Ten Things of Thankful #63


Mostly I am thankful that you aren’t here right now to witness a meltdown over really nothing more frustrating than trying to cycle in a straight line through rush-hour traffic and maintain some kind of momentum whilst fighting a head-wind (which held me back NO MATTER WHICH DIRECTION I WAS CYCLING IN), rain-and-mud-spattered glasses preventing me from seeing properly, and assholes in SUVs who think it wise to get as close to the cyclist as possible and roar past,

Fucking ThankfulBy the time the stress and frustration got to the point where all of my muscles had clenched, my breath was coming in weird, sobbing gasps, and I was about to fall off my bike in angry tears, I decided that I hate cycling, hate traffic, hate the world and everything in it and would quite like to bite it all very hard and scratch its eyes out.

Lucky for Husby I came home and he was out. It’s like he knew…

So I did the sensible thing. I showered, I put on a load of laundry, I ranted and raved when Husby did come in. And I sat down to write my pre-written-on-the-back-of-a-receipt-list-of-Ten because I’m going OUT tonight, to the cinema, with my friend SusieQ, and I know that at least ONE other co-host is all ready and raring to go and I’m sick of being late to my own hop and holding them back because I haven’t gotten my act together. So this is me. Getting my act together. Whatever.

1. I got to go clothes shopping at my Sister’s house this week. Which made life easier for me, because I find clothes shopping an absolutely torturous exercise designed to inflict maximum anxiety and awfulness on a person. And have done for years. AND it meant that I was able to take off her hands some stuff she had lying around cluttering up the place which she no longer wears. Reduce, re-use, recycle – that’s where it’s at!

2. The sunshine came back, for like a day. And I was happy. For a day. There was no rain, no clouds, a fresh breeze and beautiful warmth. I didn’t even have to *try* to be a twinklysparklyhappy person because I WAS! And it was lovely. I hope it comes back again. I really, really, really hope it comes back again. Soon.

3. Friends who check in on me. Cannot, cannot, cannot, CANNOT be thankful enough for this. Big, HUGE thankful. It means a lot.

4. Date night with Husby at a new place – a pub along one of the routes I cycle. Nice, large place full of old, dark beams, low ceilings and quirky, mis-matched chairs. Good food, not too pricey, and a good time out. I even forgot my phone (accidentally, though I do tend not to use it when we’re out on a date) and didn’t miss it because we were having fun talking.

5. My wonderful WonderAunty gave me a little card of encouragement – it says “If you just can’t find that silver lining…let me help you look”. Perfect or what?! She filled it full of lovely things she thinks about me, which is very sweet of her.

6. I arrived home to a fascinating and wonderful package from Indiana, which contained some wonderful ‘thank you’ goodies from Christine. There was a  beautiful picture drawn by her youngest, Cuckoo, and a pair of John Deere socks and a Tractor company t-shirt each for me, Mum and WonderAunty. I took them round after date night, and the three of us had great fun posing for silly photographs to send to Christine (and no, you can’t see – I had to swear secrecy).

7. Pilates class on Wednesday – I needed it. It made everything feel worthwhile again. There was laughter, there were compliments on some of my pilate-ing, there was friendship, there was hard work and there was a sense of achievement. I am very, very lucky to have such a place.

8. Going to Brighton with my Sister to the amazing shoe shop Well crap – it just got called off, and now I don’t have a #8. I think given the mood I’m in, I’ll stomp up to those GuardVirgins, take the SBOR (or BOSR) and declare that THE ENTIRE THING SAYS I CAN MISS #8 AND IF THEY WANT TO MAKE ANYTHING OF IT, BRING IT ON – I AM READYYYYYYYYYYY *scowls*

9. It was my second Blogaversary on Tuesday. Big whoop. I wrote about it. I said that really it was the people which make blogging special, not me or my writing particularly or anything else – it’s the relationships and the community. I still think that. Just don’t ask me to be nice about it right now. I’m thankful, ‘kay?

Meant to be a point

10. Last Monday when it rained and rained and rained and never felt like it would stop, I got to go round to Mum’s and snuggle up and have two games of Scrabble. I won one and lost one, which seems reasonable enough. It was a nice day not to be working. Because rain.

