Ten Things of Thankful #71

Okay *deep breaths* it’s REALLY HERE! *tries not to hyperventilate from excitement*


JessicaDo you remember last week, when right at the very end, I dropped in how VERY excited I was to be part of an Actual, In Fact book (to be)? WELL!  The week is upon us when you all get to read the story of Jessica B. Bell, and how she came to know my dear friend (and Dilettante) Helena Hann-Basqiuiat. In fact, click HERE for part 1, click HERE for part 2, click HERE for part 3, then come back to the rest of this.

The point is, each day another part of this collaborative story will be revealed, culminating in the release of the book (both in Real and e-Book versions) on November 1st, and…well…let’s just say that there are SURPRISES along the way, and that (as ever with Jessica) you will *always* get more than you expect. SO WATCH THIS SPACE!

(I am very thankful for incredible writer-y friends who involve me in their projects)
I happened across a moment of *incredible* touchingness yesterday. I’d gone to the shop to pick up some fruit and veg, and there was a Big Issue (magazine sold by homeless people in the UK to help get them some income in a legit manner) vendor there. I’ve seen him a bunch of times, and he’s very sweet and smiley, and each time I buy a magazine from him, he says (in heavily accented English) “Thank you, thank you – God bless you”,with a lovely,twinkly smile. He’s such a sweet man, so I like to buy from him if he’s there. This time, though, I only had a £10 note. I didn’t want to take all his change (not knowing whether he’d have made enough sales that day to give £7.50 back) and so I offered him a tea or coffee, so that I could break the note in a cafe. He was very sweet and said that he didn’t mind what drink he had, as I was treating him. I broke the tenner, gave him the coffee and bought my magazine, then went to do my shopping.
When I came out again, he popped his coffee down (I guess he was still enjoying it (at least, I hope so!)) and stopped me, asking “Did you have last week’s magazine?” I told him that I didn’t think I had, so he gave me a copy for free. That really touched my heart and made me go all soppy inside. I don’t know his circumstances and I don’t know how much he has in terms of material wealth (some vendors are scheming, conniving bastards who use the magazine as a cover for legitimate income whilst making shady money on the side – I don’t think this chap’s like that, but you can never tell), but the fact that he was generous enough with a portion of his ‘little’ (as compared to my ‘much’), was an amazing and very humbling moment for me. I *really* like that guy 🙂

(Thankful for generosity of spirit)

Happy TrooperAAAAAAAAAAAGES ago (on holiday, in summer) I came across a little Lego stormtrooper, which immediately reminded me of my friend Scott, and I bought it for him so that I could send it over in a glitterbomb. He spent SO LONG wondering whether or not to give me his address (he considers glitter to be ‘craft herpes and wasn’t keen on the idea’ that I started posing the little trooper in pink-and-sparkly ways until he gave in. I sent the damn trooper OVER A MONTH AGO, and we had both all but given up hope, when lo and behold IT ARRIVED. It made Scott happy. And because Scott forgot about the glitter, he got bombed, which made ME happy. We all win.

In general, though, I LOVE sending glitterbombs to the people who’ve come to mean something to me, because I can imagine their happiness (if they vlog it or email me about it, then I also get to join in) and to know that I’ve brought them a few moments of joy because of something I’ve sent in the post, well that’s pretty cool really. I have more glitterbombs to make soon, as well. YAY!

(Thankful for the postal service, even when it’s bloody slow!)

Last Sunday I took my darling Goddaughter to the beach. It was perfect. We made fairy stones, and somehow, on the beach found ALL THE DEATH, starting with a giant dead fish, then some bones which she ‘collected’, then a dead FOX, then a dead RABBIT! Seriously – if you’re not following me on Instagram, you’re missing out. The creepiest thing was that she also found a single red rose, which we put atop the fox as a memorial. It was a WEIRD day. But lovely. We sang and chatted and made fairy stones and played on the playpark together and did some good bonding. The only awkward moment was when we started talking about role models and I had to explain that I was meant to be being a good one to her…

(Thankful for fun times, and that I only need to be a work in progress)

Fox Memorial 2This week I’ve had real peace of mind about who I am and how I am and where I’m at and (almost) how I look. I know I’m not by any means perfect or any of the other things I so HOPED I would or could or should be, but this week, it hasn’t gotten to me. This week I’ve been okay about it all. And for anyone who knows what it’s like to live with a constant loud-shouty-bully-voice in their head, you’ll know that this is HUGE.

