Ten Things of Thankful #83

It’s been one HECK of a week, the biggest surprise of all being the enormous, astonishing, INCREDIBLE rapidity with which the #1000Speak movement has taken off. Currently we are over 700 strong. Since MONDAY, y’all!


That has to be my first, and to be perfectly honest, I could stop there, because my world (thanks to Yvonne) has been FILLED with hundreds and hundreds of people ALL WANTING TO BUILD THE VILLAGE! Kinda. I’m taking it as that, anyway.

I don’t know if the time was just right for it, what with all the awfulness which is in the headlines and in dark corners of the unreported world, but there seem to be a large number of people for whom the time has come when they’ve had ENOUGH. And so they’re going to do something about it: on February 20th, they (we) are going to join our voices together, 1000+ strong, and FLOOD the Blogosphere with compassion.

I know that in comparison to the whole, 1000 voices is really pretty small, but it WILL be significant, and it WILL have impact.

And I’m part of it – a slightly bemused, flummoxed part of it, but very willing, mostly able, and hugely excited part of it – and you can be, too. In fact, I would LOVE you to be part of it. Join our Facebook group for updates, like our page there, and join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #1000Speak.

If I DO stop there, the 7 GuardVirgins won’t even require a dance before giving up the BoSR (or SBoR) because THEY signed up to be part of #1000Speak, too! I mean, secretly I wonder if it’s some kind of ploy to get out of their duties for a while, and have fun online, like they see US all doing every week, but to be honest I wouldn’t blame them. I heard that instead of writing, they’re going to form a small choir and sing love songs all day, to put everyone in a warm, fuzzy mood.

The week was tough, though, in spite of that astonishing influx of goodness. It’s been rainy and blustery and I spent quite an awful evening RIGHT out of sorts (it seems to happen on a Thursday…not sure why – only just noticed that pattern) and once again, my village (well, Sunset) came to my rescue and talked me through. I napped because I was so low, and thank goodness for Husby, who left me to it; bless his boots – he tried SO hard to find ways of cheering me up or making my life easier. He even went down, and out in the rain to put my bike away from where I’d left it in the hall ready to go to boxing (which I then discovered I just couldn’t face).

I was utterly, utterly wrung out. Partly because of a stressfuldrainingverysad encounter with a wheelchair-bound lady at work, whose transport back home in an ambulance got messed up (by them, not her) and she was left in a corridor, cold, alone, hungry, and with no-one to help her. It pisses me off SO MUCH when this happens. So of course, a few staff members rallied around and we got her something to nibble and wrapped her in coats (cos a hospital didn’t have such a thing to hand as a blanket…not at the end of the day when everyone was gone) and my colleague and I stayed and chatted with her in a cold, draughty corridor in the pick-up place, waiting for her transport to show their sorry faces.

Because we couldn’t leave her, even though she wasn’t our responsibility and our work day had ended long ago.

Because we cared.

But I was angry and sad and upset by it, too. I just hope that next time she brings a friend or relative with her to help and support her. She said she had declined a lift from a neighbour, so I’m pleased to know it’s not just that she doesn’t HAVE anyone…but still.

By the time I got home, I was snappish and a complete bear of a person to be around, and somehow it all turned inwards and I put myself through ten rounds of self-loathing for no apparent reason, other than I didn’t have the strength of character to choose not to listen to those voices. Things have been better since then, thank goodness.

What else has been good? I feel like a little ramble, seeing as I’m not going to be even ATTEMPTING a numbering system this week. Last week’s was expertly cracked, but my creativity’s feeling low with regard to systems and frankly I’d rather just TALK (kinda) as though we’d gone out for the afternoon to somewhere with a big window where we could watch the world go by, and comfy sofas to snuggle back into, and lots and lots of cups of hot whatever-you-prefer. We could watch the sky and the birds flying past, and keep an eye out for interesting characters walking along the street, as we shared about our weeks and talked about all the things under the sun.

