Ten Things of Thankful #70

Confession: I wasn’t going to do this, this week. I was going to send the HTML round to everyone and just not be here. Or sneak in later on Saturday with a short, minutely-worded post giving very scant details of a few things scrounged from the barren wastelands which have been my brain lately, to be somewhat, half-heartedly thankful for.

I don’t know what’s changed. But something has. It might change back, too, because it’s been a bit like that lately.

At Least I'm FunnyI couldn’t tell you *really* how long ago it all started going slowly wrong for me. It probably *was* the miscarriages which triggered a lot of it, and compounded with the left-over crap I still have from early years and teenage years and, oh, all the years…it’s just bubbled up to a point where once again, I’ve gotten stuck and ended up mired in a very destructive set of thought patterns, now complete with my very own diagnosis, and a mood which behaves like a toddler (sweet, sparkly and full of sticky-mouthed kisses one moment, and the next; a biting, hollering ball of fury, the like of which Hell itself would be hard-pushed to match).

I’ve been up and happy and ready to meet life head-on. I’ve been down and Abyssal and ready to go out in the rain and just lay down there in the mud until I stopped existing. I’ve been lairy and defiant and rude. I’ve been trembling and frightened and in desperate need of someone to cuddle me and make it all stop. I’ve been blase. I’ve been in floods of tears. I’ve been panicking so hard I could barely breathe. I’ve been numb. I’ve been to the point where all I want to do is reach out and hear from friends. I’ve been to the point where all I want to do is delete everything and never talk to anyone ever again. I’ve wanted to leave. I’ve wanted to stay. And sometimes much of that has all taken place in the same day. Sometimes within the same hour.

It’s exhausting.

But today something changed for the better. How long it will last, I don’t know. But I’m sticking with it, and writing while it’s here. It started when the sun began to shine…

Sunshine is something I’m always thankful for. No matter how fitful or weak (though admittedly, I far prefer the blazing, glorious days of high summer, when you can feel the world simmering and baking, and your skin rejoices for being out under the vast, blue sky and hot-yellow loveliness), when it shines through green leaves and makes that pretty, lime-bright colour, or when it shines through trees and makes leaf-shadows on the floor, or even if it just very gently beams down and warms my arms and face as I walk to and fro between the van and the surgery, whilst working…I LOVE the sun. And I miss it. It’s been a cloudy, miserable week, for the most part. There have been some RAINY rainy days, which have done nothing to improve my mood. I haven’t been able to go boxing, because of conferences, and I missed pilates because of an appointment, so I am low on endorphines and my dopamine levels are severely depleted.

Husby has been a star through it all, and has been very generous and understanding about my horrible moods and general horrible-ness. He’s been good with the hugs when I’ve wanted them, and good with keeping his distance when I’ve been snarly. I think the season’s to blame as much as anything, because each time I’ve written about how difficult I’m finding life at the moment, as much as there’s been a resounding (and wonderful – thank you) show of support and care, there’s also been a huge show of hands and a chorus of “Me too”s, which is sad and I wish it weren’t the case, but it’s also nice to know that we who are struggling are at least, in our strange way across the Blogosphere, facing our challenges in solidarity, and raising our hands for one another, and hoping that we all make it through.

I keep telling myself it’s going to be okay, because on Saturday I’m going to be taking part in Brutal 10 – a 10k race across heathland, through rivers and puddles and marshes and pot-holes and swamps, and it’s going to be EXHAUSTING, and AMAZING, and I’m going to be THEE MUDDIEST EVER, and I absolutely 100% cannot WAIT. I shall probably injure myself. There will definitely be mud in my everything (there will probably be mud in places I didn’t know I had…) and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to walk properly afterwards, but it’s going to be BRILLIANT.

Last weekend (but after my TToT post, though I referred to it), Husby and I went to the March On Cancer event. I’m not sure how far we marched, but for the most part it was a fairly quiet, sombre affair. Husby indulged me and bought me a whizzy-spinny, light-up glowstick-y thing, which I held so it lit my sign (full of names of the people we were marching for) and kept my heart somewhat happy as we trudged through the rain, in the dark and the cold, with a crowd of other people, trying to be all meaningful, and really just wishing it would be over so we could have ice-creams and go home (then berating myself in my head for thinking such douchey, selfish thoughts, because CANCER…and then reminding myself that at least we were THERE, and that counted). The whizzy-spinny thing was good. The ice-cream was good. My mood was not good. But I did manage to capture a few points on Instagram, and they were well received by all both people who noticed.