Go on then, and do a better, less snarly list of thankful than this one. Should be dead easy and perchance by halfway through Saturday I shall be wishing I’d not written this but yaknow what – it’s my blog and I’ll write on it in whatever mood I like. You can always just skim through.

*stomps off, chucking thunderclouds for good measure, cos glitter is entirely too sparkly*


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104 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #63

    • Yeah…I wasn’t keen on it. I’m looking forward to reading your response. And the list was only awesome cos I wrote it earlier in the week whilst NOT grumpy. It just came through with a patina of grouch cos of the day. And at least I’m still adorkable when I’m grumpy. 😉


  1. Hooray for 2 years of blogging! You and Christine are so adorable. 🙂 So sorry to hear about your experience with cycling. That sounds so frustrating. And the sun being out can definitely have a wonderful effect on our moods. Awesome that you were able to see at least one day of sunshine!

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  3. YUP. Your blog. Your thankful and fuck those asshole drivers who splash on us bicycling. I was hit twice, back in the day. Once, the douche didn’t even stop. I’m sorry you had a crap day but am SO VERY IMPRESSED that you did the thankful anyway. Because you rock. And are awesome. AND OMG THE RAIN! It’s been doing it here, too, until today when it was like 96 and sofuckinghot and we went to an amusement park, to do like the last bit of summer thing for Tucker and all and I ended up with the biggest enormous headache and hot but well, worth it. Mostly maybe and yikes this is a bigstupid comment. BUT you know maybe hopefully what I mean to say when I’m too tired to say it? It’s something really nice and perfect, really.

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    • *grins* I know 🙂 And you said it all niceperfect in your post. Sorry you got a headache though – that sucks, but well done you for going anyway.

      Rain is awful and I hate it. I wish it could just pour down quite neatly overnight and then dry up nicely in the daytime.

      I only did the thankful anyway because I had already written the list. I would have had NOTHING otherwise. And yes – motorists when cycling – ICK! Cannot stand them.


  4. I love your snarly lists!! I had two weeks ago and then POOF it was Sunday. I feel a bit spinny about it all and I squished the two weeks into one because it felt like it. AND I’ve got you’re back with those nasty Virgins.

    I am proud of you for hitting someone even if you were crap at it. I think that is the hardest place to start in defending yourself. Permission to throw a crappy punch.

    I’ll send you my glaring-drying-everything-up-drought sunshine if you send me some of your lovely rain. I’ll even throw in glitter.

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    • DEAL! Definite swap – sunshine and glitter for AS MUCH RAIN AS I CAN SEND! Ackkkk I cannot stand the stuff. I would put it ALL in a box for you if I could!

      Thanks for the permission, both IRL and with the 7GV. *sigh* Life gets tricky sometimes, doesn’t it! Glad you don’t mind the snarliness, and YAY for you being back with us – gonna go read yours in a sec 😀


    • It’s great to have family close enough to let you shop from their stuff 🙂 The pub was awesome – I think we’ll have to go back (and not just because there’s another ice-cream I want to try!)


  5. You had a day of sunshine? Where was mine? Sounds like a generally good week to be fair – and well done at the pilates. I have that on my ‘new organised me’ list for September. (*sigh*)


    • Kept it ‘dahn sarf’ innit. Shame though – if I could’ve sent you some, I would’ve. And no, I just edited out the worst of the verybad week. In spite of the grouchiness I left in *sigh* Oh well. Onwards and upwards.

      You’ll like pilates – it’s good fun and makes you feel better about all kinds of things. GO ORGANISED YOU! 😀


  6. There really was some “silver lining” good stuff tucked in here, even if at that very moment you couldn’t see it. The best thing to be thankful for when we are just feeling totally discombobulated? That we have this wonderful place you created to come and vent a bit, and in so doing begin to feel better! Sometimes you have to pull a few weeds to let the garden grow! Hugs to you and here’s to a better week ahead!

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    • Thanks Josie. I sincerely hope that it is! Oy! I could do with it.

