Ten Things of Thankful #65

In the last day or so, I’ve been having some fascinating conversations with the Gunmetal Geisha about the pros and cons of submitting one’s writing to i) a site which pays for writing, ii) HuffPo, iii) another of the Big Bloggy Sites, or iv) none of the above. It’s been enlightening to hear her thoughts, and although she constructs a very well-reasoned argument, I’ve still found myself on the fence.

Bear with me – it might be about to feel a bit arrogant in here…

I know I can write well. I’ve practiced a lot, I’m widely read, I have fun trying out different things and seeing what works, and a lot of the time I’m fairly successful. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on my writing, be it poetry or Considerings or fiction pieces (and thanks, because the feedback does help – even the constructive criticism is useful, because it helps me to improve) and I’m…shall we leave it at…confident in my abilities. I’m not the world’s greatest ever, and that’s fine – it’s not what I aspire to be. But I am (on the whole) pretty damn readable.

Additionally, I’m not here to promote myself or gain a bajillion followers or create a solid Blogosphere presence from which place to launch a book or a project. Apart from hoping to spread a little awareness about infertility/miscarriage and the fall-out of each, I’m mostly here to just PLAY, and I love that. I love that there’s no pressure, and that it can all be as fun as I want it to be. Of course, along the way, I’ve discovered that writing is damn good therapy, and it brings the most wonderful connections with truly lovely people, many of whom now matter deeply to me, so there’s that, too, but mostly (in terms of output) it’s just about being here to have a laugh and write for the sake of it.

SO, were I to tout my writing to one of the aforementioned sites (and I’ve done it before – I’ve been published twice on Scary Mommy, with miscarriage-related pieces, which I thought was really good of them to share, seeing as it’s a tricky topic), I don’t anticipate that I’d be particularly wrought with worry over the ‘will they/won’t they accept me’ (because I don’t much mind), and I don’t think I’d feel stressed out or short-changed if my follower statistics didn’t jump through the roof if I did get published. And I’m not too bothered about getting paid. It would just be for the sheer – adunno, not even kudos, because my perspective (and arrogance? I did warn you) leaves me not too worried about shouting it from the rooftops and having everyone I know congratulate me on it – it would just be for the idle fun of having a go and seeing if I could get in there. A kind of academic exercise – because I honestly don’t mind either way, and yeah – I think my writing (on a good day) is comparable to some of the pieces they put out there.

[SIDE NOTE – I don’t mean, by any of this, to undermine the specialness of being picked and published by one of the Big Sites to those who consider it special. I also don’t mean to suggest that it’s not a Big Deal in terms of all the added statistics/followers/Blogosphere presence/money, for those to whom these things matter – it definitely *is* a Big Deal, and there are people who work it and make really, really good on it, and GOOD FOR THEM. All I’m saying is that’s not where *I’m* at…]

BUT…the thought of writing being valuable, and actually worth something in financial terms – the thought of my writing being worth something in financial terms – that stuck with me. Partially because I’d never considered it before, and partially because it grew into a Big Deal kind of thought. Maybe. It might be terrible – let me know.

Here’s the thing.

Cancer (stick with me).

It sucks. It ruins lives. It destroys. It upsets me to the very middlest centre of my being. Because it’s killed family. Because it’s killing family. Because it’s killing friends. And in those friends and family where it is present and kept at bay, it’s still very much THERE, and awful, and dark and invasive, because you never know when it’s going to stop being in remission and develop into something super-nasty, which will finish them off. It is life lived on tenterhooks, if lived at all.

And as many man-hours and basic research and time and money and effort are poured into it, it’s still awful and still very much Out There, and it still kills, leaving heartbreak and pain behind it, and it needs MORE – more science; more research; more testing; more medical advancement; more man-hours, and yes – more money.

Which is where writing, and my perhaps-maybe-genius idea comes in.

There’s a March On Cancer in my city soon, and I’m going to be going. I’ll see how many people I can get to join in, and we’ll all do our bit. But fund-raising? Ack. I don’t want to bake a load of cakes and try to flog them. I don’t want to pester my colleagues or acquaintances with sponsor forms. I’m not a fan of accosting people for money, but I AM a fan of doing something I know I’m good at and capable of and enjoy, and sending the proceeds to charity. I used to do babysitting that way. Now what I enjoy (cos I’m a bit old for sitting on someone else’s couch watching telly for the evening) is writing.

