Ten Things of Thankful #77

Round and round and round we go; where we stop, nobody knows!

It’s been a really higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvy kind of week, and I’ve washed up sideways on the shore of Friday, feeling like all of my whites and colours went into the mix together and everything’s come out a bit messy. So please excuse the disorder, lack of coherence and the very ‘whatever’ nature of this post. It really has been one of *those* kinds of weeks.

That said, there’s always something to be thankful for. In this case, Ten (officially, though unofficially, and what with the BoSR (or SBoR), who really knows any more?), although marvellously disjointed and just plucked from some of the highlights or things which made sense at the time of writing – in my van, in between patients, in a real-live-notebook, with a pen. Which is slow, but still sort of my favourite for lists and jottings.

No more ado, then, before it becomes an ‘adon’t’ and I have to capsize myself and start over.

Thankful I stopped, twice – There’s a guy who sits on a low wall on my way home from work. He is always wrapped up against the cold (or, at least, he has been since autumn began) and he usually has a big bag, and a guitar wrapped in a bin-liner. He makes sure he’s under a street light, and he reads. He is always, always reading, which recommends him highly to me. And I’ve cycled past him several times a week, for months. Last Friday I took cakes to the office because we were having a team meeting. At the end of the day there were some cakes left, and I figured that cakes and books go well together, so I parcelled them up and on my way home, I stopped, offered him the cakes, and we had a nice chat. It turns out that he enjoys reading the classics (Russian/French/Irish) and told me he understood, when I explained why I struggle with Dostoyevsky*. I came away with a smile and a fervent recommendation to try Balzac.

Today was really cold, so I took him a coffee and a packet of biscuits because his dedication to his book and his reading in spite of the very-nearly-freezing temperatures. He had a friend there, and we all shook hands and exchanged names and chatted for a short time. I’m pleased, because he seems like a nice chap, and I’m still very much awed by his dedication to reading. It’s a bit inspirational.

Thankful I celebrated – It was Beth’s birthday this week. I wrote her a thing because I quite like her. You should read it – you’ll like her too (if you don’t know her already and have a smidgen of an idea how awesome she is).

A Shot In Beths WHEREEE

Thankful I cared – I haven’t quite decided whether it’s actually kind of cool, or perhaps maybe a little bit stupid to let myself genuinely care for people at the other end of the screen. Because as much as it brings me joy and happiness and moments of starry-skied, *twinklysparkly* wonder and delight, it also means that when things go wrong for them, or they’re struggling, I’m uselesser than a chocolate teapot**, and I get terribly upset and frustrated at being able to do pretty much NOTHING to help. And I suppose on the flip-side, it means that when I’m struggling, if people are foolish generous enough to care about me, then they’re likewise stuck. So this week I’ve been in both ends of the upset, with other people struggling and me only able to encourage and show care through words, and I’ve also been looked after in some horrible moments, by the words of others. So on balance, I’m in. I’ll keep my heart hardwired for now.

Thankful I explained – One of those moments I had was one which I had to explain to Husby, because it sent me a little bit sideways over an edge, and he was worried. He looked after me and hugged me and let me tell him All The Things, and was kind and sweet and understanding. There were things I needed to cancel, and I didn’t want to lie or just cop out, and I couldn’t work out how to absent myself without coming off like a total jerk. So he offered to text me and tell me that I emergency-needed to come home RightNow and wash the spider. Which made me smile a bit, and that helped.

Thankful I recognised abundance – I’ve been chatting this one through with Husby for a while, and bless him, he’s going along with me. We have SO MUCH stuff, and with Christmas coming, I was beginning to worry about the exchange of pretty well pointless gifts, which would clutter up the corners of our house, and the wrapping which would be chucked, and the whole messy, ‘stuck-in-my-head’ ness of it all. So we’re opting out. We’ll give token gifts to a few, and to the majority, we will send a card and an email explaining our plan. We’re going to use the money we WOULD have spent on Christmassy extravagance, and support Crisis and SCRATCH, both of which will be doing things to help those who have no such blessing of plenty, and which seems like a WIN for everyone, to my mind. We’re also booked to go back and help in the shelter this year (Boxing day this time) because we enjoyed it so much and found it so worthwhile last year. YAY! Good things and sharing. THAT makes my soul happy.

