I’m just TOO English

When you think of England (and the English), there are certain stereotypes you could be forgiven for. There are also some I’d like to see disappear forever – bad teeth? Come ON, my compatriots – get ’em sorted!) but one I cannot deny is a certain cultural reticence around certain subjects. Such as the human body.

Ohmigosh did that REALLY just

Blame the Victorians, if you will, and their determination that the exposure of anything above the ankle posed a severe risk of inducing impropriety. Somehow their ideas stuck, and in spite of the swinging Sixties, there is still a remainder of that archaic attitude alive and well in many of the natives.

That said, take your meek and genteel Englishwoman and stick her slap-bang next to one of those brash Americans, and what do you really expect?

Someone’s delicate sensitivities are going to take a trouncing.

I’ll give you a clue – it’s not the American’s.

Come over to Beth’s and see…


20 thoughts on “I’m just TOO English

  1. Bathtubs are one thing and nekkid is another, but NO NO NO the potty is sacred – no spouses there, please. Somehow, though, Zilla manages to waltz right in when I’m in the “library” as we call it here. If someone tried to get in the room while the Hub was doing his “library” business, the man would positively flip shit.

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  2. I’m pretty modest, too. But there have been times. The phone rings, wearing just your knickers – what do you do? You have to answer it. I never flush if I am talking on the phone in that particular room. I was raised by my English mom. I won’t tell, if you don’t tell.

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