Ten Things of Thankful #73

If you’re reading this on Friday, I suspect two things:

1) You’re astonished to see this up so early (i.e. at the beginning of when the link-up’s meant to go live, not several hours after)

2) I’m still driving.

You see, there will be absolutely NO way for me to write this post on the appointed (fri)day, because I’ve taken the day off, and Husby and I are popping out for the day on a date. To Wales.

Yup. A whole nother country.

There’s method to our madness, though, and most of the method (5 hours driving) is sentimentality. Sheer and unadulterated. Because on November 10th, 2007, Husby and I met in Cardiff for our first ‘let’s just see, shall we?’ date. And because we had a crappy wedding anniversary in June. So we’re hearkening back to the very first beginnings and returning to the city where we first began to think that maybe we were worth giving a try as a couple.

SO. Thursday evening (or, by now, the wee hours of Friday morning (yeah…’bout that long drive)) saw me sitting down to try to whizz a semi-decent Ten Things of Thankful together so that I could be all prepared and stuff. Clearly I succeeded. Kinda (I’m two hours, some great Facebook chats and 200 words in… (and there’s a chance that I’m over-using ellipses from tiredness…))

BUT the plus side (as far as anyone who follows me on Instagram is concerned) is that there will be PHOTOS to make up for the crappy writing. I’m even going to try to grab a snap of the Pelican. He matters.

HOW is it that there are now three paragraphs which begin with a vastly over-emphasised FULLY CAPITALISED WORD?! Anyone would think that I’m just your run-of-the-mill, can’t-string-two-words-together type blogger. Which perhaps I am, at this hour, but normally I’d be sufficiently more ashamed of my gaucheness and change it. Do me a favour and pretend it never happened…?

TEN – That if I so choose, I can post an utterly half-assed attempt at a TToT, and fail to promote it, and I know that SOME people will probably still show up. Heck. they’ll probably even leave lovely comments and splatter this across Twitter, because that’s the kind and generous nature of the TToT community here.

NINE – The editing aspects of WordPress allow me (should I so choose) to avail myself of the option of returning to this and making it better at some point over the weekend. To be fair, I likely won’t, but it’s nice to know the opportunity’s there, should I wish to take it.

EIGHT – I love Facebook. Well, I love the platform which allows me to hijack other people’s threads at 2am and turn them into bundles of UTTER SILLINESS. But I must concentrate (long drive ahead of me – don’t want to die).

SEVEN – That I am, as of this evening (Thursday, remember?) Officially *THAT* girl, who punched herself in the face at boxing practice. Yup. I really am. But it was funny and my boxing partner (and the instructor WHO MIGHT HAVE MOVED THE PAD AS I UPPERCUT) all laughed together at my surprise. And then there’s this… (thanks, Eric)

Give the Girl a SwordSIX – I can’t remember. There definitely WAS one…but I can dance for the 7GV if needs be. For now I’m just gonna shake it off, shake it off.

FIVE – I wrote a fiction for Kristi for #KickCancersAss and she LOVELOVELOVED it. Well. She one ‘love’ loved it. But in capital letters.

FOUR – Silly moods are silly. I’m in one. I also want to know whether or not Sandy managed to get any sleep after I sent her some micro-horror. Which reminds me. JESSICA CAME OUT. Not like *that* – the BOOK. Remember? THE ONE YOU CAN BUY ON AMAZON…that one. The one I’m in. Did you read it?

THREE – Michelle REVIEWED it for you. She also made a beautiful button which (if I come back not-tired, I will endeavour to put here). Michelle is awesome. And the review is amazing. And Jessica is a GREAT BOOK. Did I mention the book?

TWO – I spent some of Thursday evening pretending to be a firework.

ONE – My pilates teacher has a beautiful soul. I might write a whole thing on that.

ANOTHER ONE – New, beautiful email friendship with Dani from BloomingSpiders, who responded oh-so-wonderfully when I sent a nudge to see if she still wanted a #KickCancersAss post (she did).

ONE MORE – Tuesday evening was spent ABSOLUTELY CRACKING UP over snack cakes that a friend brought to a gaming evening. Because the name of them sounds like nothing so much as bad Disney porn. And FYI, they were funnier than they tasted good, but they were VERY VERY FUNNY.


That’s all (for now) folks


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74 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #73

    • It was great thanks. A much-needed day of fun and frolics and togetherness. I only have a photoshopped sword. The gloves are real though…and I do have a bullwhip(!)