      But yes – I should have that instead of my grumpy angry rant for the 7GV – that I have this place, and this community of people where I can let it all out (a bit) and it’s still okay 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

      Hope you have a lovely week.


  7. My, My. That is one grumpy post but I’d be pissy after that bike ride, too! I can only hope that since that was a couple of days ago that you are feeling a little less snarly and a little more sparkly. I am actually a little proud of you for letting loose and showing us your more human side. I know sometimes it just feels really good to say (or write) all the blech out and then begin the process of moving on. Despite the grumpiness, there was a whole lot of good stuff in there too. I especially like the idea of you and Husby at the new pub with the mismatched chairs and Wonder Aunty’s silver linings. Yes, indeed….plenty of good in there!

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    • *eyes wide and innocent* Do I often show my less human side, dear? :p

      I’ve never been afraid of showing (as much as I want to show of) my feelings here. I don’t think anyone I know would particularly judge me for what I share, and anyone who doesn’t know me won’t hold an opinion which will really impact me, so…there’s that. It was kinda good to write it all out, but i did leave still feeling snarly, and then things got a lot better, then a LOT more snarly, but you’ll see why – I’m about to write that out of me next.

      It was an *awful* bike ride though.

      Today I have had a mostly alright day, which has been nice, thanks 🙂 Hoping for a better-still one tomorrow. And yes – there was plenty of good in here, in between all the anger and frustration 🙂

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      • No…..you just edit really, really well ;). Admittedly. You do that less and less and I like it. I like the real you. You’re the bees knees 🙂 You know I would never judge you…you’re my Empire Gal. Not that you thought I would. You know better. In fact, I would be one of the first standing behind you to kick some arse if someone dared come to this place of enchantment and tried.

        Oh, and just for the record….*eyes wide and innocent*?? Really??

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        • I actually laughed properly out loud at your last comment. Still giggling now. ALRIGHT! I admit – it was eyes FAKE wide and innocent, cos I couldn’t hope to pull off the real one. Especially now!

          And yes, I do know better, and that you would be clawing your way to the front to defend me if I needed it, and I appreciate that more than I can say. But do feel free to judge me – I know I’m by no means all that and a slice of ….[Okay, crap…I started off half a thingummy and I can’t remember how it ends – cake? bread? Slice of…what else would you have a slice of? Is this even a thing or did I just invent a saying? Ohhhhhhh crap!]…Anyway I’m not perfect and sometimes it’s justifiable to give me a piece of your mind if you feel I need it – it’s how I learn. As I say to Husby – if I behave in a way you don’t like, and you don’t tell me – how can I change it?

          (btw, *love* “place of enchantment”…wow, thank you *glows*)


  8. Happy Blogiversary and sorry that you had to miss out on a trip with your sister. I’ve been trying to plan a special blogiversary event yet have been so exhausted I haven’t even put together the email. I hope things go better for you this week!

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    • Thanks April! I hope you have a good week, too!

      How soon is your blogaversary? I just wrote a post for mine because I couldn’t be bothered to create any kind of hoopla. I tend to save hoopla for unexpected and otherwise quiet moments, but I’m now intrigued to know what kind of thing you’re trying to organise.

      But REST though – live THEN blog, not the other way around 🙂 Hope you get some rest this weekend.


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    • Date night was really good, as was the ice-cream I had for dessert (until Husby made a silly remark which ruined it all). I feel like I should be allowed to key the sides of the SUVs when they do that…


  10. If all the lists were Pollyanna-esque every week, the power of gratitude just wouldn’t come through as much. Contrast is what makes the thankfuls more thankful.

    Tell you what–you send some of your rain to me, and I’ll ship some sunshine to you. And then I would be thankful that you ended our drought! 🙂

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    • Ohhhmigosh I would SO VERY LOVE TO SWAP! It’s actually sunshiney and warm again today, so I’m quite content with the weather. Drought doesn’t sound like too much fun though, either 😦 Hope it ends for you soon, even if it means some of the dreaded wet stuff.

