Ten Things of Thankful #84

There’s a fourth wall to blogging, which I’m really trying to break.

It’s all very well to write things – to share your life and your stories and the thoughts of your heart and the wanderings of your imagination – but sometimes, in a way…so WHAT? What then, once you’ve written and hit publish and people read your words? What further impact than sparkling the insides of someone’s mind (all well and good, but SO much Blogosphere writing is interwoven with Real Life, or drawn from it, at least)? What is it going to DO?! What ACTION will it inspire in a reader of mine?

And does it really matter?

I really think it does, and I feel as though an important part of the Blogosphere is the relational aspect of it. We all sit behind our screens, cosied up and insulated from the physical beings we interact with on a daily basis, but there’s no reason to classify those interactions as any less real or any less valid than those we have face-to-face; they’re just different.

Behind the blogs are real people, with real feelings and lives and dreams and triumphs and challenges. Behind the ‘face’ they present to the world, there are innumerous levels of self to be nurtured and managed and extended. Beyond that, there is the real world that each of those people interacts with on a daily basis, and somehow as we develop friendships with other bloggers, perhaps we begin to bear a certain responsibility towards them – certainly insofar as our influence is concerned – that we encourage them, in their worlds, to do good.

It’s a tough wall to break, I think, because it’s easy to read words and forget them, or to enjoy stories but let them flow over us and away. I love (particularly with this hop) that as I look around the people who seem to visit me, and with whom I share groups on Facebook, there are a large proportion of people who seem willing to break that fourth wall – whether it’s to take an attitude of thankfulness into their lives, or to promote compassion, or simply to write in support and encouragement of another person who’s having a hard time. When I see connections which result in glitterbombs or fruit-cakes sent across America, or birthday capes and balloons taken across state, or those moments of shining brightness where a group of people who know each other online, meet for the first time and take photographs together, or celebrate with an author whose crowdfunding campaign has enabled them to publish their book – THEN I know that the fourth wall – the one which keeps us as entities on-screen, is truly SMASHABLE.

My message to you – KEEP SMASHING!

(And in the interests of transparency – don’t be a complete dickhead and smash the wrong bit (like I did) with rudeness. Snark can upset people, so find a hidden corner to do it in, otherwise people get hurt. Lesson to self – be KIND!)

This Is Real Life TooOnward to thankfuls (easy list method this week, for any keeping track of my attempts to bamboozle, obfuscate, and otherwise enigmaticise what I do each week).

I have so MUCH! I guess I often overlook how much. My body is intact and working. My brain is (mostly) completely functional. I have more food than I know what to do with. I have a car and clothes and books and SO MUCH STUFF! I have a flat where I live, and a Husby to live with. There is money in my bank account and my job is secure. I live in a country where many freedoms are afforded to me and laws protect me and there are people who enforce them. I have friends I speak to every day, beautiful surroundings to look at, and access to The Online, where I keep so many more friends. I truly have more-than-is-mentionable Abundance in my world, and too often I take it for granted.

My online world is also graced with a wonderful Blogwife, who made me laugh so hard today that my tummy hurt, but who also offers good advice (which I don’t take, to my peril!) and who I would be quite the worse off without. For these, and so many other reasons, I recommend you visit her site and take her writing for a test-run.

You’re going to hear a lot about this, but I’m still amazed/astonished/elated/thrilled that #1000Speak for Compassion is still going SO STRONG subliminal message about ‘if you’re not part of this yet, I really think you should be and please come and join us’. We’re nearly at 1000 members (maybe this weekend?) and there is such commitment and community spirit there, and so much energy focussed on writing to make a difference, and to inspire Compassion. Added to which, I woke up on Saturday morning to discover WE MADE THE THOUSAND! (Roll on 10,000!)

Thousand Voices

I recently got pestered by my boss to get my act together and take my holiday allowance before the end of the holiday year. I took some of it this weekend and am having a delightful four-dayer, just because I can. I spent my Down-time on Friday getting up late, writing, going out for cake with Husby, and visiting my Mum and WonderAunty. It’s been glorious. And all the extra time made me no earlier with the TToT.

