Ten Things of Thankful #89

It’s been a fireworksy sort of week for me – one where things seem to have smouldered in the dark, almost unnoticed, and then suddenly exploded my heart into a thousand sparkling colours. There have been several times when, had I been the demonstrative type (English, remember? We don’t do emotions), I would have been leaping out of my seat and *happydancing* around the room.

Then my heart explodedLet me tell you…

Sparkler – I have discovered that something I like IMMENSELY, beyond all rational emotion, is foam soap. It just makes me HAPPY. I couldn’t begin to tell you why. A day when I’m working somewhere which has foam soap in the bathrooms is just a DELIGHT.

Roman Candle – I caught up my bookswap friend, under his lamp-post, on my way home from work. He was really pleased to see me and we chatted a while. He was worried because one of the beggars in town had been spreading lies about him, accusing him of calling the police when he (the beggar) was in my friend’s licenced busking spot. He was worried about going back there that evening in case he got attacked, but he was there the next day, and it went without a hitch. Bless his boots, he apologised for offloading but he’d been worried and it had been eating at him. He said if I ever had a problem, he’d be glad to offer his advice. He gave me a small chocolate egg, which was very kind of him.

He said he might look into getting a bike, and I said I’d ask around. I might have found a suitable one already, maybe, which would be awesome as he’d be able to travel to his painting and decorating jobs.

ALSO, ALSO, he knows ‘Edward‘, who seems to be doing fine. I was really pleased to hear this, and asked him to pass on my regards. I doubt I’ll be remembered, but still.

Rocket – So probably THEE BIGGEST THING in terms of my writing and using it for GOOD and making a difference, was that the post which inspired the #1000Speak movement; We ALL need The Village, was picked up by the Kindness Blog, and then shared on HuffPo, which is VERY cool, and I hope will give a wider reach to the piece, and to #1000Speak, and get more people involved.

Be The VillageCatherine WheelSandy helped me and I BOUGHT THE REST OF MY TICKETS FOR MURICA! I booked my time off work on Friday, and I am beginning to get seriously, VERY excited about meeting a few of the wonderful people I’ve connected with here. There will NOT be enough time, I am quite certain.

Fountain – On Saturday I will get to meet Yvonne in REAL! We’re going to go to the beach (please, please, weather – no rain!) and…I don’t know! We’ll just both be there…and I pretty much guarantee we’ll talk about #1000Speak and how amazed and happy we are, AND we might just discuss what comes next, to proliferate the movement and turn it more useful (FYI, Yvonne has some INCREDIBLE ideas, so if you’re not already part of it, GET ON BOARD!)

MINE! – Saturday evening, I go to pick up my Soulie and bring him back to my city, because he’s MOVING BACK TO FOR GOOD. Or at least for now. And I am PSYCHED.

Cherry Bomb – I’m not sure if this is a cherry bomb or the cherry on the cake, but BETH is da bomb, and her BRAND NEW BOOK WHICH SHE WROTE has just gone LIVE for pre-order. I started reading my ARC of Order of Seven, earlyish on Wednesday evening. I stayed up reading til 3am because it was SO SO SO SO SO GOOD! It consumed me, and the entire world shrank to the size of that book. I even bore the e-reader so I could read it ASAP. I had no expectations for the book, and YA Paranormal is not in any way my usual genre, but the story wended into my brain, and very slowly came up behind me, folded me into its arms and whispered such incredible sweet nothings into my ear, I did NOT want to stop and give in to sleep.

I’ve been dizzy and overtired ever since. It was SO worth it.

Go and get it ordered ready, and don’t forget that there’s also a GoodReads giveaway with 5 signed copies to go as prizes, one of which could be YOURS! I mean, not just a free book, but a FREE BETH BOOK. You’d be daft not to.

Beth Teliho Author Order of SevenScreecher – I had an introductory meeting with my Big Boss at work, because she’s new, and she’s really nice and we had a lot to chat about. There are some very exciting possibilities on the horizon for me, and I’m really loving what I do now. I still think it’s such a privilege to hold the role I do. She also said she always sees me smiling, which is really nice to know.
Flying Saucer – Google Maps, by means of which I just travelled the complicated bit at the end of my journey to meet Yvonne, so I know where I’m going.
Banger – Sleep – the 5 hours of it I NEED to get in order to not die driving.
Ten Things of Thankful
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81 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #89

  1. SO much thankful here. That is so great that Vince is moving back! Will you two be super close now?? Like close enough for coffee dates and hang out time?? How far away from each other were you before??

