Ten Things of Thankful #67

Join me on a little thought-journey, will you? Just to set the tone for this post of maybe-ten Thankfuls (we’ll see – I haven’t decided whether or not to count them yet).

So. Just stop and take a moment. Keep breathing, keep reading, but if you can, try to block out everything else that’s going on, and just focus. Notice the funny shapes of the letters, and the incredible way we infer so much from these amazing symbols in their various configurations. Feel them going into your eyes; their shapes each registering in your retinas and sending flashes of information along your neural pathways, bestowing understanding – transferring ideas originating in my brain, out through the Blogosphere in series of 1’s and 0’s, and off your screen in wavelengths of light, ready to form similar synapse patterns in your brain, as you receive the thoughts.

Now we’re ready to go.

Imagine that we’re standing face to face. I have something to show you.

We both step forwards, and I hold out my cupped hands to you. I’ve got a small, half-smile on my face, and a look of happy anticipation, as though I know that something wonderful is going to happen next. I’ve got my hands cupped in front of me, carefully holding something very precious.

Step closer to me and hold out your hands, similarly cupped. I’ll place my hands inside yours (warm and dry with short, clinical fingernails and bitten cuticles) and slowly, I’ll transfer the thing I’m holding into your hands. It’s feather-light and soft as gossamer. It pours like liquid but instead of running out between your fingers, it builds up and holds itself in a rounded shape.It’s warmer than my skin, with a heat which seems to seep into your palms and begin working its way up your wrists, towards your heart. Turn your face towards it and watch as it shimmers and sparkles with all the brightness of a child’s transfer, and the magic of fairy-lights after dark. Bring your hands towards you and really *look* at this amazing thing I’ve put into your hands: a memory of yours – one which is very, very dear to you, which brings joy to your soul.
Handful of Memories 2

Remember the place where you were when it happened. Remember the people who were around you, and the things which were said. Remember the clothes you were wearing, and their texture against your skin. Remember the temperature of the world around you when this memory took place. Remember all the tiny details – the nuances of the memory, and how important they are to it. Remember the smells and the scents which were present. Cast your mind’s eye around the landscape in which the original moment occurred. Call to mind the way you felt inside – the way it made your spirit feel to realise at the time that this moment, RightNow, is what life is all about…and let your heart and mind revel in the delight of that memory, and its intense happiness, which is no less diminished by time, but polished by the passing days, until it glitters in the cupboards of your mind, ready to be taken out and basked in.

Just be still with your memory for a few moments. Let the act of remembering re-gild the cradle of neural pathways in which it nestles. Make them stronger. Keep hold of this loveliness.


Now I’m ready.

This week I’ve been blessed enough to have several moments of incredible happiness. Not just the ordinary type of ‘Oh, how nice!’ happiness, but the kind of happiness which stops the entire world to let you enjoy that moment more fully. The kind of happiness where you cannot help but grin, because you’re already smiling before you realise it. The kind of happiness where your heart feels as though it really has begun to glow, with a bright, golden, syrupy feeling of warmth and wonder and delight, and the corners of your soul crinkle up and get twinkly as they reflect the light shining from your eyes. The kind of happiness which envelopes your whole being and either makes you laugh or shout or jump or just become still, and treasure the moment silently, letting it take you over completely.

Those moments. Ones I’ll treasure:

The sight of a small person on speeding legs, with arms stretched out wide, topped off with a HUGE grin, running straight towards me, into my arms, nearly bowling me over with the weight of it, to be whirled around and around in the sunshine, before being caught up into a massive hug, snuggled close and gently rocked side to side as I sing into their ear “You’re my favourite [name here] in the whole wide world; You’re my favourite [name here] it’s true; You’re my favourite [name here] in the whole wide world; ‘Cos there’s not another one I love like you.”

And then the sight of the other small person, who had been waiting impatiently at the other end of the grass in front of the cafe by the sea, gearing up to take their turn at doing exactly the same thing, with every bit as large of a cuddle and a grin and the song at the end.

The feeling of Husby walking up behind me as I go about kitchen-y chores, getting in my way and hampering me from working as he wraps his arms all around me and snuggles his scrapybristly chin into the side of my cheek for a huge hug, and just stopping to enjoy it. And hug him back and stand for long minutes, knowing that whatever our ups and downs and challenges and wonders, we belong.


