Don’t come looking for me

Not that I expect or anticipate it particularly, but last time I just wandered off I was Gotten In Touch With, to check I was alright. Which was very sweet and much appreciated.

SO: I’m okay – I’m just not here.

I’m working on those #KickCancersAss posts and letters which I owe, and another couple of things I want to write.

See you at next weekend’s Ten Things of ThankfulΒ  (if I don’t crack and post something before then) xo

Don't Come Looking

19 thoughts on “Don’t come looking for me

    • Sounds intriguing, and I look forward to receiving it! And yeah – mucho writing but I might actually get some DONE if I’m not writing stuff for here all the time πŸ™‚ I’m just bad at focusing and making time to do these other bits and pieces.


  1. It looks like we’ve both been MIA . . . I decided to check today and see how productive my favorite bloggers have been while I was busy wallowing . . . I am hoping to find a spark of inspiration, a good motivational kick in the hiney. I started a ten thankful things list but stopped being thankful after number four, or too lazy at least. I should get back to it. I hope you have a perfectly lovely week :o)

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    • See if you manage the rest through the week, and link up next weekend, if you want. I doubt there are only four thankfuls in your world πŸ™‚

      I have little to inspire motivation on this post, though, but you might like my one from the weekend (not in a motivational capacity; just cos it’s nice).

      You’re on your way back and I’m on my way out for a while! We’ll catch each other soon πŸ™‚


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