Thankful I asked –Β  By now (ye who are regulars here, of a weekend) I can pretty much anticipate that you’ll understand when I say that I’ve been contemplating a haircut, and that’s really thrown me for a loop. Because I’m one of the least ‘girly’ girls I know, and I just seem to be missing whichever neural pathways deal with things like hair and fashion and makeup and getting silly about boys. So I had a crisis of confidence and asked a LOT of opinions. I’m really grateful I had people I COULD ask, and thankful that in the end, with an appointment booked for the 20th, I think I know what I’m going to be having done. Shorter, for one…

Thankful I decorated – I had a silly five minutes (I know! Can you believe it?!) and Bad-Decorated the office, ready for Christmas. I thought I’d share a few of my highlights, which included mooning cherubs, half a paintrbush, broken snowflakes and quite randomly scattered sparkly balls. It was great fun and most of my colleagues appreciated the try.

Decorating for ChristmasThankful I TRIED – Even though I’m still fairly not-good, I’m getting better at pilates and boxing. I managed to fall off the pilates mat in between moves this week (rather than my usual, graceless ‘fall-out-of-the-balance-and-crash-onto-the-floor’), and I kept up at boxing and was able to take more of the million-things-at-once you need to be thinking about whilst punching something Properly (feet down, knees bent, toes pointed forwards, arms extended, roll the shoulders, chin down, look where you’re punching, STAY DOWN, now hit, with gusto). When we do speed-punching sessions on the bags, I’m setting my own bar higher and higher for repeats. You stand and jog quickly, and as you jog, you cross-punch as fast as you can, for 15 seconds, then rest while your partner punches for 15 seconds. I used to be able to do about 50-60 punches each time, and I counted the other day, and got up to the mid-80s. So that’s kinda cool, even if I still can’t keep my proper stance.

Thankful I PinnedPintrest is my little haven of beauty. I really, truly love it there*** and it is the delight of my heart to nip on in the mornings and see what new examples of beautiful or amazing or water or clouds or art have been brought into my feed. Then I grab them and hoard them and gorge on their visuals. And sometimes I find lovely things to send to my friends, as well, to sparkle their days a bit with things I know they like. I go to Pintrest when I’m sad, because seeing pictures of the ocean, or lenticular clouds, or Tuscany, or tree-houses, or Klimt, have an incredible way of lightening my soul, even when things seem dark and stormy.

Thankful I worked – I had a crappy, very stressful morning on Friday, what with a camera and laptop which wouldn’t, and a snarky patient who decided that sarcasm was the way to go, when I was doing my utmost to figure out how the hell to stop making USB ports overload, and my software come back online. When he started to bitch that there would also be a queue of people getting angry in the waiting room because I was taking so long, I firmly advised him that these people would be able to treat the experience as an opportunity to practice patience, which shut him up until I got the damn camera fixed and took his images. The plus-side was that I’d been feeling completely atrocious in myself, and all the stress and the need to be a consummate professional, meant that I had to stop obsessing, and focus on something ELSE. It was a good distraction and it gave me the morning off from my whirlibrain.


1) With mixed feelings, I have to share that Sandy, my Darling American, is no longer going to be co-hosting the TToT. She’s moving onwards and upwards to other things, STILL INCLUDING WRITING, so don’t worry – she’s not going to disappear, but has come to the decision to wind down Mother of Imperfection, and apply her focus elsewhere. I’m happy that she’s reached a decision which works for her, and which makes her happier, and I’m excited for her new projects. I’m also the tiniest bit devastated she’s leaving us, and will miss her lots from our little group of co-hostinae. The 7GV have all been suitably attired in black, for the occasion.

2) Which means WE NEED A NEW CO-HOST! The ten of us have been in discussion. Watch this space for a brand-new newbie to enjoy πŸ™‚

3) I’m very thankful for the inlinkz linkie tool which allows this blog hop to happen each week. But this week apparently there might be some downtime on the 6th December, so if you try to link up then, and it doesn’t work, DON’T FREAK OUT! Just post your blog on the thread in the Facebook group, or try again later πŸ™‚


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*It’s because by the time I’ve figured out how to pronounce the names in my head, I’ve forgotten what the plot was doing

**The phrase I *really* like to describe this phenomenon is ‘as useless as the tits on a boar-hog, and twice as unattractive’, but I didn’t want to detract from the Thing, by making you giggle too much.
***Well, apart from the constant need to unfollow yet another new board about kids/activities/optimising blogs/family stuff/school stuff, which people keep creating, and Pintrest auto-follows me to *sigh*

91 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #77

  1. Aw! I will miss Sandy, too. I’m glad she will be doing other things that make her happy though! I sent you a pin since I know some of the things you like now. πŸ™‚ I love that this post like so many others show your giving nature. I love that you are this way all year round. People like me really appreciate that. I so know what you mean about how you feel about other people on the other side of the screen! It’s what happens when you blog and build relationships I guess.