SO – enter The Plan – I’m going to ‘sell’ my writing. But not: I’m going to offer it in exchange for donations to your favourite Kick-Cancer’s-Butt charity. I’m not going to set up a page or do PayPal or anything at all – this works off honour. If you want to buy into my idea, then I will trust that you’ve done your bit and sent your donation to the cancer charity of your choice, and you let me know in the comments what you want; I’ll assume you’ve donated the suggested amount (though by all means, go over and above) and I’ll write for you as soon as I can.

Here’s what’s on offer:

A poem – $10/£6

A Considerings guest post – $20/£12

A fiction/story guest post – $25/£15

An actual, in fact, real letter through your door – $30/£18.50

Kick Cancers Ass with Writing

The prices are what they are because it’s for CHARITY, darlings. And we’ll see (because I’m actually nervous about this – it might all go horribly wrong and not be liked as an idea AT ALL, and be completely, utterly ignored) whether or not anything comes of it. I am putting myself OUT THERE, for a damn good cause. Because I’m sick and tired of perfectly good human beings dying of this shitty disease. I am sicker and tireder of seeing people I care for get hurt by it. And I am terrified about losing any of them.

Macmillan Cancer Support suggests that as many as 1 person in 3 will get cancer at some point in their lives.

You have 10 ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ co-hosts. As far as I’m aware, three have already been affected by it. I’d really like it to stop there.

And this – fun as I’m sure it will be for me to do the writing – does NOT feel like playing. It feels like fighting back.

I hope you’ll support me.

(And if you want to know what’s set me off (this time) it was this post at Our Land, by our very own Zoe)


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107 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #65

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  4. Lizzi, I find what you’re trying to do generous and heartfelt. What a wonderfully selfless way to use your gifts!!

    May you be blessed for them and through them,

    P.S. I would love a Considerings guest post.

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  6. I am sure not to be last in line to say you have a unique and self-less idea. No surprise as I happen to know your heart is as expansive as the sky is wide. Your words will have an impact Lizzi in ways that you can only imagine. And it will be all good. Totally. Awesome.

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      • “…like all of us, if you cut me open, you’ll find the world (and several more) inside.”

        damn! that is such a ridiculously perfect and powerful description… I will know kick something (here in the ‘real’ world) such is my Comment/insight envy!

        lol (I repeat. ‘damn!’)

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        • *giggles* You can quote me on it 😉 I was thinking of the Indian story quoted in The Secret Garden, of the little-boy god, who had the universe down his throat, and I thought “Nahhh, that’s TOO much – but the world…and not just *this* one…YEAH!” 😀


  7. I love so much of this post – mainly the “be the change: part – which I think you already do on many levels just with your writing here (namely you help people through the community you create). I wish you success in fighting cancer. I have someone close with MS and we pray for – and support research to find – a cure there. Supporting these causes is so important.

    I also love that you see writing here as play. I agree the end result is more than that (writing as therapy, finding community) – but I think much of the value is found in the fact that, when not dealing with the bigger issues of life, you seem to write for the joy of it. It comes through.

    Shine on!

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    • I really, really, really heard Pink Floyd lyrics at the end of your post, and it made me smile. Thank you 🙂

      I’m so glad that the joy shows through (when not dealing with something ugly) – that’s a really nice thing to think about my writing. And yes, I suppose there are ways in which my writing could be argued to already contribute (which is an AWESOME thought, by the way) but I love this idea – I *thought* it was a good’un – and how very supportive my community have been of it. The TToT crowd once again blow my mind with how generous they are, even if they’re not joining in with this – they seem to ALL be doing SOMETHING for someone, or some cause, which is SO inspirational and affirming that here, we have a really, thoroughly GOOD bunch of people.

      Good for you for having a cause already. I totally respect that, and thank you for your encouragement in this endeavour of mine 🙂


  8. I love this!! My mother passed away after a (successful) bone marrow transplant. Her immune system was just too low after the chemo for her leukemia. Had a non-viral form of pneumonia. . Of all things! Rough times. . . I can absolutely get behind something like this. . .

    And, by the way, it is CONFIDENCE. Not arrogance. There IS a difference, my dear. 😉

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    • Ack! I’m so sorry to hear that. That SUCKS. Those secondary infections SUCK. I hate them, and that people’s immune systems are so knackered from cancer that they’re unable to fight them off. Very rough times indeed, and worth fighting back against any way we know how.