Talking of sun, I saw THEE MOST GORGEOUS sunset this evening. That was really nice, because it happened as I was cycling home, and until today they’ve all been too early, so this means that the days are getting longer, and the light is coming back, and my heart will fill up and up as summer returns. The other thing I now love about sunsets is that they remind me of my friend, and each time I see one, I think of her, and that makes them very special to me.

OH, I know. I wrote. That was pretty cool. I’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes pieces, and they’ve been beautifully received. I haven’t decided whether I’ll compile them into one big thing at some point, and share them, or just keep them secret and between myself and the recipients. BUT they’ve been gorgeous to write, and lovely to have feedback on. They’re a little bit magical, and I do like that about writing – that you can make someone’s day so much better with just a few words.

I’m LOVING apples at the moment, and I’m very lucky to live in a place where I can get them all year around. I used to think they were rather a chore to eat, but I’ve discovered that if I chop them up, I absolutely adore them. That’s a nice thing.

And…uh…I think I mentioned last week that I got invited to train to be a boxing instructor. If not, consider it mentioned. I *could* go back and look, but that would involve effort, and frankly I’m already late sharing this and there are probably at least three TToT posts in the linkie ahead of mine at this point.
OH and the book cover for Memoirs of a Dilettante TWO, was revealed on Wednesday, and in spite of my blog being briefly suspended (having been incorrectly ‘scooped’ by some kind of algorithm) I managed to get in on the action, and BELIEVE ME, I am SO excited about this book coming out.
Then Dana wrote her second-most-beautiful-ever-post, and it nearly made me cry because it’s so wonderful. And Mandi just wrote (this time about dancing, lies, and her outrageous younger days), which always makes me happy.
So…coming up…exciting guest post person, HERE, not sure when, but watch this space, but it’s fine, you’ll love her as much as I do. I’m going to be sharing a SPOKEN WORD (yikes!) piece over at HastyWords soon, which is terrifying but also awesome. And I’ve got something in the works which is a Big Deal To Me…and which I shall be fascinated to share and hear your feedback on.
MEANWHILE…I have an IRL birthday party to go to tomorrow, for my Dad; Husby, Sis and I are going on a ferry with Niece and Neff to get there, which will be great fun. Hopefully it will all go smoothly, and otherwise I think I’m going to be run off my feet trying to keep up with the whirlwind until 20th February. I do hope you all come along for the ride and the wonder of it all.
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126 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #83

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  4. I was at a soup kitchen in 2013 and this young black men and Air Force Veteran was mistreated by a cop who worked there. He commented to me and I said I saw it. Later on during Veteran’s Day another black guy said he was looking for a white guy (me) and we went to a Subway where the owner was saying he wasn’t a veteran. I knew he was and told the owner so and showed him my card too. These little things do matter for the hungry and cold.

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  6. I read this at the weekend, and thought I’d left a comment – clearly I got distracted and only thought my comment! It is amazing how fast 1000 Voices Speak has grown, and I think that 1000 speaking at once will have definitely have an impact!

    That thing you did for the wheelchair-bound lady, staying on after your shift had finished, will stay with her as a warm feeling of being cared for. I say that with confidence because when a nurse stayed to chat with me after her shift had finished, and to set up what was needed for me to hold my premature baby for the first time, it stayed with me. It wasn’t just her doing her job, she went beyond that, and somehow that felt (and feels still 15+ years later) very precious.

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    • Ohhhh good for her. I love how deeply we all respond to compassion shown to us by others. I just hope that all this writing will turn into ACTIONS.

      I am still astonished. I think we may break the 1000 this week. Your idea was amazing. Bravo 🙂


  7. wonderful talk my dear… I love sunsets and yes the days are getting a little longer which is my favorite time of the day around hear it is 4 pm or 4 30 – if it was a sunny day the shadows , the light, the dark it creates makes me stop and I need to look – I like to sneak out of my office at that time a sort of mini break and just watch – as always a wonderful ten have a great week.