March On Cancer MattersIn spite of a low mood, the conference was good, too, even though I was so incredibly tired. I shared a lift with a colleague on the way up, and we had some very meaningful chats, which were helpful and wonderful, and I was able to share a bit about what had been going on with me lately. I think each time I have one of these moments with a colleague – the kind which slightly transcend the gubbins of doing the job, and become a bit real, and a bit personal, and lean into the more-than zone – I am able to be grateful again, that I work with such lovely people, who are genuinely kind and understanding and who seem to be for one another. I really, really like that about my job.

I’ve also had terribly, awfully EXCITING news this week (though I confess, I was in no mood at all to receive or deal with it, and confess I might have come across as rather churlish about the whole affair, but nonetheless, it’s gorgeous news and I’m HUGELY happy to announce to you here that some of my fiction writing is going to be in a book. An Actual, In Fact book-you-can-hold-in-your-hands. This is THRILLING! And although it’s also going to be terribly fancy-schmancy and come out in a hundred different e-manners I know nothing of (because I am a book snob, lovelies, and will NOT be convinced on Kindle, or any of those other things), that something *I* wrote is hopefully going to be published, is AWESOME. It’s not all about me, though, because my part is really very small, and it’s the incomparable Helena Hann-Basquiat, who is weaving her magic and ‘is it *really* fiction?’ and general Dilettante-y *supermazingFABulousness* through it all, and putting it together, along with pieces from other luscious, illustrious writers and artists. It’s truly a VERY exciting project to be part of

BEHOLD – you won’t have to wait too long to learn of the wonder that is #Jessica. And somewhere in the mix, is MEEEE!

JessicaTalking of writing, the next people are ticked off, on my list of names of the wonderful supporters who bought into my #KickCancersAss idea, where I ‘sold’ my writing in return for a donation to the cancer charity of their choice. Sandy received her letter, and I’ve just finished writing Gretchen’s, so I’m looking forward to being able to post it tomorrow, and then (please, please good mood, last a bit longer!) start the ‘Considerings’ posts.

And what to round off with? There are a few things, really. I’m glad that I’m still keeping up with OctPoWriMo over at Bards (even though some of the poems have been decidedly angsty of late). I’m glad to be healthy and capable of functioning. I’m glad that I’ve once again confirmed to myself that when I’m feeling low, what I need most is PEOPLE, and that contact with others is something I find very healing. I’m glad I have inadvertent strategies for making sure I don’t reach for alcohol when I’m feeling dire, and I’m HUGELY glad for WhatsApp (in which I keep some of My People*), for Pintrest (which engages me with beautiful things) and YouTube videos by Ann Reardon, a lovely Aussie with an incredibly soothing voice, whose channel How To Cook That, has kept me zoned out and thinking yummy thoughts when I would otherwise have been thinking horrid ones.

So. There you have it. Ten Things of Thankful which even surprised me by how thoroughly I was able to write them. So I guess, bonus – I’m SO thankful for this hop, because otherwise I would have no need to even think about trying, and would probably have stayed in the bad mood a whole lot longer. So thank you. Your turn.


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93 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #70

  1. Yay, a book! The first of many, I’m sure. I’m sitting here at noonish in my pajamas, and it’s rainy and gloomy outside. I’m gloomy inside, which doesn’t happen that often. So I totally get the sunshine thing. I’m off to take a hot shower and stand under lights in hopes that it will perk me up. I’m thankful that I’m pretty sure I’ll feel better tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh my Dana! Why are you gloomy inside? THAT’S NO GOOD! Let me take you shoe-shopping or for cake, or for a long beachy stomp in the waves and a chat.

