Mundane Trivia of the Bloggy Sisterhood

I already hate that title!

HOWEVER (hang on, you’re not meant to start sentences like that, are you? Because it’s improper. Or something…ANYway…) it makes sense, because what we have here is one of those awards which makes the rounds periodically, and people tend to either adore them and collect them and show them off, or shun them and turn up their noses because they’re really only for BABY bloggers, not ones who are, like, serious and established and stuff.

Award Sisterhood

Hear ye this: I may get incredibly serious, sometimes, but there is ALWAYS room in my world for fun and sparkles and glitter. I might be a bit established, but I don’t turn my nose up, because these awards can be a bit of a hoot.

I mean, yes, there’s an element of quiet happiness at being recognised publicly as a writer who has been chosen as worthy of admiration (and thanks, Wee Blue Birdie, for picking me) but there’s also the delight of the questions. Don’t roll your eyes. I like them. In a weird, online world where TimeZones and Geography get in the way and take on lives of their own, it can be quite difficult to see the full picture of a person, and in spite of the very real friendships which can be struck up, there are elements of minutiae and the fantastical which are just…missing.

These kinds of questions go some way to allowing that peek behind the public face of a blogger, into the corners of their minds and the thoughts which wouldn’t necessarily be brought up otherwise. And that’s super, because getting to know someone better (especially when you like them) is AWESOME.

So…count me in.

[As with all of these, there are rules. Answer the questions, nominate bloggers, ask them questions (hope they respond)..blah blah blah.]

NOW to the good bit – the questions I have to answer:

What kind of bird would you be, and why?
I would love to be a swallow; curving through the summer skies, haunting the blue with high-pitched fluting cries, the very essence of the season. I would love to be a blackbird; trilling beautiful melodies at sunset, heralding in the night and the close of another warm, sunny day. I would love to be a robin red-breast; cheeky and personable with a sweet, shivering song, and bright eyes which seem to look through you to your soul as they venture breathtakingly close. But I think I’d probably be a duck. Because they’re ‘quackers’.

Which period of history had the best clothing?
The 1950’s, without a doubt. Dancey dresses and high heels and smart suits and playfulness and good tailoring. Love it.

In which film do you wish you had played the lead? What would you have brought to the role?
Hairspray. I wouldn’t have brought anything to the role, but I love that movie. It’s so light and bright and FUN, and the music is awesome.

What was your favourite toy when you were a child?
Do books count? I quite liked my wooden pop-gun. You pumped the handle and the cork would fly out with a very pleasingly loud POP! and if you snuck up and did it in someone’s ear you could get really told off it was very funny until you got told off. SRSLY don’t do this; learn from my mistakes. Try it! (Edit – I’ve come back to this one a few times, hoping that there would be a better answer, but I can’t honestly think of a toy I loved more. Or at all…I mean, I didn’t ‘love’ the pop-gun – it was just good fun. There must BE one I cared about more, I’m just not sure I remember it.)

If you could be in the Olympics, what would your sport be?
Boxing! Duh! It’s the only thing I’m halfway good at. If I get to choose any sport to BE good at, though, then it would be gymnastics, because I’m as flexible as a brick and half as graceful, and I would LOVE to be able to do all the bendy, stretchy, twirly stuff. I just can’t. But I can be punchy (and climbing trees hasn’t gone to Olympic level yet, but I’d love that, and would practice hard for it).

If you could cure one human illness or disease, what would it be and why?
Despair. It ruins too many people and is just awful. There’s always hope but as long as we despair, it doesn’t matter – we get caught and tied into it and it’s terrible. I would erase it, if only I could. And I’d put compassion in its place.

What is your favourite urban myth, and why do you want it to be true?
I’ve just spent several minutes trying to THINK of an urban myth, so that I can know if I want it to be true or not. I even googled ‘urban myths’ so that I know what some of them are. I give up – I’ll just use a local one, which is that if you visit the Cerne Abbas Giant (who is a centuries-old, well-endowed man carved into a chalk hill) and perch yourself on the end of his knob with yer knickers down, then you’ll get pregnant soon. I tellya, I would be up that hill like a shot, if I thought it would help, but I’ve a feeling the myth has been de-bunked by centuries of women who visited and came away with a chalky bum and no sproglet.