      I shall try to keep finding thankfuls…at the moment it’s for the nap I’m about to take.


  1. I love that you are having an anniversary do-over. I hope you had a fabulous time! I would like to know a bit more about item #2 – can you elaborate at some point? How does one pretend to be a firework?

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    • It was great and really very needed.

      I wrote about the firework waaaaay down there to Lisa – I hope you don’t mind a copy and paste cos it’s quite in-depth 😉

      So at boxing, we were doing some warm-up exercises (I was already warm, this being my second class in a row) and we were using a 9lb medicine ball to do burpees (where you jump down, do a press-up, then leap into a crouch, then leap straight up into the air – but hanging onto the medicine ball, in this exercise) and my partner was pretty lack-lustre. I’d just done the exercises in the first class and was a bit fed up of them, so I said to her that I’d already done this, and that what they’d been yelling at us before was to be EXPLOSIVE with our jumps at the end. SO I said to her that she should be like a firework (topical, because of November 5th and Bonfire night etc) and she grinned and started jumping higher. So we both took turns at pretending to be a firework as we alternated our burpees, complete with “WHEEEEEEEE!!!” noises and bangs and much giggling.

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  2. Your trip sounds great – yay for having some fun relaxing time and I did LOVE LOVE LOVE it! F’real all three times and even more than that. Yup. You can quote me on it even. And wait – chocolate? Huh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! Chocolate – WHAT?!?!

      But YAY for you loving it SO much, and for being so delightfully encouraging and enthusiastic about the whole thing, and for supporting me so staunchly in it 😀 You’re a wonder.

      The trip was gorgeous. We really needed it.


  3. What a great list, LOTS of cool thankfuls! I love those perverted cookies! hahaha also, uh, are we not going to talk about THE SWORD?! What the hey hey?? Looks pretty cool!
    I hope you had a great date full of sweeties like fingerellas, hahaha how romantical! We too like to celebrate the time we STARTED dating, rather than the usual anniversary of our wedding, which is just a piece of paper as far as I’m concerned.
    I ordered Jessica, can’t wait to read it! I had an issue w/my order, my bank sent out new cards and I hadn’t updated Amazon, buuuut I fixed it and it should be here soon. SO EXCITED!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OHHHH bless your boots, Joy – YOU’RE GETTING JESSICA! I’m so excited 😀 Will you post a review for us? (I’m not too proud to beg for it…) YAY! Thank you for buying it 🙂

      We had a fabulous date full of bad-for-you food and laughs and songs and wet, rained-on feet, and hand-holding and just…time out from life. It was gorgeous 🙂

      The SWORD is amazing, isn’t it? I can’t remember which show Eric said he got it from, but it looks brilliant 🙂 We also established that seeing as I’m prone to hurting myself, the boxing gloves are probably a good idea so I don’t cut my hands on the sword whilst using it 😀


    • Heheh I still would argue the toss on ‘deserve’ but thanks – I appreciate the sentiment. I had a lovely week last week, and I hope that the loveliness will continue in spite of being ill today. Husby’s looking after me, which is really nice, and I feel very loved and cared-for.


  4. Thank you for including me here, Lizzi. It has been truly wonderful exchanging blessings and heart shards with you. Here’s hoping the string continues, friend.

    With thanksgiving,

    P.S. Thrilled you snuck away to Wales. Hoping it was restorative, in as many ways as possible, to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh I’ve really enjoyed our email exchanges, Dani – I hope they continue, too 🙂

      Wales was lovely and yes – very restorative, I think. We’re still happy and having laughs – it really did make a lot of a difference.


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  6. Hey Lizzi….happy first meeting anniversary! My hubby and I celebrate that one too 🙂 But yes traveling and activities can mess with the posting schedule. You’ve done a fine job and reminded us all to remember what we are thankful for! You just might want to avoid the whole punched in the face thing next time! 🙂 Meanwhile, I am thankful I’ve found you and the rest of the TToT group 🙂 ~Kathy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kathy. It was a really fun day, and we haven’t always remembered it, but this was a good one, I think. We were happy, and made happier by the day out together.

      I’m so glad that everyone comes together each weekend to remember their thankfuls. It’s such a thing of joy and enjoyment and community. I like that you’re thankful you found us 🙂

      (and yeah – totally gonna re-think the punching myself in the face…)


  7. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. We had an overnight trip this weekend, too, so while we were on Catalina Island, I was receiving photos from Wales. It made the world smaller somehow. 🙂

    I must say, though, geographic boundaries are strange things. You drove 5 hours to get to another country. We traveled almost that long and managed to end up in our same county, let alone country! (Of course, we could have ended up in Mexico if we had driven south for that long, so I guess direction matters, too.)