For all I write about how writing can inspire and sparkle the mind and take up residence in the interior of a person, and move them to respond in amazing ways, and for all the efforts I make to enjoy when Good Things happen to other people (especially to writers with whom I’ve become friends, and who I hold in very high regard), I’m still susceptible to Envy – that green-eyed beast which rises within me and bites hard at my spirit, trying to undermine the things I do by comparison, or to wish that I had the talent or connectivity or sheer luck to achieve those same Good Things. Envy is mean and divisive. Envy attempts to destroy friendships and entice me to begrudge the success of others. It really, seriously stinks! My thankful here is that Envy also teaches me to behave well in spite of its presence, and it teaches me that friendships are more important than any manner of perceived success, and that if I look carefully, I have my OWN gigs going on, and should pay mind to them, not lose myself in curmudgeonly daydreams of a different kind of success.

I got called out this week for Favouritism – the implication being that I have them. Favourites, that is. It made me wonder about what kind of threat or draw is posed by the status. There are quite naturally (as is oft the way with human interaction) people who I’ve ‘clicked’ with in a more solid manner, which elicits more frequent communication. And perhaps there are other benefits to that. That said, those are the by-products of friendship and closeness, and perhaps that can be perceived as favouritism. All I will say is that I have had the good fortune to fall in with a large group of people online who all have come to matter to me, in their various ways. My relationship with each is very different, but all are valid and wonderful in their uniqueness. And the great thing is, that if you’re here often and you know me well, then the chances are, YOU’RE MY FAVOURITE.

WhereIsHelenaSometimes, when you know a really fabulous author, and are fortunate enough to be included in their promotional efforts for an up-and-coming BOOK they’re going to publish, you participate in GAMES. When the games involve fun things like hiding postcards and creating Twitter chains and seeing where the postcards end up, and trying to send them around the world, and GET PRIZES, you realise that not only are you both-feet-deep into a wonderful, glorious world, but that actually, by promoting them, you also get to promote yourself a little. Everyone wins. And some people win PRIZES! If you want to be one of the people to receive a Dilettante postcard FROM ME, for the #WhereIsHelena game, then leave me a note in the comments and I’ll pick a couple of people at random to message and send one to. I’d also love for you to sign up to Helena’s PubSlush page (FREE) to show support for a fellow writer who’s trying to make it, as we all are. And because she’s awesome and her writing makes me want to lick her brain because it’s SO DAMN GOOD.

I wrote earlier this week about a baby born with severe cataracts, and how his mum laughed about it as she told me the story. For good reason – the trauma was over and sorted by the wonder that is the NHS Healthcare system we enjoy here. It was good enough to become a Tale from the Van

They say that ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ and sometimes that ignorance might be misconstrued for confidence, but really in my case, it’s probably because I live under a bit of a rock and haven’t the nouse to be intimidated by some of the Bigger Bloggers in a few of the groups I’m in. Mostly because I don’t know who they are. I’ve decided that Not Being In The Know can be a wonderful leveller of the playing field.

My final thankful (which I chose earlier, in advance, and wondered how I would fit in) is sheer, unadulterated Jubilance – the freedom to be free and have fun, and laugh and be silly and dance your ridiculous thoughts with the ridiculous thoughts of others, and weave together with others from around the globe, a large, messyglorious tapestry of neon threads, sparkling beads and gorgeous, humourous, fun-filled friendship.

What a wonderful way to end.

How was your week?


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104 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #84

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  2. Lizzi – I have to say, I love your posts. They always make me think and a lot of the time (like today), I’ll start writing my response and then realize that I really should just write a blog post instead, because my response is so long and complicated. As I’ve been in a writing slump for the past few months, I appreciate that you are my muse.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heheh you’re very welcome. I shall pop over and see what I inspired in a minute 😀

      Always glad to know I make you think – not that you don’t anyway, but I just like knowing I caused it. Considerish, yaknow? 😉


  3. Were you really called out for favoritism? In a nice way, I hope. That explains the tweets, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We all have favorites – it’s human nature, I think. One of my favorites spells favorites with a U. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • One of your favourites sounds very sensibly schooled 😉

      I think some people are more concerned about favourites than others. I know that if I get called it, it’s a shock, and a wonderful surprise, and I cherish it because for the most part of my life, the opposite has been true. But it was in a nice way that I was called out – not with any malice 🙂

      The tweets were AWESOME and a good excuse to say “Hello” over there, which I don’t do enough these days.