      I hope the shower and the lights helped, and I really hope you feel better tomorrow *HUGS*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the sun as well. I’ve been taking walks nearly every day during my lunch hour (if the sun is out). I’ve also started doing this “red-light therapy” thing at the gym – 12 minutes of incredibly bright light and (supposedly) healing properties. I figure even if it doesn’t turn back the hands of time on my sun spots and wrinkles, it probably helps my mood.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have me intrigued. What kind of red light? Is it the infrared one they use on baby chicks? How’s it meant to work? I don’t think I’ve ever come across that before! The sun booths I use have glorious bright blue/white light, and I LOVE the feeling of being coated in such brightness (even if I pretty much glow up luminous in it from being so pale!). I’m lucky (kinda) because I have to go outside every five minutes or so through the day to collect my next patient. Except on office days, when we’re in a lead-lined room with NO WINDOWS. Those days are harsh.


      • Well, if I’m understanding it right, it is infrared light – and they claim it “reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces cellulite and shrinks pores, and builds healthy collagen so your skin is left feeling smooth and silky all the time”. I should have taken a before picture, dammit!

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    • Ack, you too? I hope you find some equilibrium. It’s nasty stuff, that rollercoastering. Makes life unreasonably difficult.

      Thanks, re the book – I’ll let everyone know more as things progress, and YAY for sunshine – may there always be more of it for us 😀


  3. We need the sunshine, you and I, Lizzie. Congratulations on publication, walks for Cancer, good friends, hugs from hub (sometimes they’re at a premium around here), work friends, and did I mention sunshine and THE BEACH

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, BEACH! ALWAYS! I am so pleased to have been back there, especially with my little Goddaughter. She’s such a darling. It was so sweet – she was humming and singing away as we made the fairy stones 🙂 I do love her to pieces.

      Thank you – it’s been a really great week, to see it put without the context and all the ‘extra’ which I had going on. I’m very blessed.

      And yeah…sunshine…SOOOOOOOOOOO needed. Have you tried sunbooths? That’s my strategy and I’ve been twice so far, and it helps SO MUCH.

      Liked by 1 person

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    • We’re stronger together – that’s the thing I need to remember, and when I’m feeling low, sunshine and friends are the things which make the difference for me.

      We do make it through, and keep going. Thank goodness! And thanks 🙂


  5. So glad you were able to find a positive moment to feel like writing something more. You are a warrior, my friend. And I’m always so uplifted from seeing how bad things are with you but how you find some way to overcome in the midst of it. I can totally understand where you are coming from with feeling all types of things even all in one day! It’s amazing to me that we can feel so many ways and things like that in such a short span of time, but I get it, and I’m glad you are here…fighting it out another day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You too – you’re another fighter, and you always manage to find good things for your lists. I think there’s something about this practice and being (kind of, in a way) publicly accountable for having it there, which inspires us to be very determined about finding good things, and somehow in looking for them, we lift the mood. Maybe. Maybe not always, but a lot of the time. And thank goodness for that! 🙂 Onwards and Upwards.

      (and yeah – all the feels in the one day is tough to manage, isn’t it!)


  6. I am very excited about the writing being published and am still so anxious to see what our friend has in store. I really got a kick out of putting the face to Jessica. I’m quite anxious to read your writing. No doubt it will be amazing.
    Good for your on your run! I always love the mud runs and color runs. They are such fun and there always seems to be such camaraderie. I would love to do the color run with my kids but I always have something else going on the dates it comes around. I’m pretty determined to get it done this year. It would be great fun if it was during your visit. Now, THAT would be fun.
    I loved my letter. Truly, madly. It makes me miss the lost art. The glitter is still being found since I left it right where it fell and it’s been walked on and carried around everywhere. I found some upstairs this morning. It’s such a wonderful thing you are doing and that letter? Worth every penny and much more. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • GOOD! And also teeny-tiny (okay, kinda larger than that) ‘YAY!’ for successfully glitterbombing your house 😀 I’m so glad you liked it so much. That makes me feel loads better about having a letter as one of the ‘things’ in my campaign.

