Ten Things of Thankful #90

It feels like half-past-a-million’o’clock.

The time down in the corner of my laptop screen tells me it’s 21:24 and I just don’t believe it – today has been the day which contained all of the extra hours I’m going to want to cram into each day when I visit Murica in Autumn. Would that I knew how to reap and stow them…

…because click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

It’s been a day of hours and hours and hours of admin, doing one of those repetitive, mind-numbing jobs which is absolutely fundamental and SOME poor sod has to do it, because it’s important and contributes to the effective function of the whole, but my goodness, halfway through the day I really started to lose it. By the end of the day I could safely say that I was really, REALLY good at that one thing, had lost all other function (almost including bladder-control) and had turned into the perfect, admin-zombie; utterly lobotomized by the click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

So with that in mind, and the fact that once again I’ve been Fa-Bu-LOUS at self-sabotaging on those teeny-tiny snapped-in-half pills which stop me feeling all DOOMy (because I stopped feeling DOOMy, so hel-LO, why do I need to bother with those irritating little reminders that All Is Not Roses? Pfffft!), I came home from all the click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next… and had a teeny-tiny meltdown about all the usual silly things. And Husby, bless him, hugged me and told me not to worry because it was all part and parcel of what I’m dealing with, and not the kind of thing which I can just suddenly decide to ‘get over’.

He is a good, good man.

And good, good, GOOD things happened this week. Truly, some wonderful ones.

I’m just not sure I have the words, because every time I think of something lovely, like the glitterbomb I got on Friday from Piper, which had an amazing sign in it, and some glitter which I’m SURE I sent her in the first place, and a lovely card and some candies, my brain clams up and I’m back into the stage of letters dripping out between neurones and the unforgiving pulse of click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

Careful or you'll end up in my novel

There was a song, sent to me by Helena (who, by the way, did a GORGEOUS interview on A Slip of the Lit, and whose upcoming book, Memoirs of a Dilettante, Volume Two, you should DEFINITELY get to PubSlush and get involved with – Helena’s words are Princess-cut diamonds in combat boots, with a tendency to disguise themselves as macaroni art, or a sonnet, and BELIEVE ME, you will enjoy them, darling), which sunk deliciously through my ears, rasping the edges with a gnarly, funking bassline and gorgeous high notes and a beat which made every cell rejoice in the human ability to appreciate good music. The song is called ‘He’s a Biter’, by Immaculate Machine, but I can’t find a decent version online for you, so you’ll have to hunt it down or take my word for it. Because click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

In the back of my mind, I remember sunshine and glorious blue skies and warmth – just enough of a hint to make it through my shirt-sleeves and let me know that SPRING is on the way – and shining, white clouds looking like a pastry chef had gotten too enthusiastic with the whipped cream, and splattered it across the heavens. I remember cycling home past lush grass and puddles which were so still and perfect, it looked as though little circles of the sky had fallen neatly down, and were laying there, shimmering. There was possibly even birdsong and the sound of green things growing, but I can’t quite remember because click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

I have my Vince next to me as I type, and we are perfectly content. Husby is busy doing man-things at his desk, and the laptops are whirring a comforting hum to accompany the gentle tapping of #amwriting. There is peace here, and calm; and inner turmoils are (currently) unable to combat the weight of inertia, which seems to have enveloped us all like a blanket in midwinter. Which is probably just as well, because turmoil takes energy and mine is severely sapped at the moment click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

Earlier in the week, I received a very, very special gift in the post. It was a Christmas present from my Mandi, who rapidly (and unknowingly, until afterwards) made herself my favourite of the afternoon, because in addition to the fact that gurl can wrap like EMINEM WITH RIBBONS, she’d put such gorgeous thought and wonderful words into the things she sent me…each one imbued with meaning and care…I suddenly found myself very UnEnglishified and the teensiest bit overwhelmed by an attack of The Feels. My heart got exploded into the most glorious nebula of happiness, and I rapidly became an entire sky full of stars.

Not even the click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next… can diminish the joy of that memory.