    And AH-MAY-ZING about the Kindness Blog and HuffPost.


    Look how far one (and many) can go when an extended hand and heart are taken and held by another.

    With friendship,

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    • Other things happened with Vince. He’s going to be EVEN CLOSER, like STAYING WITH US. And I love it. LOVE. IT. Thank goodness.

      I just want 1000Speak to get bigger. I feel a bit detached from the HuffPo thing BUT we, as a group, can do AWESOME THINGS!

      Thank you, Dani ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my gosh!!! With you, with you?? That’s amazing! I’m so thrilled you’ll be back together again.

        And YES to 1000Speak growing and growing and growing. Seeing and feeling everyone on the same heart wavelength is pretty powerful.


  2. WOW America! Awesome!
    I love foaming soap too – hands just feel cleaner don’t they?!

    I’ve been meaning to speak to you and Yvonne about writing a piece about the movement on HuffPo. My intention was to do this before the 20th Feb but with the kids being ill etc I didn’t get the links together in time for submission before the Friday and as you know just about got my compassion post up.
    I am glad that you have both decided to continue with 1000Speak, I will gladly put something together if you would be happy for me to. If you could kindly send me any new links that give more information on where this is heading I would be grateful. I’ll try and get it out before the 20th March.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! I can’t wait til America. It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

      And I don’t know about cleaner, but it’s squooshy and fun to play with.

      I would love for you to write something else on 1000Speak. I need to write another post, and one which is really good is Lisa (meaningofme blog)’s post-lude. I hope by now you saw my post in the group – we’re continuing, but there will be MORE to update after March 20th

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  3. Your words are on HUFFPO! #1000Speak is getting huger and bigger and bigger and awesomer! Also foam soap is awesome and you’re coming! We so need to figure out the timing!!!

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    • *snorks at how the run-on from foam soap coulda gone entirely wrong*

      *kicks mind out of the gutter*

      YES timing. SOON! 😀 *squeeee* We need to talk with Samara.

      YAY 1000SPEAK! And for a first time on HuffPo, even though it hasn’t gone very far, it’s still further than not, which is wonderful 😀


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    • It was incredible to meet Yvonne. She’s so lovely, and we talked for 5 hours about all the things, but mostly the future of 1000Speak and how amazing it is. And we spoke about the HuffPo piece, and of course, the more exposure for the project the better 🙂

      I hope you had a nice week.

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  5. LOVE this list!!!! What is the name of your bookswap friend? Have you ever told us? I remember Edward vividly, and I love that he knows Edward!! And I’m so glad you can find out if he’s okay…

    I want to know his name. Perhaps that will give him even more of the dignity you bless him with each time you spend those precious moments connecting with him. Maybe you have shared it and I missed it? Could happen. 🙂

    LOVE that you are always smiling at your job, and that you have a good and kind and invested new boss and that you really like what you do. OH, what a beautiful thankful that is!!

    Yvonne!!! Beach!!! 1000Speak!!!! Soulie moving!!!! BETH’S BOOK!!!

    What a week. What an amazing week!!!

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    • Yes. Yes. THANK YOU. Because I woke up Monday morning (now) in a bit of a leftover tizzy from last night, and I NEEDED to re-read my thankfuls through your eyes. THANK YOU. This helps a LOT.

      ‘Edward’ isn’t really his name. I don’t know whether I’ve come up with a name for my bookswap friend, but I won’t give anyone’s real name here without their permission, and I don’t have that for either of these gentlemen. But I can think of a pseudonym for him at some point.

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  6. I love what you did with this list! Your formats are always so clever. I entered to win Beth’s book. Fingers crossed! Although if I don’t win, I’ll be buying it. I’m not into paranormal stuff because it freaks me out, but I’m sure a few months of sleepless nights will be well worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yaknow what, paranormal’s not usually my thing either, but this isn’t the spooky kind (which freaks me the heck out, and I can’t read) – it’s ten kinds of awesome and amazinger than that. SO FAR, anyway 😀

      Good luck with the entry.


  7. …ok, I bet I not only know about foam soap, I have surely used foam soap, but I can’t for the life of me get a visual of what exactly foam soap is? (a lot of TV commercials are running in my head, including, for some reason ‘Scrubbing Bubbles’ but that can’t be right (it being a tub cleaning product)… so please help a cleaning-product challenged YChromian.

    hey… I could not see the numbering rational (and, even when we are not consciously super-imposing one, I believe there is always a rationale)… please enlightenize me.
    cool, the meeting with Yvonne… was tempted to Facebook-say ‘a study in two clarks’ but then decided not to…

    your trip! very much a good thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh it most definitely WAS a study in two clarks. We understood each other perfectly well 😀

      And the TRIP!