You Will Always Look Lovely

The utter wonder of a hundred aeroplane contrails left like pick-a-sticks across the sky, sparkling bright white, silver and gold in the morning sun as it bathes them in light against an intense, vivid blue, and watching as they slowly dissolve, becoming feathery and lighter – less like lines carved with precision, and more like fluffy, rippling smudges of finger-paint smoothed across the vast, arching upturn of sky.

Learning, with excitement, that I can wish on lost eyelashes (then inexplicably losing about 8 in three days) and taking great care to sweep each one up onto a fingertip, balance it there for a moment, thinking with a smile in my heart of the person who told me, and then blowing the eyelash away into the world with one swift breath, ready to carry my wish to the stars and help make it come true (hey, I can dream, right?).

Discovering (as I wrote it) that I love quickly and trust slowly, but that in spite of my propensity to love (and love and love), there are a growing number of people I trust, and being able to say that to one of them, and to have it said back in return…incredible.

Receiving just-the-right-amount-tipsy and beautifully harmonious but utterly, wonderfully bonkersmad messages from a friend and her friend (who has a gorrrgeous singing voice, like chocolate silk) as they duetted together just for me, because they could, and it was fun. I actually laughed so hard at their discussions about the duet, the flubs and ad-libs that I had to hide myself in the back of the van (I listened before my clinic opened) for fear that anyone peering through the windows would see me and think me unprofessional because I could barely breathe from laughing with such delight.

Picking up a pen and paper frequently throughout the week to continue writing a lengthy missive to someone who warms my day, without knowing it, without even being there, just because I’ve thought of our friendship, how much it means to me, and how much I relish being “stuck with” her.

The knowledge that from now until I’m 90, sunsets will hold a deeper and more wonderful meaning to me.

That my first of the ‘Kicking Cancer’s Ass’ posts was wonderfully well received, and that together we raised money for a thoroughly good cause.

Receiving a BIG ol’ box in the post (which I had to go and fetch) and needing to wait THE ENTIRE DAY to open it, because Other Things, and then finally getting to it to discover that it was packed with an armchair tour of the sender’s summer, and information about the places she’d been to, and meaningful souvenirs of each place, showing that in spite of distance and quiet and busyness, she’d taken me with her in her heart. And (amongst other, truly amazing things) two tiny, discovered doves inside a sand dollar, BEACH in shells and oils, and an (against dress code but who cares) infinity ‘wishlet’, which has not left me yet, and is tied tight around my left wrist as a constant reminder of just how very, very, very incredamazingly lucky I am to have such a fabulous BlogWife. (Not to mention the added mental giggle it gave me as I wondered if anyone would ask me about the bracelet and then I’d have to remember not to slip and use the term ‘BlogWife’, so I didn’t come off as a complete lunatic – fortunately it hasn’t happened yet!)


Texts and emails back and forth with one of the (relatively few) close-in-Real-Life friends I have, culminating in a couple of ginormous emails and then a text saying that she felt like she’d gotten a reply from a celebrity, which made me laugh, because it just goes to show the way the Blogosphere can build you into a ‘persona’, when she and I both know full well that she’s seen me fall over repeatedly trying to catch a tiny, soft frisbee as we played, drunk, in my living room at about 2am.

The shining, wonderful light which is the knowledge that on Sunday I will be going to see my Soulie, after FAR too long, and that in spite of the letters and texts we’ve been sending, NOTHING will be more wonderful or more grounding or more affirming than us catching sight of each other, running towards each other and smooshing each other into absolutey HUGEMASSIVE hugs, our faces tangibly grinning as though we’d stuck rainbows upside-down in our mouths and they were pressing our cheeks out sideways. Then there will be tea. And cake (probably) and talking and talking and talking.

AND (bonus!) I got a marriage proposal, apropos of nothing (apparently) – just because the chap in question has decided he loves me and wants us to be married. Which is incredibly sweet, because he’s only four (my Soulie’s son – which is how I heard about the proposal – he just came out and told her this, completely out of the blue). So I’ll keep him in the wings, and if, one day, I’m a glamorous 70-something year old widow, and he’s still interested, I might have bagged myself a hot, 40-something toy boy.