      GOOD! I have to say, I’ve been surprised (and more than a little uplifted) by the support I’ve had for this snarktastic, grouchy post, so it’s been rather a lovely experience, even though I was feeling FAR from lovely at the time of writing 🙂 You make an excellent point though, thank you 🙂


  11. Oh Lizzi. I’m about as thankful as you are right now. Thank you for the warning on FB, I’ve already read your post and actually enjoyed it. It was interesting reading it because all of a sudden I had this weird feeling of being present in your actual life (I know it sounds slightly creepy, but bear with me). When I read blog posts even though they’re usually based on events in our daily lives I view them as somewhat detached. We put the events through prisms, arrange, and present them to the reader in attempt to “say something” through them. This post was really descriptive and I very much enjoyed the sudden feeling I got of being present in a different reality with you.

    Things are gonna get therapeutic now. Imma get my thankful on. Here goes:

    1. The purest most innocent look of wonder in Daniel’s eyes. He is still not plagued by agendas and “under the surface” thoughts and intentions and his face and eyes perfectly capture that. When I look at him and some of his photos my heart stops for a second.
    2. The wonderful women in my neighbourhood. I feel like I live in a community, not just a street. Those moms have rescued me so many times this summer.
    3. The summer. I’m glad I got my chance to have my first summer at home with Ben. It was gratifying and so hard and I’m thankful it was and thankful it no longer is.
    4. The surprise pizza my husband brought home a couple of nights ago.
    5. Being RT’d and FF’d by Nickmom didn’t suck.
    6. Visiting a part of the city we don’t usually go to made me feel a little bit like I was on vacation. I should do this more often.
    7. Can I just tell you how much I enjoy watching Suits on Netflix? Can I also tell you that I separately enjoy the fact that it is filmed in Toronto and more so the little game that my husband and I play of trying to recognize places in the city?
    8. Our anniversary dinner at Ja Bistro with the blowtorched sushi. Nuff said.
    9. My one of a kind five year old. The way he told me on our way to the grocery store that “mama, I still love you but I think it will be good for everyone when you leave (*he meant find a job*) because I need to face my fears and be on my own, because I don’t want to grow up and be this scaredy cat guy, and we’ll see each other after school and it will be good for the whole family to separate during the day”. He blows my mind and heart with his emotional IQ and a sensitivity far beyond his age.
    10. The fact that this exercise just alleviated the exhaustion – mental and physical that I’ve felt from being everyone’s everything today. Grateful to you Lizzi and return I hope that my list brigs a teeny tiny portion of the glitter back.

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    • Katia I am *sparkling* over here – that is such a very beautiful list, and to know that it alleviated the exhaustion is WONDERFUL (though I still think a massage or a bath or a nap or something won’t hurt). Wow! I didn’t realise you meant you wrote it out HERE 😀 So very awesome.

      Your five year old is INCREDIBLE. If I believed in reincarnation I would say that he’s ended up with the soul of one of the great poets or philosophers. Fortunately I truly believe that he is entirely himself, and will grow up to THINK GREAT THOUGHTS…but out louder than he is now, with more people getting to hear his words and be affected by them. His mind is delightful.

      I’m so glad your summer was all the goods and struggles and wonderfuls and difficults it was, and that it’s over and that you have a community of women around you. That’s awesome and something very precious indeed. Many people wish for a place like that.

      YAY to Nick mom. I’m glad you got that in 😀

      And also, wow….no not creepy at all, but I’m glad you *felt* this and were in it with me. I guess it helped that your mood was also rather out of whack and you were predisposed to feeling narky 😉 But very cool nonetheless, and I suppose demonstrates that I write well, so thank you 🙂


      • Absolutely! Great writing. Real and emotion-filled as well as emotion-evoking. Thank you for the wonderful reply and, yes, this summer’s been challenging but I’ve started trying to see things from his perspective more often.

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        • Has it helped to do that? I’ve never come across anyone who thinks quite the way he does. Except you, sometimes 🙂

          Gosh – this post was VERY emotion-filled. I quite neglected to self-edit and pretty much let rip with whatever was in me to write. Seems to have worked out alright though, thank goodness.

