Ten Things of Thankful #61

This week I think we really need Thankfuls. I’ll get on with it.

Shadows Light21. We went home for Husby’s Dad’s 70th birthday. There were parts of Ireland it was lovely to see, and people it was wonderful to catch up with again.

2. There was an internet connection there, which enabled me to stay in touch.

3. Writing might have been blocked for me this week, but poetry slipped out of the edges.

4. I achieved half of a bucket-list goal – my friend and I only made it halfway up the mountain and the path ran out. We didn’t think we wanted the embarrassment (or expense) of being lost and needing to call mountain rescue. So we stuck to the path back down.

5. The views from said mountain were stunning.

6. I got to dress up like a girl for the family dinner. Sparkly nails and everything.

7. Pilates went well when I got back. I managed to be the only person in the (beginners) class to do a particular move. Not sure the teacher thought any of us would be able to. She made impressed noises.

8. I get to spend Sunday with Niece and Neff and Mum.

9. I’m going to be at a sleepover Friday night (see you Saturday!) with one of my longest-known friends.


10. That I wrote this earlier this week when everything was awful, and *somehow* a few, wonderful people (you know who you are, and thank you HUGE) and the sunshine and an outpouring of poison from me, and just whatever, has meant that actually, this list shouldn’t be as stark as it is. I don’t feel so stark any more. Promise. But instead of re-writing it, I goofed off chatting to my BlogWife, so neener neener! Back to sparkles next week, m’dears.

Your turn.

Ten Things of Thankful
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82 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #61

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    • It was entirely necessary that week, that I stayed in touch! Thank GOODNESS it was possible! Ow!

      And good – I had such a gorgeous time with Niece and Neff. I love them to smithereens.


  2. Sorry to hear your week was less than awesome, but good to hear things are on an upswing now. Sparkly nails sound wonderful – as does a sleepover with friends. Glad to be back on the hop this week and sorry I missed you guys for the last few…

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    • You’re allowed to miss as many as you like – this isn’t contractual 🙂 But I hope all is well with you. I’ll read your post in a sec and see.

      The sparkly nails were pretty cool 🙂


  3. So glad you’re feeling better, and had a lovely sleepover with a friend. I had a hard time with some stuff this week and so we took Tucker to a roller coaster flying floating amusement place 2.5 hours away today and just got in. It helped. A lot. Hugs. ❤

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    • Ackkk it’s been a WEEK for friggin’ everyone. I think we should all be allowed to trash this week and start over without it 😦

      I saw the rollercoaster pic on IG. Glad it helped.

      I have an amusement park to go to tomorrow. In the height of the summer holidays. On a Sunday. It’s going to be awful. But as my friend told me earlier – I’ll survive. Blech.



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  5. Am back on the Thankful wagon and I’ve missed reading all the posts over the last few weeks. I’m sorry to hear your week was not good this time, but glad that you still managed to find your 10 things – it inspires me more than I’m sure you know. Wishing you more sunshine and that you can keep relying on those people who help make the days seem better after all.
    Halfway up the mountain…sounds so much like my luck when travelling. Good thing for going back down and not getting stuck!

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    • Thanks Melanie. I just finished reading your post – sorry your week was sucky as well. I’m definitely blaming the super-moon for this – it’s been a rotten week for SO many people. 😦

      I was annoyed about the mountain in one way, but glad in another because we got back and into a cafe 10 minutes before it poured with rain. And the rest of the mountain looked REALLY BIG! Owww!

      Thanks for the sunshine wishes. Same back atcha 🙂


  6. I am guessing you are probably home by now and maybe asleep??? Probably not. Glad to hear you are feeling better….this was quite a week for many. I know that spending time tomorrow with Niece and Neff will bring you buckets and bushels of joy….have fun!

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    • Asleep? Are you kidding? But home, yes, and in less of a panic than I was before. So there’s that.

      I dunno that…well…maybe ‘better’ is an alright word.