Did YOU have any of those incredibly happy moments this week? Was your memory a truly, truly wonderful one you’d like to share? Have you got Ten Things to be Thankful about? You know where to write…



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73 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #67

  1. OOOOH I love love. I love the memory idea and the photo you used. And I love love that you had such happy happy stop the world and be happy moments, from the perfect kiddo hugs and snuggles to the bristly husby chin moments. Yay for happy. I had a really happy week, too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • GOOD FOR US! I’m sure things will revert to normal soon, but for now we FLY 😀

      I’m glad your week was full of happy (and where it wasn’t, that there was enough happy to make the not-happy NOT the main focus) x


    • Muy bueno – this one was MEANT to 🙂 I’m glad.

      And YAY for so many people wishing on eyelashes! Perhaps it’s a ‘Murican tradition, which would explain why I’ve never heard of it until now.


  2. Lizzie, the eyelash thing. I love that and do the same thing. Place it on my finger as long as I can and then wish. My nails are super short and chewed on, so not much of a ledge to hold it. The hubby hugs in the kitchen, yep. Totally, always good, we do that also. The last week watching my kids compete in their sports made me happy. This post is happy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! That was the plan. I’m glad you have such lovely, happy things in your world, Lynda 😀 I only learned about the eyelash thing from Mandi last week – I NEVER KNEW! Ackkk! All these YEARS of eyelashes just….wasted! It’s very galling!


  3. I finally made it back to leave you my comment. Lizzi I only wish that you would have been my aunt when I was a child. Your imagination astounds me and I want to be your niece … perhaps in another life time?

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. OH! how I needed your little cupped hands filled with light. All weekend I’ve carried the image with me. Tomorrow it will be what my heart is filled with. Love all of your savors…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. hanging with your Soulie is the best, it always great to catch-up – laugh – reminisce – I love marriage proposals you are one special lady – your heart is pure, children can see it – have a wonderful week – carry those memories with you let it shine 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You attribute too much to me! My heart is far from pure. But it is full of fun and (mostly) good intentions. So I’m very happy with the level of adorable child-sweetness intended in the marriage proposal. My ‘catching up’ with my Soulie was slightly stymied by the presence of her children, but we had awesome fun ANYWAY, and it was truly wonderful.

      I hope you have a beautiful week, too, and some lovely moments to keep your own memories glittery 🙂


  7. Kids are indeed so sweet 🙂 There has been a time when I would have been rather – uncomfortable (?!?) – beign disturbed while doing my chores; but I’m lucky enough that I, too, have a hubby who taught me how wonderful those little breaks from daily life are. Hope you have a wonderful week, Lizzi!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. CRUD!! I just pushed the wrong button and erased my entire (of course it was witty and hilarious!) comment!!! Short version:

    Love, love, love that you had so many happy moments this week.
    I want some delicious gingerbread. I haven’t had any since I lived in Bermuda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well SHOOT! Shall we consider that I thought it was awesome and I giggled at it?

      This wasn’t ‘gingerbread’ – it was something I invented which had ground ginger and chopped crystallised ginger and sultanas and grated carrot and soft brown sugar and wholemeal brown and rye flour and a little vegetable oil and some water in it. It was AWESOME. But wasn’t cake.


  9. So, what happens to sunsets after you turn 90?
    Spending time with your soulie sounds divine! I miss mine and wish she weren’t 500 miles away.
    I like that you’ve picked out your future boy toy. Good planning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohmigosh, he is SO CUTE! We got to walk along the promenade beside the sea today, holding hands, and my Soulie mentioned “Oh, I see you’re holding hands with your boyfriend” and he whined “I don’t want to be your boyfriend – I just want to marry you NOWWWW!” I’m smitten 😀

      It was a lovely day. I wish yours wasn’t 500 miles away. I’m lucky only to have 55 miles to go!

      Well, I’ve only promised til ’90. Well – it was suggested to me by Hasty (whom I call Sunset, because she has a picture of her with INCREDIBLE red hair, and it made such an impression on me) that I’d associate sunsets with her til I’m 90. After that I’ll probably have Alzheimer’s and forget all about everything…I guess I’ll be off the hook!


  10. It may have taken me 2 days to get here but so very glad to arrive. I absolutely LUV, LUV, LUV the colorful pic that is the handful of memories. May you have many such hand formations extended to you:)

    There is much magic to be had from simply closing one’s eyes…..thank you for the reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is if you’re thinking the right thoughts, or it’s all for naught!

