Cookie Exchange

I confess, I had to Google it – I’ve never heard of a cookie exchange before, and even though it seems *so* simple, I was wary of being caught out by a non-X-Pondable* Americanism** (yes, Noah Webster, you’ll be proud to know I hold you fully accountable for the ridiculousness – you’re welcome). Anyway. Turns out it’s totally simple. It’s ‘Murican for a Cookie Swap***.Except it’s not.

Cookie Swap

Because my ‘cookie’ was a nutty little treat with blue frosting and crazy-bright sprinkles.

Fine, and great, but then Joy brought a basket full of delectable, chewy-delicious milk-and-dark chocolate cookies with a hint of chilli, and gold leaf on top. Which deserved a better setting than the paper party-plate and plastic cup of milk I could offer here. So her ‘cookies’ are over at Sisterwives, and OHMIGOSH, soooooOOOOoooooo good!

Come on over to the feast. The milk’s in the fridge. In a cut-glass decanter.


*X-Pond, as in ‘a cross, the Pond = across the pond = from they to I, or I to they, but betwixt Stateside and Empire, whichever way it happens.

**Like ‘pants’, which always, EVERY TIME makes me giggle with slightly naughty delight, and read the sentence wrong on purpose, because it’s FAR, FAR funnier. Because here, ‘pants’ are UNDERPANTS. Every. Time. Except when they’re knickers (we don’t have ‘panties’)

***It’s not – it’s still a cookie exchange. But once I realised that a cookie exchange was a cookie swap (as opposed to something more akin to a telephone exchange, where you all plug your cookies into one another and….nevermind – I can’t finish that!) I went and wrote ‘Cookie Swap’ on the pretty picture of my lebkuchen, and only when I came back here did I realise that I got the wording wrong. And I totally can’t be arsed to do all that lettering again. So I’m taking the offchance you won’t bother reading the footnotes anyway.


26 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange

    • My Goddaughter has one called ‘Aliens love Underpants’, which she adored when she was younger. She also had a toilet training one called ‘Who’s in the loo?’, which even *I* laugh my ass off at 🙂


  1. But the sweet cookies are my fave! Dark chocolate or anything DEEP usually doesn’t go well with me. Unless, like today, it absolutely must.
    Thanks for the X-change. It was grand!
    Let’s definitely do this again, hopefully under better circumstances!

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    • YES! Let’s. That would be fabulous. I really enjoyed it, and I know it caused some ‘fraught’ (I think the sudden unexpectedness of your dark-choc and chilli side might have thrown a few people, but I thought it was scrumptious).

      You did well. Really well. I’m proud to share that post.


    • Cookies *are* biscuits, except when they’re guest-posts. Our scones are your biscuits, and our biscuits are your cookies, except that cookies are also common parlance here.

      Figures that you’re thorough. DOUBLE busted! Pfft!


  2. Have always wanted to do a cookie exchange but then what do you do if the ones you get are God awful 🙂 Just kidding but still …. it could happen right?


  3. ah-hah, but I did read the footnotes….and I forgot how funny it is that our “pants” (jeans, slacks) are your undies! hahaha that must make for some laughs while reading Muricans.

    I love your exchange/swap whatevs with Joy. You both did something a bit out of your wheelhouse; you did funny, Joy did serious. But look how great it worked?!?! Awesome job to the both of you. xoxo

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    • “out of your wheelhouse”…that one I can get from context but I’mma still have to Google it. But thank you – I’m glad you think it worked 🙂

      And YES! Soooooo many laughs whilst reading you lot…because of COURSE I can’t help but imagine it the English way first…

      (Trousers, darling. Or jeans/combats/chinos/whatever if you’re being specific. I think ‘slacks’ is another ‘Muricanism)

      Also, damnit. Busted!


  4. ? opposed to ‘tossing (one’s) cookies’….
    In all seriosity, while not overly susceptible the temptation of cookies, there is on form that gets me every time, and it nota fancy or elaborate cookie assortment that shows up at the office this time of year, as a gift. They come in a large diameter metal container, about 6 inches tall and has layers of cookies inthose little paper things (they look like they should have-use value but they don’t…nevertheless as the cookies are taken, the little paper things stay in the tinw2scontinue face No I meant space space holy s*** it won’t let me swear my comment is off track I think I’ll be doing this more though this is a dictation to a comment damn exclamation

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    • OHHHhh are they like the little danish butter cookies? They come in little papers and they have sugar crystals on them and they’re YUMMY!

      See, now ‘tossing one’s cookies’ I have heard of.


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