(Thankful for internal quiet)

My #KickCancersAss posts are doing well, too. I have three to do, one is half done, and I posted my second Actual, In Fact letter last weekend – it should arrive early next week. I hope. If the post doesn’t fail me again. YAY!

(Thankful for support and for being able to DO SOMETHING in this way)

I had another oddly humbling moment yesterday, as it happens. I was mid-boxing, halfway through a gruelling punchbag workout, when I started slipping around. I wasn’t sure why, but I kept my eyes on the bag and kept slogging. Then the round ended and we all moved bags – I stepped to the next one and realised that my shoelace had come undone and that I’d been stepping on it, which was what had been making me slip. I was still togged up to the nines in boxing gloves, but as I was starting to un-do the gloves, the instructor (a lovely, VERY energetic lass, who makes me laugh because she is SO FULL OF MOVEMENT ALLTHETIME) swiftly crouched down and tied my lace for me. Again, something quite small (and probably speed and safety oriented, so that the class could proceed most effectively) but this simple act of care-taking really touched my heart.

(Thankful for people who help)

I can’t remember when it was, but at some point last week I went to the shed to get my bike, and discovered that the back tyre was UTTERLY flat. It was so disappointing, because I love being able to cycle my commute. And everywhere else. And because I was busy RUNNING BRUTAL 10 (did I tell you, I came 230th overall, and 30th out of the women – AND I got a poem out of it – it was THEE MOST FABULOUS MUDDY FUN EVER!) I didn’t have time to change it. So Husby did it for me, and having my bike back this week has been like being given my freedom again. I LOVE my bicycle so, so very much.

(Thankful for exercise, and Husby, who enabled more of it)

Gonna Mud Run AgainI have been SUPER THANKFUL for another week of (mostly) dry weather, and for all the times when the forecast said it *might* rain on my head, and it DIDN’T. I’m also thankful that my job gets me out and about and outdoors into the fresh air once every ten minutes or so, and that I enjoy it (even when circumstances require that I treat them as an opportunity to practice patience).

(Thankful for mild weather)
And Now….*drumroll*
I am HUGELY THANKFUL to Helena, who said that I could do a GIVEAWAY of one of the paperback books (when they come out – November 1st, remember?) of the Jessica story. Not only that, but I will arrange to have it SIGNED by BOTH OF US.
BUT (and yes, for this one there’s a loophole, my lovelies – because this game is about promotion and trying to get word Out There about the book,and to garner interest and publicity) there’s a buy-in, which is that you need to tell me (and I need to be able to trust you) that you either tweeted a linked #Jessica tweet, or shared her picture (and a link) on Facebook for me. If you do this, I’ll put your name into a hat, and draw out the winner next week, and announce them next weekend. Alternatively you can feel absolutely free to get your competitive streak on and do something UTTERLY OUTRAGEOUS to promote the Jessica project, and if I’m suitably impressed, there might be an additional prize up for grabs.
Links need to go to http://helenahannbasquiat.wordpress.com/
So…WHO is going to get the FIRST EVER SIGNED COPY of a book I’m part of? Because that is what this will be 🙂
Ten Things of Thankful
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76 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #71

  1. I’m so happy with you about this book! I love the excitement that it brings to you. It sounds like you had such a lovely week. The dead fox is so interesting. I am following on Instagram and I think I can remember seeing a few strange photos. 🙂 The man that you encounter in the grocery store sounds so nice. I think that would warm my heart as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s such a nice guy, that chap. He does warm my heart when I see him 🙂

      Yeah…the beach was VERY odd but interesting too – I was fascinated and enjoyed making it all artsy beautiful on Instagram.

      Thanks for your encouragement and excitement about the book – it really is thrilling 🙂 Here’s to lovely weeks all round.


