Ten Things of Thankful #81

It feels as though the new year has been blown in with bad weather and good friends.

It drizzled and mizzled and the wind got up and howled around the houses and down the chimney and made us huddle closer in our blankets and shiver to hear it wuthering. It didn’t matter, though, because somehow the very beginning of the year saw us with full hearts, and that is what mattered.

I saw in the New Year with Husby, Mum and WonderAunty. We had a group hug and shared kisses as fireworks went off on the telly and down the street, and then I stayed indoors to WhatsApp various friends as the first seconds of the new year ticked by, and we sent little celebratory emoticons of excitement and ‘future’ and ‘hope’ and all the things that ‘new’ can encompass.

Then I changed into my Tigger onesie, my violently pink ‘Murica t-shirt from Christine, my sunshiney kick-ass socks from Beth, and snuggled up with Husby, in sleeping bags, in front of an open fire, to watch late night comedy and laugh ourselves to sleep. THEN I felt peace (and back-ache, and a kind of snuggled, warm determination that the achiness was NOT going to move me from my spot by the fire (it didn’t, and I hurt in the morning (well, not the morning, because it was gone midday when I finally came to))). It does one good to be snuggled, in spite of the whatever elses.

Good to be SnuggledOnce I surfaced, the afternoon passed with deep chats and exercises and silliness. Then Pintrest and Pride and Prejudice, a staring competition with Husby, and a phonecall with my Dad. Followed by a brief-but-important chat with Kristi, in which lovely things were said. Then Real Life took over and snuggles and firelight ensued, and eventually I decided we should go home and that there was no point changing out of the Tigger onesie to drive – that as it was dark, it wouldn’t matter.

Then we all remembered about the bookshelf we agreed to inherit. Husby and mum spent time dusting it down and getting it in the car, while I did headstands and WonderAunty took photos of me being silly (just to set the tone for the rest of the year). By the time we got going, it was arranged that our friend (who is staying for the weekend) would turn up a day early, as a surprise to all of us (including her) and that spontaneity rocks sometimes.

Getting the bookshelf into the flat was the point at which our neighbours very most definitely saw me in the Tigger onesie (and my DMs and my mad woolly coat and my bear hat…whatevs), and my book tower immediately looked less messy in its new home. Then our friend arrived, laden with edible gifts and a tray of carnivorous plants (which we’re inheriting, as she’s moving home soon and won’t have space for them), and fun, liveliness ensued.

There was food and more deep chats, and in the end I decided to start writing my thankfuls at some ridiculous hour of night (silly, as I’ve work in the morning) but I’ve decided that to a certain extent, life is what it is, and one of the things I am NOT is a good sleeper. Having had hours of the stuff, I feel quite…certainly awake enough to write (as I started this) but perhaps I shall take a leaf from the books of Girlie and Clark, who frequently start something and return to finish it another time.

* * * * *

‘Another Time’ happens to be after boxing and cooking and chatting to my friend, and waiting for Husby to return home from a day of gaming. After having written my first ‘writing of the new year’ to a friend (not that it’s yet complete). After planking for four minutes and feeling like I was dying at the end of it, but also kind of triumphant (the body is nothing if not something to be conquered). After returning home under a beautiful sunset and thinking about all that light and beauty and a sense of the aesthetic mean to us, as a species. After cycling twice past a (?)man sleeping, tucked entirely under an old quilt, in an underpass, with his possessions gathered around him, and hoping that he’d be alright, and feeling like a heel for not stopping to ask (though without any money on me, there would have been nothing I could have done for him). After waving to my book-swap friend as he sat under his street-lamp, chatting to a pal.

Another Time, in which a thousand worlds could have come and gone. Several billion experiences of the last 12 hours, all so vastly different, and mine amongst them, have passed. Lives have been formed and ended and irrevocably altered. Dreams have been made and shattered. Battles have been lost and won, ancient wisdom has been reiterated and brand new thoughts have been thunk. Now is Another Time, in which I realise my irrelevance and infinite smallness in the grander scheme of things.

And yet…amongst all that smallness, there are people to whom I matter, and that is quite wonderful – that the places where my existence intersects with theirs becomes tangled and coated with glitter, shadows and sunshine – it brings me back from the edges of vast nothingness, into meaning. And so I shall breathe and carry on, knowing that to certain people, I count for something.