  4. #82! Obviously, I’m on top of things.
    I hate that I’m in a funk and behind on everything. I don’t know anything that’s going on in your life, the real one or the blogging one, and I’m sorry for that. I love your list this week, and I especially love that it includes cake.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t mind – it was really nice to get up on Monday morning and find you here – kinda book-ended my weekend. You’ll get back into it at some point, if that’s the way life goes, Dyanne – it’s not a big deal. Life has seasons and there are times when the Blogosphere features more and times when it features less – it’s okay. I know you’re ‘out there’, and you know the same of me.

      Glad you like the cake. I enjoyed it (which was a big deal) and yeah…it was good 🙂


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  6. I get so lost in your writing. lost in a good way, not like “ummm what is she talking about.” I love that you use different words and adjectives than most of the blogs I read and I just really love how I can feel your emotion about whatever it is that you are writing. You are destined for great things Ms Lizzi!

    Liked by 1 person

    • *grins* Thank you! That’s such a kind compliment 🙂 I’ve always been wordy (sometimes objectionably so) but I am a bit in love with language, and I’m usually more than happy to show it 🙂

      That you ‘feel’ my writing – AWESOME – super-huge compliment there. Thank you for such wonderful feedback 🙂


  7. I’ll try again because you’re my favo(u)rite. Or, I’m yours? Now I feel like I have an insight in to what that was about. Sort of. I kind of thought maybe you’d looked at stats and discovered your stalkers.
    The favorite thing is so tricky. When you really want someone to like you, it’s frustrating when they prefer someone else. Goodness knows I’ve felt this way a whole lot in my life. But at my ripe old age of verynearly39, I know that you’re never going to get someone to like you more by telling them you’re mad that they don’t. Some people click more than others. (You and Beth click like castanets.) I guess you gotta just find the people you click with and make the most of it.
    I was touched by the shout-out to my mama and my sister. Thanks so much for that. I love that they got a little window into our blogging community.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it’s a really huge, wonderful thing that your mom and sister have both joined #1000Speak. It was SO cool when I saw your mom’s request to join, because I’ve seen her over at yours, and she’s always so supportive and so sweet. I love it – a proper, bloggy family.

      I’m giggling at you saying that Beth and I click like castanets. I’ll say no more on it (lest I’m tempted to…no…I won’t! *pulls mind from whence it tried to go*), but know that you made me smile, and continue to smile as I wrote this back to you.

      I really struggle with the whole ‘favourites’ thing. There have definitely been people who I’ve been keener to fall in with, in life, than others, and have felt that 9 times out of the 10, I haven’t been acceptable to them. I tend not to try, these days, IRL, because I’ve got a few friends and I don’t go out a whole lot, except to play sports, and the parameters are different there. On the online, I just try to keep up with as many people as I can, and go with the flow – I think I tend to be pretty easy to make friends with. I’ll rarely turn down the opportunity for genuine interaction because I think it’s absolutely vital to how this place works – if you end up shut down by others, it does no-one any good. I want to make friends, truly, but I know that the manner and extent of each friendship will be different. That’s not to say I’m averse to evolution, but it stands to reason that, as you say, some people ‘click’ more than others. I hate to term that ‘favourite’ though, because I don’t tend to draw parallels.

      Now then. What ‘stalking’ is this…?


