Ten Things of Thankful #60

Hello from the Emerald Isle! Top’o’th’ marnin and any other (racist? moi?) stereotypical quips you’d like to bandy about. I’m at ‘home’ with Husby’s family in Ireland this weekend, for his Dad’s 70th birthday, which promises to be a fun weekend of meeting more of his extended family and trying to convince my lovely MIL not to feed me every time I stop moving (seriously – if you’ve ever heard tales of the Irish Mammy…they’re all true – these women will TRY TO MAKE YOU EAT – I think it’s how they show love, which will mean I’ll feel bad rejecting it as much as I’ll have to, but I’ll put on my best BBC 1950’s world service accent and call cultural differences).

The holiday (the last one – a week ago! – jet set or WOT?!) is well and truly over. Work was done, eating was healthified and exercise was taken. Relaxation happened, and even a date out with Husby.

But…I miss these two SO MUCH.

Rockpool MagicLife has to go on though, even when our hearts get squeezed with love and its removal after a solid week of it. So yeah…

We arrived back to a memorial night for those who fought in the first world war. Between 10 and 11pm, our city dimmed its streetlights, and there were various events on the day to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of WWI. Having met a soldier from WWII, and thinking how far things had advanced even by the 1930’s, the thought of warfare in 1914 just boggles the mind. We have it good. And yet still people die from war each day…and we forget – because we have the luxury of forgetting.

We Will RememberI’m thankful for other old people, too – even batty ones in wheelchairs. I had a patient this week whose carer brought her, told me she wouldn’t be able to speak because of a stroke. This sweet lady spent the appointment introducing herself to me repeatedly, and at the end, after I’d lowered her from the back of the van in the wheelchair ramp and was bidding her goodbye, she grabbed my hand and kissed it and kissed it. It made my heart smile that even without coherent words she was able to make such a meaningful interaction, and it really brightened my day.

Right this second I’m grateful for the candleholder you see in that photo – as I type, Husby is using it to have a battle of wills with (and hopefully a trapping of) an escaped cricket, which will be summarily executed by feeding it to the spider. Silly bug! It drew attention! When will they learn to keep their heads down and stay in the box?

SUNSHINE has been a big thing for me this week – it’s meant I’ve been able to get some really good cycle rides in. There’s a charity cycle ride from London to Brighton on at the beginning of September, which I might try to join in with…but first I need to be sure I can manage 54 miles in one go. So far my furthest has been 22.4 miles, which leaves me wibbly-legged and slumped on the floor once home. BUT I feel like I’m getting gradually stronger, and am certainly proving capable of ramping up the cycling. Excluding my cycled commute, as of this evening, I’ve cycled 110 miles (177km) since last Saturday…which is a secret goal (100+ miles in a week) I’ve been holding in my mind for a while…so YAY!

(On a side-note, I’m SO thankful for roadside blackberries (snackberries) and NOT AT ALL THANKFUL FOR HILLS OR RAIN BECAUSE RAIN (and also, rain AND hills is a FIENDISH combination) no, wait…they make me stronger and I conquered them in a small way…guess I am thankful, after all (also thankful for dear Clark and his theory of Ordeals, which left me looking like this:))


The sun-booth I took earlier in the week was *great* when the sunshine was not.

I found new music I LOVE. Like, fell in love with and listened to non-stop for hours. And *wish* so much that I could dance, so I could dance to it…

I’m gonna ramp up my writing again, too, because I’m still *trying* to get more of this durn book out, and the inspiration eludes me (and my muse is away), perhaps because I’ve just fallen so out of practice at writing prettily. SO – new challenge (always fun (as long as it’s a challenge I wanna do)) – MORE WRITING! The good kind.

What else. OH – a reCAP (geddit?) from last week – I found a silly pic which didn’t make it to Instagram. We visited a Roman villa, which happened to have an exhibition of cool movie props from 300, Gladiator, Lancelot, Troy and other ‘ancient war’ films/tv series. And there was dressing up. I *love* dressing up. SoMUCH. So of course I had to try everything on…

HelmetselfieOther thankfuls:

A dear friend’s son got BETTER and came out of hospital WITHOUT a nasty diagnosis, having given us a scare. He’s such a sweet boy and it was terrifying for a while. I sent him silly photos to try to make him smile, which apparently worked.

Sandy’s daughter turned twelve, and I sent her a silly pic, which was fun to make. Nikki’s a lovely, lovely girl, and a fabulous poet, to boot.