          Just think, autumn is almost upon us, and routine and calm will return to your household. Or something akin, I hope 🙂


            • Well this sucks. You gave me a reason to like autumn. I have been RESISTING THAT SO HARD! *wrinkles nose up* I want Summer to stay *pouts*

              Pfffft! (but glad for you…)

              Was that the crying one? I confess I didn’t read that one – I was feeling a bit fragile, which is a crap excuse for not going back when I’m more robust.


              • Oh, please don’t worry about it. I told you before. We can’t possibly read everything and especially if you feel it might trigger negativity. I don’t ever want you (or anyone) for that matter to feel obligated. Blogging comes with too many freaking rules and I have tons of friends that I don’t visit for a while and who don’t visit me but I know that we’re in each other’s hearts permanently.

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  12. Lizzi, you are allowed your less than glitter bomb days. In fact, those are the days that justify Ten Things. Because when the silver linings are given away then they aren’t so special at all. You did great.

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    • Well, they *are* so special…I think they’re just less linings and more like sunshine dazzling through everything 🙂

      But yes – the difficult days make this hop what it is – the determination to overcome the darkness with light, and KEEP GOING – that’s a spirit I think everyone here shares, and it’s wonderful to behold.


    • Heheh I was in a VERYverybad mood indeed! I’m lucky that everyone’s been incredibly forgiving about it. Still – I’m just human like everyone else – I’m sure we all have those days.


  13. allow me to offer this: it was not you, it was the world. It is a medical fact that for the last 7 to 10 days, nearly everyone (‘cept you and me and a few people we know) was fuckin nuts….

    there! doesn’t that make sense of the whole turmoil thing?

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    • That sounds like a lovely tradition. Husby and I have been known to go out and play chess – there are occasional coffee shops with games in them that you can borrow. I hope the shoe-shopping is back on again soon, too! Ack!


  14. I hate clothes shopping too. Big time. I like the sound of that pub and I’d like to go out with my Hubby to a place like that, but not forget my phone 😉 Sorry you’re cranky, but your post made me laugh, as usual. Hope you have a sunshine-y week ahead.

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    • heheh I’m glad that even in a bad mood, I was able to be readable and entertaining 🙂

      You’d like the place I *was* going to go in Brighton before the trip got called off – it’s called Waikika-Moo-Kau, and it’s an AMAZING veggie restaurant. They have such delicious things there. I was really looking forward to it. I went for an epic cycle ride instead, and had cake, so it wasn’t *all* bad.

      Clothes shopping SUCKS.


  15. I tried for some time to get into cycling, but I just hated it for some reason. I’d be 15 miles from home and then be mad that I would have to ride at least that far to get back home. The wind was ALWAYS in my face! How is that even possible? Good for you for doing it though. It’s great exercise and much easier on the bones and joints. I love seeing you bloggers sending things to each other and making happy faces all over the world. Keep that shit up, girl.

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    • Yes, that’s the only thing – I don’t know HOW the wind does it – it is PERMANENTLY against me, no matter which way around I am! GRRRR! But I need easy on the joints at the moment because I still can’t run at the moment until I find out what’s up with this damn knee. But I do get what you mean – there’s a sudden drop in spirit when you realise that aaaaaaalll that way is only HALF the distance. BUT! It’s good for me. So there’s that. And being held back by the wind makes me stronger (that’s what I tell myself – really it just pisses me off).

      If you want a glitterbomb, Officer Don, just let me know 😀 I’d love to send you something hideously pink and sparkly and fluffy (NOT handcuffs – I’ll just get that out there before Kristi (or anyone else) gets the wrong idea)…


  16. There’s nothing wrong with being pissy every now and again. Ask my Hub – I’m slightly pissy as a general state of being the way he tells it. 😀
    Clothing shopping sucks, no matter what size or weight you are. It just does. Although I’ve even found a silver lining on that one this week, which you’ll see when you read me.
    I always have to chuckle a little at your hatred of the rain (sorry) because i just love rain so completely much. I do. Indicative perhaps of my general pissiness? Who knows? Probably more like my father’s melancholia.
    Anyway…glad you found the silver linings in the storm clouds – they’re always there. We just have to choose to see them.
    Hope your night out was fun! What did you see??