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    • GAH I tried to reply to this at lunchtime, Brittnei, but my phone shut down halfway through my comment and I got cross. I’m trying again.

      I LOVE the pin you sent me. It’s one I already have, but it’s SO exquisitely beautiful and it made me smile to see it, and made me smile even more that you thought of me. Thank you so much πŸ˜€

      I *try* to be a vaguely acceptable human being all year around. I succeed sometimes more than others. And I don’t publish the bad stuff too often, so I’m not really as good as I look onscreen, yaknow?

      When blog-friendship happens, it really is a wonderful thing. When it becomes meaningful, it’s AMAZING.


  2. With you writing about boxing almost every week, I think I start to miss it. It definitely always felt great to be completely powered out πŸ™‚ You are such a wonderful person, taking care of others all that time! Have the best of all holiday seasons, Lizzi! It’s because of people like you that I really, really hope for Karma to exist!!

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    • Ack!! Am I really writing about it EVERY week? Gah! How boring of me. I must find something else to write about. You should go back though, then YOU can write about it and I shall find a new topic πŸ™‚

      I try to look after people. I think it’s my ‘thing’, perhaps.

      I really hope Karma doesn’t exist. My nasty ex-bro-in-law used to say “Karma’s great, because if I punch someone in the face, they must have deserved it!” No. There’s too much awfulness happening to good people in the world for it to be anything but a desperate hope for redress in this life. And too many badly behaved people getting everything handed to them on a plate. Nope. I don’t buy it.


  3. Sandy leaving us is a huge bummer but I adore her replacement so… and yay to you for bring your reading friend coffee and cakes and having a nice chat and for decorating your office. I also love your Christmas plan…we don’t do many gifts at all. Of course, Tucker will be spoiled as it should be because he’s five and awesome and this is the FRIST Christmas that he’s talking about Christmas and is looking forward to it and talking about all of the good stuff. Plus, when I told him that some kids have no toys, he instantly created a huge pile of his own toys for them. Other than him, we’ll get some stuff for nieces and nephew but mostly, we remember to give and so are doing that. Sorry you had a rough Friday (and week) and awesome to your husband for offering to emergency text you to come wash the spider (I hear they like to be washed by being thrown in the toilet and flushed). MWAH.

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    • You keep your evil intents away from my spider! Oy! :p I *think* I’m back. I talked to Beth for thee longest time Friday night, and that helped huge. Didn’t vidchat (you didn’t miss me!) I’ve been back for most of the weekend and had a mini-panic earlier, but got immediately bailed out, which is a relief. But this recurring shit is…stupid, and I know it. *sigh*

      Tucker did that by HIMSELF?! Ohmigosh I love that boy’s heart. And yours. Because he can only have learned that level of compassion and care for others at such a young age as a result of excellent and consistent role-modelling πŸ˜€ Wow. You’re a wonder and you’re raising a good’un.

      And YES he should be spoiled. And your nieces and nephews. We’re still doing presents for Niece and Neff. Because it would be sucky to deprive them – it matters so much more when you’re a kid.

      Ohhh Tucker’s heart is still making me smile πŸ˜€

      Her replacement is awesome but I’m still sad. End of an era and all that. But Sandy being happy is a Good. So there’s that.


  4. The main thing that I get out of reading this post? You have a good heart. Many of these thankfuls could have started with “Thankful I cared.” You really do inspire me (and, I imagine, many others) to care more deeply. Thank you!

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    • Bless you for thinking so, Kristi. Just bear in mind that I only usually write the highlights, both of my actual and my internal world, so there’s that. But they are still extant, so I suppose to an extent, they still count. Thank you. That’s very affirming πŸ™‚

      I hope that if I inspire others to care, I’m able to live up to it πŸ™‚


  5. yea Sandy going is kida sad… but I’m happy she is doing what is right for her.