And I had the huge honour of a friend request on Facebook from a lady whose writing I really, really like…I had a bit of a *squeeeeeee*ish FanGirly moment about that!

Katia’s adorable son and I had a mini hat-off (he won – he looked cooler).

Chats with friends have made me ten kinds of happyful this week – I am still SO blown away with the voice-sending capabilities of both Facebook and WhatsApp. They. Are. Brilliant.

I might have decided on a new tattoo…it’s gonna be teeny-tiny and snuggled into my collarbone someplace. Tattoo starsmOh, and SCHOOL’S NEARLY BACK, which means the Blogosphere will return to normal service and there’ll be LOTS MORE TO READ! Much as I love summer, I do miss the higher level of blogging which seems to happen when everyone’s hiding out from the weather.

Last of all, I am thankful BEYOND ANYTHING that when I had trouble with a private post which was password-protected (and marked NOT FOR GENERAL CONSUMPTION), which panicked me cos someone still tried to comment on it, and then in altering the settings to make it private, it somehow WENT LIVE very briefly, causing SOMUCH panic…my dear, wonderful WordPress NinYa, Aussa, was magically AWAKE and helped me through the utter terror that it was going to go out, in its entirety, in emails. She reassured me that only a little of the first paragraph should have been seen, and that anyone clicking it should have been taken to an error message. So yeah…Wordpress is UNRELIABLE when you try to NOT publicise things. And I apologise for any confusion, but that post is…well…not meant for general consumption.

Happy weekend, lovelies, and do share your thankfuls – in comments, on your blogs, or in the Facebook group *mwah*


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111 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #60

  1. I saw that one of your posts was password protected..didn’t see the post itself, and didn’t ask you about it because..duh!
    Your MIL sounds like my grandma…she feels we’ll faint from hunger if we aren’t stuffing our face every second!

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  2. Holy lots of comments, Lizzi. I know I’m late. I’m sorry. I have tried. I promise. I keep pulling up posts and half reading and like you, I am so ready for school to start. Not just because I want to get back into some sort of a routine, but also because I miss being part of the blogosphere. I’m so behind. I’m sorry.

    So for thankfuls…so many of yours would be mine too. A little side note, Keller says “marnin.” We always call him our little Irishman. Is that racist? I think it’s cute. It’s endearing, so I hope it’s not offensive.

    I have decided that you are the best aunt. My children don’t have a good aunt, so I’m just going to let them adopt you. I enjoy so much your voice whatsapps that you send me. I often go back and replay them…just so you know. They make my heart happy.

    Let’s see…I’m glad that I’ve gotten to still chat with you while you’ve been in Ireland, and I’m overly thrilled that I got a postcard from you this week. I hope you’re still enjoying the beautiful countryside. I can’t wait to hear about your adventure there.

    And I’m back…get to writing.

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    • No need to apologise. And no, calling Keller your little Irishman is sweet, and I daresay the Irish would think it adorable that he pronounces the word that way.

      Happy very much to add K and M to ‘my’ kids. Happy as can be. And it’s very sweet that you re-play all the silly songs I send you 🙂

      I’m glad we still got to chat. I’m back now. Not sure when I’ll write my adventures. Or if I will.

      Looking forward to the Blogosphere being normal again. Definitely.


  3. Whaaat, I got a shoutout, huzzah! I’m scared to publish this comment because I’m listening to this feisty bang bang song that I hadn’t heard before because I live under a rock.
    I liked this:”we forget – because we have the luxury of forgetting.”
    And I’m looking forward to seeing a full year of blogging under my belt so I can feel knowledgable about things like the ebb and flow of seasons!

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    • YOU did – you helped me LOTS 🙂

      Bang Bang’s new – no rocks to excuse you this time – it just hasn’t been around. Not out til Sep 21st.

      Yeah…we have the luxury and that’s a BIG thankful right there.

      Just a year…pffft NinYa I’m nearly on two, and I (clearly) don’t know very much 😀


  4. Looks like you had a wonderful week ,,,vacation/holiday,a weekend celebration, cycling success, a new tattoo idea, (i’m thinking a dragonfly for me) writing goals and a chance to dress up – my heart skipped a beat when I read about the elderly woman in the wheel chair kissing your hand good bye ( that would have had me in tears) – have a wonderful week ahead Lizzi – 🙂

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    • A dragonfly sounds good. Have you done any drawings or design ideas?

      It was a really super holiday, packed with gorgeous moments I still treasure. And yes, quite a good week on the whole.