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    • We ended up seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, which was brilliant, and then I hit a punk jackass kid who got RIGHTUP in my friend’s face and was harassing her and followed us out of the cinema. I WAS SO VERY RILED UP! OHMIGOSH! Gurrrrrrrrr!

      Yes – the silver linings and good things *are* always there, it’s just sometimes very difficult to get past a mood in order to find them there. I’m glad I had a work-around this week.

      Even when I’m pissy, I HATE the rain…

      Clothes shopping sucks ALL THE TIME! I tried again today and was NOT mostly successful, but I got some cycling gear, so that was a partial success, I suppose. I am intrigued by your silver-lining-on-a-clothe though…lemme go read!


    • I would LOVE to do the clothes shopping online but I am always so wary that if I don’t try something on, it won’t fit and then I’ll have to figure out how to take it back and OH THE HASSLE!

      New pub is ALWAYS good 🙂


  17. Thirty-frist? Is that a thing?
    I’m sorry, Missy, but you’re damn adorable when you’re frustrated. You don’t want to hear that, no one does, but sometimes that’s our lot in life. It’s not a lot, but it’s our life 🙂
    Mayhaps you will gain fame by being the FRIST person to ever “pilate” a person to the death?? You’re certainly the frist person I’ve ever seen use it as a verb! And kudos, btw.
    I hope you’re feeling better today, we have the rain here this morning so hopefully that means it blew AWAY from your sky and into mine. I can take it today. I’ll take one for the team, as they say.
    Congrats on the new threads! I’m all about that recycle, re-use. I spent my frist paycheck of the season at Goodwill, a charity shop as you would say. I tried to add an extra “u” to that but wasn’t sure where to put it. Wait, I have an idea where you might tell me to PUT IT 🙂
    Hope your mood is better today. Practice your Offensive Pilate-ing, m’kay? *hug*

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    • Ahhhhh Joy, you made me giggle. YES thankyou, I’m in a *far* better mood today. Just been for a big cycle ride and I’m feeling quite achieve-y about it. Sorry about your rain though – glad you’re in a good place to handle it! Nonetheless, I hope actual sunshine returns for both of us SOON! Cos sunshine is awesome. And rain is not.

      I shall practice offensive Pilate-ing (verbised is great, huh? I love doing that with words when there’s not really the right one I want – just make one up) and hope that it continues to stave off the darkness. There was a lot of that this week. Too much *sigh* I need that sunshine back, in more ways than one.

      Now then – where to put a ‘u’ in Charidee Shoppe….nope. Not sure. As long as there’s no ‘z’ instead of the ‘s’s I think we’re alright for now 😉 😀

      This morning I don’t mind hearing I’m adorable when I’m angry, though I rather think that had you seen the ‘in person’ version of it rather than the written-down-safely version, you’d be less enamoured. Husby certainly vacillated between laughing at me and raising his eyebrows to heaven… 😉

      Thirty-frist is TOTALLY a thing. And you win it 😀


  18. Rain and lack of sunshine makes everything worse, doesn’t it Lizzi. Congratulations on your Blogaversary. I agree, to social connections are the best part of it all.

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    • Thanks Val. The social connections are incredible, and when I started blogging, I would never in a MILLION YEARS have guessed that I’d make real friends through it, and that these people thousands of miles away would matter to me 🙂

      Sunshine…oh I WANT IT BACK! It didn’t rain today but it DID cloud over, much to my disappointment.


  19. 🙂 I just had to smile at TD’s comment to you….. go look at it again will you.

    My sis also likes to give me her cloths, saves me from shopping …. but now that she is so far away we don’t get to do that often.

    And if you are sick from rain you can always hop on a plane and visit me…. (only 9 hour flight) hot wonderful sunshine almost every day. We are actually happy when it does rain, so when it happens I’ll write a TToT post about that. (HUGS)

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    • I’m so tempted to come and live near you – I would LOVE the lack of rain. Alas, Husby would hate it.

      It’s so nice to have a sister who doesn’t mind passing on old things, right?

      And YES! That TD’s a cheeky one 😀

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  20. I’m impressed that you still came up with your thankful list – even when you are feeling grouchy! I especially loved the rainy day Scrabble with mom – that just oozes comfort and love and I want to get me some of that!

