What’s my superpower?

Everyone’s unique. Everyone has different abilities. I don’t think that anyone has any ‘unique’ powers, because we’re human, and more similar than we are different. I doubt much true uniqueness exists, but most people will be stronger in one ability than in others. I was invited to explore and share what I think my strongest aspect is – my superpower, if you will.

So of course, I came up blank.

Whats My SuperpowerI did what every contestant does when their 50/50 makes no sense, and they’re too embarrassed to ask the audience; I phoned a friend.

Thanks Beth!

Follow the link over to A Woman Wielding Words, where I explain to Lisa Kramer what I think my superpower is, and why I love it so much.

Lisa Unique Power

24 thoughts on “What’s my superpower?

  1. All of us who write and have been writing for a long time had to read this. This is like self-assurance and also there is a certain thing there that is many people ‘s story (at least mine)

    “I’m not promoting myself or my writing (yet). I’m not here to be adored – the wonder and delight of true friendships has taken over from those selfish, teenage dreams.”

    Said beautifully. This is exactly where I am with my writing / blogging /social interaction.

    Love to you and the beautiful things that you say, write and do.

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    • *grins* Thank you for this.

      And no – I never in a million years ever thought I *might* be adored. In the beginning it was purely selfish – a desire to learn to write for an audience so that I could master the art. As relationships grew, it rapidly stopped being about my writing, and became about the connections and the people 🙂

      And as more connections are forged, the happier I become. 🙂


  2. Brené Brown says that we all have a super power. I’m gonna quote from my own blog. Lol. “Your superpower is something you’re really good at that has maybe even gotten you into trouble (especially as a kid). It is that quality that shows up in every area of your life and is deeply intrinsic to you. She said “It is something you can’t help, but it is also something that can be a very powerful force for meaning in your life. It is that quality that allows you to uniquely contribute and be creative in the world.” She also talks about how every super power has its kryptonite too. She says it’s the part of the super power that doesn’t always serve you well. I can’t wait to check out what you feel your super power is. I came to the conclusion that mine is being expressive.

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    • Oh well, Brene Brown I ADORE, but if she’s right, then my superpower is STUBBORNNESS, which can be used for good or evil 😉 Thank you for that explanation though – I really like it. It makes a lot of sense, though it doesn’t quite fit what my superpower is…maybe. And I didn’t have it when I was young. You’ll see…


  3. In a way, that’s the point of this series. Nobody is unique, but we all have something special inside us, a strength or ability that we don’t recognize or are afraid to acknowledge. I think we need to celebrate ourselves more often. Thank you for contributing your lovely post.

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