      Would you have cried? Bless your heart 🙂 I’m very unsentimental and cry at very little. I think because I’m a cold, cold Englishwoman.


  5. Hi. Hello. You might not remember me, I’ve been going a while, but I think I am back. I hope I am.
    Love the rock pools, LOVE the dressing up and amazed at the cycling. Well done you. I may have to print out a super sized photo of you and make you my new poster pin up and inspiration because I need something – anything – that will inspire me to do something energetic.
    But – naughty you for writing a post that is private and then tantalising us by telling us. That is so much torture, now all I can do is imagine what heart touching or amazing or sweat inducing thoughts you have written.
    Catch you soon. xx

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    • Ahh, you see, the post was written by others, which is why it’s not for show. Quiet your mind on that front – you’re missing nothing of mine.

      Don’t print me out…good grief there are a hundred million better people to print than me! Ickkk. But if you want encouragement, I’m your gal. 🙂 GO FOR IT 🙂

      The holiday was so full of lovely 🙂 I’m glad you’re back. I missed you.


  6. Hi, Lizzi!! So, a few things:

    * How is it that you just got back from a week-long vacation, just to turn around & steal away to the in-laws for a bit? Ireland? Really? I am COMPLETELY jealous now (as if I wasn’t already)!

    * Only in my dreams could I go 22.4 miles on my bicycle, much less aspire for the 54 you’re speaking of here. LOL. BUT, my – ahem!- “build” is a bit more “fluffy” than yours, so I suppose ONE DAY I could get there if I really set my mind to it. . . Today is not that day, however. 😉

    * I have heard of being able to password-protect your entire blog, but it didn’t occur to me that you could do that for just a single post. I will have to at least consider this for the future. . . I am super paranoid that if it must be password-protected, though, that it is STILL out there on the Internet — won’t SOMEONE discover it eventually that wasn’t intended to see it in the first place?? I would’ve flipped out if something I thought was password-protected all of a sudden was out there for anyone to see! How did you maintain your composure enough to ask for help at all? O. M. G. That is all. . . 😉

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    • I maintained no composure at all and actually cried. I typed a lot in CAPITAL LETTERS WITH BAAAAAD SPELLING where I was frantic with worry. But Aussa reassured me and then TD went in later and fixed it for me. So my panic slowly faded. And I think it’s pretty safe 🙂

      Yes, I like that WP lets you pw protect one post.

      A year ago I was half as heavy again as I am now. It was horrific. I have worked hard and I am convinced that anyone could do anything they put their mind to and are prepared to work hard at. Which is what I did.

      And all the holidays at once? Poor planning and unfortunate timing – I’m caning through my annual leave all at once and won’t have much to last the rest of the year.


      • I guess things are almost always a touch different on the surface than they are when you dive a little deeper, eh? I am glad you’re password-protected post got corrected! I can only imagine. . . Thankfully they were there to help!

        I am in a position where I need to be thinking about dropping a few pounds myself. . . I seem to have stopped gaining weight, but I also quit smoking & got married last year. . . SO, it could be argued that some weight-gain was inevitable! LOL.

        Poor planning or not, it sounds like you’ve enjoyed your vacations. Hopefully the rest of the year does not drag on before your vacation time is replenished. 😉

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        • We’ll see – next year’s allocation is going to be mostly taken up with my EPIC TRIP to ‘Murica, which is going to be SO good I don’t care that all my holidays will be used up on it.

          Getting married DID for me with the weight gain. And then other things. But it got to a point where I was rapidly approaching a weight I was NOT prepared to be. So I made things change. And it worked. Hard work to achieve, but I’m getting there 🙂

          And no – things are rarely as they seem. I’m careful to remind people that I’m heavily edited, and that what they see here, whilst true, is only a fraction of the ‘true’ that is all of me.

          And yes ABSOLUTELY thank goodness SO MUCH for my friends…


  7. I think my iPad ate my first comment, which I’m sure was better than this one…
    Hope you are having a lovely visit – my MIL had been to Ireland three times and would love to rent a castle for the whole family to stay in one day. And you rock the gladiator look – definitely adorkable!

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  8. My MIL has been to Ireland three times and would go a dozen more if she could. She’d love to rent a castle for the whole family to stay in. Hope you are having a lovely visit! And you do look adorkable in that helmet – you rock the gladiator look:)

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    • I think I would be a rubbish gladiator but a good clown 🙂

      Your MIL’s idea is wonderful. Do you think it would ever happen? What a lovely thought. There are certainly castles enough here…


  9. I was so moved by the story of the lady kissing your hand repeatedly. Now there is a gesture you don’t often see these days. Powerful.
    Love you in the helmet.
    And oh, the withdrawal after being with those we love. A sweet agony, but still–agony!