Sky full of Stars

I have been woefully irritated by the need to attend to Real Life this week, because it has rendered me UTTERLY unable to immerse myself as completely as I’d like in Beth’s book. Order of Seven is becoming a siren-call for me, and I am on the verge of leaving all my worlds until I finish it. And then I know I’ll want more, which is le suck, because she hasn’t written the sequel yet. It’s going to leave me in that awful, grey void, where there is No More Story…BUT I’m super, super proud of her for writing such an eminently consumable book, and I was able to begin a Plan to celebrate the release date, but for now click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

A Slip of the Lit Button

Oh, and HAPPILY, my madcap idea of a new feature; A Slip of the Lit is going well. I have two other authors lined up already for spaces, and there will be an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Helena in the very near future, as well as a book review of Order of Seven (which, by the way, you can pre-order NOW) once I’ve finished it. Which I WILL DO SOON because no more click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

What else? I feel like I’m scraping the barrel for things to be thankful for and yet there MUST be more…

click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

click;select; copy; click; paste; check; click; click; mark; click; exit; next…

OH! I edumacated Joy-to-my-world about poetry. She claims not to have enjoyed it in the past, which I took as a bit of a personal challenge, so I made it my mission to write a poem which she both enjoyed AND understood. She NAILED IT! This one’s ALL ABOUT potato chips…right?!

I’m done. It really IS a million’o’clock at night now. And I’m certain I’ve been pipped to the post in my own hop. Again. But whatevs. The fun is in the writing and in the conversations afterwards, isn’t it?


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91 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #90

  1. MUST remember the glitter and sparkle when I next send a snail mail surprise.

    Thinking of you today, Lizzi.

    Holding your hand in moments of triumph.
    Holding your heart in moments of sorrow.

    Under the same sky,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I SWEAR I read this…why did I not comment? OK, let’s see…
    I certainly remember the pig and the glitter – what a great thing to get in the mail! AND a Christmas present? Even greater.
    I hate those mind-numbing repetitive parts of work, but I will admit that I’ve zoned out to a place of deep thoughtfulness during stretches like that. Not always a bad thing. This is all cleverly done here and just bursting with goodness.
    Hope your week is going well already…I’m certainly not FRIST but maybe I’ll be LAST here this week. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe I kinda think you ARE last! Wow. I don’t mind a nice weekendy comment on a Tuesday though – stretches it all out a bit more, if you see what I mean.

      I’m very lucky, if I’m honest, because USUALLY my job does NOT involve those mindnumbing parts of admin. But this time around…well I guess it makes the contrast all the sweeter. I wasn’t able to zone out though – *just* enough concentration and attention was required that I couldn’t quite manage that.

      I had LOVELY things in the mail. They made me so happy. I’m easily pleased, but the Christmas present especially was so special 🙂 *goes all soppy at the memory*


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  4. FRIST!

    Okay, I know I’m not but, damn it, I just want to be…just once.

    I’m the exact opposite. I feel like there are never enough hours in the days anymore. And tonight time changes, stealing one of those precious and few hours. Blech.
    I’m always so proud of you, how you always manage to find some good. That is why this hop is so successful. You have the gift, PeopleGatherer.
    I’m sure you are beyond happy that Spring is springing. I actually planted some pepper plants today because I’m that sure that the few cold snaps we get are over for the year. We’re looking at temps in the 80s all week this week!
    I should go now after that because I’m sure if some folks could figure out how to throw things at me through the internet it would be done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • *grins* You’re going to have to be quicker off the mark than that, then, my DA!! You may yet have scored LAST, though (we shall see).

      I looked up ‘mid-80’s’ and yeah. Folks gonna throw things. Not me, because we’ve got some remarkably almost-comfortable 50’s over here. I’ll run the other way so we confuse them and they don’t know who to target 😉

      Sorry about daylight savings. It does,/em> mean that you get an extra hour of light, and eventually the summer will come anyway, and you’ll have SO MUCH LIGHT and be able to do all the things. No extra entire hour though, sadly, which is what you and I BOTH need (you know I don’t sleep…I’ve been FRANTIC, trying to work out how to maximise every SECOND with my Muricans, and dammit, SLEEP keeps seeming like a necessity and GAH!)

      I hope the cold snaps are over. I want to move our Christmas tree from the balcony to outside. It’s looking a little sad and trapped at the moment!

      Thank you, my DA, for recognising my absolute determination to find good. I do think stubbornness is a character trait which can be used for GOOD, as well. When treated carefully. I’ve a feeling you know about that, though 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think that the fact that others beat you to your blog hop is actually a positive thing–it just shows that you have created a good thing, something that others can’t wait to be a part of!

    Liked by 2 people

    • It got under my skin, that job. I wended it in because I needed to write it OUT of me, if that makes sense at all! I do try to stay positive though. There are LOTS of positives there. Great, big, fat, shiny ones 🙂 Thank you though, for thinking it inspiring 😀 I’m glad to know that, and also a bit delighted that you think so 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lame, schmame, you were HERE and I appreciate it. Especially when you’re just back from your beautiful holiday. I hope it was all you wanted it to be.