    As for caring for people like bloggy friends, you know what Lizzy I’ve received much more support from my Bloggy friends that I have from my real life friends. I’m the most socially challenged person you can imagine…. so those beautiful words of kindness and encouragement they mean the world to me even when y’all on the other side of the world.

    But caring also means you can get hurt, so yea….

    And I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    Fabulous for helping out with them charities…. it is people like you who give me hope for this world. And yay for meeting strangers under lap poles… πŸ˜€

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    • Serins, you aren’t alone. Not even. I had a crisis of upset the other night and very nearly felt like deleting everything and unplugging my hardwired heart because the caring made it hurt and it got all ridiculous and then I waited and calmed down and it was…mostly okay. There are still things, but… *sigh* I know what you mean.

      I like to try to do my bit if I can. There is SO SO SO much hope for this world, I promise. There are many doing more and better than I am – they probably just do it more quietly. But we can all be the difference in our own communities.

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  6. You always have the best thankfuls to share. I really love that you and Husby are planning to give to those who truly need help. We too have so much stuff that we have no more room or desire for things. I am going to offer your plan to my family and I am sure that a worthy cause in ‘Murica will have more to work with this year because of us. Thank you for that great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh Pattie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you might take on this idea and do the same in Murica! WOW! That’s so awesome. You’re the second person to say that, and it makes my heart so happy to think that my people (cos I somehow think of my regular readers here as ‘mine’) are so dedicated to making the world a better place, and are so compassionate. I love the calibre of person who rocks up here. *grinning*


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  8. You are so right about how we wouldn’t think twice about handing a clean and well-dressed businessman cash if he asked, but we wonder what the homeless man would use it to purchase. Shame on us as a whole for doing that, right? Because the truth is that neither man is more or less likely to use said cash for unsavory purposes. Amazing how outward appearances influence our judgments…and they really just shouldn’t.
    I love the possibilities your reading man presents. He could be a man who used to be well-off enough to own a whole library. He could be a scholar doing a doctoral study on how people react to a homeless man with a book. He could simply like to read. Possibilities are endless, really. Same with the woman in the car from the comments – maybe she goes there to escape something terrible or maybe she is simply on her break from work and it’s a nice reprieve.
    Well done getting that sourpuss to clam up. People are unbelievable sometimes.
    Somehow I think you might like Balzac. I hate to pre-color anyone’s impressions by offering editorial, but if you want to chat about that, you know where to find me. I love Dostoyevsky – always have since my first novel in high school. Great humanity in his stuff.

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    • I’ll give Balzac a try at some point, but today I cleaned the house and found all the books I haven’t read, and added them to the book-tower in the hall, and it’s nearly up to my shoulders so…I should probably read some of those first!

      The sourpuss patient was just…incredible. I was really surprised by what a douchecanoe he was being!

      I hadn’t thought that the guy could be doing a study. I guess his story could be ANYTHING! Perhaps one day I’ll find out. Meantime I just hope I don’t offend him if I keep bringing him things now and again.

      And yeah – there is a shocking amount of underlying and quite unnoticed judgement which we ALL do, a lot of the time, and becoming aware of it is quite astonishing, to see how deeply it affects us.


  9. You put something in context for me. I am often frozen with grief of not knowing or being able to say or do something to make you feel better. I feel so inadequate and such a worthless friend. But then you wrote that, and it made me think of when I was writing to you about a difficult situation and you said you wish you knew how to help. And how that was what helped. Just words of support. I’ll hold that thought in my heart.

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    • Wait, whut, me? Haaaaang about….come back here and asplain yourself, missy! Or asplain elsewhere, but DO asplain. I do not now, nor have I EVER thought you inadequate or a worthless friend! Au contraire!

      Is your brain doing to you that thing that mine does to me every so often? Cuz I’ll tell it to come and shut up, even if I can’t do that to my own brain…


      • OK, so I think I said something all wrong. I meant:
        When you write about your body image woes or infertility ones or others, I feel frozen because I don’t know the right thing to say. And I think you were writing above of having a similar feeling with others and their woes. And that made me think of a time I confided some of my woes and in you, and you wrote back about being so sorry you didn’t have the training or background or something to help. And I said that didn’t matter, that you sympathy and concerns was enough. And so I was just going to keep that in mind: when I feel I don’t know the right thing to say, I should remember that perhaps my sympathy and concern is enough.

