Ten Things of Thankful #88

For once I’m writing this In Real, pen to paper, in a notebook at a table in a noisy (but today not too hellish) soft play centre. Mum and I are watching Niece and Neff charge around, finding their way back to us like small, flailing, lovely homing pigeons to top up with snacks and drinks before disappearing into the cushiony, bright jungle again.

They stopped and alighted for a moment, and I blew kisses at them across the table. Niece puckered up and blew noisy smooches back. Neff rolled his eyes back in his head and closed them, jutting his chin forwards in a darling display of seven year-old acknowledgement and defiance.

He likes the kisses really. Probably.

I told him he was my favourite boy in the world and his eyes sparkled. Then we had a very technical conversation about suction and cherry coke and resonance and practical jokes. He has my heart and I think he might be my spirit-animal. He is serious, scholarly, curious, determined, hilarious, and utterly, utterly silly (quote of the day (imagine a fork held aloft in a clenched fist of powerful determination) “Being defeated by cheese is silly – I will NOT be defeated by cheese!”)

Later we locked eyes and giggled wordlessly for about half an hour as he turned his jelly-babies (candy shaped as cartoon babies) upside down and licked their bottoms while I pretended to freak out. At one point, he turned to me, eyes shining with mischief, and whispered “Boobies!”, and we both fell apart laughing. I love him all the millions.

And so to my Ten – a meandery, rambly, entirely-late-to-the-game-in-a-weekend-where-the-Blogosphere-exploded kind of Ten.

I am SO thankful:

…for #1000Speak, which went incredibly well, and absolutely blew my mind as person after person after person melted my Twitter and Facebook feeds into a glorious flood of compassion, as the event took place and the participation snowballed wider and wider. I’m so thrilled at the level of enthusiasm which was shown for the venture, and humbled and thankful to have somehow written the right thing in the right place at the right time to inspire it, and to have been able to help make it happen from the get-go. I’m MORE thrilled that each month on the 20th, there will be ANOTHER #1000Speak day, where everyone who wants to will be part of writing compassionately into different topics – homelessness; special needs; the environment, etc. – and next month we start out with a focus on bullies and bullying (thanks to Hasty for the suggestion). BE THERE!

…for evenings with friends In Real. For cooking together and talking and being relaxed and utterly at ease in the company of someone I’ve known for many, many years. For silliness and being too cold, and eating too much, and talking and not-talking, and sharing and helping one another.

…for sunshine and digging at the allotment and the scent of earth, and chats with my mum about my life, my writing, my purpose, our family, her plans, her job, my friends, and a million and one things under the sun. For birdsong and muddy boots and earthworms and skiving off to text my Blogwife. (P.S. A short but IMPORTANT note about Beth – she has a BOOK coming out (a Real, Live one, and I’m SO proud of her) and on TUESDAY NEXT WEEK she is granting me her VERY VERY FRIST Author Interview *squeeeeeee* BE THERE TOO!)

…for delayed glitterbombs and beautiful, lifes-saving jewellery*, sweet valentines, fun, video unwrappings, and knowing that the parcel was for me because it had exploded in transit and the postmen had had to wrap it (and its escaping, glittery christmas trees and shining reindeer) in a plastic bag. For conversations back and forth about liferafts and hoopla and bard bars in barred bars, and for my darling friend Ivy.

Be Still my Hardwired Heart

…for connection, encouragement, support and friendship, however it happens, even if online can be tricky and leave me bereft because I can’t hug the way I want to. For In Real, and its demands and gnarly bits. For it being beautiful anyway, and immersing in it, however it happens.

…for Samara and the Sisterwives planning a party for me in a Facebook chat, because they are proud of me for having inspired and supported 1000Speak and helped to make it work and DO SOMETHING. For pictures of cakes and champagne and fireworks sent across the miles. For places where truths can be told safely, and fun and solemnity are both equally welcome.

…for Scrabble and bizarre weather, and hot, buttered toast, and tea, and hail which wouldn’t stop, and for discovering that scraping the hail off the cars gave them a little clean as it slopped off. For two consecutive seven-letter words at the beginning of the game, but for still winning one game each. For ‘I love you’ gifts of trains and America, and for Husby being a darling and spending his winnings on a game I’ve been keen to have for a while.

