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There are times in life when you thank your lucky stars that your timelines collided, and the day I ‘met’ Helena is certainly one of the days I’m thankful for. What started out as a RIDICULOUS amount of FanGirling on my part has come to a point where I am one of a privileged number who can call Ms Hann-Basquiat ‘Friend’.

But allow me to introduce you; picture, if you will, a tall, cool blonde, with ice-blue eyes which sparkle sardonically and with a hint of mischief. She is most likely immaculately dressed, and moves with the quiet self-confidence of a French contesse. Don’t let her demeanour fool you – she is always watching for her next story (to tell to her young, very boho-hip niece, Penny), and she often seems to greet life with a slightly bemused grin tucked into the corner of her lips. That said, for all her elegance, get on the wrong side of her and you’re set for some hellcat behaviour and a tongue-lashing from someone who knows the more flagrant corners of the OED better than many. Soothe her by talking about David Bowie or The Smiths…and whatever you do, if she notices you and beckons you over (with one crook of a perfectly-manicured finger), you shamble on over and let her call you “darling”. Because once proffered, she has gin-trap loyalty, and believe me, you don’t want to miss out on the ride that is knowing the Dilettante…


Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two is the second collection of reminiscences, following Helena Hann-Basquiat, a self-proclaimed dilettante who will try anything just to say that she has, and her twenty-something niece, who she has dubbed the Countess Penelope of Arcadia.

Speaking of Arcadia, this volume delves into Helena’s childhood, as she revisits what she calls the Arcadia of the mind — that place that keeps us trapped and holds us back from our potential. Some of her most personal stories are included here, interspersed with hilarious stories of misadventure. It’s not a novel, really, and it’s not a memoir, by the strictest definition. But most of what follows, as they say, is true. Sort of. Almost. From a certain point of view.

Discover Helena’s tales for the first time or all over again, with new notes and annotations for the culturally impaired — or for those who just need to know what the hell was going through her mind at the time!

Helena Cover Boa 4Cover art by Hastywords.

Helena is going to be running a crowdfunding/pre-order campaign at Pubslush, a community focused solely on indie writers, and has set up a profile there to launch Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two.

For more information, and to follow the progress, Become a Fan at

If you just can’t wait and you want a taste of Helena’s writing, follow her blog:

If you just can’t get enough Helena, or you want updates on further goings on, release dates and miscellaneous mayhem, follow Helena on Twitter @hhbasquiat


The enigmatic Helena Hann-Basquiat dabbles in whatever she can get her hands into just to say that she has.

She’s written cookbooks, ten volumes of horrible poetry that she then bound herself in leather she tanned poorly from cows she raised herself and then slaughtered because she was bored with farming.

She has an entire portfolio of macaroni art that she’s never shown anyone, because she doesn’t think that the general populous or, “the great unwashed masses” as she calls them, would understand the statement she was trying to make with them.

Some people attribute the invention of the Ampersand to her, but she has never made that claim herself.

In 2014, she published Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, several e-books which now make up Volume Two, as well as a multimedia collaborative piece of meta-fictional horror entitled JESSICA.

Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One is available HERE in e-book for Kindle or HERE in paperback.

Helena writes strange, dark fiction under the name Jessica B. Bell.

Find more of her writing at or or connect with her via Twitter @HHBasquiat.


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