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        • Nowwww I getcha. Yes.

          Sympathy, concern, friendship, care – those things, wrapped up in words of compassion – it kind of doesn’t matter, I guess, to know or understand precisely the struggle, but to let the other person know you’re in their corner. That counts for an awful lot πŸ™‚

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  10. Without further ado, before it becomes an “adon’t”.Oh, so clever. Made me sputter out a laugh right out loud!
    The reading man on the wall…something tells me that he himself is the story.


  11. Do you ever wonder why some people end up homeless? I did, when I lived in NY. This new friend of yours, the reader- he isn’t clutching a bottle or strung out on drugs. Really makes you think, “there but for the grace of God” etc. I love that you brought him food and chatted. I had trouble passing them without doing so, myself. Usually they were asking for money, but I was worried they might neglect food for alcohol, and I’d just give them whatever I’d just purchased for breakfast.

    It’s a real eye opener, that. When I bring Little Dude into the city, he’s always confused and dismayed by the homeless. I’m glad he’s able to see, first hand, how much less fortunate others can be.

    That being said, I’ve tried to volunteer at soup kitchens out here for the holidays, and it’s nearly impossible. They always tell me that they have enough people. And it’s something I very much want to do with my son.

    I know I’m going on here a bit, but a recent post by the amazing Gretchen left me feeling frustrated and impotent- which I wrote in the comments. Because there’s things to be DONE, and I want to DO them. We’re the change, each of us- and yet, I get so caught up in my own shit that I don’t make the time to make a difference.

    Okay. Enough of that. How did I miss Beth’s birthday? I took a Facebook break a couple of days, and missed one of my favorite people’s birthdays??? Crikey.

    You’re amazing. You don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. You inspire me to be a better person, all the time. And you do provide such comfort to those of us who know you online. Please know that.


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    • Ahhh this comment is gorgeous, thank you so much for taking the time, Precious. I do appreciate it.

      You were homeless? Ackkk 😦 I’m just so lucky that my family have been generous to a fault and have determinedly supported us, because there were several months a couple of years ago when we couldn’t make rent and would possibly have been in danger of losing our flat. But I just…adunno – to have a PLACE; somewhere you belong and people around you who care about you…I can’t imagine life without that. And I hate that people live this reality. There was an article I read yesterday about a guy in Ireland who’d been homeless since he was 13, and for 30 years had lived on the streets, and just…died.

      I know what you mean about worrying what they might spend the money on, and I get anxious that I might be being an enabler. I’d always rather give food/drink/socks or something. And if they have a dog, then some dog treats. But…I decided recently that if it’s not convenient to do the ‘other’ stuff, then I will give money. Because I want to help, and I’d rather give the benefit of the doubt, If a businessman asked if I could give him a couple of quid because he was all out, I wouldn’t second-guess whether or not he might spend it on drugs or booze – I’d just do it. And that makes me a judgemental asshole and I need to apply only one rule – does this person need something right now, and can I help. If the answer’s yes, then I’d rather err on THAT side of caution, than the other.

      It warms my heart that you try so hard to help, and to show your son that there are people in this world who are so much worse off, and who need a bit of a hand up. I have no doubt that your example and your compassion for the marginalised, and your desire to help, will rub off on him and prove a very positive influence. GOOD FOR YOU! You’re awesome.

      Trying to remember what Gretchen wrote recently…perhaps I missed it! I’ll have to double-check. I love her words.

      And…thank you, always, for reassuring me that my words make a difference. I just feel that they really don’t and it winds me up that I can’t fly in like some avenging angel, and fix everything and stop it all from hurting the people I care about. *sigh*

      Still, words is all I got, and sometimes that’s okay.

      You… *grins*…You, I like an awfully big lot… ❀


      • Oh, no, I personally was never homeless!
        I meant, I did, as in “wonder why some end up homeless.” It seems as though for some, it could be just a series of catastrophic events to an otherwise totally stable person. And suddenly- they’re out of options.

        Heartbreaking. I take nothing for granted.

        I like you HUGE. So we’re even. ❀

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        • Ohhh *phew* I was gonna say! Cos that would have really upset me to think.

          I don’t know, Precious. All kinds of things lead to homelessness. I’m thinking a lot about it cos it’s one of the overriding arcs in the Anitra story. I think sometimes it’s catastrophic events, and sometimes a catastrophic personality. I think very few people would choose it.