      LET ME KNOW – if there’s going to be a colour run while I’m over, I WANT IN! That would be *awesome* 😀 I’ve never done one before – the ones here seem to be pretty expensive and not really ‘for’ anything (I guess you fund-raise independently, and you know how I feel about that)…

      The book is going to be SO VERY EXCITING! I am champing at the bit to hold it in my hands and just marvel at the collective awesomeness. I thought your pic was FAB 😀 And I shall be interested to figure out (though I think it’s possibly going to be apparent) which part of the writing is mine… 😀


  7. Congrats on the upcoming publication. I am glad you found your way to write your list. I enjoyed reading about the march this week. We have a similiar type march in the States sponsored by the American Cancer Society. We have an all-nighter at a local field called the Relay For Life. My daughter has been active in our local pageant. All the funds go to fight cancer. I am so glad you are enjoying success in your campaign to kick cancers “ass.” Congrats on all fronts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mary. I’ve not found an all-nighter for the cancer march here, though I have no doubt there is one somewhere. There’s an all-night brutal relay, but somehow I don’t much fancy it! Glad to hear that your daughter’s been doing her bit 🙂 It’s nice when people pull together to support a cause.


  8. Well, I certain can understand feeling down and not much like sharing yourself with the world. I know we all can — so big hug to you. And how fun about your muddy 10K. I’d love to hear about that. And sunshine is the ultimate healer. I wish you more sunshine-filled days Lizzi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll certainly write up about the Brutal 10 – it was SO much fun. And I injured myself. And it was just buh-RILLIANT. I loved it 😀

      Here’s hoping for more sunshine – thank you 🙂


  9. You looked so happy after the 10k – and Adorable too !

    I get it “Some days…some days” turn into too many days – hang in there –

    as for me I probably will bow out this week (way too many disappointments) then again its still early 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh I’m sad that there have been so many disappointments for you 😦 I hope that some good things happen to bring back the balance. And yes – it’s still early. THAT’S THE SPIRIT 🙂

      Hang in there yourself – and we’ll both keep clinging to the knowledge that the good things for today will still count, even if the rest of the things aren’t easy.

      And thanks. I WAS so very, very happy 🙂


    • It is indeed. Your comment reminds me of Glennon’s writing on Kairos moments (do you read Glennon, over at Momastery? – she’s good), and that yes – I need to be mindful in appreciating them. I think this practice every week is a real underpinning force for me to be able to pay attention, and it really counts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 Have you ever done one of the muddy ones? I guess it might be a bit more difficult to actually muster up much mud, given your climate…? It was super-fun though, and hopefully I’ll do another one next year. There ARE ones I could do in winter, but tbh, I hate the idea of being so very cold, so perhaps I’ll wait til spring and a bit more warmth in the world.

      The book, oooooooh it’s EXCITING 😀


  10. I honestly feel bad because being a relatively new reader and an obvious dimwit I have probably said things in my messed up ways of trying to help that probably in actuality made things worse. I started reading your posts because they spoke to me for different reasons. I never wanted to do that, I only wanted to stress the point that someone way far away who you will never meet IRL can still give a shit about you. I would never say something that I think might cause pain. Glad you’re feeling better today and hopefully for many days to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s alright. One of the pitfalls of blogging, innit, and we all have to accept that from the viewpoint of reader and writer, that there will be times when these things happen. There’s no point in getting worked up about it, really, and the things that you said were from a place of good intention and supportiveness – I get that 🙂 I’ve just been in a crappy mood and probably didn’t respond in the best manner. Sorry about that, and I do appreciate that you had the best of intentions 🙂

      I hope this weekend’s mood will last for a while, but I’m not banking on it. I shall just enjoy it for as long as it remains 🙂 I hope your weekend’s going well. You had the walk, didn’t you? I liked seeing all the photos you had on fb 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay glad that’s worked out! Yes we had the walk and today I CANNOT MOVE! My feet died a tortuous death about halfway through but we made it so I am proud of that! I have a rare form of RA so I knew I would pay dearly for it later. The look on my mom’s face made it all worth while she LOVED it! We raise some money for a good cause and I can rest up today. We did two on the last two Saturdays so it is over until next year. I jumped in a cold lake on a Sunday morning fully dressed and walked a total of 6 miles so I can honestly say I gave it my all haha!