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    • There was lots of love, and some comfort…I still wasn’t in the best mood, truth be known. It’s been a week like that. But EVEN IN THE DARK there are things to be thankful for. Ten of them, minimum. Guaranteed. They’re just harder to find.


    • So glad it’s not just me. And ACK because I have to engage with it AGAIN today. Blech. But the sun is shining and I have a plan to get rid of all the nervous energy later with a long bike ride 🙂 Thanks for the glitter wishes – I’ll look for it 🙂


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  22. My, you are quite the little crabcake this week! Although if I had to ride a bicycle to work in all kinds of weather, I’d be one, too. How far do you have to ride? Your trip sounded miserable, although coming home and doing laundry wouldn’t make me feel any better. A hot shower and book would, though.
    Your date night sounds wonderful! We had one the other night and went to a Thai restaurant.
    Shopping in someone else’s closet is a sweet deal!
    I want to see a picture of you in your John Deere t-shirt!

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    • I’ll get a pic to you somehow, soon 😀 It’s a WAY fun Tee…but the socks were John Deere. I can’t remember which tractor supply co. the Tee was…but it’s pink and VERY pretty. Who knew tractor supply companies had such funky taste!

      I LOVE shopping in someone else’s wardrobe (nope – still can’t say ‘closet’)

      Thai food is LOVELY! Gosh you’re lucky. We do have a Thai place here…perhaps we should try it one day. Bit on the expensive side, but could be fun for a treat.

      Work is about 1.5 miles away from me. No idea in km. I’ve gotten a LOT rained on on my bike lately. I’ve been trying to do some longer rides – I have two routes I take: one is 15 miles, the other 22.5, and when it starts raining mid-way through one of those, there is NOTHING which can be done about it, and it blows. YES I’ve been veryveryvery crabby. Very bad. Better today – sun’s out and I have a plan 🙂


  23. I am not sure if I was supposed to laugh. . . But, I’d feel like a liar if I didn’t admit that I did. . . So. . . Yeah. You’re allowed to be thankful AND a bit pissy. It IS okay — your blog or not. 😉

    And, my sister & I used to go shopping in each other’s closets. . . Then, she tried losing a ton of weight & I started gaining & it didn’t quite work out any more! LOL. Those WERE the days, though. . . 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • My sister and I have been up and down with weight over the years…I’ve finally caught up to her, though, which expands my wardrobe options. My fashion sense isn’t as good as hers though, so she doesn’t want to shop at mine usually 😉

      And YES! Gosh, I still don’t regret the grouchy list yet 😀 You can laugh if you want, but be thankful I’m in a better mood now 😉


  24. Pingback: Appreciating the Little Things (TToT #4) | Calculated Chaos

    • True dat. I could’ve throttled a few drivers though. AND that punk kid. I just had to go over to the park and do some HARD jumping and climbing on stuff and kicking bamboos to get some of the anger out. GRRRRR


  25. Silver linings . . . Mine are typically made of tin foil, but silver at any rate. I abhor clothes shopping as well, shopping in general, totally relatable. It’s simply beautiful you have a sister and a mum close enough to take off second hand clothes from and have a game or two of Scrabble with. The thought makes my heart sing.

    I must tell you, I like your thankful list better than most, it’s honest and not filled with false niceties to make life look grander than it most often is, yet the things you are thankful for outshine the little black rain clouds hovering overhead :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m usually pretty good at editing out the darkness, but tonight it got ahold of me good and proper and I was in a FOUL, WICKED temper. My friend and I went to the cinema (I was still snarly) and we saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was SUCH FUN I came out all happy, then this young punk jackass kid HARASSED her, RIGHTTHERE in front of me. So I hit him a coupla times and ALL MY RAGE IS BACK. But now it feels productive, like I am GOING TO LEARN HOW TO FIGHT so it doesn’t happen again. Well – not the pathetic slaps I delivered, anyways. I am SO MAD about this.

      Silver linings. I’d have him SEEING STARS! Grrrrrrrrrrr

      But yes…yes…there are good things on that list.

      And sometimes tinfoil is all there is – promise. That was all I had at the beginning of the TToT….back when it started.