      Mandi got quite excited about me saying she was Eminem with ribbons. It’s a great image, huh? 😀


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  7. Welcome to my world! When I am working I am an admin assistant which means day after day of dull. That’s one reason why I absolutely NEED blogging in my life! I’m glad to hear Vince is with you – I have been reading his blog and feeling so concerned for his well being. You are a good friend, and he needs good friends right now. I am reading a book for a book review/ blog tour thingie that Lisa talked me into doing, and after that Beth’s book is next on my list. I keep seeing such exciting things about it on Facebook I can’t wait to read it! I’m glad you got some fun mail, and I owe you a package too, that will be coming later this Spring when I get to the beach 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh no rush. I can wait, ESPECIALLY for a beachy package! How exciting 😀 THANK YOU 😀

      Vince is doing well. We’ve had a lovely few days, and I do adore having him around. It’s so NICE, and just…a different dynamic than usual, and more fun, somehow.

      I haven’t heard about the blog review/tour but it sounds like an exciting thing to be part of. But SRSLY Beth’s book…oh. my. gosh. It will consume you. It’s like pudding. I just didn’t stop wanting more, the entire time it was there. And now it’s over, I’m sad.

      As for being an admin assistant, you have my very deepest sympathies. I tend to shrivel a bit on office days anyway because of the reduction in levels of human interaction. That’s something I ADORE about my job – I get to meet a new person every ten minutes, and that’s WONDERFUL.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. okay, FINALLY I’m back here to comment on all your sparklylovely thankfuls!
    *whispers to Joe* bless yer boots. you’re a good hubby. 🙂

    YAY to getting such a fun glitterbomb and sweet gifts from friends, how FUN!
    YAY to Spring, and sunshine, songs, and soulies *waves hi to Vince*
    YAY to siren-calls, and A Slip of the Lit, and FINISHING ORDER OF SEVEN OMG YOU DID IT!!!!!! *twirls around room, trips, pretends she didn’t*

    Your enthusiasm this week mirrors mine. We have very doggie-in-your-face posts this week. hahaha I LERV IT. So much happy abounds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like if I had a tail, it would be wagged right off my butt by now. It’s been SUCH a happy weekend, in so many ways. And it made me laugh the sheer amount of exuberance you got into yours. Made me grin.

      YES I FINISHED IT. And as you know already ALL IN CAPS, I am READY for the next one. I have SO MANY things I want to know. Do NOT let this wonderful, beautiful world die out! And BE AWARE, I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO REVIEW IT! *beaming with pride at good her good and not-done-before-for-Oo7 idea*

      He *IS* a good Husby, isn’t he 🙂 I’m happy and very blessed.

      YAY to those things, and so many more 🙂


    • Not when you have to do it for six hours in a row. It was a NIGHTMARE. But worthwhile doing, yaknow?

      But yes, the few moments on my phone after each set of 20 were LIFELINES.


  9. I’m not sure if British clocks are really that different from American clocks, but I don’t think your clock should have that many numbers on it.

    I can’t wait to get a hold of Beth’s book. Speaking of…I need to go pre-order it now that I know I didn’t win the giveaway.

    Liked by 2 people

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  11. SOME poor sod for longer than you’ve been alive, I’ve (on occasion) listened to Ian Anderson sing, “you poor old sod, you see, it’s only me” and now, lifetime later, I know a person (in reality…in a sense) who would use this term without it being a deliberate application of slang/dialect)
    thank you.

    you know…. we* are all moving along with unprecedented speed (in our development) lets plan on a time (in the next few weeks) to do a vid chat! not only to compare notes, but to exchange insight into the help/hinderance of this matter of ‘clarks identifying with other clarks’… I have, of late, had a sense of benefit, but it is difficult to define in the context of a Comment.**

    (the cool thing about identification (in particular) and clarks (in general) is that we do not require a direct ‘quid pro quo’ in order to benefit from each other…. clarks do not associate with other clarks…. at least not over extended periods of time, which is not a negative thing, especially in the context of identifying.

    …better quit now, will send some sort message in the next week.

