Autumn, Bright and Beautiful

Now that the slew of back-to-school posts has slowed to a final trickle of the few parents who didn’t catch up their writing to the season (or are busier living real life than writing it) I’ve been busted: I haven’t been writing much. And I just got called on it by Lisa, who very sweetly wanted to know what the devil was up with me (“call yourself a writer?”) and wondered whether I’d be returning to more regular output of wordage in the near future (“Just something – *anything* – stick random words next to each other for all I care, but stop moping and write!”).

I resisted. I screamed and kicked and pulled faces, but she was quite insistent that I get back on the blogging pony and have a little gallop around. So I pulled out my Big Gun and demanded a topic, claiming Lack Of Inspiration. She mumbled something about needing to run away to some parent-teacher-meeting, and anyway she was sick, and surely *I* should be the one thinking of ways to entertain HER, rather than needing ideas spoon-fed to me, and as a parting shot (yelled, over her shoulder, as she slammed out) suggested “Autumn in England”.*

Rats! I hate Autumn. Only slightly less than I hate Winter.  So here goes nothing…

Autumn Bright and Beautiful

BUT in the true spirit of writer-y-ness, I suppose I’ve got to I’m going to do my very most beautifullest, chock-full-of-feels writing, because otherwise no-one will bother reading it I *know* that there are some delightful things about Autumn, there totally ARE NOT! if only I put my mind to seeking them out, which is what Life in Silver Linings is all about, Lovelies.

I think the thing which has been most immediately noticeable about Autumn has been the nights drawing in. It’s a sad refrain, which I’ve heard echoed across the Blogosphere; darkness befalls us earlier and earlier, and the warm, bright evenings are receding and becoming distant memories.

The sunsets seem every bit as spectacular, though – if not more determined to make the most of their earlier showing – sketching themselves across the paler skies in a melee of cotton-candy pink and pearl-grey clouds, whilst the air is still warm enough to hold the residual scent of grass which has been glowing in the sun (with that particular golden light which seems only to happen in autumn – the one which drips through the branches of trees like syrup, and tangles itself with sparkling dust-motes on the way to the dappled floor).

As for the mornings – wow! – it’s been a little miserable to get up and stumble around in the dark, but seeing the sun rise, and the day unveil itself all fresh and beautiful as though it had just been washed clean and ready to go; that’s a wonderful thing to behold. This morning particularly, when bright-white contrails stretched themselves across forget-me-not blue, dipping their fingers into the peach hues of the imminent sunshine, looking like nothing so much as exquisitely crafted frosting, skeddling themselves across an enormous sky-cake almost good enough to eat. And the air (as I stood on the balcony in my pyjamas, taking a photograph for Instagram) tasted crystal-clear, as though the day was filled with new opportunities.

The trees have been turning, but slowly – a gentle, creeping gauze of yellow and orange has laid itself across their branches, which are still mostly green, with a confetti of leaves bedecking the ground, as though celebrating the joining of seasons in the intertwining scents of flowers still blooming furiously and spilling their perfume into an air which is tangy with woodsmoke and the onset of coolness.

Promises have been made with that coolness, and the bright skies in the morning now take the breath away with their chill beauty – the dew spangling each blade of grass as though fairies had been let loose with silver glitter-glue overnight – and the sun sweeps down with the gentlest hints of warmth-for-later, soothing goose-bumped skin as I cycle past fields which are more mist-smoked every day, and will soon envelop me in fog…

There have been moments under trees, where the reds and golds of fallen leaves mingle with the scent of damp earth, as rich and loamy as fruit cake, creating a jewelled bouquet which whispers of harvest; of crisp, juicy apples which snap when you bite them fresh from the tree; of fingers and lips stained purple with blackberry juice; and of sweet, rich plums with golden nectar bursting in beads through the dusky bloom on their skins.

I’ve seen the first, silhouetted lines of ducks strung like dark beads across blinding skies, as they point their necks towards warmer climes and escape the oncoming cold. I’ve seen hedgerows bedecked in red berries, promising a hard winter (according to the old folk’s tales). I’ve felt the sudden, rippling warmth from coming indoors in the evening, having not realised how cold it had become outside.