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    • Ahhh being able to sneak out and see the sunset…what a beautiful way to break up the work-day. That’s wonderful. I hope that the rain and inclement weather stays away, and that we both get many more gorgeous sunsets for the remainder of winter. And yes – thank GOODNESS the light is returning! How I’ve missed it!

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  8. I LOVE this post, and not just because I just could NOT crack that code last week! But also because it IS just like we’re sitting on comfy sofas and talking about what happened last week and no numbers. That’s usually how my TToT comes out 🙂 I have NOT been able to make the time to link up and I’m sorry, just a LOT going on and it’s draining me, so I know how you feel. Like a rubberband pulled tight, and someone needs to just ease up on one side or the other for a bit so it doesn’t snap. I hope that’s happened. Mine has enough so I’m not going to snap, I started writing about that for TToT this coming weekend. I’m loving the 1,000 Speak project, for one thing. It’s MARVey. All the luscious goodness has been quite delicious, at a time when I’m trying not to eat as many sweets, so perfect timing! hahaha This can be a yucky time for a lot of people, post-holidays, winter that is just starting to rear it’s ugly, cold head, and all that kind of thing, so it is just absolutely well-timed. Speaking of rambling, I think I’ll wrap up this little reading assignment here 😀

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    • I give it 10/10 because I felt like we were just hanging out and chatting and I really enjoyed it.

      Sorry you’re still stretched so tight. Glad you’re not gonna snap. I’m not gonna snap…I don’t think. Finding it hard to stay afloat, but still floating for now. Thank goodness. Some not-easy stuff coming up but hey, that’s life, right? Not-easy stuff happens and you just have to get on with it.

      No worries about the TToT – it’s a no-guilt hop, remember? If you join this week, fab, if not, fab 🙂 I would prefer that you spent the time on YOU, if time is tight.

      And CHEERS to #1000Speak. SO glad you’re in it.


    • I really hope it will make a big difference. You’re in, right? Cos here’s something cool…there are whispers that we might be joined by a few musicians who are gonna link compositions/songs for compassion…you fancy that?

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  9. We might just need to add another 0 to the 1000! How wonderful that it has grown so quickly. I’m honored that you thought of inviting me. I’ve got post thoughts swirling around in my head now. 🙂

    Hope your dad had a very happy birthday!

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    • It’s bloomin’ hard work, I tellya that, but so far it’s SO MUCH FUN and I haven’t fallen out of love with it yet. The people there are so nice, and the workout is AMAZING and just…ah it’s brilliant and I’m so lucky.

      Really glad you’re up for #1000Speak


  11. I love the #1000Speak movement, and I cannot even put into words how proud I am that you are a part in developing it, but I’m not surprised. You’re an expert at silver linings, compassion, love, and all things *twinklysparklygoodness*. You are such a gem, your writing, your love for others, and your friendship. I am so proud of you!!

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    • See, Squishy? Even in comments you don’t disappoint me *glowy*

      Thank you. I feel like this is the biggest, goodest thing I’ve somehow had the good fortune and incredibly lucky timing to be part of. It feels ‘bigger than me’, if that makes any sense at all, and I’m thrilled to pieces that it’s going so well.

      Well…I wanted my words to make a difference…I guess they kinda did! I am BLOWN AWAY, seriously, by this. Can’t even tell you how much! And it’s so, so lovely that you and so many more are utterly behind this and supporting it (and me) as it goes forward – I truly appreciate it.

      And in terms of just me, rather than the group…just so happy to be your friend and be a little part of your world 🙂 *sparkles*

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  12. Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    Not only is this a lovely post for a Sunday afternoon but I am hoping you will join the #1000Speak voices for compassion Lizzi outlines in this post. February 20th we are hoping to have a 1000 bloggers post about compassion and hopefully 1000’s more tweeting and spreading compassion on every surface in the sphere. Our hope is that we are loud enough be heard in the tangible world, that it rests on our faces, and liters our actions. We hope our 1,000+ voices create 100,000 listening hearts.

