Selling Ourselves and Standing Tall

Money. Moolah. Dosh. Dollar. Filthydirtylucre.

Whatever we think of it, it makes the world go round, and the long traditions of exchanging the things we do (oldest trick in the book, innit?) for a return of cold, hard cash is something which appeals very deeply, and has been used to all manner of ends. That said, when it comes to pricing up (how do you put a price on a string of ideas tied together with words?) I think writers have a tendency to get a bit hung up on how and whether and how much to ask for. I know I do, so I’ve never sold myself before. Using Writing Keep FightingI just never really felt like my words would be worth anything; especially in light of the fact that y’all get them here for free, and the enjoyment is just the same (I really hope!). That said, with the advent of a purpose on which to hang my words, I decided to hawk them a little and see what might happen. So I jazzied them up in their high heels and sent them off to the street corners of the Blogopshere to see what they might bring in.

Because if trying to help kick cancer’s ass isn’t a good reason to turn syntax, I don’t know what is!

Yeah – I offered it up. And no less than FOURTEEN wonderful, amazing people stepped up, put their hands in their pockets and paid for me. So with NO further ado, here is the first ‘Considerings for Cancer’ post: it’s over at Zoe’s blog, Rewritten. Come and see why I’ve never travelled and how come my heart’s full of rubber bands. It’ll make sense, I promise.

And yaknow what? The offer’s still good: I’m selling myself and standing tall.

For a donation to the cancer charity of your choice, you can buy me, and I’ll write you something lovely – a poem ($10), a post ($20), or an Actual, In Fact letter ($30). Let me know in the comments.

Kick Cancers Ass with Writing

And if you have time for a quickie, check out these lovelies:

Hastywords, who has opened an art gallery to sell her gorgeous, GORGEOUS images as…well, whatever you want – prints, posters, mugs…the possibilities are endless!

Helena Hann-Basquiat, whose new book ‘All the Happy Ending You’re Going to Get‘ is available now (and who has just been picked up for publication – yay!)

And all the contributors to the anthology ‘My Other Ex‘, about the demise of important friendships.

(And just in case you now feel as though your head’s spinning from all the wonders for sale here, and you think you should be doing more with your own words, or as though you probably *could* do something, you’re just not sure how or when, or whether it would work anyway…come and read “Baby, look at me and tell me what you see” over at Sisterwives – it’ll set you right)

41 thoughts on “Selling Ourselves and Standing Tall

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  16. How funny. As I pulled into the parking lot at work, I had very similar thoughts about writing, and being paid to write. I am strongly considering taking you up on a guest post on my diddly, little blog. But only $20? I think you’re worth more than that 🙂


    • Cary, it would be an honour to guest post for you in this way. And there’s no cap on donations, but you’re very sweet to say that 🙂

      I’m also glad I’m not the only blogger with these thoughts about writing 🙂


  17. I still love it so much that you are selling yourself for a good cause! We have a childhood cancer charity right here in our area that Nik and I have a soft spot for, BASECamp Childhood Cancer Foundation. That’s where ours is going. You’re doing a good, good thing here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That sounds almost like an activity centre thing! (I’m sure it’s not), and THANK YOU for supporting me in this, as well. I’m halfway through your chosen piece as we speak. It’s happening a bit at a time, but I’ll get to work on it today (YAY!) because reasons. And I’m all too happy to sell myself for this. Every little helps.

      I think it’s lovely that Nik takes an interest as well. She’s awesome 🙂

      (You’re awesome too, it kinda goes without saying that I think that, but I’ll say it anyway 🙂 )


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