What is your favourite unusual word?
Terpsichore (meaningΒ  – of, or relating to dancing). I just love, love, LOVE it. First discovered it in The Chaos (also known as That Intensely Tricksy Pronunciation Poem) and fell head over heels for it.

How would you like your writing to influence the world, or affect those who read it?
I *adore* making people feel. Whatever it is which has inspired a fiction piece, or poem, I want to affect people’s emotions and…yeah okay – it sounds horribly manipulative (I guess it is, really)…write intentionally in ways which will influence them.

That said, I also love inspiring people to find silver linings, or thankfulness amongst the darknesses of life, to recognise that we’re stronger together, and to add their voice to the number calling for compassion on February 20th through #1000Speak.

Ultimately I want the world to be a kinder, safer place for the people who live here. Alongside many, many others, I’m doing my bit to make that happen. I LOVE that I can do it with words.

What is the best thing about being you?
Knowing how willing people are to love me. Having an amazing family around me, and a Husby who wants to be with me until we’re little old uglies. And friends who mean so, so much to me in ways they couldn’t possibly understand, and many more ways that they completely ‘get’. Knowing that somehow each of these wonderful individuals has chosen me; chosen to strengthen and deepen and reinforce our relationship, in whatever capacity it is, because they want to. That’s amazing. And lovely. And one of my favourite things about being me.

My turn now. To ask, and yours to answer, if I nominate you*…

1. What is your most treasured memory?
2. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?
3. What’s your favourite item of clothing?
4. How good are you at keeping secrets?
5. Where is your favourite place in the world?
6. What was the last thing that surprised you?
7. When did you last realise you were learning something new?
8. What was the last dream you shared with someone?
9. What is your favourite meal?
10. If you could be someone else for a day, whom would it be?

Aaaaaand the people I’d love to hear from are…

Crystal – The Qwiet Muse
Helena – Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Dilettante
Lisa – The Meaning of Me
Pooja – Ravings from Iliria
Gretchen – Drifting Through my Open Mind
Denise – Girlie on the Edge
Dani – Blooming Spiders
Erin – Chronically Sick Manic Mother

[Later edit, because I can, and I want this shown around again, cos why not!]

Jesi – The Lunatic PoetMichelle – Mama Mick
Pattie – Bitter Ex Nuke Wife
Princess – Enchanted Seashells
Jen – Driftwood Gardens
Val – My Virtual Vineyard

*Proviso – if you’re one of my ‘usual suspects’, I’d love to know the answers from you, too. If you rock up and fancy having a crack at the questions, GO FOR IT! If you want to steal the award to pass on to bloggers you know and are interested in, PLEASE DO!

Off you go, then…

84 thoughts on “Mundane Trivia of the Bloggy Sisterhood

  1. And I Still haven’t done this. Oh my!! I’m terrible. Eyes peeled for it this week, Lizzi. And thank you for the nomination, friend.

    With blessings,

    P.S. And this:

    What is the best thing about being you?

    “Knowing how willing people are to love me.”

    Precious truth ❀

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  3. I agree with you on the 50’s – great clothes and it just seemed like a simpler time overall. Also, the Cerne Abbas Giant? Just say NO – would you really want to perch yourself, knickerless, on his knob after hordes of women have done the same? Eeewwwww!

    Since I’m one of your β€œfavourites” πŸ˜‰ I’ll be presumptuous and answer your questions:

    1) My most treasured memory is the birth of my granddaughter. Never, in a million years, would I have invited my mother into the delivery room, but my kidlet told me she needed me there – so there I stayed. After her dad, I was the next to greet my grandbaby and that moment is lovely treasure (so is my Emily).

    2) When I feel unjustly attacked – for example, when I cheerfully answer the phone at the doctor’s office where I work and a patient immediately lashes out at me, as if I’m the reason for all of her troubles, calling me all sorts of foul names before hanging up on me in a snit – that makes me cross…and it can ruin the rest of my day.

    3) My favorite item of clothing is an incredibly soft, thick robe that is a bit tatty now. I come home from work and my first stop is my bedroom, where I strip off my clothes, put on my jammies, and then don the robe. It keeps me cozy and warm.

    4) If someone asks me not to share their secret, I will never talk about it. Period. If it’s something I feel should be shared with someone else (the authorities, the spouse, the boss), I will share my concerns and offer my assistance – but I would never violate that trust.