  8. I have heard…….glitter bombs knock down walls pretty quickly. Especially when the glitter sticks around on the senders part as in never coming out of her car so everytime she sees it she thinks of a certain someone.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. once again you anticipate my thinking in odd ways… (in this case, very odd ways)…. to wit: ‘envy is good!’ actually I mean to say envy can be instructive, provided we can see it from an odd angle.
    I was actually thinking about envy/jealousy today and I thought, ‘ok if I see another clark come up with something very cool and have fans surround them as a result, there’s I good chance I could feel jealous. ok… but then it occurred to me, (in this hypothetical), that I would be jealous of the attention (being received by the clark) not they idea that they could come up with something so very cool…’ and, (I went on to think), what is that telling me about myself… the talent creativity (of another clark) is not subject to jealousy because that is a quality that is fundamental to my reality… it is never in doubt…. getting attention, on the other hand… that’s different.

    anyway, that’s as far as I got today with this line of inquiry, I wanted to express it to another clark… get you thinking, there might be something useful in that

    Liked by 2 people

    • You just kicked my brain into gear…of course, of COURSE IT’S THE ATTENTION!

      What do the outliers want, nay CRAVE, more than anything. Oh I feel silly now. Because her writing is amazing and because I know mine *can* be as good (in a different way) and ANYWAY, I’m ‘good’ at ‘getting attention’ but no, this is lauding and recognition and eyes on her work from a million places around the globe and THAT was the thing which nipped at me – the esteem, the focus, the being-the-centre in SUCH a wonderful way.

      Which (when I look at my blogosphere experience (fingers in all the pies (sparking fireworks in all the groups (friends all over the place)))) is RIDICULOUS and yet it just goes to show how damnwell STRONG the internal Outsider is, because as much as it might be the case, it doesn’t FEEL like I belong.



      Liked by 1 person

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  11. This 1000 Voices thing really is taking on a life of its own. Just think, you’ll be able to extend your ‘Murica tour as you and Yvonne hop from talk show to talk show, delighting us all with the history of this movement!

    Liked by 1 person

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    • Yeah…just not the WRONG bits! *facepalm* Stupid of me, and once again a result of my own headstrong stubbornness in the face of PERFECTLY good advice from Beth *sigh* Honestly, I need to have my hands tied sometimes!


  13. WAit…people are sending fruitcakes across America…what kind of sick nation are they?
    I made one for my dad.
    He’s an asshole.
    So what does that say about America.
    Totally kidding.
    My husband is American.
    I think our words and actions do more than we realize. I read a tribute to a woman who own a dance studio. It was absolutely beautiful. The writer didn’t know anything about this woman who owned the studio but she had thanked her for making a difference in her community. If she didn’t open the studio, she wouldn’t have cultivated little dancers and so on and so on and so on…the ripple effect…it was just brilliant. I think if we were more aware of this, that we do make a difference, that maybe we would do more….
    Anyways, I love you…I hope that wasn’t a sharpie

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a sharpie, my darling, and I’m still wearing the smudgy bits now. I ALWAYS have a sharpie to hand (in fact, at the moment I can reach out to about 20, all in different rainbow colours) and…yeah it seemed simplest. At least I’m off work Monday as well, so it has two more days to wear off 😉

      The dance studio owner sounds amazing! Where’s the piece of writing? Do you know where to find it? That’s PRECISELY the kind of thing I hope that #1000Speak will do – it will laud goodness and common sense and the things which MAKE A DIFFERENCE. How wonderful to see the community transformed so much by dance. That’s awesome.

      And you’re awesome, too, because very poorly masked behind all the snark and bared teeth, is a wonderful, generous, kind, super-lovely person, and one who I am incredibly pleased and incredibly proud to call my friend. ❤ you BIG!


  14. THERE ARE OVER 1000!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! You and Yavonne started something big. Super big.
    The internet friendships are real alright. I should know, since I keep showing up on blogger friends’ doorsteps! 🙂

    Huh, I wonder where that last bit about freedom to be fun and silly came from. :). (Yes, I saw the thread that caused you to be so late with the code!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! And I cannot WAIT til I get to show up on YOUR doorstep, and help to chase your chickens and feed the pigs and MOW THAT DURN LAWN! 😀 Ohhhh it’s going to be amazing. And we’ll take lemonade on the porch and send pictures to WonderAunty and Mum, and it’s all going to be BEAUTIFUL 😀

