I’m Peachy!

So…I have this problem, and it began with a friend and a book and the fact that my Grandma might have been part peach.


Blame the book

One of my enduring memories of that tiny, wonderful woman is her oh-so-soft, wrinkled, down-covered face. She was tiny and twinkly and beautiful and I loved her to pieces. Fuzzy pieces. And thanks to some quirk of genetics, I’ve inherited the fluff. Yup. I’m a WolfChild. Or just peachy – whichever!

Normally that’s not an issue, because it reminds me of her, but lately something’s been bugging me and I decided to do something about it. And then I had an accident with a book (which was Mandi’s fault) and then…well…*hangs head in shame*…it all got stupid.

Fortunately it also got FUNNY. And I know few people so adept at FUNNY as Joy, of ComfyTown Chronicles. So that’s where my story is (watch out for the bits near the end where I fell asleep whilst writing!).


15 thoughts on “I’m Peachy!

  1. I’m on my phone, trying unsuccessfully to leave a comment on Joy’s blog. So for now, I just want to say OUCH!

    I’d have don’t the same thing. I lose track of time particularly when I’m reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You funny thing – You DO write funny. I know you write important and real stuff as well, but you DO write funny 🙂 I like your humour. Maybe it’s not all in posts, but I see plenty on Facebook 🙂


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