    5) My favorite place in the world is Barcelona, Spain. I hope to relocate there in the next 3-4 years and live there, seeing the rest of Europe and making new, happier European memories, before I miss my children too much and move back to the States again.

    6) When my husband told me he didn’t want to be married to me anymore, THAT was a surprise.

    7) I learn something new every single day – it would be horrible if I didn’t.

    8) The last dream I shared was on my blog – I rarely tell them to people I know in real life, as they would think I was a bit crazy (which I AM, but others don’t need to know that).

    9) Oh – must I just pick one favorite meal? I love sushi…but then again, I love pasta with a wine and butter sauce…also, I love steak…oh, and potatoes prepared just about any way.

    10) I would be myself – buy I wouldn’t mind being a richer, wiser, happier self.

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    • I bet it wasn’t a simpler time, not really. It might have been less hyped, and people were more used to shutting down their feelings, which is why so many ice-pick lobotomies happened. But the clothes were awesome.

      Annnnnnnd NOT WHEN YOU PUT IT THAT WAY! EWWWWWWwwwww.,…..that said, most STDs probably couldn’t survive the cold snap we’re having at the moment, and a few minutes of sitting in other people’s sittings for the sake of being able to have a baby…yeah, I probably would. It’s still less invasive than the treatments we might have to go through, if we decide that route.

      I really like your answers (#6 excepted) and I love your answer to #10 especially! If you come to Europe (well, ENGLAND, really) make sure you let me know.

      I think most of my treasured memories involve children, if I’m honest πŸ™‚ They matter. And I like that I got to read your crazy dream πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh I can so see you being a little shit with a pop-gun…like right this minute…*POP*
    Anyone see Liz— *POP*
    Can you pass me the — *POP*
    Husby in the shower *POP*
    I think we should work on getting you one of those for your birthday….and you should take random videos of yourself scaring the shit out of people with it.


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  7. You already know I suck at these and I hope that you know why. It’s not some shunning thing or anything. It’s nothing to do with ego or anything but sucking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re one of my ‘usual suspects’ to whom it is implicit that I would include in nominations, without *actually* physically including. I include you amongst those people who I would pretty much always, every time like to honour and promote by passing on awards (less flattering version, I kind of consider you part of the furniture of ‘my’ part of the Blogosphere πŸ˜‰ )

      Don’t start with the sucking

      (oyyyy! πŸ˜‰ )


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  9. I just read this one Lizzie!

    Thank you ever so much for nominating me!! πŸ™‚

    I sure will give you your answers in my next post!! (need to finish up some nagging pending work here at office first :/ Work always pops up when there’s more fun things to do!! πŸ˜›

    Anyway, see you soon and love you lots! πŸ™‚

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    • Awwwwh that’s such a gorgeous thing to say! Thank you! *goes soppy around the edges*

      I’m glad I’m not the only one whose favourite toys were books!
      My favourites as a little girl were The Tiger who Came to Tea, The Rabbit’s Wedding and one which was a compilation of lots of nursery rhymes and poems, now sadly lost. Then I moved onto the Famous Five, then the Willard Price adventure series, then Gerald Durrell. And I’ve stayed at Gerald Durrell and added Lewis Thomas, David Attenborough, James Herriot and so many more. But they’re my favourites.


  10. Awwww I’m blushing! Thanks for thinking of me, Lizzi. I really am honored and will be writing up a post just as soon as the pain meds fog lifts!

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  11. 1. What is your most treasured memory?
    The first time I performed on stage was pretty special – at the time I’d really dreamed of being a singer, and the response was so good that I believed it might be possible.

    2. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?
    Any discussion involving the heavy use of sampling, particularly in hip-hop music. I get irrationally upset.

    3. What’s your favourite item of clothing?
    A jacket I don’t even; wouldn’t even wear anymore – it belonged to an old boyfriend who gave it to me — it was a denim jeans jacket that I helped decorate with the name of his band, and sewed a Union Jack on the back of. Silly, but lots o memories.

    4. How good are you at keeping secrets?
    Other people’s secrets are completely safe with me, but my own — especially gifts I’m excited to give — I’m terrible with. I’ll spill those quicker than it would take a glass of water to spill.

    5. Where is your favourite place in the world?
    Probably Marin, California… tiny little village nestled between the mountains and the ocean, with a great record store, cafes, bookstores – a fantastic place altogether.