Somewhere in there are Ten, or perhaps even more.

Maybe my funny mood is on account of having been Shanghai’d by a book, which looked, at first blush, as though it was going to be a triumph of true love and reconnection after distance between two lovers who ended up in a car accident. Thus far, the couple still aren’t talking, the girl had a nasty miscarriage, and has ended up with anorexia as a way to control the body which betrayed her. Most of me feels like I shouldn’t read the rest because it’s painfully close to the bone. The rest of me wants to make sure she’s okay.

Maybe it’s something else. I could put my finger on it if I really wanted to (but I don’t) and suddenly underwent a disconnect, earlier today. Not a welcome one. And just a feeling, which will pass. For now it’s blowing an Arctic wind through my soul, and I’m tired of it.

I’m going to spend the evening and tomorrow In Real, trying to reconnect my brain with a sense of the Now, rather than the ‘once removed’ kind of feeling I’m experiencing at the moment.

Welcome to the New Year…I shall be looking forward to hearing what kind of time you had, and what things made you thankful.

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89 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #81

  1. You sound like you’ve just had so much fun this past week! I love how comfortable it seemed you were. The onesie and the socks and the love. All what I love about family and cool nights!

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  2. It is SO good to be snuggled. R and I have been doing tons of it this year (but that’s really only 5 days, so it’s not like it’s become a habit yet or anything–21 days for that, right???? 😉 ).


    what was your verdict about the book?? Read on or step away??

    And Pride and Prejudice?? Reading or watching??

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  3. “Another Time, in which a thousand worlds could have come and gone. Several billion experiences of the last 12 hours, all so vastly different, and mine amongst them, have passed. Lives have been formed and ended and irrevocably altered. Dreams have been made and shattered. Battles have been lost and won, ancient wisdom has been reiterated and brand new thoughts have been thunk. Now is Another Time, in which I realise my irrelevance and infinite smallness in the grander scheme of things.

    And yet…amongst all that smallness, there are people to whom I matter, and that is quite wonderful – that the places where my existence intersects with theirs becomes tangled and coated with glitter, shadows and sunshine – it brings me back from the edges of vast nothingness, into meaning. And so I shall breathe and carry on, knowing that to certain people, I count for something.”

    Oh how this melts my heart and takes me into a beautiful place of pondering… such an exquisite perspective to hold. THIS is such a delicious taste of your heart right here, precious friend. Your words can carry the weight of a thousand broken hearts and then lift them entirely whole, into the sky with a fine tuned turn of your outlook.

    Snuggling by the fire, laughter, family, beloved friends, moments of glitter and brightness and belonging… Hold on to them. They are the treasures we can both dig up in the deep to find at anytime we feel the waves crashing in and burying us in the darkness.

    And in another instant in which a thousand worlds could have come and gone and several billion experiences of the last hours have passed… the shift of shadows that once fell, changes. And light pours raining down upon you once again.

    Light always will find you, always.

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    • *dances* It worked, and how GLAD I am that you persisted. I needed your words tonight, Kitty, and thank you so much for trying so many times.

      I have been watching these ‘word for the year’ posts going up around the Blogosphere, and I think I have one. I wrote a poem I *might* do something with. I might just keep it all, but THANK YOU for your perspective and insight and dear friendship 🙂 I appreciate it so much, and you matter HUGE.


  4. Sounds like a fantastic New Year! This made me SOL (Smile Out Loud) “…photos of me being silly (just to set the tone for the rest of the year).” I DO hope that’s the tone of the year! For everyone 🙂
    What a wonderful world of good people you have created. I say created, because I know it didn’t just fall upon you, you’ve worked HARD to make this great life of love, family, friends, and glitter! And so you deserve it.
    I’m picturing you in the dark in the Tigger onesie moving furniture and such, and it’s beautifully funny!
    I love how you say, “The Real.” The words. Sometimes I don’t love BEING in The Real, where I seem to be stuck. Well, okay stuck is a negative word, but I think you know what I mean. I haven’t been feeling myself lately, and my husband suggested part of it may be because of inability to read, which I have always been deeply in love with, and watching shows I normally watch and that kind of thing. Maybe I don’t feel like my in the Real because I prefer the not-real, but that’s not REAListic either. It’s all about that balance. I give you so much credit for being aware of the balance, and working hard to achieve it.
    Happy 2015! Much more happy happy, joy joy and twinklysparklygoodness!

