Ten Things of Thankful #69

I was gonna write. Then I wasn’t. Then I cycled back under a warm, moonlit, cloud scudded sky, and thought that I probably maybe might – because thankfuls actually came to mind (I’d been struggling). Then I thought I wouldn’t write after all. Not like usual.

I Love You Lego

I’ve been having a really rough couple of weeks, for one thing and another. I arrived home tonight to find my snuggly blankie atop my computer, and in it were two packets of painkillers and this Lego set – Husby’s ‘I Love You’ present for me, to try to help make it all better.

Boxing gLove

I still went boxing though, in spite of being in pain and in a mood. I did the same on Monday (the mood, not the pain). Seems like a lot of this week has been about working through moods and trying to remind myself that for all the times I’ve felt like crying, I can still remember lots of times I *haven’t* felt like that. Nonetheless, it stinks, and knocking ten bells out of a punchbag at least displaces the voices with sweat and exhaustion for a short time. Winnah!

Book Tower of Awesomeness

It was ridiculous at first and now it’s like an installation in my hallway. I am happy every time I go past, because I know there’s still SO MUCH to read (incidentally, if you don’t read Dorothy Koomson, you SHOULD) and I keep adding to the tower, even as I take a book off to read, and it’s just *delightful*.

There’s still Samara-glitter in my world, and glitter reminds me of her, and the wonderful friends who’ve sent glitterbombs and shown they care with things in the mail, which I’ve For Real held in my hands and enjoyed and known the tangible connections of long-distance friendship. Love it.

A Good Job Too

This week my job granted me the chance to attend World Sight Day in London – a big, fancy-schmancy conference full of FASCINATING (if, like me, you find the world of diabetic retinopathy an interesting place to be). I ‘won’ my place on the conference by submitting a paragraph about why I thought I should be chosen. Well…writer. WINNAH! πŸ˜‰

Life in Noted Form

Ohmigosh I just *adore* having notebooks around. I have become one of Those People, who carries one everywhere (and damn the extra weight) and who glories in writing in it whenever she can. Quite writerly-disgusting. But whatevs. I WON a dinosaur notebook at Neff’s party last weekend. It sparkles and I love it.

Reminders Are Important

I *love* my wishlet. It reminds me that someone (Beth) cared enough to send something so very meaningful. And I am (and will) wear it til it falls off (cos then the wish is meant to come true). The tattoo’s a good reminder too, if a little more challenging. Both things I love and cherish and appreciate having there, several times a day.

With This Ring, I Promise

Husby has been SUCH an amazing, supportive, wonderful, lovely, awesome chap this week. I’ve been up, I’ve been distant, I’ve been snuggly, I’ve been a total bitch…and he’s still here and still loves me and wants to support me. I had THEE most awful pulled-something backache, and he massaged it for ages while I cried and whinged at him about it. And then brought me painkillers and a heat bag to go on it. And was just a SUPERSTAR. I love him. BIGlots.

Wishing on an Eyelash

I can’t NOT wish on these, now I know it’s a *thing*, and every time I do it reminds me of my trip to ‘murica (cos I only have one wish at the moment) and makes me smile in my heart. It also reminds me of Mandi (who told me about the eyelash wish thing) and that makes me smile in my heart too.

Standing Up To Cancer

Saturday Night is the March Against Cancer in my city. Husby and I are going (we wrote the sign together). There will be fireworks and live music and we will WALK to show support and solidarity and that we REALLY REALLY REALLY want cancer to GO AWAY. Fuh-EVAH! Meantime I’m working on my next piece for #KickCancersAss, and I posted one the other weekend, so I’m GETTING THERE. I promise. [sub-thankful: after the walk, there will be gelato…]

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131 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #69

    • I know…and it’s humbling and amazing and at the time it was baffling. I still feel a bit incredulous because, well…I KNOW me, and I feel like if I was anyone else, I wouldn’t love me even one bit as much as anyone else seems to feel, but fortunately I don’t have to think that – because it’s about choice, not me feeling deserving of it, and it’s wonderful.