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    • Yes – I feel almost ready to see them again soon without breaking apart. Leaving them was horrible.

      The helmet (in fact, the whole exhibition) was AWESOME. I really enjoyed myself.

      And yes – I thought it was wonderful. Touched me very deeply, in fact, especially as she couldn’t speak…a very powerful gesture indeed.


  10. I took a picture of myself in an army helmet at the Army Surplus Store when we were in Galveston! I’ll have to find it and send it to you. Your helmet was cooler than mine. Those things are HEAVY! Plus, I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be some kind of liner in it.
    My husband’s family is Irish and he would love to go there!
    I used to enjoy riding a bike! I’d take it up again, but the last time I rode, which was when we still lived at the beach after we got married, I used to tip over sometimes. I can’t imagine that would have improved with age.

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    • Give it a try – they say you never forget. And please PLEASE please vlog your attempt, just in case you HAVE forgotten 😉 You LIVED AT THE BEACH?!?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!? OHhhhhhhhh you lived the DREAM! Why did you ever leave? TELL ME MORE!

      If you come to Ireland I will fly over to see you 🙂 I bet you’d have an amazing time here – it’s a place of rain and green and magic. It’s brilliant.

      The helmet in the pic up there was the second-coolest helmet – the other one was WAY better, but the pics weren’t. But yes – very heavy! I was surprised. Looking forward to seeing your pic 🙂


  11. My sister is in Ireland right now on vacation. I think you should PHOTO-bomb all American tourists, and maybe you’ll show up in her photos! 🙂 (Excuse the capitals; I wanted to be clear.)

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  12. Maybe we should have taken my parents out to the Roman village down south instead of going to the open-air museum near their home town tomorrow?? Wished you’d inspired me earlier on that, but at least, there’s something we can do later this year 🙂 Somehow, I was locked out of your entire blog yesterday and earlier today, maybe that was caused by the issue you described. Your Irish get-away sounds wonderful! I’m glad you were properly spoiled by your MIL. Can’t wait to hear more about your cycling adventures! I, myself, will hopefully be able to return to running later in fall. Have a great weekend, dear Lizzi!!

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    • Ackkk I am envious of your running – I am still waiting for the MRI to let me know if there’s damage done (and if so, WHAT? and can it be fixed and can I RUN again?).

      If it was the PW protected post you hit, then it was the same for everyone. But all the other posts should have been accessible. Weird one!

      I think the Roman Villa by itself would have been dull, but there was an excellent visitor centre, and they really made a LOT of it – lots of interactive displays and things, which were so very well done. 10/10 for them.

      The Irish get-away is only just beginning – I come back on Wednesday. I’m going to enjoy it ALL.


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  14. Oh, that but about facing the real world again this week after vacation really encapsulated mine. I feel ya on that. I think you should eat, eat, eat your MIL’s cooking because you are looking super skinny in that wet photo!

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    • Lol not even! It was a lucky shot. But I ate her big dinner tonight, and resisted the offers throughout the day of “Can I get you something to eat? Just a little something? A sandwich? Crisps? A biscuit? Anything at all?”

      Coming back to reality was hard. I’m glad I have a long weekend of NOT reality to buffer it with 🙂 Hope your return to the Real World continues to be alright x


  15. Beautiful list, Lizzi…as always! I heard about the WWI Memorial taking place across the pond…so glad you were able to participate. 🙂

    Congrats on all the cycling success…it always feels lovely to set a goal in your mind and reach it all on your own without a soul knowing about it.

    LOVE the photos of the Niece and Neff…beautiful. Sounds like that trip was divine!

    Have a fabulous week! Thanks again for keeping this beautiful thing going!

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    • Awwwh it’s a lovely hop, innit! You in this week? I know life’s been way busy for you…

      The trip to the Island was GORRRRGEOUS, thanks – I loved (nearly) every moment.

      I shall bear in mind to keep quiet about my goals til I achieve them, then I can spring them on everyone as faits accomplis 😀 Thanks tho – it was a pleasant surprise to me, too.

      And yes – I heard about it a lot on the radio – definitely worth joining in with, just even for the thoughts which surrounded the action, yaknow?