          I take entirely TOO MUCH for granted. That’s half my problem.

          And yay πŸ˜€


  12. I love your compassion for the homeless in your community. I bet you have no idea how much you brighten that man’s day when you stop by with a hot cup of coffee, or even just to chat. I also am a little devastated that Sandy is leaving the TToT and Mother of Imperfection, because her blog is how I came upon this blog hop, and I love participating in it each week. But I wish her well in her next chapter. I’m looking forward to seeing your new hairdo next week!

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    • Well, I hope I brighten his day. Or warm him up, at least, with the coffee. I’ve only done it twice but if I see him again I’ll try to make sure I catch him again. I think he’s WAY ahead of me in reading though. I hope we find stuff to talk about so it’s not awkward!

      I had to work VERY hard on not having too much of a knee-jerk reaction to Sandy leaving her blog behind. I know she’ll still be around, and she’s reassured me she will be very much present, but I’m pretty resistant to change sometimes and I’m still sad around the edges about this, as well as trying to be happy and supportive that she’s feeling good about where she’s moving forward to.

      Hairdo will be two weeks time. I could only get an appointment on the 20th.

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  13. … with other people struggling and me only able to encourage and show care through words,

    rushing through Post reading before work, but I assume someone has already comment on this particular thought (in your Post).
    …allow me to say, what you put into electronically shaped thoughts in this blog or on someone else’s blog or text or whatever the hell medium we might use when a half-a-planet away, is no less than the stand-in-the-room-and-vibrate-the-surrounding-air-with-your-thoughts!

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  14. I can’t wait to see your new hairdo. I hope you asked Dyanne. She’s got good hair. The empathy we feel for our blog friends is such a special connection. I like how. you tried to box geography on Facebook this week.

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    • I think I asked Dyanne! Eek! I can’t remember now (to my shame). I asked Denise. She’s very glamorous. And I asked Beth (who’s stunning) and I asked um. Can’t remember. It might have been quite late at night. But I think I have a winner. I’ll double check with my hairdresser and then see where we go from there.

      Geography really upset me this week. It needed boxing :/

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  15. Holy Bat Blogger…I either didn’t know or missed along the way that you box! Whew…thank goodness there is a Pond separating us for the times I get smart on comments. Hopefully you will forget that when I make it to England we get together to visit. Or I’ll have to bring out one of those Men In Black mind-eraser strobe pens and use it on you πŸ™‚ Also, you can show me how to use Pinterest. I haven’t gotten the hang of it mostly because I just don’t have time to spend on there but would like to! So, you’re 5′ 7″…excellent…that means I won’t have to look up to you physically. But, I also do with your writing-awesomeness. Your not outdoorsy so you, your husband and I will be off the pub for pints, fish and chips! Or one of those gnarly huge ice cream cones!! Hugs to you πŸ™‚

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    • Heheh a mind-eraser would be cool, but I’d prefer the asshole-laser for bad drivers. That would be a VERY cool gadget (prints ‘asshole’ in their paintwork – you mount it on the bonnet of your car. And it also doesn’t exist but SHOULD).

      We should go to the BEACH! Somehow I don’t count that as outdoorsy, cos all I do is wander around and collect shells and listen to the sea and sometimes play in the waves.

      Boxing is AWESOME.

      And as for Pintrest…I just use it as a place to collect pictures I like. I know some people are clever and use it to promote their blogs. I have NO IDEA about that. I just hoard πŸ™‚


  16. I love that my cleavage has made it your blog. twice. #winning

    A loverly list of thankfuls. I especially love the reader guy you’ve been chatting with. Very sweet. πŸ™‚

    Your charity work, at Christmas and otherwise, is an inspiration.

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    • *grins* Your cleavage is welcome at my blog any time. As is the rest of you, my dear BW. But yeah – twice in one week is unprecedented, that said, having just spent the night with you, perhaps it’s apt πŸ˜‰

      I can’t see “loverly” without hearing it sung by Audrey Hepburn…makes me want to sing πŸ˜€ The reader guy is awesome. I’m glad he was kind about me stopping, rather than sniffy or stand-offish.