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  11. Finally getting a chance to check in tonight after being out all day. Just so happy to see that you changed your mind and I know how crazy things can get, love seeing that you still have plenty to be thankful for. I know that I too also do, just need more hours in the day. Between running my business, blog and being a class mom now for Emma’s kindergarten class, I seem to be spread extra thin, but still here just a bit more crazed. Hugs and enjoy the rest of your weekend 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janine. Sounds like you’re SO SO busy! Do try to carve out some time for YOU in all that – it would be a shame to lose yourself completely in real life and burn out! Lovely to see you, though, and I hope that your weekend provides lots of opportunities for you to relax and just be YOU for a bit, without all those pressures on your time 🙂


  12. Without the threatening darkness, we wouldn’t know the glory of the light-or some such cliche nonsense.

    I’ve thought of you quite a bit this week. Carried you in my heart and prayers as we navigate the murky waters of normal-or at least medium. Thank you for using a bit of strength for this list. Thanks for playing with us when you don’t feel like it. Thank you for being snarly, ’cause we all are from time to time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cliche cliche cliche, but so often with a kernel of truth, innit? 🙂

      Bless your boots for thinking of me, and thank you. In fact, when we played hats, it was the most wonderful thing and I confess, I neglected to add it to this list because I think I might be going to write a whole post about it at some point. I hope that’s alright.

      And yeah – it’s my blog and I’ll snarl if I want to 😉

      I hope you stay at medium x


  13. Your list is the list from a life well lived. You made it through another week, and it is all good. I am running so late this week I haven’t even started my post. But I will…after I sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sleep is good and important (as I discovered to my detriment). You’re not ‘late’ – we’re here aaaaaaaaaaall weekend 😀

      But yes – I made it through and, yes – I lived well. I need to remember that more often.


  14. You saw mine last week, right? TToT Even When I Don’t Feel Like It (or something…can’t check the title BECAUSE MY BLOG IS DOWN). Those are the times that doing it matters most.
    Yay on the book and for finding good even when life hands you a pile of steaming crap.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I think so. And you’re right – the time we MOST don’t want to do it, is probably the time we most need TO do it. Which sucks, and applies to so many more things than just this.

      But I was so glad to be in a place where I DID want to do it. I’m thrilled to pieces about that – thanks 🙂

      BOOOOOOoooo to your blog being down 😦


  15. I’m glad you did it. This thankful, it’s big and full of good big things. You’re doing what you set out to do in spite of everything else. Plus, a real live book? So so awesome… Seriously. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Somehow, yes – I got to the point earlier this week where I realised I was doing *precisely* the thing which pisses me off the most when other people do it – just lying down and letting it wipe me out. That sucked. And somehow there was a change, and thank goodness there was, because I *really* needed one.

      But there have been some GORGEOUS good things this week, and I’m glad I looked hard enough to find the ones which weren’t as easy as the other ones.

      And YAY! This time I’m really excited about the book 🙂 Thank you xo


  16. Congrats for being in a BOOK!!!! That’s so exciting, even though for you it’s “another book”, I’m still so, so excited for you! I second your thankfulness for sunshine. We’ve had quite some this weekend as well, and I’ve been enjoying it. How wonderful that you and your hubby got to march against cancer, and quite honestly, I can’t wait for pictures from the mud race 🙂 Have a great rest of the weekend, Lizzi!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The mud race was AMAZING! They took pics of us on the way round – I SO VERY HOPE they put them up somewhere I can find them! I want to SHOW THEM OFF!

      And yes, it’s another book, but this time one I’m really thrilled to pieces to be in. I’m SO EXCITED.

      Hope you have a gorgeous weekend too.


    • Heheh thanks. I think I would have missed it too – I do really cherish this hop and the community who come together each weekend to celebrate their thankfuls. It matters.

      THANK YOU! Oh the book – it’s SO exciting. I know it’s Helena’s deal, but I’m SO psyched to be a small part of it 😀


  17. Even if you can find a fart that makes you smile, that is better than nothing. Little things. Little things.
    I am so proud of you for the book.
    If my back wasn’t held together by cheap government metal, I’d do a cartwheel for you.
    Or not.
    I am in my 30s…might rip open my spleen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m in my 30’s and I just did Brutal 10 today with SOMANYPEOPLE OLDER THAN ME. Like, most of them. But yeah, I’ll let you off cos metal 😉

      And thank you – it was an opportunity offered to me and I just JUMPED for it. It’s soooo exciting, and I am beyond grateful for Helena’s generosity in including me.