      I have beautiful, amazing people around me here, and I’m so very blessed by each of them.

      And you, my darling Sunset…I am so glad and so blessed to have your friendship. You don’t need to be sorry – you’ve got priorities and other things and SO much going on…and we have our chats and it’s important and wonderful and I don’t feel neglected by you, I promise. You don’t owe me your reading time πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀


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  2. I love knowing that my husband is there when I am crabby and emotional which is quite often some weeks! That cancer event sounds so cool. I think most events I’ve seen here is for a specific cancer. I’ve been to a few. Congrats on being selected at your job to go to that event. That must have been a nice feeling. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you pushed through and wrote your list. Tough weeks can bring out the greatest feelings of gratitude in us. πŸ™‚

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    • It was a nice feeling to be selected, definitely. But far nicer to have Husby on my side even though I’ve been behaving horrendously. Yes – this is the first one I’ve seen which is for EVERYONE to attend, though there are other events here (usually through Cancer Research UK) which support research for all types of cancer. It was a very worthwhile thing to do.


    • Seems so, doesn’t it. I think on the whole we are. It’s his turn to have the more even keel, and my turn to fly off the deep end. I miss us talking. I’mma email you.

      Today…yes – better than Friday thanks, but with a nagging feeling in the corner :/


  3. don’t think for a second it escaped me this is TToT #69. *snort*

    I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough couple of weeks, but DAYUM you can pull silver linings out like a BOSS. Wonderful Thankfuls. Your work towards the eradication of cancer is inspiring. Lurve how Husby takes care of you. Your book tower is awesomesauce. I have a similar one (though not as tall) next to my nightstand. I love me a good book tower. Also? That Beth girl…..I like her. She seems nice. πŸ™‚

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    • ‘Nice’ might be understating it a tad. She’s one of my absoluteveryfavourites πŸ˜‰

      To be fair, my book tower *does* have a few books in it which I’ve read and plonked back there rather than being bothered to find space on a bookshelf. I need to do an EPIC BOOKSHELF SORT OUT at some point soon. Cuz…wow!

      Husby is awesome and it would behove me to remember that more. He truly is.

      I’m still trying. I want cancer gone. Lots of other things too, but this is one I’m struggling to get my head and my heart around coz reasons.

      And yeah – I’ve had 69 weeks of practice at it – I should be pretty *ahem* slick, by now πŸ˜‰

      (wouldn’t DARE to think it had escaped you πŸ˜€ )


  4. What an amazing list of goodness. Even when you have challenging weeks, your lists are full of happy, sparkly loveliness that makes me smile inside and out! That’s great. So glad you have happy presents and good people and that walk will be amazing! You’ll meet fantastic people, and so will those around you, they’re SO LUCKY!
    I did not have time to TToT this week, just too much, but we did enjoy every possible minute of the Fall weather, so that’s a good thing.
    I can’t wait until you come to ‘Merica. I’ve already warned my husband that week may involve a LONG drive for me, and he needs to be okay with it!

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    • I SO want to see you. And we’ll go for that cake, right? It’s gonna be FAB-U-LOUS! I’m excited about it already πŸ˜€

      The walk was odd, in the end – it was pretty sombre and cold and well…there wasn’t much ‘attitude’ going on. I wasn’t feeling it, anyway! But the ice-cream after was nice, and I was VERY glad that Husby came with me, and we just kind of bimbled around and chatted.

      I have good people around me. That counts. And I’m glad I am still able to find the happy sparkly things which make you smile, even on tough weeks πŸ™‚


  5. AW! I just love love love this, precious lovable Lizzi!! I am most happy about your precious husby serving you so beautifully and loving you through those hard places. Oh, how I love that!! What a gorgeous list of thankfuls. I’m so very glad you decided to write. Just LOOK at all these blessings!! That tattoo makes me cry… cause, ya know. And Beth’s bracelet is priceless. I love that you still have glitter- do you know I STILL have glitter in my car from your B day present?!! *I kept it there*

    I may keep it until September…

    So you can see it.