      They were fireworks. There were ten of them. Cos my heart got exploded into fireworks so many times this week.

      Foam soap comes in a normal LOOKING dispenser, but comes out white and dense and squoosgy and GORGEOUS fun.


  8. If you happen to end up at my house, you can use all the foam soap you like. Maybe we’ll even send some home with you.
    I love every single fire-worky thing that happened to you this week. I really do. I know I’ve been absent from the ‘sphere quite a lot this week, but I’ve been sortakinda paying attention even so. Social media got so overwhelming I wanted to quit it and crawl back into my hole again. But I didn’t.
    And now the big question is whether or not stupid WP is going to let me access my flippin’ account and log in so I can comment. Here goes…

    Liked by 1 person

    • You l’il warrior, you. I know it’s been a tough week and I’m SO SO GLAD you didn’t go back under your rock. I like having you out there in the SM sunshine. Anyway, Yvonne and I were talking about your contribution to #1000Speak and how pleased we both are that you’re on FB now, and what an integral part of that project you’ve been, so you CAN’T LEAVE NOOOOOOOWWWWW!

      If I happen to end up at your house, know that my hands will be super-duper clean for the duration 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been an integral part of the 1000Speak project? Really? I did a post…
        I am really glad for the SM connections and I’ll get better at Twitter eventually. Gene’o’s tutorials are fantastic.
        We have foam soap in a Hello Kitty dispenser for Zilla right now. I think we also have some – no joke – English Garden in the bathroom. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • You did a post, you’ve been supportive and involved and helpful and and and. Yeah. You’ve made a difference.

          Twitter will eventually make sense, though Gene’o’s tutorials tend to confuse me so I let them wash over me. I understand it enough to make it do what *I* want it to do. Anything above and beyond that is extraneous.

          HA! I hope that your English Garden has some lavender and rose in it!

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  9. Roman Candle reminded me of a naughty viewer comment on one of Peter Murphy’s YouTube videos. Do you know the one I’m talking about?


  10. It is great to see you so sparkly and fireworky here Lizzi, and it was so, so great to meet in “real life” today (as if blogging isn’t real!) We had such a lovely time.
    All you wonderful Muricans – you are in for great time in September.

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    • *grins* It was brilliant, wasn’t it 😀 I feel so happy knowing that now I can put a ‘person’ to a ‘voice’, if that makes sense 😀 And I can’t wait to start working on the plans we begun. And I’m glad you think the Muricans are in for a great time. I hope so 😀


  11. I’m so happy you had a simply outstanding week! How wonderful that your tour of America will finally happen! We will be back most likely around April 2016 🙂 Oh, and great books are so wonderful. We’ve discovered a new series of books we really enjoy! How awesome that you and the 1000Voices-projects were featured on HuffPost! Congrats!! That’s exciting 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend, and the anticipation of things to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh you would like Beth’s book, I’m sure. It’s GORGEOUS. In fact, I challenge anyone to go through the first chapter WITHOUT becoming invested in her main character…

      What series are you reading?

      There were a number of 1000Speak posts which ended up on HuffPo and it’s awesome, because it all spreads the word further 🙂

      Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  12. I LOVE FOAM SOAP! Especially if it’s a colour!

    That’s so random your bookfriend knew Edward, but I’m glad that brings the connection closer!

    This whole post was so sparkly beautiful. Took me a second to figure out that the titles were fireworks names though! *durr*

    And I read through the comments. Lizzi, POUTINE IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. French fries, topped with (hopefully real) cheese curds and then drenched with gravy. Do bring a napkin.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *mind blown* YOU CAN GET FOAMY SOAP IN A COLOUR!??!? WHICH COLOURS?!?! Ohhhhh imagine the BLISS if you could add pearlescence to it…OH MY GOSH I THINK I HAD A BRAINGASM!

      Lol I guess not SO random, cos it seems like the homeless chaps of the city are pretty well networked. But I’m glad to know that they know each other. Seems like my bookfriend is quite well known 🙂

      LOL of COURSE fireworks. Which one tipped you off?

      cheese curds and fries and gravy? I’ll take the gravy and a SPOON, thanks. Ick! Sounds awful. Bring on the syrup! (which reminds me of a comment recently – did you catch it? It was a total Bethism where she referred to herself as a pancake and then something about syrup which was equal parts sexy and bonkers, in true style 😀 )

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bangers tipped me off 😉

        Of COURSE colours!! I googled it and there are even DIY recipes for your very own coloured foam soap!