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  13. If I would have been there, I would have held your hand. Sometimes that simple (and yet so complex) act means more than words ever could.

    With heart,


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  15. Naps can be a very good way to beat a funk. Some might argue – don’t just hide under the covers when you’re feeling down and all of that. Perhaps. But I often find a nap is just what I need to put myself to rights again.
    You and your coworker staying to help that woman is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen more often in the world. I may be naïve but I find it hard to believe there are actually people who wouldn’t stop to help…but it’s too true. That made me so sad to think of her there and so happy to know that you two came along to help.
    Speaking of the 1000 Voices thing…I did THE thing. Yup. Now I don’t quite know what to do with it, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. So that’s done. I love how it’s spreading and I’m excited to be part of it. Not sure what I’ve gotten myself into or have a clue what to write, but it will come.
    Now I need to get back to my TToT because I’m so freaking far behind on it I want to cry. But I have a headache and crying will make it worse. So I won’t.
    And WOW and YAY and HOW EXCITING that you were asked to be a boxing instructor. That is so cool.

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    • Ohhh don’t cry, there’s a WHOLE WEEKEND before you need to have anything submitted, and even then, there’s no obligation, yaknow? Don’t cry!

      YES to the boxing thing. I need to turn my apprehension into excitement somehow and just be chilled with it 🙂

      YOU DID THE THING *dances* 😀 Go to the TToT group first, and then find us all from there 🙂

      I’m glad we stayed. It mattered. I hope that there are more people who WOULD stay than people who wouldn’t, yaknow? Poor woman.

      I often find I sleep when I’m stressed. Everything grinds to a halt and I stop coping and have to sleep. I think it helps…


        • She has people – she just thought the whole shebang would be a lot quicker and more simple than it was. She was screwed by circumstance and by her doctor’s surgery only arranging her transport for two hours after her appointment, and just a catalogue of unfortunate events, really. She said that next time she’d accept her neighbour’s offer of help.


      • you both know how I hate to butt in…. but, if you even waver in accepting what our Ms. Rogers says about the requirements for the TToT, I submit (this weekend’s) Wakefield Doctrine contribution. lol

        (ya know, there’a an old saying, ‘a village is only as good as the people that sleep late, especially on ‘Village Participation Day’ ‘*)

        “…the price of membership is pre-paid but those who end up being invited!’ (unknown)

        * well, no old sayings don’t always have to make sense!

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        • Han, I sense a disturbance in the force…something overwhelmingly…rogerian…we must work at ONCE to eliminate it!

          (those who sleep in, turn up late, or wearing an outrageous hat, are STILL part of the village, and thank goodness, a very NECESSARY part of it)


    • Thank you so much Diana – I thought about that metaphor quite carefully, for rather a long time, and it just seemed to work, yaknow? We all need each other, not just when there are young families…each of us needs a ‘village’ to help us. We all need elders, mentors, peers, and younger people we try to support. It’s how we grow – in relationship with others.

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  16. I love your rambly posts. Compassion is a good gift, but often when given in the face of injustice, wearies the soul. But think that is the best kind. I’m still thinking about 1000 Speak.

    Congrats on the boxing offer. Sunsets and the adventure today sounds wonderfull.

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    • It was indeed an adventure, but a very worthwhile one, as it turned out. Thanks for the congrats – QUITE the extraordinary curve-ball in my life!

      Keep thinking about #1000Speak. It’s a good cause, but there’s no pressure.

      Compassion is difficult. It hurts, but it’s worthwhile because in the end, if enough people do it, we ALL win. THAT’S the village.