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    • YES! Keep the glitter πŸ˜€ Of course, I may well send you MORE in the meantime, dear Kitty πŸ˜‰

      Reminders. Most important things indeed πŸ™‚ And yes – I’m glad I wrote – it was going to be purely the pictures but I couldn’t resist adding a few words. They matter.

      Husby’s been AWESOME this week. He truly has.

      And thank you for loving this so much. It’s very encouraging.



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  7. I so know these mood swings, and I hate them because they do take away quality of life and are so uncalled for, because I only have reasons to be happy and thankful. I told hubby I just need a day of sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Love the wishlet! Congrats on winning the contest and going to the convention. It really sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy your week, Lizzi!

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    • Sleep and more sleep sounds awesome except I would feel I had wasted the day if I did that! The convention was awesome. I have another coming up on Thursday, so YAY!

      The moods suck. I hope they leave for a bit! Shame you know them too. They’re horrid.

      Hope your week goes well πŸ™‚


  8. Love all the pictures and yummy bits. It is hard to have thankfuls after weeks of trying to catch a break. I love the glitters and the eyelash wishes. The legos and blankets. The opportunity to learn something new. All of it is fantabulous.

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  9. This is great. I’m going to start taking my unread books off the shelves and start a tower. I wonder how long it will last with kids and pets though… Pat the husband on the back; he’s a hero. πŸ™‚


  10. Your husby is a true keeper. A back rub AND a heating pad?! That is week full of wins! I love your book tower! My daughter has one on her room but I never really paid it much. I should take a picture of it. I hope that you have a great week, Lizzi..

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    • I want to see the book tower! Definitely πŸ™‚

      It’s been a week full of things I was able to identify as good, and ten of them are here. So there’s that πŸ™‚

      Husby’s a keeper – I promised.


  11. I’m so glad I landed here for the first time today. I will be back to learn more about the blog hop – being thankful is always a beautiful thing to be.

    I’m thankful today for you, and for a house that’s quiet because the kids (and the dog!) are visiting cousins and having a joyful time, leaving me the space to read and write.

    I love everything in your list, and I’m glad you’ve got some cushions to lean against the hard times, and, if you can’t erase them, at least you can maybe make them a little softer.

    July is like this for me. An entire month of ups and downs, and nothing to ever be done but to live them….and try to focus on gratitude.

    So glad we’ve bumped into one another from across the waters!

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    • Welcome! I’m glad you’ve landed here, too – what a lovely way to begin – jumping right in with the thankfuls πŸ™‚ I like your style. Having space and peace to write in is a lovely thing. I feel like I should get some writing done soon – I’ve been slacking a bit!

      Do learn more about the blog hop, and consider joining our little thankful community each weekend – we love meeting new people and it’s a GREAT thing, as you say – being thankful is always a beautiful thing to be πŸ™‚

      Thanks for liking my list. And sorry to hear you have a particular month of ups and downs. I guess being able to anticipate it doesn’t make it any easier to manage, as is so often the way with these things.

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      • I have ebbs and surges in my writing. I tend to do and see and ponder in the ebbs, which makes the writing richer when I come back to it. Maybe that’s true for you, too…

        I will peek at the blog hop, for post-NaNo…I’ve got lots to do to be ready on November 1!

        The July rollercoaster is what it is. There’s no way around it – my daughter’s birthday, and my own, bracket the 12 day stretch when our second child lived. So I’m acutely aware of how joy and sorrow, life and death, coexist, during that month…

        I tend to just try to ride the waves of whatever I’m feeling. That seems to help. And I’ve had 11 years to practice, which also helps….

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          • We’re mostly come to peace with it – which doesn’t mean it’s not tricky at times…so I try to focus on the love, the laughter, the fact that we had those 12 days with him…and that he helped another child, as a donor…

            I used to feel guilty for the ‘other things’ I did…but they really do give me perspective, experiences, and the chance to let my deeper mind play with ideas – almost always better ones than I would have had if better than anything I could have forced myself to write, instead.