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    • See, for this wonderful comment, I am tempted to send you something to make you SOL again. BUT you just tagged me in a selfie thingie and now I’m also tempted to NOT! We shall see :p

      I have worked hard, but I couldn’t have done it or gotten anywhere if the people weren’t awesome, and didn’t want to be ‘gotten’, if that makes sense. I’m lucky – I’ve fallen entirely on my feet amidst a gorgeous, wonderful group of people. I’m very happy to be here.

      I’m less *thing* about the Real, rightnow. I know it will change. But as of this second right here, I’m okay. On the whole 🙂

      I hope that you find ways to make your Real a more palatable place to exist *sigh* Not reading. Ack 😦


  5. Sadly, finding ourselves in the REAL is hard, so freaking hard. It takes courage, fortitude and a willingness to say, freak it. I’m good enough take me as I am and not as I wish I was. Good luck to you in this New Year. I hope you have more firelight snuggling and in the Real adventures

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  6. Your New Year sounds so lovely – and you seem to have found some kind of wonderful balance. It’s a gorgeous way to start off the year – it will set the tone for the entire of 2015.

    I love you, friend. I had to stop in here and read your New Years TToT. xoxo

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    • I’m good at sounding like I found things without necessarily having felt them 😉 It’s better now though, which is awesome (and utterly necessary). I hope that the tone for 2015 has easier emotional bits. It started out tricksy…and tricksy is something I could do with less of!

      Thanks for popping over, Precious 🙂 It makes my heart smile to see your comment. ❤


  7. It’s amazing. This here blog hop has grown *so* much! I saw that tiger onesie on FB the other day and thought it had to do with New Year’s, but I was curious to see where it would lead you. 😀
    Your New Year sounds wonderful and here’s to the bestest 2015 ever!

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    • It was KIND of to do with New Year’s…just because I happened to be wearing it to see the NY in 🙂 I hope that for both of us, 2015 is AWESOME 🙂

      And yes – the TToT is doing incredibly well and I’m thrilled to pieces about it 🙂


  8. Wishing you and husby a wonderful and joyous new year! the snuggle by the fire sounded divine – sometimes not being in the real is OK – sometime its needed sort of like a day trip. happy new year!

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  9. I hope that you are back in The Real as one thing I know is that the losing of us in the words is good and powerful and dangerous and I also know that the words are sometimes altered to do just that more effectively. I’m glad for the friend and the laziness and not glad for the others but I have so much faith and love that this will be an amazing year for you and was also utterly grateful for our amazing chat and want a billion more in 2015. Happy Thankful for all of it to you forever and love love .

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    • I’M BACK IN REAL and it’s awesome. Thank goodness. I hate those disconnects. They do me no good at all! I was very glad to chat with you, though. That helped.

      This year holds SUCH amazing things in it. Truly 🙂 Incredibleamazing. Promise. And YES to a billion more 🙂 ❤ We will. We definitely will.


  10. This was in many spaces absolutely beautiful – both in the writing and the experiences. It seems you’ve had a wonderful week for connecting (snuggles, and biking, and friends); for deep and creative thoughts; and then for FOUR MINUTE PLANKING SESSIONS which impress the heck out of me who lasts nowhere near that long. I will work on that in a goal-oriented rather than competitive fashion.

    Happy New Year Lizzi! I wish you every happiness for whatever comes next!

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    • Thank you 😀 I need to do 4 mins 10 today and I am NOT looking forward to it. Not even a bit!

      Goal-oriented is good. I tend to be completely competitive and sometimes a bit of an asshole about it. Your way is better, forsure 🙂 But I’ve been doing planks and fitness-y things for a few months now, so I’m kind of … I have a background of it. So it’s not really that impressive as if I’d just done it out of the blue, if that makes sense.