      I HOPE it will…eesh! We’re headed out to a BIG amusement park geared at kids, and it’s going to be PACKED and horrendous and I already hate the idea 😦


  7. I SO need a chance to doll up sometime soon! Maybe my friend will be kind enough to extend her offer to babysit from two to three kids and I get to go on a dinner date with hubby 🙂 Ireland is sure a beautiful country, up on the list of places to travel to with hubby so he gets to see more of Europe. I’m glad you got to walk up that mountain, got to enjoy beautiful vistas, but were responsible enough to climb down by yourself and not press your luck. Hope you have a great weekend, Lizzi!

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  8. Your list is fine. ANY list is fine, isn’ t it, if it serves the intended purpose of showing us what’s good? That’s why we do ’em! Glad you’re feeling better.
    Hiking in the mountains always brings me peace and a fresh perspective – guess that’s why we’ve taken to doing it so much. It’s healing, for me at least. And Heaven knows I’ve needed that over the last few months!

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  9. I like your list. The starkness of it spoke to me well today. And I’m glad you had a good visit in Ireland, and more good visits when you came back home.

    Way to go on the pilates move! I haven’t done pilates in a long time. I really should take it back up.

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    • It’s amazing how things look when you edit out everything except some of the silver linings. Which, I guess, is what this is about – focus.

      Hope the starkness isn’t too bad, my friend.


  10. I’d say this was a pretty cool list! Not bad at all for a feel that didn’t feel so wonderful for you. 🙂 Several things made me smile… climbing the mountain, dressing up pretty, and having an internet connection… not necessarily in that order of importance! People tease me, but when I am without Internet for even a short period of time I feel like I’ve lost my connection to the world… and to my friends online. I don’t use it constantly, I just need the security of knowing it’s there! It is Papa Bear’s dream to someday visit both Ireland and Scotland, the lands of his heritage. It is my dream to have a photograph of him in a kilt! 🙂

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    • Hehehe you know that you don’t have to travel to Scotland for him to dress up in a kilt for you 😉 Scotland’s a place I’ve been to twice, but enjoyed both times. Ireland feels more like home from home each time I go, which is lovely.

      And yes – there WERE some thankfuls in my week. There were others, too, like my bro-in-law being a pro at dealing with very sick drunk people…and Husby being a pro at dealing with desperately sad drunk people…but I didn’t really want to yell those ones.

      Dressing up was…it was alright.


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  12. Well no doubt the sleep over has happened. I hope it was fun and full of laughs and the stories that never end, the kind of stories that are told in the dark where you say, “good night” and then just keep talking. Those are the best. All of a sudden, I feel a very strong urge to have a sleep over.

    I do wish your week was better, but at least there were at least 10 things that went well, and 10 things are better than 9, so if you’re looking for silver linings and glasses half full and yada yada…well…

    It’s Saturday. Tomorrow is a new week. I’m ready. How ’bout you?

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    • Ready to draw a line under THIS week, at any rate! I’m kinda ready. Ish.

      The sleepover was fun (not really a late night stories one though) and a time-out I seriously needed, but…

      I ruined it all. I tried being practical with my morning by getting some clothes shopping done. That did NOT go well. Now my happy’s taken a hit *sigh*

      Hope you manage to organise a sleep-over. When they’re good, they’re AWESOME. I don’t think I was in any way a person capable of ‘awesome’ last night, but I tried. I talked too much and there was some genuine laughter that we shared. So there’s THAT.


  13. good bookending…. sounds like a nice externalized week/weekend, not a bad thing, every now and then (for our people) to engage in… where has the Summer gone?*

    *needed to get at least one italics in… wait a minute! that’s two shit!! now I have to balance them out (with) excessive (parentheticals).

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  14. Simple, yet to the point. 😉

    I like that you say you got to HALF of an item on your bucket list. . . It has been on my mind lately that I would like to have an actual bucket list since I haven’t made the time to make one. Perhaps I will soon. . .

    A sleepover??? Sounds SUPER fun! But also exhausting? LOL. I have been early to bed & kind of early to rise these days, so staying up late just seems like more of a headache than it’s worth these days. I know, I know. . . What a Negative Nelly. I will stop now.