Soon I shall know the comfort of a hot cup of tea, a warm blanket, and the delight of curling up safe in someone’s arms at the end of the day as the birdsong gives way to the gloaming…but for now, there are enough afternoons of sunshine – paler, but with a fierce heat – to reassure me that Summer isn’t quite ready for her last dance yet.

*Lisa said none of those things. Bar the suggestion, which she did make. I took liberties to make an entertaining intro – did you like it?


50 thoughts on “Autumn, Bright and Beautiful

  1. You know, so many of my blogging besties are writing less – including me – and in some ways, I like it because it gives me more time to visit everybody. However, I am very very glad that Lisa called you on it (or made the suggestion hehe) and that you managed to find good stuff about autumn to like. I actually like autumn, but where I live, it’s still hot (and that’s not bragging – today was well and truly miserable at 90 with humidity).

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    • I get what you mean – it’s nice to be able to focus rather than fly around in a whirlwind, constantly playing catch-up. But I think Lisa was a pal to call me on this and kick me over the edge into writing again. I kind of enjoyed it, even though meh, autumn…BUT I’m glad your autumn is a nice-type-one, rather than a miserable cold-type-one like we’re going to have soon.

      I would SWAP for your hot. Definitely.

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      • So nice to focus. Ever since my babysitter broke up with us totally unexpectedly and horribly and *SOB* I feel more behind than usual, which, as you know, is always behind. So when say, you write every day, I just can’t keep up… and I WANT so much to keep up… but I’m glad that Lisa’s words helped you to get your butt in gear too 😉

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        • I haven’t written every day for SO LONG! That’s Clark’s remit at the moment. I’m going to try to do the OctPoWriMo thing over at Bards though, so that should be a hoot and a half.

          I think you need to write about your babysitter breaking up with you, just to share the trauma. It sounds like a very sudden awful shock that we all want to hear about 😉


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    • I’m glad not to be alone in ‘taking some convincing’ about this change of seasons. That said, just the right amount of crisp sounds almost okay, so… (but no MORE than crisp, and we know that’s what comes afterwards…:( )


    • Alright, I’m beginning to be more sold on the summery ends of autumn and spring. Tonight Husby and I went out and just walked, after dinner, and ended up in town and had ice-creams, then wandered through the parks talking and finding conkers, til after 11pm. It was balmy and lovely and…yeah, alright, I liked it 🙂


  3. Fall is actually my favorite season. I just love the different light. Of course living in Florida, fall never actually happens like it does in other parts of the country and the world. It won’t get cooler until at least October (80s during the day, upper 60s at night) and may never actually get cold. We do manage a handful of ‘winter’ days in January and February. Last year was my first fall blogging and I remember reading everyone’s posts and feeling a touch of envy. Until winter descended. Never had I been more grateful to live in Florida.

    You certainly painted a lovely picture here, EG!

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    • Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it. The light *is* good, when it’s sunny – I’ll give it that. And it’s nice that sometimes the heat isn’t *quite* so fierce (though how ‘fierce’ it really ever gets in England in the first place is debatable). By October it will be quite cold here, and I should think by the end of it there will be frosts.

      I would DEFINITELY swap with you for winter…a handful of winter days sounds perfect. FAR better than the endless miserable cold and rain and possibly snow we get here.

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  4. I love this time of year for so many reasons, most of which have already been stated above. I am not a huge fan of the dark and cold shite of winter so the end of the season is not as favored as the beginning. Embrace the cool and colors. Eschew the cold and darkness to come.

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  5. I love autumn, though I don’t like certain things about it (here, it’s still hot, dark earlier, etc).
    And I haven’t been writing/reading as much, either. I MISS IT. The job has taken some adjusting to. Hopefully that changes soon!

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    • Is it? Now then, you’ll have to tell me WHY it’s so good. For me, it mostly just heralds the death of summer and the onset of The Big, Dark, Cold (which I hate, hate, hate, and struggle SO much to find anything good about). I’m glad I did justice to autumn – I suppose it goes to show that I write well, even when I’m not *entirely* convinced by my subject. 😉


  6. Fall is my favorite season, but it probably depends where you are. It is like a better spring here (less pollen) with crisp days and colorful trees. I love winter too – until the end, and then I’m over it. Summer is my least favorite (the Virginia humidity!), but I always love a change of season, no matter what it is. Your post reminded me of that.