      And THANK YOU. It’s an awful lot of confidence, bordering on arrogance, but hey – it seems to work for me 😉

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  10. Great idea. I love it. I wish I had the funds to participate. That is why I need to make money writing. i have medical bills, and the hospital is given us 30 days to pay or they wil take our tax returns this year. Yes, in America, well at least the state of SC, hospitals can take your tax returns for pass due bills. I owe $3,000 to our local hospital for 5 iron infusions to save my life in 2013. It was up to $5,575, but we have paid it down. We are paying $50 a month. The hospital is mad because we are not paying it quick enough.

    We owe our other hospital still $5,300. They have never threatened to take our taxes, and we pay them just $50 a month. My daughter had to have her appendix removed in 2012, and we have been paying ever since. The bill was $6,700 to start and that was after our insurance paid. Sorry for the novel. I just feel bad that I can’t help, and I want too. We just got the bit of news about our taxes less than an hour ago which is why I did not blog about it. I probably will not. I don’t know. Maybe I can write it a post for BlogHer.

    I really appreciate your spirit of love and giving. You are an inspiration.

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    • Gosh, Mary! No, I can quite understand you needing to write it out to get it out of you! That’s a very tough financial reality to face, and I’m sorry it’s happened to you. I hope you manage to find a way through it so that you don’t end up losing your tax returns. That’s really sucky, and makes me (once again) thankful that I live in the UK, where the NHS does such a wonderful job for *everyone* without shafting them for so much money.

      Ack 😦

      I appreciate your support of the idea, and I completely understand you needing to keep your finances ringfenced to deal with these bills – that’s a right priority. Thank you.


  11. LOVE every bit of this post and your amazing mission to do SOMETHING about such a monster that thrives in every single family… Cancer does not discriminate. And Lord knows I’ve been infiltrated and many people I love have lost their lives or are currently fighting for it because of it.

    I WANT to buy a post!!! BUT- I have to wait on our financial issues to resolve. I currently give to quite a few organizations and I so desperately want to give to THIS beautiful idea. So? Let me see how our budget is after the trip?

    I love your words. I love your gift. I love your outlook on it all. I love you.

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    • Awwwh, you rock – thank you so much for saying such nice things. I’m glad you like this. I’m glad it’s gone down so well – I was worried that no-one would like it and I’d get maybe two people joining in, and then everyone just kind of going quiet…but WOW! This is awesome.

      I shall wait and see, and put you down with a question mark by your name. Let me know when you know, ‘kay?

      And yes *grimaces* I know you’ve been infiltrated. You were one of the people I thought of as I wrote this. *HUGS*


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  13. I think it’s a great idea! I’ll play and donate to The American Cancer Society. We actually donate to it on a fairly regular-ish basis – we lost my beloved Uncle Arthur to cancer, and my husband’s mother to it as well. It’s a shitty sucky mean and horrible disease. So hmm… what do I want you to write? Let’s chat in IM and do something great.
    When it comes to the issue of being paid to write – I actually do get paid to write from a couple of places but the thing is – it’s not the type of writing that I enjoy and it’s designed to fit a very specific purpose, so… less fun, if that makes sense. But I know there’s a way to also make money writing what we want – I just haven’t really looked into it much because well, I like to blog for free, and cannot stand pop up ads on blogs and that stuff… but also totally understand people using those tools to make money from blogging.

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    • Yes – I should imagine you and I think along the same lines with regard to ads and monetisation. It’s besides our point, but good for those who make it work for them, and more power to them. Specific writing sounds like hard work. But money is good, so good that you can do it.

      We’ll chat in IM, and THANK YOU for supporting me on this. I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle (AWESOME name, btw) and your MIL 😦 It’s awful how many people are struck down by it.


  14. I think it’s a wonderful idea, Lizzi. And I don’t think you sounded arrogant at all. It’s actually awesome to see you own your talents and take pride in them. On a side note, I’ve been thinking about the whole submitting writing game too, and I love your perspective. You may not know it, but there are many times that your words settle in me and make me re-evaluate my own perspective. Love you, Lizzi.

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    • Dana, sometimes you come in out of nowhere and just make SUNSHINE happen in my soul – it’s so incredible and also nice and also surprising to hear that my words have such impact! 😀 ❤ I still haven't decided about the submissions. We'll see. But I think there's a lot of hype, which for some is justified if they're trying to DO something with their writing, which would just bypass me, as I'm here for fun. And, well, now to try to FUNdraise.