  2. I liked the eery death pics, they were kind of artsy, in a macabre and very REAL circle of life kind of way. Glad you got some niece time, even if you had to finagle a fox funeral. You seemed to have pulled it off.
    Congrats on the book! HOW EXCITING! You’re in 2 books now? Or is there another I’m forgetting? Either way, so very great for you! You’re become quite the celebrity.
    You look SO CUTE covered in mud, and very happy as well. So glad for you. I wish I could get into a more physical routine. We’re getting OUT and walking, so that’s good, but I’m not a lean mean fighting machine like you are! You’re amazing. Inside and out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joy, you’re such a wonderful cheerleader, and I appreciate your sunny positivity so much. You are determined to find good, and that’s so admirable. Thank you 🙂 It sounds as though you’re getting the beginnings going for that physical routine – getting OUT is good. Walking is good. It’s all a start, and every little bit helps, right? And yes – I WAS happy all covered in mud. I like mud. It makes me feel I’ve done something worthwhile.

      Two books so far, but faaaaar and away not famous or anything even close. I have a chapter in the child loss one, which is important but sad. This one I am MUCH more excited about being a contributor to, because I had to invent stuff for it – it’s fiction and it’s wonderful and I’m so, so pleased to be part of it.

      All the death was WAY weird. I hope it doesn’t make a habit of it!


  3. This week I’ve had real peace of mind about who I am and how I am and where I’m at and (almost) how I look. <—— THIS is worth all TEN thankfuls!!!! 🙂

    But I do love all of them… SO much.

    How the hell is Jessica? You need to give more information to this mysterious woman. I will go click to figure this thing out… geesh! But since YOU are in it- I can only imagine how AMAZING the book with be!! YAY!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh you have to click, because it’s NOT my project – I am just a bit-part in the whole, but it’s AMAZING and spooky and wonderful and mysterious and the POINT is the mystery, so…CLICK!

      I’m glad you love all of the ten. That one you think was worth so much is one which vacillates, and will continue to do so, but I’m still not up to those awful intense energy levels with it. BUT I’m keeping an eye on them.


  4. I am totally enthralled and invested in #WhoisJessica! I am on pins and needles daily now now and it’s both excruciating and wonderful. I say your comment on my Jessica board (I may be a little obsessed) and I’m happy to be part of the contest. I will get a copy of the book one way or another but a SIGNED copy. Well, that would be even better. I saw Scott’s glitterbomb vlog. He didn’t cry and I’m proud of him. I am more than happy to hear that your inner bully has been quiet. As it should be because, like most bullies, it has no idea what it is talking about.
    How much do I love the story about the homeless man. I watched a mini documentary once about a project someone did about the homeless and how they are willing to give to others as opposed to people who actually have to give. It was eye opening. http://youtu.be/YD1VT7YRJ5I

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have something to write on this soon – the last of my Considerings Kick Cancer’s Ass posts – it’s drafting itself in my mind, but we were shown something recently at church, which stuck with be VERY strongly, and made me really angry. So I need to write it out, and its kind of been burning away at me inside. It’s a topic which gets me in the heartstrings every time. I don’t know why – it’s just where my heart’s at.

      Thanks for being happy that my inner bully has been quiet. I feel kind of calm-before-the-storm-y today, and I’m not sure why, but I hope it all blows over without incident.

      I LOVE that you’ve made a Pintrest board about it. Did you catch the Jessica poems over at Bards and Hastywords? They could go there, too – there are some pretty cool comments and stuff…and it’s all part of the whole…but YAY to it all, and I’ve added your name to my ‘to tweet’ list, for when each new section comes out 🙂

      I don’t feel like Scott’s the crying type, yaknow? Also it’s a different deal cos it’s Star Wars and craft-herpes rather than butterflies and books and hearts and stuff 😉


    • Heheh You forget, I’ve glitterbombed Clark before now, but I was a little more restrained.
      And thank you – the book is HUGE excitement for me (you can tell, I suspect).
      Me too! Thank goodness for sunshine. I hope you’re feeling sunny, too. That song, Jack and Diane came on the radio the other day while I was at work, and I had this big smile over my face thinking of you. Bet my patient wondered what the heck was going on 🙂


  5. Hells bells, I must not have finished my comment last night, ’cause it ain’t here.

    One, I always wondered why you posted those storm trooper photos a while back, and then just stopped posting them. To find out it’s because he wouldn’t give you his address?! Hilarious!