    6. What was the last thing that surprised you?
    Getting a call from Penny telling me that she was pretty sure she was going to jail. See “Penelope, Countess of Arcadia” for more details.

    7. When did you last realise you were learning something new?
    Just this weekend, formatting the aforementioned book. I’ve used Word for years and years, and still some things surprise me.

    8. What was the last dream you shared with someone?
    I’m not in the habit of stepping into other people’s dreams.

    9. What is your favourite meal?
    Lasagna. Or really anything with good tomato sauce. No, wait, Lamb Vindaloo. No, wait, a great chicken burrito. No wait, sushi. I like food.

    10. If you could be someone else for a day, whom would it be?

    Sad answer? I sometimes think I wish I could be myself, and not fear the repercussions of doing so. Helena’s a prison, sometimes. And I know what you’re going to say, Rosencrantz… er… Lizzi.
    “Why then, your ambition makes it one. ‘Tis too narrow for your mind.”
    To which I say to you:
    “O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a queen of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • *swoon* Dilettante, there are relatively few writers in the world whose brains I want to lick. You’re one.

      And now I want to visit Marin and see the bookshops and the ocean and the hills and the nestled-ness.

      YOUR PLAY! OHMIGOSH I AM SO EXCITED! I cannot BELIEVE that happened with Penny! GAH! (promise to fulfil my end of certain agreements, post haste!)


  12. I think the sweet Robin suits you, they always make me smile. I can just imagine you in a poofy poodle skirt at a sock-hop somewhere! Would you believe I’ve never seen hairspray, almost went to a performance of it once though, cannot recall why I didn’t . . . next chance I get.

    Yes, a resounding yest to answer the question, books most certainly count, they have to! Boxing! You are a bit of a bad-ass, it must be quite cathartic. Your heart shines, compassion in place of despair, what a beautiful world that would make. You have learned me a new urban myth, it never occurred to me till just right now, how many urban myths span our globe. I hadn’t thought about it.

    Terpsichore, lovely choice. I was a dancer once, not that kind of course! Performing at half-time during basketball games is mostly where we did our thing. Your words are doing just want you hope them to do. They certainly are.

    And the best thing about you . . . is you. I loved reading every word!

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    • *glowy on the inside – not even the economy-bulb kind* D’awwwwwwhhhh!

      I like robins. They’re cheeky and chirpy and a bit flirty…perhaps they fit me better than ducks, which are greedy and noisy and silly-looking (even though I fit all of those things, too!)

      I would LOVE a poodle skirt and to be able to Lindyhop or Jitterbug or something…sadly my inner dancer is a brick with Tourette’s – very poor ability to move myself in a coherent kind of joined-up way. But I have fun bopping around, and I have a good sense of rhythm, which i need for boxing.

      I want to make the world more beautiful. It’s nice that it’s working already, and that people are making it happen alongside me. LOVE that.

      You were a cheerleader once? Very cool! They’re a bit revered, aren’t they?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cheeky and chirpy and a bit flirty . . . love that, it fits πŸ™‚ A brick with Tourette’s! such a visual, familiar though as it semi-sort of describes my eldest, he does have tourrettes and quite often resembles just this description! Ha!

        You DO make the world more beautiul, you have certainly beautified mine.

        And not so much a cheerleader, no. I attempted to be, but I couldn’t deal with the other girls – Revered they may often be, but the clique mentality and the snobbishness which came with the gig simply wasn’t for me.

        Not that all cheerleaders are as described, the ones in my educational setting just happened to be, for sure.

        I was on a dance/drill team, we had spandex instead of pom-poms and we were, I don’t mind saying, hot, hot, hot! Now though, I trip on air when I walk down the hall, sooo . . .

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  13. I feel like a newly minted Gryffindor having just earned points for my house . . . Prestidigitonium! Wait, wrong wizardy word. No matter! It’s my favorite . . . Thank you for the nod and the nom πŸ™‚ Such fun it was to read your answers, I will begin the daunting task of of attempting a timely riposte posthaste, just after my coffee has kicked in, though lately I’ve been enjoying my tea again, I’ll have one of each to make certain I become entirely coherent for the task at hand. The questions are fabulous and, at least for me, will require caffeine before responses can properly be formed.

    This was a lovely good morning to me πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh that gave me shivers – that was almost palindromic (“riposte posthaste”) – beautiful! *grins huge* THIS is another reason I like you so much. You have FUN with language.