      There were some marvellous moments for thinking, and I think that I appreciate that more NOW, in hindsight, than I did at the time 🙂

      I hope your new year brings you much wonder and loveliness 🙂


  11. Aaah! The snuggling fireside sounds positively divine! 🙂

    The book. . . Well, I am cautiously curious about its title (did you say it & I missed it?). . . But, at the same time, I wonder if it IS better to just put it down & forget about it if those are the feelings it brings? Such is life, eh? Internal conflict. LOL. Ugh. 😉

    Either way, it sounds like you rang in the new year in a fun & happy way. This makes me smile. 🙂

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    • I’m good at ‘sounds like’. I’m also feeling WAY better than I was, which is awesome. There are background things which haven’t changed yet, and may not for a while, but there are other things which have receeded into the distance for now, and that’s a relief.

      The snuggling WAS awesome – I just wasn’t in much of a place to appreciate it, which was a bit sad.

      I didn’t say the name – I’ve left the book at work, and it was only new that day, so I can’t check. I could probably Google it if I was REALLY bothered 😉

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  12. Your New Year’s really sounded so wonderful, and indeed I loved the pictures of the Tigger onesie! I bet both girls would love it 🙂 I’m sorry your feeling has changed so much, I totally know this feeling. I wish for you to find your grounding again and arrive at your place again! hugs to you!!

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    • I think I’m mostly back now, thanks Stephanie. New Year was quite difficult, but I dragged myself back. Then went again. Now I’m back, properly (for now).

      I kinda want the recipe for your cinnamon rolls though…

      The Tigger Onesie was from amazon, but I don’t think they had child sizes…


  13. Again with all the gooey and beautiful Thankfuls. I am so far behind in so expressing deep gratitudes. So deep that words are hard to form. Our hearts warmed on New Year’s Eve with your pictures in front of the fire. Girly and Zany drooled over your Tigger pjs. Thanks for sharing all of your joy with us.

    Nothing is better than getting a new book case.

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    • Fresh bread? A small hand, in yours, attached to a child who loves you. The smell of shampoo on the head of a baby asleep in your arms…those things are better by FAR than a new book case…

      BUT. I’m glad you enjoyed my pics, and had fun in a ‘once removed’ way with Instagram. I love that place for the ability it bestows to be able to join in with other people’s lives, even a little bit.

      You have gratitudes. I know it 🙂


    • *hugs* you…I’m glad I matter, and I’m glad you’re a part of this weird ole place where I can matter to someone a million miles away. You matter to me too, lots. And lots.

      I feel MUCH more connected, and it’s lovely 🙂


  14. “violently pink” hahahaha that made me larf.

    NYE and NYD are such loaded days, emotionally speaking. There’s an underlying expectation of over-the-top glee…it just asks for an ass kickin’. You did REALLY well at staying in the *mostly* now, and not letting the bullshit take you down. LIKE A BOSS. A boss in a tigger onesie and “kick this day in its sunshiny ass” socks. 🙂

    You rock, and your friendship MATTERS sooooooo much to me. You an integral part of my day now, like the sunrise. MUAH.

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    • I’m still really struggling to find the right words, BW, mine…

      The easy bits to respond to are that I’m ALWAYS glad when I make you larf, and that the socks you sent were like armour on that day, and they DEFINITELY helped me to keep the potential ‘sneaker waves’ at bay, so thank you HUGE for them.

      Thank you HUGE for your encouragement, I’m so pleased and happy you think I did well. I didn’t *feel* anything LIKE a boss. Or even close. I felt like a mess. But that you were there in my phone, providing a little distraction and a little support, and a little reminder that there was more to life than just ‘that room and that feeling, at that time’, was awesome, and I’m so grateful.

      As to the rest…to say ‘right back atcha’ seems such a small, silly manner of expressing it or returning the sentiments…like I’ve said before, though – if anyone had told me a year ago that not only would the concept of a ‘BlogWife’ become so functional in my world, and so wonderful, I would have looked askance at them. You are a constant, consistent, and GIGANTINORMOUS Thing Of Thankful in my life (not that I consider you a ‘Thing’ but, you know…) and I am happy-happy-glowy right across my emotional landscape to be so sunshiney in your world, and to have you in mine.

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  15. Snuggling up on the floor in sleeping bags sounds like a great way to spend the night. I’m off to the basement to find our sleeping bags.
    Happy New Year!