  16. …aaaannnnd there are those ARMS again. I have serious arm envy! A huge GO GIRL for biking over 100 miles in a week! I am so inspired to move after reading this. I have also been thinking of a new tattoo (it’s been about 20 years since I last got one) – a tiny anchor a la Kate Moss, but in a slightly different place. I can’t wait to see yours when you get it!

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    • I don’t think I’ve seen Kate Moss’s tat to know what you’re referring to…is it safe to Google?? 😉

      I’m working on getting fitter….there’s a way to go yet. What will you do? Cycling is fun and quite easy (on the flat)…it’s nice to see a bit of the world, too. And thanks for the encouragement 🙂


  17. I’m thankful for this post and for finding your blog a few weeks ago, because I’m pretty sure we’re kindred spirits. First off, the hubs and I visited Ireland a few years ago, and the first thing I noticed was stereotypical Irish, too: “Oh my gosh, there really ARE a lot of Irish people with red hair!” My grandma, Irish and with red hair, had always told me so, but I’d thought she was lying to have an excuse to keep dying hers red. My husband walked around saying “Top o’ the MORNIN’ to ya!” too, and the friends we met at bars would look at him quizzically, look at me, and go, “Why is he saying that?” I would roll my eyes and go, “He thinks it’s an Irish saying.” They would just smile patiently and buy him another beer. And no joke, something else that happened frequently as we bar-hopped (we were young and this was pre-kids) was that there really were soccer (or rugby, or whatever) players in bars who would break into song constantly! This happened at 2 bars, and we loved it so much. Ireland was SUCH a fun place. Now I’m getting the itch to go back. Anyway, I also love the phrase “Totes adorkable,” and have used it many times. I think you’re my new virtual best friend. Dear God, this comment is stalkery, isn’t it…

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    • Hehehehe a little bit but it’s all good.

      I actually seem to have found myself amongst tanned, dark-haired Irish…but Husby has freckles which join up in the sun. He is the paleskin of the bunch.

      Ohhh but the PUBS and the MUSIC!!! And they all join in and sing and clap…it’s lovely 🙂 I will have to find my way to a pub one night.


  18. Whaaaatttt???? You had a moment over me? I am so taken aback and blushing a little… I am all giddy over your voice message! I need to figure out how to do that. Maybe I need Aussa’s brilliant mind to help me figure it out. People who are technically proficient always amaze me!

    I am so jealous over your trip to Ireland. I’ve never even been to Europe, although I always joke that I must have been British in another life. And my husband and I were just talking yesterday about going to Ireland. He’s got Irish blood, of course (Kelly, duh). And it’s always been top on my list of places I want to go. I hope you take some amazing pictures to share with us! One day I’ll get to Europe and when I do, coming to see you will be top of the itinerary. My husband’s been all over Europe for work and he always says I should come with him some time but it’s hard to go that far from the kiddies… One day!!!

    The picture of your niece and nephew is absolutely adorable. I read your post about your trip with them (didn’t comment because I was reading on my phone and HATE typing on it) but oh, the sweet moments you had with them. It was beautiful to read.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    • *goes a bit shy* Yeah…cos your writing… 🙂

      You should definitely come to Europe, I think you’d love it. I would like to go to Venice one day, if I get the chance. And Paris is always worth a look. Ireland is lovely though and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

      I know what you mean about typing from a phone; it’s all I have here and I’m just going to have to deal with it. Blech. Still, better than nowt. But yes, we had such a gorgeous holiday with Niece and Neff. It was super.


  19. I may be just a bit jealous of the fact that you are in Ireland. I would love to visit someday….maybe your MIL would let me stay with her? I don’t mind being forced to eat. In fact, I thrive on it!

    I’m still not over what an adventure your last holiday was! I still need to send you pics of our bland Florida seashells.

    Thank you so much for sending that photo to Nikki…she smiled ear to ear.

    I once worked in a nursing home and there was a little lady, sweet as could be. She couldn’t speak and she had dementia but as she was trying to escape through the front door and I would catch up to her, she would grab my hands and just kiss and kiss them. She was a doll…I adored her.

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    • Ohhh so sweet that she kissed your hands when you caught her trying to escape. That’s so lovely 🙂

      I’m glad Nikki enjoyed her silly photo so much. What fun to be able to join in a little but with sparklifying her day 🙂 it looked like you all had a super time (apart from your shoe!!)

      YES to bland seashell pics.

      And if you come over with me I’m sure my MIL would love to have you here and feed you. I’ve just been asked about 6 times in the last 5 minutes if I want food…


  20. I was lucky enough to visit Ireland once a few years ago and absolutely adored it, the people were so lovely and friendly. It was so nice of you to send silly photos of yourself to cheer a little guy up. Laughter is the best medicine.