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    • Instagram is brilliant for that – it really brings people together. I remember when Christine was here how much I enjoyed seeing her pics of London, and then of Paris once they’d moved on. It was delightful.

      Hope your trip was lovely 🙂

      We only drove 2.5 hours – 5 was the round trip. But WOW…that’s a long, long way you had to go to get nowhere new. As it were. I think the thing which is going to blow my mind about America is the sheer SIZE of the place. I really have NO idea, do I?


      • To be fair, here in southern California we measure distance in time, because traffic can be so bad. We had to drive several hours to get to the pier, then the boat ride was 1-1/2 hours. But yes, America is huge. The eastern states are smaller, but out west the states are really quite large.

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  8. Happy first date anniversary! This year I forgot ours which is Oct. 24th. Al remembered it though … he’s so good about stuff like that. We have our 28th wedding anniversary coming up on Nov. 28th and I won’t forgot that one 🙂 Hope that you two are having a blast this weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh WOW! 28 years on the 28th? That’s a pretty magical date. I hope you’re preparing something amazing (and that Al’s better enough to enjoy it by then!)

      We had a gorgeous time in Wales, but the rest of the weekend has kind of been washed out by SO MUCH RAIN. We’ve holed up inside and done warm-and-quiet things, like baking and writing and computer games. We probably should do some tidying, too.

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  10. Yay for 10 Things community. And I don’t think you are capable of bad writing.

    😀 for laughing during boxing training, although punching yourself um, i hope it did not hurt too much. And yay for silly moods. I just discovered Eric the other day, and am loving his blog. Thank y’all at Sister-wives for featuring him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t he fun? He’s a good man and a good friend 🙂 I’m glad we featured him over at SW.

      YAY SILLY MOODS INDEED. I enjoyed it, and have had several more since writing this. Even punching myself in the face was a good thing cos it was so funny, and no – I was more surprised than hurt, which is good.

      YAY for this community. I love it.

      (I assure you – I’m capable of bad writing 😉 I just don’t publish it)


  11. I adore the new profile picture just so you know and it seems that your love of hats has crossed the pond. I have been enjoying your photos and hope your trip is/has been amazing. It sounds like such a fantastic idea. An anniversary do over! You are the queen of Facebook as far as I can tell…getting into all kinds of trouble over there. It’s usually pretty amusing. I did sleep well because Jeff was home the night you started the mini-horror but I have to thank you again for reminding me….now that he’s gone.

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    • Bless your boots, DA 😀

      If my love of glitter and hats are things I can share and proliferate, then the world will be a funner place to be. I’m glad, and I LOVED the photos you took of Nik, and what a joy it was to see that my ‘hattiness’ (or should that be ‘Mad Hatter-ness’?) has had such an impact.

      The anniversary do-over was yeah, I think a good way of looking at it 🙂 It was a gorgeous, perfect day, in spite of the rain and the long drive and little niggles. There were rainbows and magic and laughter and love.

      Okay, and NOW I KNOW JEFF’S GONE….shall I tell you more of the horror piece? 😉 Dangerous information to share, my DA – you know how I love my practical jokes.

      Kidding. (maybe)

      But no, I won’t do that to you. However, when it’s finished, I REALLY want to know what you think, and I can’t wait til Pattie posts it (which I hope she does, or I’ll ask special permission to show you) and you can let me know. It just got SUPER CREEPY…

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  12. The snack totally sounds like Disney porn.. Sometimes you got to wonder what the designer had in mind!

    We both seem to be very graceful athletes. Someone was once kind enough to hand me a hockey stick, and the rest is history. Luckily, I managed to keep all my teeth 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend, Lizzi, and have tons of fun in the city of Torchwood 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re home now – it was only a one-day jolly. I DID see a Dalek in a shop window display though. That was pretty cool. It seemed incongruous at the time but now it makes more sense.

      I’m glad you kept your teeth! I managed not to hit myself today, though I did get a bit of a swipe in the side of the head from my partner, because I didn’t move fast enough.

      And yeah…perhaps a foreign person not au fait with the slang which would inevitably follow such a brand name.