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  16. The Tigger onsie? I bet that was a sight. I’m impressed that you can hold a plank for 4 minutes. I make it to one and then my head feels like it is going to explode. It’s funny how what we’re reading has an effect on our feelings, moods and reactions. That happens to me alot. Becoming one with the character and reacting to the people around me as if I were that character. I thought about you quite a bit during my beach walks. 🙂

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    • I LOVED seeing your beach photos (and now that I’ve un-gunged you from my spam comments, I can REPLY to you *kicks WordPress*) and I’m so glad you got to go. It’s lovely that you thunk of me 🙂 It’s so nice when the people we meet online pop up in our heads, isn’t it 🙂 There’s a lovely feeling of ‘surroundedness’, if that makes any sense – that in any given situation we can think of a Blogosphere friend who has been in the situation before, or who has some connection to it, in a way.

      I’ve been practicing planks, so I’m getting better. I still felt VERY much like I was going to collapse.

      When characters get into your mind, or storylines, it’s hard to get away from.


  17. Your feelings on New Year’s Eve are not that unusual. I can’t remember where I first heard it, but I’ve heard it said several ways that you sometimes just need to basically fake it until you feel it. Act like you’re having fun until you actually are having fun. I’ve found it works for me many times. Sounds like it happened a bit for you, too. Don’t over-analyze my dear. Maybe you just weren’t in a cuddling up by the fire kind of mood.

    Looking up at the stars or sitting next to an ocean, I get that feeling of being so very small in an unfathomably big universe. It helps me realize that I can’t fix everything. I’m not in charge of everything. I can’t possibly be. It takes the pressure off. There are major problems in this world, but I can only do little things in the grand scheme of it all. I am not expected to do everything.

    Well, this comment was a whole lot more about me than you. Guess you got me thinking. Pretty sure you’re OK with that. 🙂

    You matter, Dear. You really, really matter.

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    • You made me feel all *twinklysparklyglowy* inside. I never mind if your comments are more about you than about me, because it’s also about me (kind of – or I can make it so, anyway). I need to try to learn those things – the smallness of myself and that I don’t need to fix everything or make everything better, but just focus on the small bits which are in my control and do those things. And then the next things that I can do.

      I’m glad I matter. That’s a more-than-snuggly feeling, on the inside. It;s a bit awesome 🙂

      As for the old ‘Fake it til you make it’…yeah. That. I guess so, and I did make it in the end.


  18. “And yet…amongst all that smallness, there are people to whom I matter, and that is quite wonderful – that the places where my existence intersects with theirs becomes tangled and coated with glitter, shadows and sunshine – it brings me back from the edges of vast nothingness, into meaning. And so I shall breathe and carry on, knowing that to certain people, I count for something.”

    That is really just so important and wonderful amazing thing to be thankful for.

    Snuggling up sounds so snuggly … 🙂 as for me.. I’ll get to typing up my 10 Things post now and let me see if I can make it to 10 🙂

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  19. OK, so yes dish…what is the book you were reading?
    I think that sounds like a positively wonderful way to spend a New Year’s Eve. Nothing quite like being warm and snuggly with those you love. I think that’s my favorite kind. We did much of same, but perhaps minus Tigger onesies and the fire, being as we have neither here in our house. 😀
    Starting a year with hearts full…now that’s the way to do it!

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    • TRYINGGGG…..

      I need to remember that it ‘being’ quite wonderful, and it ‘feeling’ quite wonderful, are not necessarily one and the same thing, and to continue in the knowledge that it DOES matter.


    • Eventually it was. Yaknow when it takes your emotions a while to catch up with the goodness that your brain is telling you IS HAPPENING NOW AND YOU SHOULD BE ENJOYING IT! – that.

      But ‘by the fire’ was awesome. And necessary, in ways.


  20. Happy New Year, Lizzi. I thought of you when they were showing all the celebrations worldwide on television; I find it so strange to know that you rang in 2015 when I was just arriving at our friend’s house for the evening. It was a yoga pants and slippers kind of night, with games and laughter.

    Off to a good start, and hoping to continue that way. For you too. And I too would like to know what book you are reading…

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    • Happy New Year to you, too 🙂 We only turned on the television at about 11.55pm, so I didn’t see any build-up in any other countries, but we did all ring my GranUncle in NZ, and sing him “Happy New Year To You” at his 10am (our 9pm). That was kinda fun.

      It was really nice that y’all were only beginning to think about seeing in your NY, because it meant that I did get the chance to speak with Beth and Sandy and Zoe, and kinda see in the new year (my end) ‘with’ them. I guess later they would have been busy, and I would have been WAY asleep.