      I’m glad you love my rambly posts – rather a relief, seeing as I do them so often 😉


  17. I love apples, sunsets, and sunrises.
    I know a bit about those services. My brother used them all the time to get to dialysis and back again and I went with him often. It’s difficult having to depend on others, unable to just get in your own vehicle and drive yourself. It leaves you feeling very vulnerable. Here’s to you for doing all you could for that woman.
    I have been hearing so much about cartoons, with the attack in Paris, but I can’t see pictures so I am soo glad words are making such a huge impact with this #1000Speak movement. Looking forward to all the compassion over the coming month and on Feb 20th especially.

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    • Ahhh there are some good things in the world, aren’t there? Little things, perhaps, like apples – but they make us feel happier in the moment, and that sometimes makes a HUGE difference.

      That feeling of absolute reliance on others is one of the things which frustrated me for her – she could do NOTHING about it. The situation was entirely beyond her control and she was at their mercy and they just (to my mind) let her down…not on purpose, but just through circumstance and being human and having a tricky schedule and all things coming together to mess it up. And it sucked. I’m glad I was able to help, even a bit. And I’m glad my colleague stayed, too.

      I’m SO EXCITED about #1000Speak. It’s going to be AMAZING! I can’t wait to see how big it gets.


  18. It sounds like one heck of a week is behind you and I’m glad of it. It has been a hard world week, or past couple. I do believe that #1000Speak couldn’t come at a better time and let’s hope that 1000 is just the beginning. It’s a wonderful thing and I hope you know what a huge part you had in making it grow to such astounding numbers in less than a week.
    How awesome is it that you got invited to train to be a boxing instuctor? VERY! I don’t think you mentioned it. I would have remembered that news.
    For all the beating up you do, what you did for that little old lady is wonderful. I’m sure she was very grateful. You have such a good heart.
    Have a wonderful weekend, lots of fun at the party!

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    • The party was really, really good. Husby and I took Niece and Neff by ourselves in the end, and we had a super time. I think Dad really enjoyed himself, and there were party games and reconnecting with family, and just…a lovely, lovely time. It was light and bright and shiny and happy. We needed it.

      Sandy, I couldn’t have left her. I was so angry because I was getting stressed about missing boxing and all the other thoughts which come along with that, and I was angry because the hospital was somehow letting her down and the system sucked, and I was cross because she hadn’t said yes to her neighbour bringing her, which would have mitigated all of it, and I was bad-tempered because I knew I still had to cycle home (and to be fair, probably all of it was compounded by the fact that I was hungry, which was my own damn fault) and I was angry at myself for being stressed about all of those other things, but I was pleased because I BEHAVED well…until I got home. And then it all flooded out and I behaved like a complete douchecanoe.

      Okay, so I forgot to mention it – I was SO so astonished when I was asked. I thought they couldn’t possibly mean it, but they really do, and well…WOW! So I’m gonna do it, and I HOPE I don’t let them down! I will try my best 🙂

      I’m glad the week is behind me. I hope the next one is better! #1000Speak has been like being tethered to a whirlwind – a completely wonderful, mind-blowing one, but still one which is rather overwhelming and just HUGE and unmanageable. Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback on the vid – bless your boots for taking the time to do that for me, especially at the moment, when you have a lot of ‘other’ going on.

      L-word you HUGE. Thank you, my DA ❤


  19. Empathy is a double edged sword. Especially when we turn it inward. I was so touched by your Village post last week I couldn’t think of a thing to comment. I’d love to go out for the afternoon, drinking coffee (or tea) on a comfy couch by a window and TALK, TALK, TALK. #1000 Speak is so exciting and the group energy and consciousness is an awesome way to make a difference.


  20. I missed most of this. I’ve been working way too hard and I miss you.
    I am so happy for all of this, but at the moment, just sad that I knew nothing of most of it. Except #1000Speak, which I’ve been promoting in various groups.
    Everytime I think about the fact that you basically started this, I just get…really emotional. And filled with pride that I know you, and that you’re my Sisterwife.