      I do own my talents, and I probably take a little too much pride in them sometimes! But thank you – I think I get what you mean. And thanks for the encouragement – the idea seems to be going really well so far, so YAY! 😀


  15. This is a wonderful idea and maybe a start of a new way…it sickens/scares me the stats you posted – our family donates to St Baldrich; my nephews shave there hair for them – James will do it to next spring – you are an angel! 🙂

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    • Oh I’ve seen the hair shaves for cancer. I’ve always wondered if I’d be brave enough to do it! Probably stupid enough 😉 I’m so glad that your family are involved already in awareness and fundraising. That’s awesome – the more the merrier, and CERTAINLY the better to aid the fight.

      And thanks – I’m glad you like the idea 🙂 It just arrived in my brain while I was in the shower (amazing how much thinking happens in the shower!) and I thought BINGO! So yeah, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going down, and DEFINITELY pleased to be helping the fight against those awful stats.

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  16. Is there a link to where donations should go? If so I’m dense and missed it. I’ll donate if/when I can, but I’m not going to make you work for it. It’s just the right thing to do. I’ve lost my maternal grandfather, an uncle, and aunt to cancer. Fuck cancer.

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  17. I want a Lizzi letter! And then I’ll have your address and can write back! It’s a no brainer where I’m sending my money, to The V Foundation. We have a grant under my brother’s name. We did a few golf tournaments years ago and we have friends and family that contribute to it every year. We just found out there’s a new trial for Ewing’s Sarcoma and some of the money we raised is going to help fund it. That was exciting news. His was one of those rare cancers that gets little attention or research. But I will make a point to donate now rather than the end of the year.

    And I have to say, even though I’ve said it many times before, that you are such a light in this world. You put so much good out there. I hope you feel some of that come back to you. I know that’s not why you do it, but the laws of the universe dictate that you get back what you give, right? In some way, in some form, I hope you feel some of the love and positivity that you give. A beautiful idea you have here. I love it.

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    • Gretchen, your comment made me go all *twinklyglowy* around the edges. Thank you. I’m so glad you like the idea so much, and thank you HUGE for backing it, even though you’re already a supporter. It’s an impossible disease to manage – there are SO many different kinds, and it just keeps popping up 😦 We need SO much more in terms of medical understanding and basic research, but how very exciting that the money you raised is going to help fund a trial! That’s amazing. Well done you.

      And yes – I can understand exactly why you do this, and I’m so sad that you know this disease so well and so horribly. BUT – somehow, in donating and putting time and effort and energy into making it GO AWAY, you are turning your darkness and pain into someone else’s silver linings. So there’s that.

      I don’t know that the universe is on that much of an equilibrium, but I feel GOOD about this idea and this post, so I’m happy 🙂


  18. I hope you raise a boatload of cash! It is so true that you don’t have to look far to discover someone who this stupid, dread disease has altered their life. My husband and I back research in leukemia, breast cancer, and the American Cancer Society because we have lost loved ones to three types of cancers. And that is just one family’s story. It is time for eradication!

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    • Ack! Yes – there are so many kinds, as well – it feels like a firefight on all fronts, sometimes! I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost so many people. I’m glad you’re already supporters – you’re rockstars. And thanks – I hope I do, too – it seems to be going well, and every little helps 🙂


  19. Oh my goodness, just when I didn’t think I could love you anymore, you go and do this. I am glad you know how special your writing is, and how much we enjoy reading it. I would LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE to publish a Considerings on my blog, and especially love it because it’s for a great cause. I’m sure you will have a large demand, so I’m willing to wait.

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    • *grins* Oh that’s such a gorgeously supportive comment! THANK YOU 😀 I will put you down for a Considerings post, and add you to my list, and THANK YOU for joining in with this, and making a difference 😀 YAY!


    • Well this is the thing, isn’t it – it’s all very well to WRITE, but the problem (as I’ve come across before) is how to make that translate into ACTION…and that’s the bit which counts, so…LOOKIT! IT’S WORKING 😀


  20. You my friend…are something amazing. Beyond amazing. Like cupcakes made from vanilla cupcake vodka with a large dollop of vanilla frosting sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles.
    Your heart knows no bounds.
    I want to whore you out on one condition…
    …that I can donate to mental health.
    Let me explain…
    Donating to a cancer charity is a wonderful thing. I don’t think that there is a single person on this planet who has not been affected directly or indirectly by this horrific illness.
    You say (well not you) that 1 in 3 people will get cancer.
    1 in 5 will experience a mental illness. 2 out of 3 will suffer in silence because society is an asshole and every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.
    The cancer foundations receive millions upon millions of dollars.
    Mental illness?
    Not so much.
    So, if I hire you, I will donate to mental health.
    Love you.