      Thanks. Today I had two small, warm hands clasped in mine, and we made fairy stones and had long cuddles on the sofa in front of Doc McStuffins, and ate cakes and they covered me with beautiful star and butterfly stickers, and it was all perfectly lovely 🙂 GREAT memories, and wonderful, treasure-children to hold in my hands and my heart.


  11. My friend, my friend. I have a complete visual of the smile on your face while writing this amazingly happy post. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love the beginning and wish I could read with my eyes closed. It felt like a moment you should close your eyes for in order to truly be in it. Almost like a meditative state. I imagine it middle of the night for you right now, around 3am, and I hope you are asleep and resting up for your fantastic Sunday. Have a wonderful time and thank you for the smiles!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! Oh Sandy I SO SO SO VERY wanted to say “Now just close your eyes…” and realised that this was a tactic which just WOULD NOT WORK! *giggles* Ohhhh dearie me! 😀 But yes – almost like a meditation on something wonderful, or just a time-out to focus on something lovely which is important to the reader….a bit of fun and a bit of REAL lovely (still, on the meta-game side, I am blown away that there’s the chance that my words might actually for REAL impact someone…there may be a Considerings post in this – perhaps my next Kick Cancer’s Ass post… :D)

      I hope you’re having a good weekend, my DA. And yes, it was precisely 3am and I was SOUND asleep. I completely wiped out last night! Probably good for me – long drives today! Have a gorgeous Sunday and talk to you SOON 😉 Glad you had smiles 😀


  12. Sunsets are like my favorite pictures! I love love love your intro. It’s the best explanation of all that happens in these interactions we have on the web. Pretty amazing! Your list is rather happy. One happy moment I have is that exciting anticipation right now of my husband’s return from work. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwh that’s a really nice happy anticipation, Brittnei! I hope he was worth the wait 😀

      And YES! I tried with my intro – I even really enjoyed writing it – thanks for liking it so much. And YES! My list is full of happy, and how lovely. Makes a pleasant change from the often struggle to get happy things for the list 😀


  13. I’m thankful for your writing, and the introduction to the concept of having a “blog wife”. I want one now. I love that quote by Roald Dahl and I believe in that with all my heart. I wish you a magical week ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah now, having a BlogWife is a terrifically special thing – it kind of happens almost by accident (it did to me and Beth, anyway) when you fall for each other’s writing, and then (in our case) someone else suggests that the pair of you make a great writer marriage, and then you both sort of leap at the chance, and giggle lots. It’s SO awesome.

      But we got greedy, hence the SisterWives, and you see the good that’s coming out of that! Wow! It’s all so great – I definitely recommend it, Jen – it’s just a case of finding another blogger you really *click* with, and building a deep friendship.

      Thanks for being thankful for my writing. That makes me smile to know it. And YAY for the Roald Dahl quote. I need to try to remember it more often 🙂


    • No cake this weekend, but I did make some INCREDIBLE carrot and ginger bread, which was so, so, so very good! I just made two small rolls, and then ate them BOTH because they were so completely delicious! There will be no more box cake 😀

      And I’m glad my happiness is contagious – I hope everyone enjoys reading it, and feels a bit cheered.


    • Okay well I JUST DISCOVERED TODAY that one of my colleagues reads my blog. I was very calm on the outside and my brain whirred away at a MILLION MILES AN HOUR.

      BUT! It means that at least one of them would have a clue 😉


  14. That was a very nicely written post… Stop hopping into my head, I was gonna start my post just like that …. now I have to think of something more original ….. hmmmm 😉

    And what a sweet proposal ….. you should write an entire post on that it really sounds so cute….

    Liked by 1 person

    • You were gonna start with a thought-journey, huh? And there was me thinking it was something cool I’d invented, but no – you already know about them. There ya go then!

      It was (probably) a very sweet proposal, but I only heard about it secondhand from her, so I only know what I’ve said here. But it was very adorable to hear about 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Hehehe lemme see, he needs to be 40-something, so I guess in about 40 years! You’re DEFINITELY invited 😀 I’m glad you liked the thought journey – I dunno where I came up with the idea, but I just thought (geddit?) I’d give it a try! YAY! Seems to have been well received. *phew*

      And yes, the small things are wonderful, too – they just need to be looked at to be found BIG and amazing 🙂