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    • Precious, you’ve been doing what you need to do to make life work. I’m still here, and my world hasn’t imploded (just about) and life and my words will keep ticking by until you’re ready or able to come back to them. Promise. I’m going nowhere. And THANK YOU for promoting #1000Speak. I’m so glad you’re going to be part of it – I know you were hesitant at first, and I’m thrilled to pieces that you’re in.

      I only inspired Yvonne. SHE was the brains behind it. I deserve very little credit, really. But I’m so glad that you feel proud of me…that makes me feel glowy. And I’m always VERY thankful to be your Sisterwife 🙂 ❤


  21. You are one of the most empathetic people on the planet. While that is always good for others, sometimes you end up with the weight of the world on your shoulders. I hope you find a way to balance that out eventually. Maybe by KICKING ASS as a boxing instructor? If I lived near you I would so totally take your class! You have over 700 people thanking YOU this week for inspiring the #1000Speak movement that we are all so excited to be a part of. Have an amazing week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like a celebrity, but honestly, I deserve very little credit – it was the right moment, and YVONNE is the one who had the awesome idea! I would never have had the audacity to think of something like that, and she just absolutely had the nerve and WENT FOR IT…and everyone was READY. It’s wonderful 😀

      Ohhh if you could take my class (or the tiny bit of it I expect they’ll start me on) that would be SO MUCH FUN! I hope I kick ass, rather than suck ass! I really want to do well for them!

      I think I will always Feel lots…I kind of hope so, because even though it can cripple me and send me reeling, at least I know I CARE! I would rather that, than worry that I’m dead inside, yaknow 😉

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  22. Question. Is that #1000Speak logo posted at actual size? I’ve been trying to figure out how to size images so they render properly when links get shared in Facebook, and that one is working like a charm. The logos I am using are too large to display in the little square properly.


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    • So pleased am I to see him! Not wrong you are…one HECK of a week it was! *does funny squeaky voice*

      It’s funny – just the other day we were in the car with Niece and Neff, and Neff was talking about Yoda and we had a whole conversation about sentence construction and then all had little Yoda convos…maybe something to do again on the ferry 😀


    • I hope she did! She was very crotchety at first (well, understandably so) and I wouldn’t want MY department taking the blame (even in her mind) for something which was NOT our fault. Also she was cold and potentially in danger of hypoglycemia…how could ANYONE leave her?


  24. I most certainly did NOT read about you being asked to train to be an instructor! That’s marvelous! You must be one boxing bad ass! 🙂

    I cannot get over the rapidity in which the 1000 speaks has grown! So many people! So fast! It is quite impressive. Clearly people are tired of all the negativity and meanness in the world. Good for you and Yvonne, getting it all started.

    I really hope that woman accepts the help from her neighbor next time. It’s hard to be a village for someone who won’t allow it. It was very nice of you to stay and do what you could for her.

    One of the best things I’ve done for my kids is get them to appreciate sunrises and sunsets. When the kids notice a pretty one, they alert me so we can all stop and just watch it for a while.

    Hope you all had a lovely ferry ride and a fun party! Happy Birthday Lizzi’s dad!

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    • I hope it all goes well, too! Thanks.

      I love that you stop to watch the sunset (or sunRISE? I guess in winter…there’s no earthly reason for anyone to be up and about for sunrise otherwise (unless they stayed up all night, like I do sometimes)) and just take it in. That’s a very special thing you’re teaching your brood – time to stand and stare. That matters, and I like it ENORMOUSLY.

      I hope the woman does, too…bless her, she thought that she’d only be about half an hour, and she didn’t want to put him out of his way for such a paltry time…she clearly hasn’t come across patient transport before, and their four-hour maximum wait! Gah! She won’t make that mistake again, I’m sure!

      #1000Speak is astonishing me DAILY…it really is. I am blown away by it. I definitely think we somehow hit a tipping point JUST when the people of the Blogosphere were ripe for a fight against the badness.