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            • I shall bear that in mind – try to really *feel* the moments as they happen, and to be a bit mindful about life. It sounds somewhere along the lines of ‘grounding’ techniques I’ve heard about – where you pull yourself up and pay really close attention to all the input you’re getting, just for a short while.

              Those 12 days must be so very precious in your memory. Wow. A sacred, very bittersweet time. With their own brand of painful Silver Linings.

              I don’t think we’re ever meant to make total peace with the loss of a child. It’s not how we’re wired and in an ideal world it wouldn’t happen.

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              • Sacred and bittersweet is the perfect way to sum it up. I tend to go deep, and try to be with people who understand that I’m tumultuous in July, and there’s nothing I can do about it but keep trying to be open to all that I feel…

                And be here for my living children. It’s not always easy having a brother who died, and my daughter never had the chance to meet him, as she’s a bit younger.

                I think you’re right about total peace with it being unattainable. I accept what happened- but, over eleven years later, it can still grab me when I’m least expecting it. I try to be careful about triggers, but sometimes…

                Sometimes it’s a muddle. Sometimes it sucks, and I hate it….

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                • I guess in the end, we can only ever do what we can do to try to limit the opportunities for meltdown, and be as understanding as possible of ourselves and those around us when one of those sneaker-waves of tumult hits. Grief is like that, I discover – it really does NOT remain in any kind of box, and will do precisely its own thing, no matter what my expectations. I think it’s better to try not to hold any, wherever possible.

                  And yes, sometimes it absolutely bloody sucks. Because to be fair, losing a child will only ever be utterly awful. 😦 *hugs*

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  12. I like the format of your TToT post mucho but do not like at all that it’s been such a crappy time for you. I so hope that things are turned around soon… and am impressed at your ability to always find the thankful during those times. How awesome is husby too? Legos help EVERYTHING (as does tenderness, back rubs, and love and understanding). I’m glad he’s there for you. Excellent job on the important walk today too – I hope it went amazingly well and you DID something which is a big something. I love notebooks. And paper. And pens. Hugs, you.

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    • The walk went well, thanks. I got a sparkly whizzy thing, which kept me happy and entertained as we walked. And I was able to be thankful for Husby again because he came with me (i) and he has hot hands, with which he held my freezing cold ones (ii) and we went for ice cream after and he was all nice about it all (iii).

      Notebooks and paper and pens are FABULOUS. I even got a Stand Up To Cancer pen from the event, cos I couldn’t resist.

      As to the crappy time. It’s ongoing I guess, til I get it sorted somehow. Still. Here’s hoping that things turn around soon. Today wasn’t the day.


  13. Hooray for thankfuls! I’m sure you’re at the walk at this very moment. I hope you’re enjoying yourself and doing those who you’re honoring proud. I’ve lost two very special people to cancer, so your effort is WELL appreciated by this trooper.

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  14. #56! I’m sorry you’ve had a crummy week, but happy that Husby is so supportive. A long backrub while you cry and let it all out? Best therapy ever!
    I have spiral notebooks, mostly in my room, that I write in all the time. Lists. Things I want (or need) for the house. Travel plans and itineraries. But never blog ideas. I put all those in the note section of my phone. Hmmmm.
    Love the Stand Up To Cancer sign! Thank you for including me! I hope you have a wonderful time!

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    • I try in my phone, but the notes are short, and I find it hard to type on my phone. I’m fastest on the laptop and then writing, then waaaaaaay in last (and badly spelled) place, the phone.

      I’m glad that Husby’s being supportive. It helps, fo sho! And of COURSE you’re there. It’s going to be a brilliant evening. We should be leaving soon, and the sun is shining and the sky is clear. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll Instagram it so you can see what it’s like πŸ™‚


  15. I love the new format you did this week – all the pictures and wonderful and really show all the people in your life that you are so obviously thankful for (and they all sound wonderful!)