    Views at tops of mountains. . . Ah. I am homesick for Washington State. Beautiful greenery & mountains & rivers & lakes galore! I feel stuck in the dirty desert of Arizona — but I am trying to make it work FOR me, rather than AGAINST me. . . Still. Mountaintop views? I can picture it! And I LOVE IT. 😉

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    • It was only a wee mountain, and we probably got no further up than 1000ft. So the views were GREAT but also drizzly, cloudy, and full of grey. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a warm, delicious desert full of sunshine…ohhh that would be *beautiful*. Can you make a trip home soon?

      The sleepover was fun. And I don’t sleep much anyway. I was awoken by light on my face and the noise of the chickens going off in the garden. And a pain in my back from sleeping the wrong side over so that I *didn’t* have the light in my face. But it was a laugh and good to spend time with my friend.

      My bucket list consisted one item – climb a mountain. In a way it’s probably a good thing I didn’t achieve it, because THEN what!?!?


      • Grey & drizzly. Sounds like Washington. LOL. 😉 One of my best friends celebrates a milestone birthday this year, towards the end of November. I am really hoping to make it up there to celebrate with her — even if it means that I have to go without the handsome husband. It’s hard, though, because if I go for that, I will feel bad if I can’t figure out how to go see EVERYONE while I am there. . . We shall see, though. Money does not grow on trees. 😉

        And, um, if you HAD crossed it off your list, maybe the next thing would be simply to make a NEW list?? Always need something to strive for. . . 😉

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  15. Well it’s much more important to bond with your blog wife and all… and yes- I am really REALLY proud of you for doing this list when it was probably most unbearable to even think of good things. That is awesome, lovely!!!

    I hope you are enjoying your sleepover… I wouldn’t sleep too soundly though…

    *Rigging bungee cords now*

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    • Oh you made me SMILE with that…gosh I’m going to be scared to sleep when I’m over in ‘murica…I shall warn you now that like all good Tigers, I bite and scratch when subject to a Sudden Awful Fright 😉

      It was horrid. I didn’t even feel good about having gotten to ten. But my second #10 was better. And that day was better, and this day is alright. Just about. So there’s that. Thanks Kitty ❤


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  17. Ireland looks just like I imagined it: green and luscious. You’ve been quite the traveler. I hope you’ve gotten lots of rest and recreation and feel recharged.
    Isn’t it funny that, no matter how old we are, we seek approval from the teacher when we do something right? Good for you!

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    • I guess it’s something to do with ….oh crap! Who did that peer learning thing? I’ve forgotten now. And you know me – I seek approval from everyone…

      Ireland was beautiful – it has stunning scenery. There was much rest. Not much relaxation…bad week in my head. I’ve come back feeling exhausted. Oh well.


    • I don’t even KNOW how I’d film it…I can describe instead…

      Laying on tummy, toes dug into the floor at full stretch, hands under shoulders, everything ‘held in’ and then raise the entire body as one, using the toes as a fulcrum, so that you hover about an inch off the floor, and then raise the body (still held straight) until the arms are fully extended.

      Apparently it was only meant as a way to get to a four-point kneel, but stupid me went and laid back down again, so had to do the whole thing again. But YES I did it twice 😀


  18. All of your photos from Ireland were lovely. I must go there some day.
    Mountain climbing is so much fun, even if it is hard work.
    But which shoes did you wear when you dressed up? 🙂
    Glad you get to have a night out with your friend. Enjoy!

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  19. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a great weekend. I am just so shot after this long week and will most likely be off the grind and didn’t get a chance to write a thankful list, but am thinking I may take the next three weekends off as it is the last few weekends of the summer with the girls and want to enjoy every moment, because before I know it will be freezing, cold and snowy again. But again, just wanted you to know that I was still here, but just off for a bit I suppose 🙂

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  20. dress up! yay! Stunning views… yay! Sleepovers bigger yay!

    We don’t expect you to sparkle every week…. because even if you don’t sparkle, you do shine like a very bright star at night.

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