      Yvonne and her INCREDIBLE idea…wow, I haven’t stopped being blown away by it yet. I am still utterly astonished and there is SO MUCH goodness in it, and in the hearts and intentions of each person joining in, and I LOVE that we’re all doing this together. It’s fantastic and has very much a ‘bigger than us’ feel to it. I’m thrilled to pieces to be part of it 😀

      *grins* I cannot IMAGINE where that bit about freedom to be silly came from. I also DO NOT KNOW why I was SO late with the codes…or why on EARTH I didn’t manage to finish my post until five hours behind schedule…the internet is a VERY funny place sometimes 😉

      (Why didn’t you join in!??! :p )


  15. You are MY favorite. You are SUCH a great blogger, such an inspiration to so many, including them in groups, encouraging, reading, sharing and whatnot, that is a JILLION times better than having a big number of readers. That is priceless, can’t be bought or taught (weird that those words rhyme) or sold, or given as a gift. Except that you are a gift from the universe! I’m truly always ever thankful to have started my blog just because I met YOU! That is the best end to anything or everything I’ve ever done without really thinking I was ‘ready’ to do something. You remind me how a kind word, or taking the time to leave someone a message, can make such a HUGE difference in a day. I forget crap like that. Or maybe I am too lazy to try to remember, not sure. I’m trying to be better, so thank you for that. And thank you for the link and reminder of Helena’s postcard project. I forgot about it. Twice. I have been meaning to look up just what I’m supposed to do (I swear I’m thick in the head sometimes) and actually do it. I was thinking of putting the postcard by our snowman, to show a PLACE where it’s snowing. Is that right? I wasn’t sure specifically what we’re supposed to do. At first I thought, we just leave the postcards around, like at the library and coffeehouses to spread the word. Then I realized we’re supposed to take pictures, then I saw a tweet with someone’s Twitter handle, I’m CONFUSED!

    In my defense, it’s been a crazy-busy week of a thousand mini conversations going on simultaneously. My dear friend is having aggressive cancer treatment, he’s being brave but I can tell from his many emails and texts that he’s either nervous or bored or needing distraction, so we’re chatting non-stop like teenagers. He’s an hour away by car, so I feel like most days this is all I can offer to him. Other than a bunch of weird, random, GLITERRY care packages. So I’m forgetting all else and concentrating on that. I didn’t even do a blog post this week, other than to promote #1000Speak because it’s GOODGREATNESS. I have a text beeping and my 3 yr old is yelling “My pee pee come out!” which is her way of saying she has to go potty RIGHTNOW! hahahhaha LOVE YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe I can see a bunch of about Ten Thankfuls just in your comment, Joy-to-my-world! I hope your girl didn’t pee on the floor!

      Wow, you are living life at BREAKNECK speed. I saw the pics of you and your friend on IG this week, and you’re doing such, SUCH a good thing to keep encouraging him, and letting him know that you’re thinking of him and truly you ARE there with him, hour’s journey be damned! And those ‘feet’ slippers were AMAZING! You find the funnest things 😀 WELL DONE!

      As for forgetting or not having room in your brain for things like postcard games or remembering the people on the peripherals, goodness me, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! Seriously – you’ve got so, SO much going on…you’ll get there with the game (instagram the card *somewhere*, then write your twitter handle on the back, then pass it on), and the people who are on the periphery ALSO HAVEN’T MESSAGED YOU EITHER, so don’t feel too bad about not checking in – just do it when you CAN.

      And somehow, somehow, PLEASE, carve out some time for yourself, just to stop and breathe, if you possibly can. I like you ENTIRELY too much to bear it if you suddenly slide under life in a panic because it all got too much. Create some ‘you’ time. Please, please?