    Two, Congrats on the book! While I’ve seen all of your posts about it, I haven’t had a chance to read any of it yet. I will, I will!

    Three, what the heck was going on at the beach?!?! That’s just creepy that you found all of those dead animals in one day.

    Glad you had so many days in which rain did not fall on your head.

    Very sweet husband you have there, fixing your bike for you. I wish I could ride a bike everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well by the time you’d got to the end of your humungous drive, you’d be tired already! Perhaps the bike thing can be a many-many-many years down the line plan, when you no longer have to be a taxi for All The Everyone.

      So many rain-free days, in all senses, has been beautiful and wonderful and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the peace. In fact, yesterday was positively SUNNY AND GLORIOUS, so there’s that.

      The beach? I have NO idea! The deaths didn’t seem related, but it was still VERY weird that so many dead things had managed to get themselves into such a small space. We enjoyed the morbid curiosity of LOOKING at them all though.

      YAY thank you for supporting me with the book – it’s HUGELY exciting, and I’ll be fascinated to hear people’s responses to it once the story is over. I know I’ve a vested interest, but it’s *just* dark and creepy enough for me to enjoy without being thoroughly put off by it. I think because of the lightness of the Helena and Penny element. ANYWAY, I think it’s fabulous, and Helena has done a stalwart job of putting it all together.

      And YES! Lol. The mystery is solved and the trooper arrived. FINALLY! Bloomin post!


    • ok! it took me all damn day to get my computer to let me make a Comment…. and I had a very excellent Comment….when I started this morning.
      I will come back when I remember it

      oh yeah!! good work…. accomplishing things, moving the boundaries of your world outwards from where it was yesterday, last month, last year…. the triumph in life is mostly found in continuing to change and improve and grow as a person.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you…though in this I am baffled, mostly because I really don’t feel as though *I* had anything to do with it – much as I hate to admit it; that powerlessness – I think that it just ‘happened to’ me (much as the dark moods do) and I’m rolling with it! Unless it truly IS a result of the new meds, in which case they can STAY for a bit. But it might be too early to tell. Adunno.

        But yes – the triumph in life is in becoming more like the person we’re meant to be, I think – and perhaps a lot of the internal disparity and upset we feel is in noticing the gaps (or yawning great chasms) between who we are now, and who we think/feel we should be.


        • (I established my credentials for not being a Doctor…. all though, the game can be fun)… but no! I totally did not mean to imply that any medication is the source of your development of your self… anymore than the Olympic (fill in your own favorite sport…. anything but curling….ok, curling too, but only if you get to picture yourself as the single person who has the critical function of yelling to the other two people that ‘that stone thingy is sliding too fast slow it down!!!‘ )…. where was I? yeah, the medications are not the source of your success… so you’re this curling player and you win the match and you remember that early in the season you over-trained and had some sore muscles, so you took some ibuprofen and kept practicing…. the new paper reporting your win says, ‘Ibuprofan is the reason she won’

          nah…. tools and assists and aids are just that, you are the person, everything else is the tool. for those who would say, ‘if it weren’t for the medication this would never have happened’, I would politely say, ‘yeah? well fuck you’.

          lol…. what’s the old magick axiom? ‘as above, so below’…. I’m pretty sure someone has already applied this to reality ‘as within, so with out’

          you’re doing rather well

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you – I guess that’s a helpful perspective to hang onto. I shall keep that one tucked away for a while and ponder it, if I may.

            I’m glad you think I’m doing well. Today hasn’t been the best – it’s a bit like that time when the weather goes a bit yellow and there’s moisture and electricity in the air and your senses go off to one side and you feel like it’s either all going to blow over without a squall, or else turn nasty. At this stage I’m not sure what it is, but I’m trying not to worry too much about it, because I’m sure that won’t help any, or make a jot of difference, and it will just make me miserable NOW.