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  7. Sorry to gloat, but it’s Spring here. While you’ve been rolling around in all that summery goodness, I’ve been huddled over a heater in my ugg boots. I hate winter as well, but fortunately we only really get four bad months a year. Bah, the weather — what can you do??

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    • Gloat away – that’s half the joy of being in he Southern Hemisphere, right? 🙂 I’m glad you’re getting into Summer now – I hope it’s gorrrrgeous. Really not a winter fan, but I wish we only had 4 months of bad weather! Tends to be more like a sketchy 5 here.

      But yeah – what ya gonna do?


  8. I love fall, I just wish we had an actual season vs. Summer highs right into winter lows. It needs to stick around here longer.

    With the leaves falling and plants changing, it’s a good time for me to start thinking about reinventing myself, shedding the old and getting ready for the new.

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    • How short is yours? Summer here starts malingering from the end of August, and then if we’re lucky, Autumn can go on as long as November.

      I’d never thought of reinventing myself in Autumn…turning into a creature which hibernates, perhaps… 😉


  9. Yeah, that was not quite how the conversation went at all!
    But I’m glad you churned something out – a rather grand and glorious description for someone who does not like autumn. But come one…tea an a blanket? Yeah that stuff is awesome. And you said “gloaming” which makes my day because nobody uses “gloaming.”
    I do love autumn although it does give me pause in recent years…two years somewhere in the last several we had week-long power outages thanks to pre-season ice storms and hurricane Sandy. Then there was the awful winter we just had…so not looking forward to any more of that. So I’m going to choose to love autumn for all its wonder. No matter what else comes.
    It hadn’t occurred to me to consider whether we were at an appropriate point in our relationship to inquire as to your whereabouts…just felt the urge to make sure you was OK. 😀

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    • Well it was very sweet of you to inquire, and as it happens I was rather touched 🙂 And no, I know this wasn’t *quite* how it went down, but I did put a very nice disclaimer…so there’s that 😉

      I think you have the right attitude towards Autumn (which, in general just seems to herald Winter, and I really, really don’t like Winter one little bit) and just enjoy the enjoyable bits. I shall keep on looking for them. That’s important, I guess. And I’m glad you liked ‘gloaming’ – I thought you might 😀

      I shall cross my fingers for a reasonable Autumn/Winter season around the world. I think none of us wants a repeat of last year!


      • I frankly found the intro and subsequent disclaimer rather hysterical. Gave me a good laugh before heading off to parent orientation night. (Which, as it turns out, was only half a snoozer. Standard welcome blah blah (zzz) but then we get into the classroom, meet the teacher, see the kid’s desk – that was fun.) Where was I?
        Oh! I quite enjoyed the poetic license. And now, I suppose I should pony up and write something myself as the only thing that has graced my blog space is the TToT. I’ve just been so unbelievably rundown with this corn smut nonsense.


  10. It sounds glorious . . . You painted a perfect picture, I just want to step inside of it. I adore autumn, I miss autumn. Here in Southern California we are not blessed with such a season, I grew up in Alaska, the beautiful colors of the turning leaves are the backdrop to many memories.

    I am happy, happy, and maybe a wee bit happy she called you out. I would have, I thought of doing so, but I just don’t know if we are at that point in our relationship as yet :o)

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    • Heheheh it was kind of nice to be called out, actually – first time I think it’s ever happened! So yeah, feel free (though as Lisa points out, how I wrote it is not *precisely* the way it occurred 😉 )

      I guess I found some rather nice things to like…I think that’s only because it hasn’t all given way to rain here yet. When the rain and darkness hits – that’s when I’ll be struggling to find anything nice to say. Turning leaves only hold so much lustre for me, to be honest – they do very much remind me that winter’s around the corner. But I’m glad you enjoyed it so much 🙂

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  11. I love’s my favorite time of the year…but for some reason this year I am very anxious about the season changing…I think it’s because last winter was so harsh and I’m not looking forward to doing it again.

    As have such lovely words..

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    • Thank you very much indeed 🙂

      Last winter was much, MUCH harsher in America than it was here, in many ways – youse had the extreme cold and the months of snow – we just had rain and floods and floods and everything was ruined and parts of the country fell into the sea. I really hope we don’t have that again. I’d (almost) rather have the snow.


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