      This week there’s LOTS to make me smile 🙂


  18. I love this series, I’m going to have catch up on your previous entries now…

    It’s such a great thing, that no matter how dark the time we’re going through is, that we find the time to reflect and find things that we can be grateful for.


    • Absolutely, and that was one of the underpinning reasons for starting it (way back when) – there are ALWAYS at least ten things to be thankful for, and once the practice is begun, there are often other things to be thankful about, which come to mind, and then the day is made worthwhile and the next one seems a brighter prospect. It’s a hugely important discipline.

      And thank you – I’m glad you like it so much. Feel free to join in, if you want to 😀


  19. I saw your photo from before the mud race started. Can’t wait to see the after! My sister did one of those (only 5k though) and she was a mess and a half by the end. yes, mud will definitely be in places you didn’t know you had. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  20. I also *almost* didn’t write mine this week, but I pulled through with a couple (10) things too 🙂 I hope you plan on posting some muddy pics of yourself next week, and I hope you have a better week with oodles of things for your list.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. good! it’s not just that we can drag our-own-damnselves out of the mud, it’s that each time we recognize the change (within our selfs), we resist the temptation to bite the apple of everything-is-going-to-be-different-now-I-don’t-have-to-be-the-Outsider-anymore. It’s this second part that gives the power that the dark voice has over us.
    You are doing as we (clarks) must, moving forward and taking note of the alterations in yourself, without looking directly at them (‘because that would make more of them/less of them’ than is helpful). It’s not surprising that there’s a couple of famous sayings that virtually all clarks relate to:

    “get knocked down 10 times, get up 11”

    “…you can’t step in the same river twice”

    (shit! now I have to write a TToT post…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Write away, my friend.

      And be assured, I most definitely DID step in the same river twice today…and waded through it and out the other side. And it was THEE MOST AMAZING ordeal…I put up with rain, mud, cold, water, slipping over, trapping and wrenching my knee, and it was BEAUTIFUL! The forests were gorgeous to run through – the tangledy paths were soft under my feet. The people along the way were all wonderful and friendly and chatty, There was a HUGE sense of camaraderie, we got dressed up in camo paint and yelled and had SUCH INCREDIBLE FUN. AND IT WAS SO HARD AND I HURT SO MUCH BUT I LOVED IT.

      And YOU, sir, with your ordeal-as-metaphor, are RIGHT. It was wonderful. I got back up at LEAST 11 times, and I beat the time even *I* thought was unachievable. And I am on CLOUD NINE 😀


  22. A book!! You are going to be in a book!! And then you can step outside in the sunshine with an ice cream cone and stroke the pages filled with your writing. Even though it’s been I tough week, I’m glad you were able to appreciate the small blessings. I can’t wait to see a picture of you on your mud run. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The mud run was AMAZING! I am SO SORE. It was buh-RILLIANT and I have bruises everywhere and mud in places I didn’t know I had, and I am SO VERY BUZZY!

      And yes…it’s SO exciting about being in a book. Like, HUGE 😀


  23. Again, that’s the spirit! Good for you! This is GOOD. And maybe it won’t last, and maybe it’s already gone, but it was here for a little while. And for that, YAY. I hope you find more of these moments. And keep poeting. What you’ve been writing has been heartbreaking and tear-jerking but beautiful and real. Still sitting here. Still cheering. Or holding your hand. Whatever’s appropriate for the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah you can hold my hand whenever. But at the moment I think we should kick off our shoes, race down to the sea and dip our feet in the waves. I’m still on an ‘up’ (and considering it’s stupid’o’clock at night, this may not be a good thing) for now. And very grateful for all your support and encouragement and understanding.

      I hope for more of these moments and I will certainly keep poeming 😀


  24. You’re the one who pushes people to write down their thankfuls even when they don’t feel like it. And it always, always helps. Open mouth, taste own medicine 🙂 See?

    Liked by 1 person

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