        While gravy with a spoon sounds just delightful, I will admit that, at first, poutines sounded gross to me as well. It’s one of those “don’t knock it til ya try it” things. Man, I (and Helena and the Hook I’m sure) wish you could come to Canada too.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. You are going to love Murica, ya know why? Because we have foamy soap! Your TToT posts always make me happy. I was so thrilled to see your picture of you and Yvonne earlier today! There was a tremor in the Force because of the awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhh well the force better watch out, cos we started hatching PLANZ! Ohhh it was so good to meet with Yvonne though. Very exciting indeed, and so nice to know that we’re on the same page about so much with regard to 1000Speak.

      YAY FOAMY SOAP! LOVE IT! I’m going to love Murica because of the PEOPLE though, fer sher. Glad my TToTs make you happy 😀


  14. I think I read somewhere that you can make foam soap by just adding extra water to regular liquid soap and using the foam soap pumps. If that is something that really brings you so much joy, that might be a way to have it inexpensively (well, after the initial foam soap dispenser purchase, of course.)

    When is the trip? I hope that you have a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It sucked. The weather SUCKED. It drizzled and mizzled THE ENTIRE TIME. So we spent 5 hours in a cafe, chatting and drinking tea, and it was AMAZING. We had SO MUCH to talk about 😀

      Hope you find lots of stars and sparkles, Jamie 😀


  15. As I read this I had to keep telling myself to breathe. the excitement and Happiness just came through that powerfully. I had to keep slowing my reading because I wanted to race on and hear more and more. I picture a child jumping up and down as they are telling you their story. A true treasure of a week!

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  16. Oh my god, I started Beth’s book last night and got sucked in! It is so good, and the characters are in my head and won’t leave! I am amazed by her brain and in awe! If only I could hit pause on real life to snuggle up on my couch and finish it today! But, I’m kind of glad I get to drag it out over a few days too. I want to savor it.

    You’re awesome, but you already know how I feel about you. Please get sleep and be careful driving! And you and Yvonne in the same place, together? So very cool! I have a feeling your two minds will cook up something brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’ve been cooking some WONDERFUL things, alright. It was so lovely though. Because I’ve known her online for over a year, it was like meeting an old friend, and we sat in our chairs and chatted for 5 hours in a cafe, and talked 1000Speak, the Blogosphere, books, authors, bloggers, real life….everything. It was WONDERFUL. I’m so happy we got to meet.

      I was safe driving, promise. And thanks – back atcha. Gonna be excited to meet you 😀



  17. All. Of. The. Good. Happy. Going. On. Things.
    Makes. Me. Feel. All. Of. The. Good. Happy. Things for you.
    Foam soap. You’re weird.
    I don’t believe I know of Soulie but I clicked over and it’s open in my tabs so I have some reading to catch up on 🙂
    You should come to Canada.
    I’ll give you maple syrup and poutines.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Soulie I’ve known HALF MY ENTIRE LIFE, THIS YEAR. He’s F2M trans (I discovered this year) and I adore everything about him. He is the other half of my brain or something.

      Foam soap is GORGEOUS. You KNOW I’m weird 😉

      What’s a poutine? Syrup is good if my head is leaving me alone.

      LOTS of good things and yaknow what, I hope you did feel good happy 🙂


  18. Nice list there! 🙂

    I am glad to hear that the people who matter to you are doing good 🙂

    I am thrilled about Beth’s book too though I barely know her 😛 🙂

    I am so happy about your words earning a place in the huffpo 🙂 You deserved it!

    Hope you and Yvonne have a good time together when you meet up! 🙂

    Do stay safe!! :/

    Take care! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Pooja. Of everything I’ve written, this is absolutely the BEST thing to get shared on Huffpo, because it will hopefully bring more people into 1000Speak. It’s clearly NOT lighting up the world, but yaknow what, it’s OUT THERE, and a few more might join.

      I hope the people who matter to YOU are doing okay. Ish. Continued prayers for that one friend of yours 😦

      YES BOOK! BETH! Wow….I am SO awed and inspired. She’s worked SO HARD on it. Been working on it since I ever knew her, and it’s been such a privilege to watch the process she’s gone through and all the ups and downs along the way, and now it’s REALLY REALLY HERE. It’s so good.