  6. YAYYY for the book! YAY for the book! I just shared on FB. So awesome. I can’t wait to read it. And I’m also so very happy to read that you’ve had a really great week, although I agree that it’s pretty disturbing to have found FOUR (WTF) dead animals with your Goddaughter. Really. I think I’d have freaked out a little bit because well, scary and creepy. Also yay for a new unflat tire, husby, and sunshine. Yay for you – I cannot WAIT to read the book!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s gonna be SO AWESOME! I’m completely so very excited about it, it’s quite ridiculous, and THANK YOU for sharing. You’re in the draw to win a signed copy (which, if it weren’t for the promise of Helena signing it too, would feel VERY arrogant)

      I’m HUGELY thankful for the not-flat tyre. It’s made such a difference. And yeah – I didn’t freak out because I’m sure it was just coincidence and I don’t believe in omens, but it WAS weird. And then last night I had a dream where I was in a war-zone and trying to protect a bunch of kids behind a table as soldiers invaded the house, and then they turned out to be child soldiers and…it wasn’t good. I’m not liking all the death. Perhaps my sub-conscious picked up on that school shooting a bit much. Which is horrendous and WHY DO THEY NOT BAN GUNS ALREADY OMG! (no, I know it’s not that simple).


  7. Wow, this picture of the fox is oddly beautiful. I’ll need to show it to Lily tomorrow morning, she’s probably the most morbid little girl you can imaine. Thinking about taking her to the Body Worlds exhibition, but hubby things it’s still a little too early to take her. Yay for being in another book, that’s so, so exciting! Congrats for it!! And the race seemed to have been just so much fun!! The story with the magazine vendor just shows again what a beautiful heart you have, Lizzi! You are such a light to so many people around you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So far my weekend is going GORGEOUSLY, thanks 🙂 I’ve done park run and boxing and allotmenting and blogging and poetry and….the SUN shone. It’s been glorious.

      YES show Lily the fox pic – my Goddaughter was fascinated by it, I have to say! But I think kids and death is a healthy interest (unless they try to poke it) because it’s part of life and doesn’t need to be over-complicated.

      Thanks for the congrats on the book – it really is SUPER exciting.

      I hope your week’s gone well, and that you have a lovely weekend, too.


  8. I havent finished reading it yet but man that is a really cool project… I heard of a coupla dorks who were thinking of doing that with poetry but they never got around to it….. go figure!?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kathy and welcome to the TToT 🙂 I’ll come and check out your list in a moment – I’m always pleased to welcome a new face to the hop 😀

      Many thanks for the congratulations, and yes – I have much to be thankful for, and it’s awesome and I’m very blessed 🙂


  9. Pingback: Keepin’ it Simple (TToT #7) | Calculated Chaos

  10. I can’t wait to spend some time reading Jessica part one and two. Really sad about death on the beach. Not surprised about the fish, but a rabbit and fox. Eeek. I’m glad you and your Goddaughter enjoyed the day in spite of, what with sunshine and fairy stones.


  11. Glitter is mother effing craft herpes. I’d rather listen to Oprah read the bible front to back rather than get glitter bombed. I’m not even lying.
    The boy child is a storm trooper for Halloween. I’ve also stepped on many of them in my house. God bless Lego.
    Have you heard of the group Lonely Island? They started on SNL. They have a song called “I’m on a boat”…reminded me of this…”I’m in a book. I’m in a book. Take a good hard look at this mother effing book”. I’m in a swearing mood today.
    Well that is pretty much every day.
    High five to the shoe lace tier! Who does that? She does.
    November 1st is so close!!! YAY!!!! So pumped for you!!!
    This comment is just about as disjointed as my thoughts.
    My apologies xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah…that was really weird. I could understand any ONE of those things being there, just as a random happenstance-y kind of thing, but really? FOUR helpings of death? It seemed like a lot, yet still purely coincidence!