  13. I never liked Taylor Swift until this song. The video cracks me up.
    FB can be loads of fun if one uses it correctly. Talking with people is one of the good ways, for sure.
    You punched yourself in the face. Fantastic. You all had to be bent over laughing after it happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I never liked her before this, either. Did I mention her? Well….cool! I really need to read back and see what I wrote. I have NO idea any more.

      FB is lovely for talking. That’s pretty much all I use it for. And photos. That too. And Scrabble, actually.

      I WENT TO SEE MY GRANDAD. And my aunty was there. BOOM! He was very pleased to see me 😀

      And yep. Doubled over laughing 😀 It was amazing.


      • WONDERFUL!! So glad you followed through and made the visit. No regrets… 🙂

        And yes, you linked to her song. And I quote…SIX – I can’t remember. There definitely WAS one…but I can dance for the 7GV if needs be. For now I’m just gonna shake it off, shake it off.

        Extra funny that you mentioned her in the thankful you couldn’t remember. 😀

        Hope you’re feeling better.

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        • OH! Well then… Also funny that I couldn’t remember the one where I couldn’t remember the thing I was meant to be listing as a thankful 😀 *listening to it again now*

          Double extra funny that I misread your comment and then highlighted the exact same additional funny as you did *sigh* I’m nearly better…not entirely with it yet (as you see).

          YES to the visit, and as a bonus, I visited my Nana…that was hard. She’s very different than I remember.


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  15. Hooray for dates in other countries! And food named after Disney Princess porn! And for punching yourself in the face! Wait…

    I have seen your pictures and it looks like you had a marvelous time, so YAY! I’m glad you did! You both deserved it.

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  17. Happy first date anniversary and I hope the long trip filled with loving memories will make up for your crappy anniversary in June. Always a pleasure to read anything you write. And I agree – everyday needs more glitter.

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  18. Well I’m intrigued because on one side of my ancestry, I am Scot, English, Irish, and Welsh. How about that?
    I’m going to admit that this was more of a serious skim than an in-depth read because my eyes are tired and itchy tonight. I’m delighted that you’re up early because I am actually ready ON FRIDAY and posting. Watch me now…
    I love that you and Husby are returning to the scene of your first “let’s see how this goes.” Weddings are great and anniversaries right along with them, of course. But sometimes I think the real “wedding” happens some other time when the two of you just realize that there is a future together and then…that’s it. I hope you have/had a wonderful time!
    Can I please know more about you pretending to be a firework? I thought Kidzilla and I were the only two persons in the world who use “firework” in the singlular.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, I think (for me, anyway) it happened the very first time I met Husby in person…I just felt that he had a touch of destiny about him, and so he did 🙂 It was a GORGEOUS day. We got rained on the entire time, but we laughed and joked and sang and returned to all our old haunts, and it was beautiful.

      YAY for your heritage, and YAY for reading and posting on Friday. Well done you 😀 Hope you got to sleep though, for a good long time.

      RIGHT! Fireworks.

      So at boxing, we were doing some warm-up exercises (I was already warm, this being my second class in a row) and we were using a 9lb medicine ball to do burpees (where you jump down, do a press-up, then leap into a crouch, then leap straight up into the air – but hanging onto the medicine ball, in this exercise) and my partner was pretty lack-lustre. I’d just done the exercises in the first class and was a bit fed up of them, so I said to her that I’d already done this, and that what they’d been yelling at us before was to be EXPLOSIVE with our jumps at the end. SO I said to her that she should be like a firework (topical, because of November 5th and Bonfire night etc) and she grinned and started jumping higher. So we both took turns at pretending to be a firework as we alternated our burpees, complete with “WHEEEEEEEE!!!” noises and bangs and much giggling.


  19. You don’t even like chocolate!
    I think it’s awesome that you and Husby are having a belated anniversary trip, and I hope it’s magnificent!
    I also think it’s way cool that you can be in a whole ‘nuther country just by driving a few hours!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No I know, and that’s another reason I didn’t really enjoy them.

      Confession time…I may (*may*) be beginning to be a tiny bit sold on certain chocolates. Like Snickers and Cadbury Oreo chocolate…isn’t that awful?! I don’t know WHO I AM ANY MORE!

      The trip was BEAUTIFUL – really, really lovely. We spent a glorious day together and even the rain didn’t stop us from having THEE MOST FUN 🙂

      And yes – it is cool. But I think it’s kinda cool that you can drive dawn til dusk and still be in the same state you started out in…


  20. The trip looked lovely!

    I hope you don’t punch yourself in the face again, because OUCH.