      And…as for the charity work. I feel uncomfortable posting about it, because it sounds so awfully braggy and like an attempt at saintliness or something, but honestly, I feel so much like this is SIMPLE STUFF, and I’ve seen so many lists, posts, pin-boards, tweets, about all the things people WANT – wealthy, rich, lapped-around-in-luxury people, and I’m sure they all do something, or if they don’t then they *might* if only they REMEMBERED (because half the issue with marginalisation is that it’s easy to forget/overlook these people) that these people EXIST and that they NEED. Not want. Need. And these people, wherever they are, are our human brothers and sisters and they are cold and hungry and left outside in the rain and if I stop to think about it too much it hurts my heart and makes me want to never buy myself anything again because I would rather that they were fed and clothed and warm…and remembered.

      One of my favourite, favourite new songs is one Christine (coop) sent me…it’s called Do Something by Matthew West, and when I heard it, I nearly punched the air and my heart went all fireworky – it’s SO where I’m at. And it has these lyrics:

      I’m so tired of talking
      About how we are God’s hands and feet
      But it’s easier to say than to be
      Live like angels of apathy who tell ourselves
      It’s alright, β€œsomebody else will do something”
      Well, I don’t know about you
      But I’m sick and tired of life with no desire
      I don’t want a flame, I want a fire
      I wanna be the one who stands up and says,
      β€œI’m gonna do something”

      If not us, then who
      If not me and you
      Right now, it’s time for us to do something

      Sorry…mini-soapbox moment there. But this one matters to me.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It’s good. To the uninitiated (me, at the beginning) it looks like a whole lot of lying around making shapes with your body. But once you try it you realise it’s *intensely* difficult. Give it a go, if you get the chance πŸ™‚


  17. Aw!! I had all kinds of things to say- but just seeing the comment above made me just well up in tears!!!

    I cry very easily these days… (More than usual!)

    How can you not be lifted by that precious statement? Ah…


    I’m so inspired by how you are always able to twist a heavy heart into something so purposeful and beautiful and worthy of praise. I absolutely adore every one of these thankfuls. They mean something- they actually are exactly the groundwork laid for your heart always. It’s like this perfect nutshell version of your life- and how you are able to navigate it all. They are true glimpes of you.

    Hey guess what?

    You give ME hope too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do I? Well, I’m pleasantly surprised by that, Kitty, because you know a little more of the ‘behind the thankfuls’ which goes on with me. But thanks πŸ™‚

      It takes effort to twist, but it’s so worthwhile. So very, very worthwhile.

      And as for crying – I haven’t done that for a good thing for ages. Only bad ones. *sigh*

      *hugs* You’re awesome. Thanks for such a wonderful comment. ❀


  18. You’re Christmas decorations made me giggle this week. Huzzah for you and the Pilates, my goal is to get to yoga every other week and somehow increase as this body allows.

    I love reading about your homeless visits. It makes me think a few braver thoughts with those who wonder around here.

    I’m glad you found your way back from the topsy-turvy sideways. Those stupid rabbit holes and holiday obligations make the month a minefield.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I’m not back yet, but I’m bouncing around the corners of it and climbing over the roadblocks.

      They’re not really ‘visits’ I do, so much as terribly embarrassed, inept attempts at helping another person without offending them or appearing to flaunt my plenty in the face of their lack.

      And if you keep up yoga every other week, you’ll soon improve and be able to do weekly classes, and then the sky’s the limit πŸ™‚ GO FOR IT!


  19. Lizzi, I promise you, even if you can’t do anything because you’re way over there doesn’t mean that your caring and love is doing nothing. Just the fact that you care enough to listen, just KNOWING you care, makes a HUGE difference. Please don’t ever get discouraged. As I told you the other night, you can be right next to the person and still not be able to help. Just being there is enough.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was frustrating. And thanks for chatting me through it at the time – sorry for ranting near you again, but you did help me. I really appreciate it. I shall try not to get discouraged. Or at least, not to the point where I stop trying. I’ll keep trying. I’m good at perseverance, like, 90% of the time. πŸ˜‰

      And true. I guess I’ve been in that latter situation too.


  20. Anyone who can keep up boxing like you have can conquer ANYTHING.
    You’re such a good person to take food to your homeless friend, but please be cautious when you do.
    Are cakes the same as cupcakes? Or something else?
    Ohh, I DO love Pinterest!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Pintrest is AWESOME. It’s one of my favourite things.