  16. Aww, thank you for sharing, Lizzi!! Have you ever read The Giver? Your description of “giving” the memories reminded me of that book…and with your beautifully descriptive writing, it certainly feels as if I am receiving them. What beautiful gifts you give to your readers. I’m so glad I took a minute tonight to stop by your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY! HELLO! 😀 Gladgladglad to see you 🙂 I hope everything’s well with you! 😀 I’m so glad you stopped by, too. *grins*

      And thank you for comparing me to a book! I haven’t heard of that one, but it sounds lovely! What a nice title. I might have to keep an eye out for it – I am intrigued. I’m glad you enjoyed the writing-gift, and I hope you had a good memory 🙂


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  18. Aww, Lizzi it is 10 pm on Friday night and finally getting to check in. I love how wonderful your week has been and got to admit my week has been pretty good, too just chaotic as usual and the girls were off for two days with public school closed for the Jewish holiday here. So, definitely been off the grind a bit the last two days, but trying my best. Still, just saw your tweet and had to stop on in to wish you a wonderful weekend again 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awhhh well I’m glad you did 🙂 Sounds like you’re still so very busy playing catch-up, though I’m glad you’ve had a wonderful week – that’s brilliant 🙂 Two days off school! I bet the girls loved that. I hope you all had super fun together. And the Blogosphere will always wait, won’t it 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend x


    • Yes *thinks about it carefully*…I was going to say something about self-edited and only sharing the highlights, but I guess if I even have highlights like this to share, then it *is* pretty wonderful. Thanks Pattie 🙂 I’m more fortunate than I ever realise 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀


  19. Okay – now that I’ve read the wonderful that was your week … I’d like to exist in the week you just described because it sounds, well, so lovely – and I’m so very happy you got to live it – and relish and languish in all of it like it seems you did. As for your description of brushing up against hubs and just – being in the moment – I sometimes feel I’m in the blur and missing those moments – they happen – but I need to pause and be there,

    As for preschool marriage proposals and general celebrity – well! First off, well deserved! Secondly, I’m sure you will handle it all with the friendship and grace you’ve shown many – including me. Many a “blog crush” can become a friendship. As for future 70-year-old you? Huzzah! Que sera sera and all that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She doesn’t blog yet. I’m working on it 🙂 Some of my best bloggy friends started out as blog crushes. And, well, I got BlogMarried…so we all know it can work out brilliantly 🙂

      The little boy is SO cute. I’m hoping he’ll be there on Sunday so I can see him and offer him an acceptance for when Husby dies (before me) of old age 😉 …that doesn’t sound AT ALL weird, does it? 😉

      And pffft! I like ya – why wouldn’t I show friendship your way? 🙂

      You probably did exist in my week – like you said – the moments were there, you just need to remember to notice them. And bear in mind that I probably have fewer things zipping around in my brain, clamouring for space, than you do. So I have time to notice these things. But the good bits of the week were GORGEOUS – you’re right 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • 1. I wish you luck in your blog-courting. I caution this may feel like a cult to your “outside” friend. I’ve had more than a few eye-rolls (along with all the honest interest) when I’ve mentioned I blog.

        2. Your blog wife is awesome. I wish you amazing, fantabulous online collaborative success. You are individually awesome – so I wait to see you both take over the world.

        3. Your hoped for preschool promise ceremony is thoughtful – should it pan out, I see you possibly serving a God-parent style guidance role. I think you’d shine there.

        As for brain zippage (I just created a word, roll with it) – I’d pay to speak to the person who has the secret for sorting out which of my random thoughts matter and which I can just file away as “randomly interesting”.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hehehe we’ll see – she’s considered having a blog before. I’m just…encouraging, gently, and hoping she goes for it. She’s seen the madness (and yes – a hint of cult!) that is the Blogosphere whenever she’s been over here, so she knows a little of it.

          Beth. Is. Amazing. Nothing less. I was blown away. If I had been anything less than the cold, frigid Englishwoman I am, I would have been a puddle of happy tears on the floor as I was opening the gift and reading her letter and seeing all the thoughtful, very amazingcredible gifts she sent me…. *happysigh* ahhh! My heart! 😀

          And re my little admirer – I think I kindasortaish have that role anyway. In a distant way. He’s counted amongst the number of ‘my’ kids, anyway 🙂

          Brain zippage? Is it better that I think it’s a great thought, or that I’m totally excited that you came over here and NEOLOGISED? 😉 I don’t want to sort my thoughts atm – they’re all fun 🙂


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