      And thank you. The book is SOOO exciting to be part of 🙂


    • The build-up has been awesome, but the STORY…*whispers* when I had a little sneak preview, I got hooked and read the entire thing in one sitting, and was ASTONISHED at how hooked into it I got…it’s woven with SUCH mastery…

      I’m thrilled to be part of it, and YAY that you’re going to follow along. I’ll make sure I post a link each day 🙂


  12. Yay for being part of the book…. that is so awesome. 🙂
    Yay for enjoyment of glitter bombing…..
    Yay for poetry….
    yay for…. well this entire post is just awesome 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Congrats congrats congrats on the book project – so very happy and excited for you and promise to read daily to see how it unfolds… Read today and looking forward to figuring more out tomorrow…

    And now my one question from this post…. what’s a fairy stone? I feel I should know this, but do not.

    Glad to see you had a week full of the good. Well deserved – and may it keep running into next week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you THANK YOU! Ohhhh it’s so LOVELY to be part of this project. And YES! I’m so excited that you’re going to follow along…I really loooove the story (I know I helped with it, but I still love it – even the parts I’m not…yaknow…part of)

      And as to the fairy stones…let me link you, if I may – it’s easier: https://summat2thinkon.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/beach-art-and-benefaction/

      I really did have a week of good. Not deserved but thoroughly enjoyed. And thank you – I hope it keeps running too 🙂 I hope yours has been good, as well.


    • I hope you get your serving of internal quiet. It’s really quite delightful. I tested it last night with HUGE amounts of cake and fish&chips, and this morning it’s still going strong. I’m SO pleased (also about to go running and boxing later, so perhaps I’m just mitigating it and content to be in balance)

      The book….oh it’s EXCITING 🙂


  14. Wait wait wait — my life has been busy so I haven’t had a chance to stop by until now but — a BOOK? Are you co-writing a book????

    Loved your thankfulness by the way — especially the part about your instructor’s little act of kindness. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alas, not co-writing, so much as I’ve been allowed a bit-part. It’s a collaborative effort, masterminded by Helena, and there are several other authors in there, all with bit parts, too. It’s LOVELY though, and very creepy.

      But YES! I’m IN A BOOK 😀

      I hope you’ve been GOOD busy, not the other kind.

      And yes – that little moment with my boxing instructor…it was stilling.


  15. Huge congrats and seriously so excited for you. This is such a huge deal and definitely you are truly worthy of all of this and then some. So, was smiling reading all you revealed so far here. Thank you for always sharing with us and wishing you a wonderful weekend now 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • You too Janine – I hope you have a gorgeous, gorgeous time. And thank you – I only hope that the book is a success. I am amazed by Helena’s generosity at letting me join in – it’s so nice of her, and I’m really excited about the first time my name will be on something fictional as an author 🙂


  16. AHHHH It is like the most perfect timing ever. I just finished reading a book! So now I can read along and maybe get the book too!

    ALso Glitter bombs rock. Especially delayed ones in this case!

    and um…the beach trip is a little creepy but it is OCTOBER so maybe thaats why.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well perhaps, but I was utterly baffled by just SO very much death! It was bizarre! Still, I haven’t been unduly bothered by it, and thank goodness, the death seems to have stayed at the beach.

      Glitter bombs are BRILLIANT but this one was very long overdue.

      YES GET IN THERE! Get into that competition and let me know if you’ve entered by sharing, and I’ll add your name to the draw.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Aw, I love the magazine guy at the store 🙂 People just need to give of themselves, what they can, to make this a better place. You did, then he did. We need more people like y’all.

    I am getting a little impatient, I had Lego Spider-Man that was supposed to have been here by now, still no show. This international mail situation gets annoying sometimes; darn ocean!

    Awesome news about the book and completing the mudder. I was a little concerned about your instagram over the weekend but I knew what you were getting at.

    Have a great weekend! (I’m out for TToT this week)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope your week’s been okay. And I REALLY hope your spiderman arrives soon! It’s such a pain waiting for the post! Sometimes it takes FUH-EVAH and is very irritating.

      Thanks for the congrats on the book – I’m totally psyched to be part of it, and WOW, it’s going to be AMAZING. I can’t wait! The story is being revealed through the rest of this week, and it’s going to be brilliant.

      All the death at the beach was VERY weird, but somehow fitting!

      And yes – the magazine guy is brilliant. I really like him, even though I hardly know him at all. He’s lovely. I hope the world gets more people like that. I just try to do my bit…

      Liked by 1 person

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