    Yay for working to kick cancers ass; for your husband; for bracelets from blog wives in America; for glitter bombs and for all the little things that make the bigger bad things a bit more bearable (did I spell that right – it just looks weird).

    I hope next week is better for you.

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    • Thanks so much Louise. I hope so too! And yes – you spelled it right. Perfick. The little things do help, it’s true. I’m hanging onto them with all my might at the moment. Like, rightnow, a face-mask and updating the red dye in my hair are GOOD self-nurture things and I’m trying to just enjoy that I’m doing them and will feel better for having done them. That kind of deal.

      It was a fun format. Not quite how I first envisaged it, but hey – we adapt – we rise. I’m glad you liked it πŸ™‚ And yes – I do have wonderful people in my life. I am very very veryvery blessed by them, and by having them to look out for me.


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  17. You know, my husband works for a company that develops diabetes medicine. He’s become so passionate about the disease since working there.

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. I’m glad you have someone who supports you through it all. And I love the boxing, that’s gotta be a great outlet for anger and frustration. *hugs to you my sweet Lizzi*

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    • Ohhhhh does he? That’s very cool indeed. There are a lot of new medications coming out, which I heard a little about. They sound great! It’s such a HUGE deal, this condition, and it’s only going to get worse. It’s terrifying. I’m really glad I’m involved in supporting people who have it.

      The rough time sucks. It might go away sometime. We’ll see. I’m glad too, that Husby’s being supportive.

      And you’d THINK that boxing would help. It does. It does help. My brain doesn’t help is what’s the problem, even MID boxing *sigh* Still. HEY, I’m writing you your LETTER. There – there’s that. That’s a Good Thing πŸ™‚


  18. I thought of you a couple of times this week. In my gym class we did this partner thing where one person held the stability ball and the other punched it. It was kind of fun and I thought about your boxing. Then when I was riding my bike I smelled wild onions and I remembered you talked about that in a previous post. Anyway, your hubby was a champion and I’ve seen people glue a stack of books together and call it an end table. If only glitter could flitter away our moods.

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      And yes – if glitter could do that, it would be even more magical and worthwhile, but it does kinda help somehow. In a small way. The world is better *with* it than without. So there’s that.

      It’s nice that you thunk of me. The gym class exercise sounds fun πŸ˜€ Did you enjoy it?


  19. I am so pleased that you wrote anyway. I’ve been pretty mired down this week but noticed your absence and even when you were around, I felt the mood. I’m sorry. I wish I could have been around for you a little more. It’s good to know that you have others who care for you. I love the bracelet Beth sent. I have one of those myself and feel maybe I should dig it out. I am grateful to Husby for knowing what you needed and being there for you. I know the boxing is tough but I think it’s such a tremendous outlet and glad you have that as well.

    Go kick cancer’s ass tonight at that walk and enjoy your gelato. Head up, young person. Love to you from ‘Murica.

    Your DA

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    • Boxing has proven more and more necessary. I need to learn to keep my moods in check. Gotta figure out a way to stop overspilling at the edges and upsetting other people with my…whatever crapola this is.

      I hope your week unmires, just so you can have time to catch up with yourself. And you don’t owe me your ‘around’ness – no need to apologise. Lots of people care for me, and in spite of that, this isn’t proving fixable by care, so I need an alternative plan, which is in progress. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. It’s just nails in a coffin I didn’t want to happen.

      Beth sent such incredible things. She’s so, so thoughtful…it blew me away. She’s amazing. You should DEFINITELY dig yours out. I kinda like that idea, that you’ve got one as well πŸ™‚

      As to the writing – having given you all the opportunity to show me up, I had to at least TRY, didn’t I? πŸ˜‰

      L-word ya, DA ❀


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  21. I am so sorry that I haven’t been around. I’ve been battling demons and can’t shake them, but I’m glad I popped by here because even in your pain, you can find blessings. Hell, you can remember when you weren’t in a *mood* and that is difficult. Sometimes you get so consumed in hell, you can’t think of anything else.
    I too am a notebook whore. Drives my family crazy. My friends feed my addiction. I don’t have short term memory (I do but I don’t) because of my medication, so I write things EVERYWHERE. So the things that inspire me need to go somewhere, anywhere or I’ll forget them. I have yet to use some notebooks though…because they’re too pretty.
    I have a wishlet!!! My girl in Canada makes them!!! I wear them until they fall off. Or smell.
    Better days ahead babe xoxo

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    • To better days. For both of us.