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    • Ahhhhhh see now I’ve read your comment, your tweet makes sense. And I need to go back and amend mine. For YOU, I will do this. Your statistics are impressive (and I like your research, too 😉 ) – but no, in all seriousness, if you’re up for it, then we have an accord. Let me know 🙂 ❤


  21. You are very generous, as always. It is that time of year at my work where they do their Partners in giving. Any employee who donates to a cause, the company provides some matching funds (up to a certain amount). They make it easy to donate what you want through payroll deductions. I signed up again the other day.

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    • That’s such a good idea. It sounds like you work for a really good company, Mike. That’s brilliant 🙂 Too many companies aren’t that giving. And it’s a shame, because I bet the donations are tax-deductible for them.


  22. In the last three years, I’ve lost three friends to cancer. Three in three years. Friends who were in my graduating class, friends who I sat across from at the lunch table in elementary school, friends with children, husbands, futures, lives. My mother in law has cancer. She’s wasted down to 114 lbs because every other week, she has to sit for hours and get chemicals, if we are honest, poison pumped into her veins. She has to wear a pump home and continue the poison administration for 48 hours. She can’t eat anything hot, anything cold. She can’t keep her food down, and yet she calls me to ask how I am. I absolutely hate, despise, loathe cancer, and I think your idea is brilliant.

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    • Mandi, I’m so heartbroken to hear how very much this has affected your life. Much more than mine, with people far closer to you 😦 I’m gutted for you. Your MIL sounds like an amazing, wonderfully caring woman, and I bet that being able to ask how you are, and to express her care for you, and hear NORMAL, is something that keeps her going. That sounds like a great relationship and probably a bit of a lifeline for her. I can only imagine that if it were me, I’d want to hear the ordinary, boring, day-to-day details of what I was missing, and to know how other people were, rather than just repeating how *I* was all the time. I’m sure you tell her lots of lovely details, like M’s rapping in the car 🙂

      I’m glad you like this idea. You’ve fuelled my fire for it with these stories. I’mma write them for you and your MIL and your friends, too – y’all are now in my ‘Purpose’ bracket for this idea.


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  24. Lizzi, I am so sorry that cancer has touched your life (and the lives of those you love) so many times, but as a cancer survivor, let me say THANK YOU x1000 for offering your talents this way. Not only will you help cancer survivors and their families (and really, every bit helps!), but you will spread more awareness about these diseases. Love it.

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    • I think Sandy said it best – with such high statistics, it’s likely that most people will have had their lives affected by it, which is EVEN MORE REASON for us all to pitch in. I am SO glad you’re a survivor and GOOD! And thanks for your support and encouragement, and for sharing this post – that’s awesome 🙂


    • It’s such an important cause, and I know it’s easy for it to become a bit of a ‘wallpaper’ cause, because it’s so often the focus, but really, with a problem on this scale, we need not to be complacent about it. I’m just glad to be DOING something.


  25. That Lizzy is really an awesome idea…. I love it.
    Cancer is such a horrid thing…. I do what I can to support our own Cancer association each year here…. We have a once a year lollipop campaign. A Apple for cancer project and then once a year a thing where you buy a flower…. I always buy and get the work to do the same….

    They help support those with cancer medically etc and awareness…

    We have a lot of skin cancer here, cause of the abundant sunshine…. My own stepmother is a sufferer… it is really horridly painful….. Plus people I knew….. 😦

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    • Oh good for you – I’m glad you’re already involved. I think like Sandy said, it’s probably going to be difficult to find someone who HASN’T been affected or impacted by it at some point. Horrid disease. I’m sorry to hear about your stepmother 😦

      I like the idea of a lollipop campaign – that sounds awesome 🙂


  26. Beautiful idea . . . I just found out this afternoon a dear friend of mine, breast cancer survivor . . . must prepare for battle once again. My heart broke when I heard. I hate cancer. My mother is a cancer survivor, thank God it never returned.

    I’ve written for many paid sites, usually around the holidays for that little extra bit of money for the gift fund, it can be fun just to see your name out there I suppose.

    Confession – I actually *sold* a story auction style on eBay years ago. The more people bid, the more I wrote :o) I was bored and need money for a babysitter, so I went for it. I made enough for the sitter and a fabulous night out with my husband – I should go through the shoeboxes and find it . . .

    If I am able, come payday, I will be joining in on the fun!

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    • Awesome! And if not, it sounds like you’ll be doing your bit, in person, supporting your friend. That sucks so much – I’m so sorry to hear about her situation 😦 Thank goodness your mother’s okay.