      I hope Yvonne and I have a lovely time in spite of the rain. There will be photos… 🙂

      You take care yourself 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  20. I love foam soap! I have it at every sink in my house!
    YOU GET TO MEET YVONNE?! How exciting! Tell her I said Hi!
    And most important, YOU’RE COMING TO ‘MURICA!

    Liked by 3 people

    • AIIIIIE I’M SO ENVIOUS! I want foam soap at all my sinks. But we have normal liquid stuff cos whatevs. It’s simple and cheaper.

      I KNOW! I’ll tell her HI from you. We’re gonna have to instagram a few selfies. 😀 It’s gonna be AWESOME.

      Most important YES! *glee* I am already SO excited.


  21. Foam Soap?? Foam soap makes you deliriously happy? that might be the cutest thing I’ve ever hear.

    YAY TO YOUR WORDS ON HUFFPO!!!! Honestly, it’s long overdue because you always write huffpo-worthy things, but this one is extra-sparkly special, innit?

    Poor bookfriend and Edward. I’m glad they’re doing alright. It probably makes bookswap friend immensely happy when you take the time to talk to him. *warmfuzzies*

    YES to buying the rest of your tickets!!! OMG September is going to be here so f-a-s-t!! EEEEEEEP!!!!

    And wow, you get to meet Yvonne for realsies?? That’s COOL. And beach? *jealous* (it’s okay, that’ll be ME there with you someday)

    V is moving back to your town? AWESOME.

    nowwww I know why you wanted my Goodreads giveaway link. *lightbulb dings in head* Thank you << which is starting to seem far to small a thing to say because it can't possible convey my appreciation for all you've done for me. Really. My mind is blow. Your generosity and friendship is infinite and I appreciate you more than you could know! MWA XOXOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    • *grinning huge at the THOUGHT of foam soap* Yes, yes, it makes me SO HAPPY! Toldja; there’s sweetness to be found ALL OVER THE PLACE, even if some of it is squoodgy, bubbly, soap-scented sweet. It makes my hands smile. I love it. I know it’s silly, but sometimes it’s the little things, right?


      Thanks for thinking I write lots of HP-worthy stuff. I’ve thought time and again about getting on the merry-go-round of submitting and being rejected or sidelined or suddenly spun into ‘fame’ for 30 seconds, and honestly, I want relationship. I keep coming back to the fact that what I want from this writing gig is to connect. YES, that piece somehow managed to connect over a thousand people, and of EVERYTHING I’ve written, that’s the best one to get shared in a big way because of how it promotes 1000Speak, but otherwise I truly feel like I’ve got everything I could want or need right here, because I have my people around me, and it’s amazing.

      Ahhh my bookfriend. He’s such a nice man. And I felt so sad that he hadn’t many people to tell his woes to. We both remembered about ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and it’s SO true, and like Edward, so sad that he has only a few people to halve his problems with. *sigh* He was reading an EPIC war tome. He is a machine! But bless him, as soon as I rocked up on my bike, he put the book right down and smiled and greeted me. I know I can be really snarly if I’m interrupted at a book. Priorities, I guess. I can learn from him 🙂

      YES to tickets and YES to Yvonne, but maybe no to beach, as it’s RAINING. HOW SUCKY IS THAT?!?!
      This is a different beach, a city over. When you visit, I’m gonna take you to MY beach. It’s not that amazing, but it IS, because it’s my place where I feel the sea and feel the connection and…yaknow, mystical beach crap, whatever 😉 But that’s where WE’RE going.

      Vince is coming home. I can’t tell you how happy that makes my soul. It feels like a rush and a whoosh and something very vital settling back into place. I am sky-high-happy.

      And…adoy! It’s fine. Not like you’re busy promoting your brand new book or anything. I don’t expect you to anticipate my every move, dear 🙂 But I am HUGELY proud of you, and AWED by your writing and how much I loveloveLOVE your book, and how incredible you are to make it happen. You have my 100% support 🙂

      *mwah* xXx


  22. I laughed and laughed over the foam soap…because I KNOW…foam soap! It is the greatest!
    So glad you are coming to the USA. Hope you enjoy every minute of your stay and that you will come back often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the hardest thing will be to LEAVE. But yes – I fully intend on coming over as often as I can, because too many people are there who I just want to see for REAL. And repeatedly, some of them.

      SO GLAD that you laughed and that you KNOW ABOUT THE FOAM SOAP! Honestly, every time I used it, I got a silly grin on my face, because it’s just LOVELY 😀


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