      And WHOOPS! Yeah! So.,..I’mma be a boxing instructor 😀 😉


  25. Well, I’m just stuck on your Thursday funks. I just hate that so very much Faves. Sigh..

    But I do love everything else going on around you!!! Hubs trying to help, bless his boots! And you helping that poor woman out, stuck and miserable. I’m sure you were beat and quite raw by the time you got home from work. I love that you sacrifice so much for the care and concern of others Lizzi. That’s SO you.

    And this relentless FIRE of GOODNESS pouring out from literally ALL over the WORLD!!! Can you believe it?!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    So, are you going to go for it and train to be an instructor??? SO cool. Ya told me that, just not sure you wrote about it. 🙂

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    • I couldn’t remember where I got up to with it, but YES, I’m going to do it. I am prepared to challenge myself and do something which scares me, but which is honestly, such a compliment to have been asked. I just need to get BACK there and stop having funks which prevent me going, but honestly, I was floored by this one. FLOORED.

      That needs to change. All the fire of goodness and wonderfulness just didn’t reach me, that night. and that really kinda sucks. BUT…*catches breath* it’s going SO SO WELL isn’t it? Such a wonderful movement with some pretty *ahem* cosmic timing, by the feel of it – it definitely feels ‘bigger than me’; a bit like the TToT always has done 😉


  26. So I don’t know if I have told you but I am addicted to apples and I am also an apple snob.I only eat certain kinds of apples. FIrst they must be red. Green apples are just not real apples. The kind I want also varys based on my mood.

    MMMMMM sunsets. They are the best thing for a soul in turmoil. I love how they happen more and more as spring and summer approach at more reasonable hours. Although I am not a fan of late summer sun.The light doesn’t angle right.

    I must live vicariously through you on the ferry. Please post pics on instagram? Just for me? Not including the ferry at Disney the last true Ferry I went on was when I was eleven.

    As for the wheelchair bound lady. That is the kind of thing that gets me riled up too. I would have stayed extra too because no one should be treated that way.

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    • I shall instagram you the ferry, no problem 🙂

      I’m glad you would have stayed, too – I think most people who I know, would have – I’m blessed to have landed amongst a community of wonderful, people-centric people.

      Yaknow, I never thought about a time of year when sunsets don’t work properly, but I suppose that must be the case sometimes! Wow! I love them, though, and I love that they remind me so strongly of my friend. They light up the soul, don’t they? 🙂

      You and I between us could sit and eat a bushel (not sure why a bushel, but it fit) of apples. I’m less keen on red ones – I like mine to be red-and-green, preferably more green, more tart, and with more bite. I do NOT like fluffy apples. Braeburns are my favourite, but I’ll eat most apples, in a pinch.


  27. If I ever have a cause, I want you to champion it, Lizzi. I’m excited about #1000Speak – I’m glad there is time for me to let inspiration simmer inside me before we flood the blogosphere.

    Thank you, thank you for including my post in your Ten Things. To know my words touched you is such a gift, and you are amazing for sharing it. Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My dear friend, if you ever have a cause, just you let me know – I’ll be there. When I believe in something, I can get mighty stubborn about things HAPPENING! Fortunately for me, this #1000Speak business needs no stubbornness on my part, and seems very much to just be growing itself! *happydances*

      I have every confidence that when you write for it, it will be something lovely. Maybe my third-favourite 😉

      And ABSOLUTELY. I love it.Being sung to, last thing at night, remains probably one of the fondest longer-term things of my childhood. There’s a real family history of it for me, and I LOVE that you’re doing the same for your two, and they’ll likely do the same for theirs, one day, if they have any. It’s gorgeous and it made my morning SO much happier and filled with warm fuzziness. Truly a delight, and you’re welcome for the share 🙂

      Hope your weekend is beautiful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  28. You make reading about your dreadful days entertaining even . . . I wish you no more of those out of sorts kind of days. You have a kind and COMPASSIONATE heart and those types of hearts get hurt the most, that’s where bandaids disguised as friends and family and hubsys come come in 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are my village and I need them, though there’s something (sometimes) to be said for learning to step back from a situation and present it with a solid “Not my zoo – not my monkeys” (thanks Beth for that one!).