      My wishlet gets washed every day. It’s okay so far (I know cos I just sniffed it). It’s awesome and I love it so much that when it falls off, I might need to get some thread and put it back on again.

      Notebooks ROCK, and if I don’t have one, I will write on almost ANYTHING if I need to.

      I’m clinging to the memory of those good moods. I’m sorry you’ve got caught, too. Hope you get some relief soon, I wish it so hard for both of us. I’ll even use my next eyelash wish on it…

      You don’t owe me your ‘around’ness, m’dear. It’s okay – no apologies needed. Onwards and upwards. Somehow x


  22. πŸ™‚ glitter yay! and this is a nice post…. still contemplating if i will write one this week…. it has just drained me. (hugs) I’m always happy to see your posts…

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    • It reads well, doesn’t it? And you’re about the third person who wasn’t sure they’d manage to get one out…what IS IT with this month?! It’s gotten to a LOT of people, it seems :/


    • Yes – I thought I would try something new. I had a *slightly* different plan for the words, but it didn’t work. Ah well. If I don’t fuss, no-one will notice.

      Thanks. I’ll bounce back (sometime) πŸ™‚


  23. I love glitter, books, bracelets and nice husbands! All great stuff, but I’m so sorry to hear about your back problems, my little athlete. I hope you are up and at ’em again in no time. And by that I mean boxing and cycling, not retinopathy conferences πŸ˜‰ I know a wee bit about it because my daughter was a preemie and had surgery on her eyes at a hospital in Philadelphia when she was about 6 weeks old and 2 lbs. What I did not know is that diabetes could cause the same thing.

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    • Ohhhhhh now I’ve HEARD of newborn retinopathy…and same – I was surprised it could happen to preemies because I didn’t know until I started the qualification for work, that it could happen! Well well well!

      I’m up and at ;em again…I took a day (the conference day, when I came home and just SAT) and was back at boxing last night, and will go later this morning before the march against cancer later. I just hope the weather holds – it’s sunny at the moment but there were MASSIVE RAINY THUNDERSTORMS overnight.

      There were some good things this week, weren’t there πŸ™‚ I’m glad I took time to find them, and I’m glad you like them πŸ™‚


  24. I so enjoy hearing about spouses being there for each other, whether it’s picking up wayward spiders or massaging a pulled muscle.
    I’m sorry you are having such a rough couple of weeks. I’m even more sorry that I haven’t been around much to talk. I am glad you have plenty of others to catch you and make you smile, though.
    A fancy, schmancy conference, huh? What did you wear? Most especially, which shoes did you wear?

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    • This week we made a good team, though his part (in terms of being helpful and supportive) was far greater than mine. Bless his boots,

      It’s alright – you’ve been WAY busy. You don’t owe me your time, I promise. And yes – there are others if I need them, and I’ve definitely been made to smile, so there’s that.

      I wore black linen trousers, a green top with floaty sleeves, and a pretty scarf/wrap thing….aaaaaaand my brown leather jacket and DULL FUNCTIONAL SHOES. But they needed to be cos I had a coupla miles to walk first, to catch the train in the morning. At ridiculously early’o’clock. And then we needed to whizz through London. So fancy shoes weren’t an option, sadly.


    • Well, kinda. It was a conference about Diabetic Retinopathy, and it was FASCINATING (I said that already, didn’t I?) but perhaps not so interesting to so many. It’s such a good thing though (world sight day…not DR…) I’m glad you wrote for it πŸ™‚


    • It was…inside! So I didn’t really SEE any London. And by the time we left, it was time to get back on the train. And it rained on our heads. The conference was great.