    *why, clarks, of course!
    ** which does not seem to keep me from writing a long and involved Comment here… but I know my scotts and rogers… (the scotts will laugh and the rogers might say, ‘what the hell was he going on about?) lol there are some advantages of being the Outsider, including having complete discussion of complex and weird issues of life in the midst of the talk of the real people….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Do you truly not think so? My Soulie is a clark. My Blogwife is a clark. In fact, with only a few notable exceptions, my people tend to be clarks… genuinely so – for every scott or roger, I can name a clark. I understand them SO much better. Even in all the intricacies.

      I love that we’re able to talk openly about this but know that we’re pretty well indecipherable. And YES. Let’s. A Friday night is probably still best for me, if I’m honest. Kristi will want to be there. She’s missed them.

      I’m glad we associate. You’ve been a HUGE influence. Properly so, and I’m so thankful for you.

      Ya sod 😉


  12. Lizzi, I see your writing remains to be in it’s uber excellent world of excellence as always. I wanted to thank you for your help with my post this morning on Bloppy’s. Can you fix my name please? 🙂 I also wanted to tell you that my blogging takes me around the world and your #1000Speak with your name attached has touched every corner of this beautiful globe we live in! Sooooo proud of you, my friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, Mike, I got tweeted and emailed AND a comment here about the name thing? Anyway, now you know where to put the links (always in the pinned thread there), you know yourself for next time.

      I’m SO happy about 1000Speak. I think it was something that people were just ready for, all the way across the world, and how WONDERFUL that everyone’s come together and created such an amazing movement. I am awed and humbled by the passion people have for it. Long may it continue.


  13. Well why can’t I BE FRIST!!!!! Sigh… *someday*

    Ya know, all that admin work really has paid you a good price in your writing, Faves. I just love love love how you describe things… how DO you DO it? You are the master of words. Oh, how I love to soak them all in!!!

    I love so so much that you receive so much glitter and love from so many beautiful friends. Oh, how I love that!!

    And I really cannot WAIT to read Beth’s book!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, my dear Kitty, I think it has mostly to do with the fact that you might, maybe have a LOT GOING ON right now? And timing – that too!

      The admin work took a TOLL on my writing. It literally made me point and click and select and type one small marker ALL DAY. It does nothing to help me and here it just made my brain hurt and made this a very difficult piece to put together *sigh* I’m glad you think I did alright in spite of that.

      It’s so nice to get glittered. I’m here in the middle of what would ordinarily be termed a ‘mess’ and I’m happy as a clam.



  14. I haaaaate it when Real Life gets in the way and I can’t keep up with reading blogs! It really is an addiction, isn’t it? Certainly, there are WORSE addictions, however.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is, IT IS! But an addiction to good writing and knowing what’s going on with your friends? That’s no bad thing. And as you say – there are FAR worse things out there to be addicted to; like books – they can get expensive.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Slow processor maybe but it just HIT me that you’re coming to America this year, and that I might just faint away when I see you because I will be so overcome.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bless your boots, my dear, not only THIS YEAR, but in a mere (*counts on fingers* (no, REALLY)*) SEVEN MONTHS!


      And no, my dear, you have met GLENNON and remained upright. You’ll be fine 😀 We’ll both probably do some silly *jumpyclap* thing and giggle a lot.


  16. I feel like I should say frist just to be part of the trend! You may not relish being the admin but you certainly rock at it! For a gal who felt like she was pullin teeth to get this written I’d say you still got a full set o choppers… I am always in awe of your ability to keep writing… truly…

    Liked by 1 person

  17. We do so appreciate all of your admin things. You’re just so good at it!
    I’m glad you were glittered so thoroughly this week and are currently surrounded by your two favorite people.
    You know what else you are fabulous at? Promotion. Between you and Lisa, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait for the book release. (And your promotion of Jessica was just as good. Read that long ago.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hehehehe well I’m glad. I try to keep up but often these things get away from me. I’m constantly surprised by how long it takes to write one of these. Unlike YOU, milady, with your incredible 20 mins speed-post!

      I love being glittered. What I didn’t say was that Mandi put some incredible glitter DUST sachets into her glitterbomb for me, so people are REALLY gonna get got. It’s TINY. *glinty eyes*

      And thank you! I’m learning from Lisa. She seriously is the queen of promoting books, and I’m picking up useful tips as I go along in her wake.

      Glad you read Jessica. If you want something awesome but marginally less terrifying, I’m HOPING that Jessica’s going to release one of her others soon, which I LOVE, but don’t think I’m meant to talk about yet 😉


  18. That’s a lot of sparkly goodness Lizzi. I’ve been sick all week and it’s but a damber on by dizbozishun. By doze id dubbed ub and by throat id sore frob coughink.

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