      I’ve often said I hurt much because I love much, or things along those lines. I still think I’d rather have the love and the community and the knowledge that I’ve done what *I* could, to make things better, yaknow? I have to be able to sleep as easily as possible, and doing my best, or TRYING, at least, means less things I fail at, if that makes sense.

      Thanks for the wishes for no more days, but thanks MORE for saying that I wrote them entertainingly…that’s a bit of a relief, tbh, because I don’t want to drag people down with them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Heckuva week for me, too. And if you get to use y’all on your front page, i guess it is ok for me to add innit to my vocabulary. Do help me out if I spelled it wrong.

    “Kinda” is the key word in that early part. Not really sure about how people feel about building the village, but a TON of bloggers will write compassion posts on Feb. 20. And that makes all this worth it. Because words matter.

    And how can a hospital not find a blanket?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Compassion builds the village. It just does 🙂 It does it without any other effort needing to be done, because it’s about care for your fellow human. End of 🙂

      Anyway, I don’t mind, really, because it’s going to be HUGE, and important and it matters. Words matter SO much.

      By all means take ‘innit’ and use it where you will 🙂 It’s the modern, estuary-English equivalent of self-endorsement, spake at the end of a sentence, or on its own to agree with another person.

      I have NO IDEA how a hospital can’t find a blanket. It’s not the kind where people stay over though – it’s a weird hospital.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. I think I did cry over Dana’s because I unfortunately (or fortunately) read it right after lying with Leo in bed as he drifted off for a nap. And he smelled so wonderful, and I thought about how fleeting such moments are…and then I read her post. Tears.
    Boxing instructor! I missed that last week if it was there!
    1000 VSFC. I have no words other than I feel like I am a minuscule part of an enormous typhoon of goodness rolling shoreward. I can’t believe we won’t have an impact.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We WILL have an impact…think about it – we already ARE! SEVEN HUNDRED AND THEN SOME! That’s HUGE! I described it earlier as being tied to a whirlwind. Interesting that you and I came up with very similar imagery 🙂

      Maybe I forgot to write about the boxing instructor bit. Or perhaps I was just too worried at the time. I think I only really decided to go for it this week.

      Ohhhh Dana’s post took me right back to nights snuggled with Neff, smelling his damp, shampoo-scented hair. Some of my favourite memories right there. Even *I* got a bit choked up at it.


  31. Have fun at the birthday party!! It’s been 14 years since I’ve been on a ferry.. wow, I’m getting OLD 🙂

    Again, you show what a wonderful, wonderful person you are, Lizzi! For the compassion post, you simply have to post a compilation of all those things, staying with old, abandoned ladies, taking care of a reading homeless guy, spending parts of your yule holiday in a soup kitchen, etc. A big, huge THANK YOU to you for making a difference!!

    Training to be a boxing instructor sounds awesome! I’Ve taught some martial arts classes, and it sure is FUN. Keep it up!!

    Have the best of all weekends, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, good naps, cuddles, and some quality time for you! Hugs to you, Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephanie, this was SUCH a lovely comment to get FRIST 🙂 Thank you.

      I guess I’m lucky in a way, that my Dad lives a ferry-ride away, and I get to go a bunch of times a year. I love the sea, and I love being on it. I HOPE I love being on it with Niece and Neff, but they’ve been before so I’m sure it will all be fine.

      I have a PLAN for my compassion post, which started over Christmas, IN that soup kitchen. SO BOOM! You’re on entirely the right track. And hey – I gotta TRY to walk the walk if I talk the talk, right? 🙂

      I didn’t know you taught martial arts before! I’m kinda apprehensive about it tbh – I don’t think I’ll be good enough, but it certainly will challenge me 🙂

      I hope you have a beautiful weekend yourself, and plenty of REST in there, if at all possible 🙂


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