    And you’re involved in so many cool projects. You really don’t sleep, do you? Perhaps that’s why the punch landed in your face??

    Liked by 1 person

    • *grins* I’ve just been writing Pattie’s post for #KickCancersAss and falling asleep at my laptop, and I think I’m gonna have to admit defeat for tonight. BUT it’s sooooo good, and I SO want to finish…I just can’t.

      No. I don’t sleep. I didn’t think of equating that with why I hit myself, but perhaps the thought bears weight *sigh*

      I’ll try not to do it again.

      The trip was SO VERY AWESOME. It was a gorgeous, beautiful day, in spite of the rain.


  21. Happy Friday to you. I hope your trip is amazing.

    I can totally see myself being the girl who punches herself in the face while taking a boxing lesson. So I feel for you there. But that picture is pretty kick ass.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s only kick-ass if it’s not my own ass I’m kicking, yaknow? 😉 It WAS funny though, so at least I got a laugh out of looking tough and really just being a dork 🙂

      The trip was SO GOOD! Thanks – we had the most beautiful day, even though we got pretty well rained on from start to finish.


  22. Well that was an AWESOME list lovely Lizzi!!!! I especially love that you have a BOOK and I SOOOO need to go BUY IT!!!! (Crap- just as soon as I can, cause- ya know.)

    I want to know ALL ABOUT JESSICA!!!!!

    And if you waited to write this post, you could have had a wholenotherpost with HUGE thankfuls… so maybe that will come…


    And silliness? Yeah. Cool. I’m ALL for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heheh I know you like silly-me, which is just as well, cos you’re gonna get a WHOLE HEAP of silly-me next September. And before then, too.

      And yeah, maybe that post of other thankfuls will come, or perhaps they’ll just be nodded to, but they are beautiful and wonderful and GOOD.

      Jessica’s AMAZING and I think you’ll love the creepiness. Like VERY creepiness. Get it when it fits, Kitty, and I’ll sign it for you next year 😉


  23. I was quite tickled by your Fingerella photo, and I am enjoying your Welsh ones. I am descended (a bit) from some Welsh. And English and Scot. Summerlin sounds pretty British, doesn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summerlin sounds British, definitely. I’m just English for generations back. Very boring. But I think WAY way back, there’s some Irish. The Fingerella pic has been one of the funniest things all week.


  24. Have a positively wonderful trip, Lizzi! Btw…how bad is the rainy season December-February in London? Thomas Cook Airlines is offering a special non-stop Reno-London flight for 3 months next year. WOWEE! I also like that your cup is runneth over with Thankful’s…a sign of a life cup always half full 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm, probably pretty well rainy most of the time. And cold. But still worth a visit. London’s full of places you can pop into and out of, if you don’t like the wet, but summer’s really the time to see the city. I guess you might get lucky with a bright day or so.

      That’s a good deal though.

      My cup is SO running over this week, and it’s fabulous. I’m happy, and I love it. Thanks for the best wishes for the trip – it was GREAT 😀


  25. WOW I JUST WANNA CAP EVERYTHING… but myself while boxing ( hahahaha see what I did there? do you use the term “cap” in GB?) Those porn cookies look pornish even in the photo… very … well I just wont go there….here … maybe in a private email… but definitely NOT here.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Dammit, I missed FRIST!! Yes, I know how to spell first, but I told Lizzi last night whilst aiding in her distraction from writing this post. But THANKS for the mention with the sword pic! You are fully prepared for the zombie apocolypse.

    We are thankful for you, Lizzi!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • *grins* Getting FRIST is a tradition around this corner of the Blogosphere 🙂 you SO nearly had it.

      And you’re welcome for the mention – thanks so much for the sword-pic. It’s FABULOUS ;D

      Thanks for being thankful for me. I’m thankful for that, and for your friendship 🙂


  27. OK, the snack cakes do sound pretty nasty, in a dirty-nasty way.

    Enjoy your trip! Now, is Wales a separate country, or is it like Scotland where we (the US) think it is but it really isn’t (but kinda is)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Um…Scotland and Wales are BOTH separate countries. But there’s no border patrol or anything – you just drive right in, because they’re part of the United Kingdom.

      And yeah, the cakes sounded bad, but they were SO MUCH FUN 😀


        • Well they’re all (England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland) under the British government. Much as some of the others of them would like not to be. So Scotland voted to get their own government but in the end the majority ruled to stick with us and not cut themselves off.

          But yes. confusing. And there *is* a difference between UK and GB, but I dunno what it is.


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