      I hope that you caffienated nice and quickly and in spite of me having missed the remainder of the Blogosphere this avo, I’m looking very much forward to your response πŸ™‚

      Glad it was a lovely good morning, Merlin. May none of your magical modernness get confounded.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Language is a playground I simply love to explore . . . You’re particular adeptness in this game is just one of the things I *adore*.

        When you mentioned The Chaos, I swooned. I must tell you *dearest creature in creation*, I spent hours of my youth perfecting, or at least trying to perfect, the recitation of it.

        I don’t often come across many as skilled in the play if words as you MUST know you are. :o) I sometimes find myself in awe of the way you weave your words.

        I spent the energy given by my first cup of caffeinated get-up-and-go on paying the bills I’ve been putting off, the second cup should get me back on track :o)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Damnit I have a cheque to write to the window cleaner and I just HAVEN’T! Poor man! Must do that soon! Well done you for getting your bills back on track. It’s always an irritation to leave them. Our one for the windows is almost a William now!

          Ohhhh but OF COURSE you know The Chaos! Good grief, I durstn’t even think otherwise! I found that poem and IMMEDIATELY fell head over heels in love with it. It was the first poem that I read out loud and it COMPLETELY flummoxed me. I was laughing and giggling at myself with utter delight because it tied my tongue in such wonderful knots.

          I am smiling HUGE now, because again, we find a delightful parallel, and these things make me ever-so happy *jumpyclaps* πŸ˜€

          (Tha’rt adept thysel’, as I’m sure THA’art aware…and aye, I’m qwite partial to thee)


  14. Awesome answers! Well worth the sleep deprivation!! Can’t believe you love the same birds as I do – these Q & A are so useful. Love your urban myth answer!!!!!

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  15. Thank you Lizzi! I hope you’ll wait lol I will participate! Running late now to work, no internet all day, will return tonight.
    You’re sweet to nominate me. Yes. I know you cringe at that adjective. Well not cringe exactly, but you don’t like it much when people tell you you’re sweet. So tart it is!
    Have an excellent rest of your day while I begin mine.

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  16. Congratulations Lizzi!

    Awards and the questions are so much fun, but the whole nomination thing discourages me from participating. Quite frankly, all the people on my blogroll are pretty awesome! πŸ˜‰
    I love the questions you were asked, and your answers too. I learned two new things: (1) People can make movies called Hairspray, and (2) Terpsichore.

    Oh and FRIST!

    Liked by 1 person

            • And I’m accepting it graciously and responding to your questions right here.

              1. What is your most treasured memory?
              Bringing home my first dog, Leon. He was two weeks old, smaller than my palm, and super dependent. I still remember how gingerly I used to feed him with a dropper.

              2. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?
              People being deliberately hurtful to others. People hitting dogs. People hitting children.

              3. What’s your favourite item of clothing?
              My red and black converse shoes. I’ve been buying the exact same pair for over a decade now.

              4. How good are you at keeping secrets?
              Better than most people. There’s only one person that I have to share stuff with, and that’s Mister. But the thing is, he’s pretty good at keeping secrets, so it’s really the best arrangement. πŸ˜‰

              5. Where is your favourite place in the world?
              At the risk of sounding cliched, home as I know it today.

              6. What was the last thing that surprised you?
              That Hairspray is a movie!

              7. When did you last realise you were learning something new?
              Today πŸ˜€

              8. What was the last dream you shared with someone?
              Honestly can’t remember having dreams!

              9. What is your favourite meal?
              Meh. I don’t like food. I only eat to make sure I don’t die.

              10. If you could be someone else for a day, whom would it be?
              Can I take turns being you, Aussa, Samara, and Mandy?

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    • Whoooot. FRIST!!!

      If you haven’t seen Hairspray, it’s a musical WELL WORTH SEEING. Ohmigosh I love it so much πŸ™‚

      The nominations used to bug me because they smacked of favouiritism but I have long since decided that I will offer them to people I want to promote more, or in whom I am interested.

      For some reason people like hearing more about me, so I don’t mind answering them.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. FRIST baby! Thank you time zones.
    I’m just heading to bed but I’m all over this because it’s precisely the kind of thing I pretend to hate but secretly love.
    Looking forward to seeing the others ‘ replies.

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