      Selling the story on eBay sounds BRILLIANT. Husby and I came up with a silly half-idea the other day that we’d try selling junk-shop items with invented histories of how they got to us. WHO KNOWS if we’ll even try it, but it was fun to talk about. Sounds as though you did well out of yours.

      I never thought that a paid site would be interested in my writing, if I’m honest. I think I may have been looking in the wrong places, but most of the posts seem to be about family or relationships – two areas my expertise is rather limited in. But great that you make it work for you – that’s very cool 🙂


  27. I don’t know of too many people in this world who haven’t been touched by cancer. It pains me to say that. I have my Amazon account set up to send a donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital when I make purchases (which is A LOT) but I will gladly make a donation to another charity. You know I will want a letter….sans glitter! I will make a $50 donation and will let you know which cancer charity I send it to. I have a few in mind.

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    • Wot?! No glitter? I don’t get to stripperify your house again?! Aw alright – it’s for a good cause. And I will absolutely most certainly write you a letter, and thank you for joining in with this.

      With the Amazon thing – does that only work if you make a lot of purchases? (I don’t)

      And yeah – 1 in 3, so I guess most people will have been affected by it 😦

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      • Oh, every once in a while, the birthday glitter still makes an appearance, believe it or not! I think this is a terrific idea, a win/win for everyone. I’m proud of you for doing it.

        Amazon donates a small amount but even if you don’t buy much, added onto anyone else that’s buying and donating to the same cause, every little bit helps. Right? Google AmazonSmile. I’m always shopping on Amazon, I buy all my coffee there, a lot of books, most of my Christmas shopping, birthdays…it’s ridiculous, But now at least I know a little bit is being donated to St.Jude.

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        • That’s a really cool idea! Good for Amazon. I’ll have a look. I’m using it more these days (marginally) because it’s handy for getting stuff to ‘Murica without having to pay postage twice and send it myself.

          And thanks – I’m glad you think it’s a terrific idea – that’s BRILLIANT and I feel a lot better about trying it as a concept to see if it works 🙂

          Also, SO HAPPY (unreasonably so) that the birthday glitter still makes an appearance once in a while. If it helps, there are still hearts and stars in VERY unexpected places in my house, from your EPIC GLITTERBOMB 😀

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  28. Just checking in and I love that you are doing this. I admit I have been so out of the loop with Emma starting kindergarten last week and Lily this past week. I still don’t have a proper schedule down for myself, but I will have to think about this further, because it is a great cause. I also will try to link up hopefully again, because I feel guilty, but seriously just been crazy here and was out late with PTA for school last night, as well as, was back up at the school during the day today for a welcome back meeting for Kindergarten moms. So, been playing catch up ever since. But you know I couldn’t not stop in after seeing your tweet to say hi and wish you a great weekend 🙂

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    • Aw thanks Janine. Nice to see you, too, and it sounds like you’re CRAZY busy! Wow! So much going on!

      Don’t feel guilty – you’re still part of the gang – we’re all allowed to have breaks sometimes (except my co-hosts – not them!) and it’s necessary to keep the rest of life ticking over. If you think further about joining in with this, then let me know.

      I hope you have a great week 🙂


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  30. What a great idea! My mother died at 51 of colon cancer, my aunt just finished chemo from ovarian/uterine cancer,so my risks of something happening in the next 10 years is higher than normal. I’m already giving to ACS and St. Jude though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ack that sucks so much! I’m sorry to hear your family’s been so badly affected by it. Crossing my fingers for you for being the lucky one to escape it :/

      I didn’t think about what to do with people who already give regularly…perhaps if they want to donate over and above their normal amount (if they want the writing) then that’s cool, and if not, then they’re just awesome in my book for being regular contributors to the cause. Every little helps 🙂

      But THANK YOU – it’s really nice to know you think it’s a great idea 🙂


  31. Wow. What a fascinating idea! I think it’s greatness and so very Lizzi.
    I’m totally going to do this, but I need to figure out where/how to give and decide which writing I want. I’ll be back……
    Well done, BW.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome, possum, and thank you so very much for supporting me on this – I know it’s kind of a whacky, left-field thing of an idea, but…well, we’ll see if it works, and ANY raising money to beat cancer will be good 🙂


  32. oh well let me be the first… I am giving $50 to the St. Baldrich’s fund in honor of my buddy sammy…. and I would like ….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….can I think… its a toss up between a guest post and a real live letter ( such an archaic thing of the past!)… AWESOME IDEA … take it from me… I know… ahem…

    Liked by 1 person

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