      Be a taker – thinking for someone else gives me time out from wallowing. It’s good. No apologies needed *hugs*


    • Amen to that! I hope I feel better soon, too – thanks πŸ™‚ And I needed a second run at those Perspectacles from last week – it’s all good practice, to keep finding silver linings…

      Hope you’re having a good week.


  25. Everybody has those weeks – know that you aren’t alone in that. I was thinking I wouldn’t do one this week, either. Can’t say why – it wasn’t a particularly bad week at all. Just kinda didn’t feel like it. Kind of feeling that way about the blog in general – thinking I may just put it out to pasture. Who knows…
    Anyway, how cool to win a notebook at the Neff’s party! I am one of those people who does not win things so I’d be so very excited about that.
    Thanks for doing that cancer walk. Cancer has touched the lives of far too many people I love so we know all too well about its many effects.
    Hooray for Husby being a good Husby. Aren’t those the best days? When you feel like you kind of probably don’t deserve being treated so well and then they just go and do it anyway. I’ve been totally wretched this week and the Hub just keeps on being good to me. Lucky ladies!
    Have a great weekend and week ahead! πŸ™‚

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    • Very lucky indeed. I don’t often feel like I’ve been *quite* so heinous to him, and bless his boots, he’s just been so lovely and supportive (on the whole). We’re very lucky.

      Cancer sucks. It needs to be over with. Drives me nuts. And after cancer, we ‘get’ the next Big Bad.

      I was SO happy to win a thing – especially such a very beautiful thing. I kind of want to send you a glitterbomb though, to prove that you ARE the kind of person who gets awesome things…can I? Email me πŸ™‚

      Now then, if you weren’t on the blog, you wouldn’t be part of the TToT, and THEN what would we do?


  26. Totally loving the the photos and captions you did on this post. I will say this I totally have my moments, too and am thankful that Kevin is so very patient with me, too, as I can totally get moody from time to time, too. But still hoping that the weekend treats you better now and sending lots of hugs from this side of the pond to you!! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Ooh, I like the photo caption post – way to switch it up, Lizzi! I’m sorry you’ve had a rough couple of weeks – sending you virtual glitter bombs, because I’m a neat freak and they are much less messy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwh thank you πŸ™‚ That made me smile inside πŸ™‚ I ‘imaginary’ glitter-bombed the Bloppies this morning and Gretchen came up with glitter which melted away once it had sparkled your world – no cleaning then!

      Now then, though, don’t you think that telling me you’re a neat freak is something of a red rag to a bull? πŸ˜‰


  28. Expression is expression, so I am glad you were able to come up with a list for this week, using a different medium.

    I am a hypocrite and will not be participating this week, but I plan to enjoy what everyone else has to share in hope for a good start to next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m about to be a hypocrite too – I (for ONCE) gave my co-hosts the chance to pip me to the post. None of them took it, so I published this INCOMPLETE, so that I could get in there FRIST. Wot am I LIKE!

      Enjoy the others – it’s what it’s all about. And check back in about a half hour to see what’s changed πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

        • Well I’ll let you know for free that I’m REALLY annoyed I had to caption them all. I put it all in the alt text, and it was supposed to show up like little surprises when you mouse-overed, but NO it did NOT WORK. And now it’s just dumb. At least you only have a non-sensical comment. I have a dumbass post :p


            • Is it? The peeps are weird too (I know, because I’m here…)

              And duuuuuuuuuh I kinda have to. Cos of it being my hop and all πŸ˜‰ I think I only ever twice haven’t, except I did because I needed it and we went renegade.

              Be just as emphatic as you wish. It just took me THREE tries to spell ’emphatic’. And four to spell ‘tries’. Hmmm


              • I kept trying to say “empathetic” instead. Oops.

                Good point about no sleep for the host when there’s a party to be had!

                Some peeps have always been weird (me). The site is only starting to go weird. Or weirder. Or something.

                Liked by 1 person

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