      I hope you have people to play Scrabble with…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Omigosh! You actually struck him!! So many times I’ve wanted to do just that to some ignorant asshat, because there is always an ignorant asshat somewhere, and you let one have it!

        There is some badass in you . . . Let’s not make it a habit of course, sometimes asshats hit back.

        So hard to follow that :o) I am a bit jealous, I cannot wait to see Guardians of The Galaxy, I am forever going to say going to the cinema now in place of going to see a movie as we do here. It sounds fancier and somehow more fun.

        About editing out the darkness, sometimes it just needs to be put out there, it’s kind of like smacking it around and putting it in its place . . . Like you did the little punk jackass :o)

        So, two of my favorite words (right now) to express my disdain for *people* are asshat and jackhole. Fun to say and perfectly descriptive, I think anyway. I’ve no idea why I felt the need to throw that in there, but I did and there they are and I am dreadfully tired as it’s 1 AM, I’ve a feeling I may have expressed my fancy for those words before. I should simply stop typing now and crawl into bed . . .

        Liked by 1 person

        • You may well have, but not in my presence, and ‘jackhole’ is new to me. I shall have to borrow it 😀 ‘Asshat’ is always a winner though 😀

          I went to bed rather late, though not as late as I usually do on a weekend. Perhaps all the expended emotional energy of the day (or week) got the better of me! I got very dizzy and just had to call it a night at about 2am! (I think).

          I *like* your analogy of editing being like smacking the darkness around. That’s *really* good 😀 I shall hang onto that thought. Fortunately for me, the sun is shining and I have a nice plan for my day involving (hopefully) a REALLY long cycle ride which I’ve been working up to.

          You should DEFINITELY go to see GotG at the cinema. It’s SO MUCH FUN 😀

          And yes – there’s a little bit of badass in me, and I DID actually hit the little wiener. I was STEAMING MAD that someone – anyone – would treat my friend that way.


  26. Aww, sounded like a pretty good week overall and just had to stop by as I am trying to indeed take it easy this last weekend before school officially starts back up, but totally had to indeed check in on you and wish you a wonderful weekend ahead now, too!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • yes, I suppose when you take away my bad attitude from this evening, then perhaps it did sound good. 🙂 There were certainly 9 things to be thankful for.

      Hope you have a wonderful week, Janine 🙂


      • Aww, trust me I totally had a bad attitude from yesterday and royally screwed up something that should have been so simple not to and thankful that my family, especially Emma was forgiving of my bonehead mistake, but still you are sincerely not alone and have had more then my own fair share of moments like this, too!


    • Ohhhmigosh, drier would make SUCH a huge difference to my mood and just…to everything! Wow! I so need some sunshine back. Or another sunbed session.

      Honesty…yeah, for better or worse you’ll find that here. Unless I’m writing fiction and then I’m totally out to hoodwink you 😉


  27. Wow, you are EARLY! I was just sitting down to put a little time in on mine. I have such a goodie to be thankful for, and I’m going to call it ten.
    You’ve been WET lately, and there’s not much worse than being out in the rain. Like Beth, I like the rain, but like you, I do NOT like to be in the rain. I like to watch the rain from a warm, dry spot. With soup.
    I read some good support: relatives, friends, Husby in this post. That is GOOD.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes *breathes* *tries to regain calm and focus*

      There IS good in this post. You’re right. I am thankful for that, really and truly.

      Watching rain from indoors is FAR better than being out in it. But sunshine is FAR superior to that. What soup do you like?

      I do not like rain. Not even from indoors.

      I can’t wait to see your Big Good Thing 😀


  28. If I were to do a list this week, it would be so over the top sarcastic that people may actually believe it.

    I hope this week coming up is a little better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too! ACKKKKKK! I now have a MISSION for life – learn to FIGHT. GAH! Sarcasm’s good though…I like it. The mood I’m in, I could use a little sarcasm.

      Hope your week goes better, too.


    • I had an amazing time at the cinema and was feeling SO MUCH BETTER….right up until this punk jackass kid came up and harassed my friend and I had to hit him and I was just CRAP at it! GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


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