but not what PAGE I was on. I yearn for hard-copy.

      Fast? Easy? You describing the book or….? 😉 *grins* Nah, she’s all talk, but she writes SO WELL, right? I couldn’t get enough and OHMIGOSH THE END! HURRY UP AND FINISH! Owwwwwww!

      The cover is SCRUMPTIOUS.

      And just…ahhhhhh LOVELY book.


  5. If I hadn’t read it already, I’d be clamoring to read it NOW! Great review, Lizzi. It is hard to not give away too much, but sharing your Feels was the perfect way to do it.

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    • I’m all about the Feels 😉 But thanks though. You are queen of the book review in my mind, and if I have your endorsement, then that’s FABULOUS news. Looking forward to reading yours, when you write it 🙂


  6. I adore this fresh take on a review! What you revealed here is going to speak to readers on an emotional level, which is enormously vital! I love it sooooo sooo much! As usual, your uniqueness is absolutely brilliant. MWA XOXO

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