…for having a straightforward job which keeps reasonable hours and isn’t exploitative and lets me write, and keeps me meeting people. For the delight which STILL remains in that comparison. For money to spend or save as I want. For abundance.

…for planning my trip to America, for growing as a person and having people notice and tell me. For being a better human being, encouraged by the shining examples I see in those around me. For the excitement in knowing that in a few, short months, I will be stepping towards the In Real persons whose examples I admire and whose friendships I cherish, and that I will be able to hug them for REAL.

…for love, for love; for love.

*the washers on the necklace go with a survival key-chain, hand woven for me, of 12′ of para cord, so that if I’m ever stuck, I can unpick it, tie the washers on and throw them, to use the line to bring me to safety. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to ever need it.

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58 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #88

  1. Look who’s behind again! Can you imagine?

    #1000Speak was a glorious triumph and I am so proud of you for igniting such a fire. I’m still trying to get to some of the posts!

    I love when you write about Niece and Neff. Your love is so evident and abundant. Neff sounds like a terrific character and yes, I think he just might be your spirit animal. Everyone…hide your cheese!

    I can get such a picture of you digging in the sunshine and for some reason it just brings me a feeling of peace. I know when I’m out in my yard, not even messing with the herbs and such because I know I’m a lousy gardener, it is just the feeling of calm. That is what I always imagine when you write about it. So keep writing about it.

    I love that necklace! Unique jewelry is my weakness and I have such a long list for NixHeart already. I wish there were more hours in my days.

    A lovely post indeed. I’m glad I saved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe well I’m glad you got to it in the end, and that you liked it.

      Unique jewellery is WONDERFUL and I love that I got this piece (and that it could save my life). Husby’s gonna file off the rough edges and give it a bit more laquer so it’s comfier to wear. GOOD TO KNOW you like unique jewellery. That explains part of why you were so happy with your frog one 😉

      I like to dig (ah, Clark would understand) and I like to smell the earth and get muddy. I don’t know that I get peaceful, but I get silly. I’m also USELESS at gardening and need to be very much given a tool, pointed in a direction and told what precisely to do, or I get it wrong.

      #1000Speak has been AWE INSPIRING. I’m so pleased that it happened and will continue. It. Is. AMAZING.

      And Niece and Neff are brilliant little humans. I love them very, very dearly indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Oh, Lizzi, just loving this list of thankfulness. And this:

    “…for connection, encouragement, support and friendship, however it happens, even if online can be tricky and leave me bereft because I can’t hug the way I want to.”

    I’m hugging you. Right now. The way I want to.

    To your heart, Lizzi dear.
    And to all it radiates out into the world.

    With blessings,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh bless your boots, Dani 😀 *HUGS*

      How’s your dad doing? Any better? I’ve been thinking of you guys and sending more prayers.

      You also have a huge heart – I’ve seen some of your gorgeous comments to other people on the 1000Speak hop. You’re so lovely 🙂


    • It’s far more mum’s thing than mine. Bless her boots, she was telling me all about seed potatoes and chitting and windowsills and allsorts. I like the colours and scents of outdoors. And the textures as long as it isn’t RAIN 😉


  5. You slept off your #1000Speak hangover and got it written, didn’t you? Good job! I can’t believe you’re gardening already. I also can’t believe you find it fun, but that’s just me 🙂 Gardening is right up there with camping as far as I’m concerned.
    ‘Murica! Yayyyy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAAY indeed. Am hoping to start finalising dates and flights VERY SOON.

      Digging is fun. I always enjoy it more than I think I’m going to, but on the whole I’m not one of nature’s little gardeners. I like seeing things grow and I enjoy the scent of earth and being muddy. But I need someone to tell me exactly what to do.