      And I’m not a good person. Just a guilty, rich one. And it’s out in the open at a busy intersection, ‘kay? πŸ™‚ Cakes can cover all manner of sweet, baked goods.

      And as for the boxing. We’ll see. There are bigger, badder things to conquer than punchbags.


  21. Aww, so going to miss Sandy and when she is old me of her decision I got it, but still felt terrible that she will no longer be blogging. Still while no one can quite replace her, will wish her predecessor cohost the best in taking over. By the way, the girls got your niece’s Christmas card and loved it. We will be sending her one back very soon. So hope you will tell her for us πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh SUPER! I’ll tell her tomorrow. She was so happy to write to them again. She called Emma ‘my best friend’ – I think she was going for ‘pen friend’, bless her boots πŸ˜€

      I’m going to miss Sandy a LOT from this hop, but I’m sure whoever comes next will bring their own level of Awesome to the game. Big ole shoes to fill though, forsure.


  22. I live near the lake and there is an older woman (man?) who comes and sits in her car with a book for hours every evening. I always wonder what is happening for her at home that she chooses to take read there. Often it can be pretty, but not always. Someday maybe I’ll talk to her but mostly I’m too aware of how it is to crave solitude.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Happy Birthday Mrs. Lizzi (Beth, obvy!)
    Your new garbage-bag guitar friend (that would be a great name for his band!) Sounds pretty awesome. Is he a drifter, do you think? or just outdoorsey? Makes no nevermind, just bein nosey.
    Nice of you to bring him cakes and coffee!
    Glad Husby comforted you. I’m going to assume “wash the spider” is code for kinky stuff πŸ˜‰
    Great job w/pilates and boxing, or do you call your sport just “Punching” if there isn’t another person hitting you back?? Either way, I need some interesting exercise. Or any!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well….I guess it should be just ‘punching’. I don’t spar cos without my specs, I can’t SEE, and would just get beaten to pulp. So it’s punchbags and pads. You’ll get some exercise.

      And no. The spider thing was not in any way kinky – just a jokey ‘out’ for if I needed an excuse as to why I had to bail. As it was I was having some dizziness and looking pretty rough, so I got out of it without needing to lie, which was better.

      I think he’s homeless, or living in a shelter or overnight something of some kind. I dunno. Our chats have been brief so far, but I hope there will be more. He seems cool.

      And YAY Beth (I laughed HARD at your moniker for her. Then told her. And she laughted too)


  24. I do love your story about the reader and the little moments and chats with him. And my second favourite of your thankfuls is the whirlibrain, which is now a new word I love (so accurate recently) and practicing patience. I can never think of the right thing to say in those moments so good on you for coming out with that especially in the midst of stress. It’s perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be fair, I kind of borrowed it from Morgan Freeman in Evan Almighty, where he tells whatsherface that God doesn’t just give people patience when they ask for it – He gives them opportunities to practice patience. And it shut the snarky guy up, thank GOODNESS. Because I was about ready to bite him, and trying very hard to retain my professionalism through gritted teeth.

      Whirlibrain I just neologised for this post right there. I was quite pleased. Glad you like it too πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  25. I think that whole mixed up messy feeling must be in the air because that describes how I have felt all friday long.

    I always feel so bad for homeless people when its extremely cold or extremely hot out.

    OOOHHHH I always think I am too emotional because I do form emotional attatchments to people on the other end of the screen too and I think about them a lot. Although I think a chocolate teapot would be rather handy in that situation.

    Lizzi your generosity never ceases to amaze me.

    So I am really too sleepy to be reading but I have been waiting for this and what I actually read was….. mooning chestnuts. I though how on earth can chestnuts even moon?

    um…I would love to be a co-host. I may just need some help on technical stuff but… that would be super cool!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mooning chestnuts? DID I WRITE THAT?!?! *rushes back to look*

      *phew* No. I didn’t. I DID write ‘cherubs’. Thank goodness! YOU WORRIED ME!

      I don’t know who it’s going to be in the end, for the next co-host, but thanks for volunteering. I’ll certainly add your name to the discussion πŸ™‚

      It’s been an odd sort of week, really. I guess for more than just me *sigh* Here’s hoping the weekend is an improvement.

      I feel bad for homeless people all the time. They get overlooked and marginalised and that must suck SO much. I know it a little, that ‘outsiderness’ and it hurts.

      Liked by 1 person

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