Inky fingerprints

One of the rather lovely things about writing (properly, with a pen, on paper – as opposed to the e-version) is the ink, which gets everywhere and somehow invariably becomes smudged. In my experience, anyway.

Inky Fingerprints WIN

I don’t pretend to be a neat writer, and I’m very adept at getting ink aaaaalll over myself, but I kind of like it, because it makes me feel writer-y and achieve-y and as though I’ve actually *created* something, in a way which only I can do (I think it would take a lot to copy my bizarre and inconsistent handwriting). So I’ve really enjoyed the letters I’ve written for my #KickCancersAss project.

Likewise, the other day, I thoroughly enjoyed writing a For Real poem, on paper, as part of the promotion for the Jessica book (out November 1st – let me know that you’ve reviewed it on Amazon or Goodreads, or written up a blog-post review, and you’ll go into the draw to WIN my For Real poem).

But there was ink on my fingers, and I was tired at the end of the night and went straight to bed and woke up with inky fingerprints all over my face (I sleep nestled on one side, with my face in my hand – don’t ask).

Ah, the life of a writer!

So here we have a summary (for now):

OctPoWriMo is almost over, but has gone beautifully well over at the Well Tempered Bards.

Gretchen got her glitterbomb letter in the mail today #KickCancersAss #Win

Jessica part SIX is live now, and part SEVEN will be linked when it’s live.

Aaaaaand, for you to go and read RIGHT NOW – my Considerings post for Jen, over at Driftwood Gardens, goes live at 6am EST (don’t ask me what time that is for you – I don’t even know what time that is for *me*!) but click it and give it a try. It’s all about…well…GO AND LOOK ALREADY!

There are more writings on their way, being drafted in my head even as you read this. So keep a weather eye…

[Short PSA – not inky, but HILARIOUS – don’t forget to check out what’s been bugging the guys at Sisterwives later on…the Girls had their turn already, and it was HYSTERICAL. So…there are funnies in your future if you click the link at the magical time once it’s published at TimeZoned’o’clock]

32 thoughts on “Inky fingerprints

  1. I can no longer read my own handwriting. Typing is so much faster and easier for me that I find handwriting to be frustrating. I think because of that, I quickly scrawl out whatever I need to – and then later I look at it and I’m baffled, not knowing what I wrote or what it means. I do like doodling, though – I’m not sure if that redeems me or not 😉

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    • Doodling is wonderful. I don’t do it enough any more. I used to be a prolific doodler.

      You could be a doctor with handwriting like you’ve just described 😉

      P.S. Where’s my SMIZE?! Do I have to come and get it in person?


      • I keep trying — really, I do! Every time I think of it, it’s 1) after a night of drinking and my whole face is blotchy; 2) after a restless night’s sleep and my eyes are all baggy; 3) after a long day’s work and my eyes are incredibly bloodshot. So, you may be getting a smize that looks NOTHING like what Ms. Tyra Banks intended when she coined the phrase 🙂

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        • Yaknow what, though, I won’t care, because even if it’s all three of those things – even if it’s a blotchy, bloodshot, baggy-eyed image which Ms Trya Banks would think little of, *I* will think HUGE of it, because it will be my Jana smize that is meaningful and you did for me to show me how it’s done. Tyra can go jump!


  2. I consider you a real writer, Lizzi. I do get it. There is something about ink that makes writing more real. I have my notepad and carry it with me everywhere, even though I have my iPad. I like my notes on real paper.

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    • Aw thanks! 🙂 Notes on real paper are super and I wouldn’t change that. For short things and reminders I prefer real ink. Do you have a funny pen preference, like I have? I love a black biro…


  3. I always write with pen and paper first then transfer it over. I have notebooks EVERYWHERE and there is never any rhyme or reason to them but I always know where it is that I am looking for as long as nobody touches my notebooks! I am distraught I have missed Jessica’s pt. 4 and 5. I went to the website and looked around and couldn’t find them. If you see them will you send them my way!

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    • I most certainly will! I haven’t been good at tweeting them. They’re also linked in the beginning of my ttot post – I went back and added them.

      I love, love, love my notebooks. I have so many but use them for writing when I’m out. At home it’s the laptop all the way.

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  4. I love writing with a pen. strangely I’m just as prone to typos and often I’ll accidentally skip words as my hand cramps up trying to keep up with lots of stupid words, but it feels more cathartic than typing. It’s why I value physical journals over digital versions. The words can’t go anywhere. I close a notebook and nothing gets out. Not like when I type and muscle memory wants to hit SEND all the time and put my words in front of someone (like right now, for example). Ink is just in one place, and if it goes somewhere else it doesn’t announce itself with a flashing light and a ringtone. It just plops down on your doormat or in your mailbox and waits patiently to be acknowledged. I like that a lot. Ink’s got class.

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    • YES! And you know what, there is definitely something to that – to the kind of, almost secrecy, or intimacy, or *something* of that ilk, which happens in a hand-written letter. Although as with the internet, once it’s in someone else’s hands, you’ve really no control over who it gets shown to (though arguably the reach will be smaller with a physical letter). But I do rather love that aspect.

      OHMIGOSH – yes – I typo in Real Life, too. It’s annoying. Different words, and usually because my brain’s going too fast for my hand to keep up with and I’ve ended up adding a letter from the next word that’s meant to be written. It’s an entirely different process though, being that much slower. My typos here tend to be either that I’ve hit the adjacent key by accident, or that I’ve got a block on finding the right way around for letters (for instance, I nearly always typo ‘because’, and I’ve no idea why).


      • I do the same thing: it’s muscle memory I tells ye! We’ve doomed ourselves to constantly repeat our mistakes. After a good bit of writing my handwriting begins to get a bit.. interpretive? I like to think of it as minimalist, in the sense that all those upward and downward and sideways strokes which usually make up the defining characteristics of letters are done away with in favour of a slightly wiggly line gouged into a page with occasional intervals. But my typing isn’t much better!

        I type with two fingers but really quickly so my letters are often all there but in the wrong order. I’d get these other piggies involved but damn it if they don’t just seem to want to hold themselves up all poised and dainty, refusing to tap at something as base as a keyboard.
        I think six of my fingers are snobs, and my thumbs put in minimal hours at the space bar so they’re barely doing any better. Considering all the hard work they do I’m impressed my index fingers get it right as often as they do.

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        • Ah now in that area I am blessed with having typed so much from an early enough age that I use all the fingers and can touch-type. Even with my eyes closed, sometimes, which comes in handier than you might think. Nothing like zoning out a little but being able to continue with your article. The one I REALLY struggle with is typing on my phone. I do not even count that, because it’s so bad my typos have been included in my autocorrect options because I make the same mistakes so often.

          My handwriting gets…not interpretive but squigglier and fuller of loops and curls, I think, when I speed up.


          • Ha! That sounds like an incredibly useful skill and I’m positively pulsing with envy. But on the plus side, I manage very well on my phone indeed. I wrote an entire 5000 word final assessment piece on my phone in bed because my desk chair sucks and I hate it. My right thumb is a stand-up dude.

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  5. Writing something out on actual paper with an actual pen is exciting for me too. It also helps me when I’m stuck in my writing… Somehow seeing the flow of the letters in my own skript… it is like the words start flowing again. 🙂

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    • Yes – there’s definitely something to be said for that. Although I tend to find that when I am *really* stuck, writing on the computer seems less ridiculous somehow – I think because it’s less permanent and can be deleted more easily if it really sucks. I think quite often, poetry gets me unstuck from writer’s block.

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