      And sleep isn’t *precisely* what happened, but I think I got over my writing fatigue 😉


  6. am a fan of pen and paper (although I am desperately [and not so impressively successful] trying to learn more of the digital forms of keeping track of things at work, I still buy pads (yellow line, 8.5 x 11) and pens. the pens are fun, I enjoy trying different types and model and have found an in-expensive fountain pen in my stationary store (they sell them in a 2 pack, they are disposable, cannot be re-filled [that would be a lot of fun, if not kinda impractical], sometimes I will give them to a client to sign something and not tell them what it is…. the older people pretty much figure it out right away, the younger seem to take longer to get the hang of them (you remember, there is a very definite angle necessary to get the ink to flow properly)…. but what I wanted to write about was, ‘…digging at the allotment and the scent of earth,’ very envious of the clime that allows digging of dirt in February. ah well, soon for us too!

    very excellent work on the 1000speak

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you about the 1000Speak 🙂 It has been astonishing 🙂

      I really hope your snow goes away soon! By my reckoning (ancient lore having it, I think, that the seasons change on the 22nd of each month, or thereabouts) today is SPRING, so I’ll tell you that the weather is cold and still a bit changeable, but that SUMMER is closer by one season.

      Husby has lots of fountain pens and diffferent kind of inks and really enjoys them. I like sharpies and fine-liners for drawing with or creating fun pieces of arty text, but just for writing I like a black ballpoint, and that’s mostly it.


  7. Well that is a damn good list. I love writing in real on paper with pen. And that visit with friends with the cooking and eating and talking and all? I love those.
    So much good going on everywhere.
    And yay for Beth!!!
    That does make me feel like I’d better get on the stick and finish something though…good lord.
    Love the necklace. So cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The necklace is AWESOME and I love it. And so is Beth. And so is cooking with my friend. And I always carry a notebook and even my handwriting is improving cos I USE it 😀

      Hehehe a great week, all things considered.


  8. Who sent that necklace? I absolutely adore it. It is so, so perfect! It’s good to have a favorite boy in all the world. I’m glad you have one. And thanks for helping make mine happy.


    • It was IVY, my dear. YOU KNOW HER. The one with the mad bonkers dog 😀

      I’m very lucky to have a favourite boy in all the world, and I’m HUGELY glad to have helped make yours happy. I loved the photos 🙂


  9. I am very excited for your “Murican journey. And so great that you and your Mom spent some lovely time together and discussed things. There are so many happy, sparkly, glittery things in your post today. I am excited that #1000Speak will continue. Bullying is an excellent subject to continue the initiative.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bullying is a brilliant subject. It touches and impacts on SO many lives, and both the bullied and the bullies are in need of compassion and there is SO much scope for a great number of voices to weigh in.

      I love that we’re going to continue. This matters.

      And YES it was SO SO SO SO glittery of a day. I am filled with *twinklysparklygoodness* right now.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. WOOOOP!!! Awesome exciting mind blowing list!!!! weeeeeeee. so fun! what a gorgeous and meaningful necklace!! How lovely! And so happy today wasn’t as miserable as you feared, and glad you got smiles and kisses from the kiddos. magic, right?

    Could NOT be more excited to be on your blog Tuesday. I do believe (shamefully so) that it’s my FRIST time to ever grace your blog?!?! Other than being mentioned…..or in comments of course. But this is ME on this amazing blog. *faints*

    countdown to Tuesday begins…….

    Liked by 1 person

    • *grinning* I am SO completely excited about Tuesday. I have your email open now to start scheduling the post and whatever promotional thing I do tomorrow and I might have a few more questions and things for you, so be around, okay?

      *hangs head* Yeah, it’s your Frist time here. Should’ve been sooner. Totes. *mumbles an apology*

      Smiles and kisses from Niece and Neff were perfect and brightened my day SO huge 😀

      TWO DAYS BW!!!


    • I’ve been keeping it under wrapsish for a while because of sorting it out and figuring out where I’m going and when. I’m coming for three weeks but when I break it down and factor in how many people I’m visiting, it’s a woefully short time. Painfully short, in fact.

      SO I will just have to come BACK!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh well this one was on Hasty, and she’s the wonder. She asked me to contribute and then asked whether it was something 1000Speak would be keen on doing, and YES WE SO WOULD! It makes SUCH a huge impact on people (me too! Ack!) and we WILL reach out and begin making differences.


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