      Your celebration sounds really lovely. I’m glad you had a fun time, and I hope you have many more of them in the coming year.

      I’ll let you know the name of the book when I pick it up from work. It’s compelling, but I haven’t decided whether I’ve really warmed to the characters yet.


  21. Honored I am that you would “take a leaf” from Girlie:) Do I really do that? lol
    You most certainly have 10 and more!
    Staying in your onsie made sense and personally, I can easily see you driving along channeling Tigger 😀
    Yes, Lizzi. You DO count:) Very much so.
    Imo, drop the book. Leave it. You don’t need to know if “she’s okay”.
    It is about the “now”, the “real”.

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    • You have done, my dear, and it works. Leaves time for consideration, or an admirable transparency in letting the reader know that Real happened in between two parts of writing.

      Staying in my onesie was necessary. Sometimes I wear that thing like armour. I think my whole outfit was armour, to be honest. I didn’t channel Tigger – I think I was trying to stave off an attack of the Eeyores.

      Thanks for thinking I count. Sometimes I think I do, too 🙂 Sometimes it matters to me that I do. Sometimes not. I haven’t quite worked that one out for today, but I’m sure that in future, it will change and become vital again.

      *wrinkles nose* I have an ulterior motive…I feel like there are certain aspects I can learn from…bits I’ve been doing wrong. You’re probably right. And I’m probably going to finish the book.

      I’ll stay in Real for the weekend – the book stayed at work.

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  22. I’ve felt that “Lives have been formed and ended and irrevocably altered” this week, as well.

    It sounds like you had some very good moments. I hope you don’t get too lost in that disconnected state.

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    • Ack. The world keeps turning and sometimes our portion of it seems so SMALL, and sometimes utterly vast, in almost the same breath. I hope your bit’s all alright.

      There were some very good moments, but as ever, this is the highlighted version 😉 I’m gonna try to stay in the NOW and not worry too much about the disconnect, if I can. If only I can get it to stop raining…


  23. I can picture you in your Tigger onesie. I’ve never heard of anything so cute! Your New Year’s Eve sounds romantic and lovely. We watched Casablanca. “The problems of 3 people don’t amount to a hill of beans…” Rick (Humphrey Bogart). there are many favorite lines in that movie but that one stood out for me. Happy New Year, Lizzie! I hope that frozen wind stops and your soul warms (and it will).

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    • It warmed with comedy and present-ness, and staying up too late talking 🙂 The frozen parts are like little icebergs which receded into the distance as the NOW flooded in, and they’re still there, but diminished somehow. I hope they stay diminished.

      That’s an AWESOME line you quoted. Casablanca isn’t a film I’ve ever seen, but I understand it to be ‘one of those’ iconic films that you’re ‘meant’ to watch at some point. Perhaps I will, one day. I’m glad you had an awesome time seeing in the new year. Hope your hills of beans for 2015 are small indeed 🙂

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  24. damn! first TToT of the 15th year of the new Millennium ….and I haven’t even started.
    your post (above), I liked… (in the special way of clarks, a hint of envy at…not simply well turned phrases or even good descriptions…but ‘speaking from a world’ a place that you are that you know is special.)

    …sort of like those a fable, “…in a land, a place few people knew of and fewer people could even remember hearing about, there…” like that, except modern without unicorns, but with Quests and Ordeals and secret knowledge…you know, the life of a clark.

    well done, yo …well done.

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    • The thing we’re really good at is MAKING that magical land (yes, there ARE unicorns) and the Quests and Ordeals and Secrets are part and parcel, but we can CHOOSE (because clark) to make it sparkle, somehow, if we choose. We can make it THEE MOST AMAZING….even if it’s very ordinary.

      Shame we can’t make it ordinary when it’s THEE WORST EVER. I hope to have that experience less in 2015.

      I’ll be taking notes, and glad to have you and the WD along for the ride, for signpost (and other) reasons 🙂


    • I can’t remember the name of it – I found it in a doctor’s surgery where I was working yesterday, and got it for 50p. I left it in my cubby at work ready for Monday, so I’ll try to remember the name for you next week.

      It wasn’t too bad of a way to start the New Year. Your hope is my hope 🙂 I hope the same for you, too.


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