NEW FEATURE: A Slip of the Lit.

My lovelies, I am SO PSYCHED to announce a BRAND NEW ENDEAVOUR – A Slip of the Lit. – the place where I am going to stockpile my dragon’s hoard of authors and literary figures, as I come across them and kidnap them and keep them forever offer them a platform to share their publications and writerly knowledge, for your viewing and literary pleasure.

A Slip of the Lit ButtonBy all rights, it should have been Helena Hann-Basquiat who got the title, because she’s been interviewed here before the feature existed, but since that wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff isn’t letting me turn back the clock, I shall have to hope that she graces Considerings with her presence AGAIN, in the run-up to Memoirs of a Dilettante, Volume Two (join her NOW on PubSlush to be kept involved, up-to-date and part of all the fun).

So with a promising wink in Helena’s direction, it is my great and ENORMOUS pleasure to announce BETH TELIHO as my FRIST EVER author interview for A Slip of the Lit.

Congratulations Beth Teliho Author


There will be information about her upcoming book, Order of Seven, a Grand Cover Reveal, and a giveaway.


Be there, lovelies, or miss out BIGTIME.

See you on Tuesday.

49 thoughts on “NEW FEATURE: A Slip of the Lit.

  1. OOOO….how fun! I can’t wait to read these. And I can’t wait be to featured! After my book comes out of course. And obviously after I finish it. Also. After I start it.

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    • Now I KNOW that, I’m beginning to wonder who else I have to share her with šŸ˜‰
      In seriousness though, I’m so pleased to be helping to promote Oo7 and happy to know that there are some damn good authors out there willing to support a newbie to publication, and that lots of people are going to be reached to learn about Beth’s book šŸ™‚


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