      Meantime, *HUUUUUUUGEMASSIVE* hugs for you for being awesome, and for being such a shinybright soul. You said some very sweet things, and I’m treasuring them in my heart 🙂 Thank you ❤


  16. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all of my bloggy friends. I never would have imagined that I would connect and get to know and care about so many people through this. I sometimes say “in real life” but make no mistake, the connections here are very real to me. I feel like often you guys know me better than my “real life” friends. There is a sense of intimacy when we open ourselves up in writing and then we are supported and cheered on and it is really an awesome amazing thing. And YOU, my sweet Lizzi, you’re one of those that I feel has helped me to open myself to friendships here. YOU made me feel completely welcome and not stupid at all. Big giant *HUG* to you my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *giggles and hugs back* Why on earth would you ever, ever, ever, EVER feel stupid, G? You’re incredible, and your writing is delectable and you truly are All The Things! AND with a Southern accent 🙂

      You’re right – there’s definitely a sense of intimacy which is somehow different and more wonderful than occurs with acquaintances in real life. We pour our hearts onto the page in a manner which just wouldn’t be appropriate with someone in the room (unless they were a bezzie), and it MATTERS. We get to know the soul of someone, and maybe one day, we get to know the physical them…but if not, it still all counts. Huge, sometimes.

      Ahhhh I do like you a whole lot 🙂


  17. Are you in my head??? All I could think of to do this week is to be thankful for my blogging “friends”, mostly online (except Val – and how lucky to know her in real life!). I think the friendships ARE real. I’m even hoping and wishing for a glitter bomb of my own one day, and holding off the envy of those favorites who have already received theirs 😉 (I kid about the favorites!)

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  18. You said it all in that one paragraph-Abundance. You are definitely on my list of Faves. The blogging connection is REAL and although I only know one blogger in real life (Jen) I know lots in blogging life and they are all important to me. Loved this read. And the Envy part, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh but the envy is HARD to manage. I dislike it intensely. But I am truly happy for my friend.

      And YAY to connections and this all being Real, and us all being in each other’s lives. I love that and especially enjoy the warmth and friendliness of this community.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Looking forward to 1000 speak, though on the day, I don’t know what I’ll end up speaking 🙂 My blog voice seems different each day, sometimes even it speaks in silence 😀 Hmm. I’ll try to knock on the Lajavaab Blog Wall 🙄 often 🙂


    • Ahhhh but yaknow what, however your compassion post comes out, it will still COUNT. And that’s awesome – each of our voices as important as every other one in the group. Love that.

      *grins* Be nice to see you here there and everywhere 🙂


    • Heheheh yes that is PRECISELY what they were about – I refuse to declare favourites, absolutely REFUSE to. Because it implies that some people might be ‘better than’ to me, and I really genuinely enjoy the friendship I have with each of my friends, in a stand-alone, unique capacity. So I figured I’d tweet as many people whose twitter handles I could remember, who are part of my online world, and let them know 🙂


      And yes…that last thankful is AMAZING. I’m so lucky 😀

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  21. As per usual, I loved devouring every single word you’ve shared . . . You are among my very most favourites, (I used a U, see there?). So much of what you say resonates with me and that is a strange and wonderfully new happening in my little, (though lately expanding with much thanks to you), world. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh I love resonating. You see – these things – these instances of one person on one side of the screen/ocean/world interacting and somehow beginning to MATTER to the person on the other – it’s the fundamental of all friendships and even though it’s ‘just online’, it so very matters.

      I’m glad your world is bigger 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  22. I SAW your TToT come on the feed. How am I NOT frist? Honestly.
    This is full of good things – SUCH good things – and I just nodded and smiled all the way through. I loved the tale from the Van – what a great feature. I will say again that I understand why you and Sarah bugged the heck out of me to get on the THING (wow there are a lot of capitals in here today) and that bit of hilarity to end the week was fantastic.
    Still, I find it a bit overwhelming for this head-in-the-sand introvert. But I’m trying not to run. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is real life. So much so. And sometimes more than the one in front of our faces, in many ways. It matters. It’s important. And when you screw it up (like I did) it sucks. And when you get it right (fortunately, I also did that) it can be absofrikkinlutely AMAZING.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. I’ve decided that Not Being In The Know can be a wonderful leveller of the playing field.

    Indeed. I’ve thought this subconsciously — thank you for making me conscious of it. It is a bloody relief not to be in the know. It;s too crowded in there, for one thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think if I was in the know I might be crippled and silent. As it is, I’m goofy and quite content to bounce up to anyone and begin chatting…I don’t know whether it’s considered adorable or a bit presumptuous, but it works.


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