Where I’m From: The Sisterwives

There is such a variety of images to pick from to describe the beauty and splendour of the manner in which something enormous and amazing can come from something tiny: butterfly from caterpillar; oak from acorn; mountain from molehill (wait, no, not that!). A number of months ago, such a thing occurred between a group of women who mostly only know each other online. Words resonated. Stories were similar. Souls recognised familiar aspects reflected back in the others, and reached out, and The Sisterwives began.

Sisterwives Button

As with anything which begins small, it was the acknowledgement and understanding that here in these tiny seeds of friendship and mutual regard lay something much bigger than any of us. We chose to see the ‘world in a grain of sand’, and as we shared our histories, our struggles and our triumphs, we found ourselves caring more and more about these friends at the other end of the screen. We began to nurture and champion one another. We supported each other through tough times and celebrated the good things together.

Eventually we realised that we were onto such a good thing, we wanted to share it, which is how the Sisterwives Blog happened – a project where we share our stories, and those of our readers, and are fostering a community of openness, acceptance and genuine care for others.

With any group of any people, there have been, are, and will be ups and downs. We’re real, complex, complicated people and we all live our own lives and bop along together as best we can, so yes – there are moments of misunderstanding, upset and hurt…but the moments of rejoicing and collaborating and the sharing of our successes together as individuals and as a group are entirely worth all the effort we put into maintaining this wonderful space in the Blogosphere. Whether up front or behind the scenes, each Sisterwife’s role is a vital part of the functioning whole.

Even after all this time, we are learning new things about each other, and continuing to surprise and confuse one another on a regular basis. I suspect this is the same with any group of friends, but I love the way we’ve all grown closer through the process of having a group friendship and a common goal – to make the world a bit better, in a way which is within our means to do.

In honour of these amazing ladies (and because there’s a bit of a fun game going on over there, for Thanksgiving week) and to show my gratitude and affection for them, I wrote the following based on a template poem which has been going around the Blogosphere quite beautifully, called ‘Where I’m From‘, by George Ella Lyon. I hope you like it, because today, this is where I’m at:

I am from laptop keys, from WordPress and caffiene.
I am from the place where stories are shared and even geography can’t stop us.
I am from excitement, imagination and emotion; from hardwired hearts
I am from friendship and compassion, from Samara and Hasty, from Laurie, Deanna and Jennie, from Sandy and Mandi and Beth.
I am from the stunning realisation that this is REAL and the determination to make it count.
From insisting ‘alone we are enough’ and that we matter because we choose one another.
I am from a firm belief that together we’re stronger, and that we all belong to each other.
I’m from the Blogosphere; from flights of fancy and souls laid bare in pixels.
From sticking together, teasing our friends, and #DickPunchThursday; from raucous laughter, inappropriate jokes and it being okay to cry.
I am from threads in Facebook; from long, important converstations and fleeting tweets; from emails and vidchats and staying up late not to miss a single, glorious moment.
I am from Sisterwives.

Come on over and see what all the fuss is about, and have a go at our game.

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