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  22. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I’ve always hoped to visit Ireland, but haven’t made it there as yet. And good luck with the cycling – you’ll be doing iron-man triathlons next! 🙂 And yay to sunshine. I always love it, which reminds me it’s time I went off out into it.
    Not sure if I’ll get a TToT post done this weekend, there’s a lot I’m thankful for, but also a lot on!

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    • Enjoy your time in the sun – far more important. We’re off out soon, too.

      iron man might be a bit much – I still can’t run because of this knee…*sigh* but the cycling is going well.

      Ireland is lovely. If you ever get the opportunity to come over, take it and see. The countryside bits are better than the cities, which could almost be any city anywhere.


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  24. Well I had lovely awesome stuff to say about your vaca, your bicycling, your awesomeness, but mostly lost it because I’m now fixated on the fact that you have a private post and the fact that it’s private of course makes me want to READ it, or at least know what it’s about…
    OOOH BUT Ireland. My mom and her husband went for their 10 year anniversary (he’s from there) and wow, I’m a little jealous. But you’re almost back home, yes? And dude, you do SUCH a great job of keeping up while you’re away and when you get back. I suck at that.

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  25. Haha – I think all Mammas feed people – Irish, Italian, Jewish, etc. etc. I have yet to meet one in my circles that didn’t want you to “sit, eat” before they listened to a word you had to say. It’s kind of cool.
    Hope you’re having a lovely time – best to Husby’s father!

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  26. Oh! You included Little Dude in your TToT post! How amazing!

    Yes, I am thankful as well. Some experiences really do help put your life into perspective. That was one.

    I’m thinking of a new tattoo, as well. We’ll have to discuss!

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  27. I have always wanted to visit Ireland (many of my relatives came from there — well, and England, too), and I’ve loved seeing photos of your trip. Traveling via Facebook. 🙂
    I also cannot wait until fall. The summer is always dead-ish, blog wise.

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    • Did they? Oh cool! Well if you want a postcard, ping me your address and I’ll send you one as well 🙂

      Vicarious holidays are fun, aren’t they? I learned what a moose looks like from a vicarious FB holiday this week.

      BRING ON AUTUMN! (but ONLY for the blogging – the rain and cold can go RIGHT away…)


    • Yeah – somehow they’ve all happened at once! I wasn’t really expecting it – they’ve rather taken me by surprise (even though I was there to plan them – whatever!) And yes – Autumn’s gonna be great 😀


  28. Great that your friends son got better 🙂
    Love what you did for Sandy’s daughter.

    Actually, none of that post got out. I get you on e-mail it only said that you had posted a password protected post. Nothing on the content. Except for the title. 🙂 Yay for Aussa helping you.

    Love the pic of you and the helmet.

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    • That’s a relief to know! It was a post put together by other people, so I don’t want it shared – that’s all.

      The helmet was SOMUCHFUN. There was a better helmet, but not a better pic of it.

      And YES to those first two – so much gladness that he’s better, and that Nikki had a great birthday 🙂

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  29. What a wonderful place to have family! Thank your Lucky Charms. And you may not know that Lucky Charms are a children’s cereal here with a leprechaun for it’s mascot.
    I know you’re a big SUNSHINE girl. Have we talked about seasonal mood lights? That might not be exactly what they’re called but they provide safe light in winter times.
    Congratulations on the cycling, that is impressive! In the rain uphill sounds like an Extreme Sport! That could be a new Olympic event.

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    • I do, I LOVE lucky charms. I’ve even managed to get my hands on the fake lucky charms (a bargain at half the price) but I forget the name of them. They’re YUMMY. And I’m not sure Ireland makes them any more.

      I really am, and I’m not sure we have…but I’m sceptical about how much they’d work…let’s talk?

      Rain uphill was HORRID. I got angry and that made me DETERMINED not to be beaten by the weather.


      • so the UV light for seasonal affective disorder….. those lights are megabucks… so … what you do…seriously I am NOT kidding… I have told clients who swear by this… the lights in the megabuck setup are full spectrum bulbs… the kind you use for reptiles and birds in the winter to help them keep their color… you get one of those and take the lampshade off a lamp at home. Put it on for 30 min while you sit and read or blog or something…do it daily…. same thing….cost about 20-30$… your welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

  30. Whoa that’s scary concerning that post! I think that would have made me a little nuts as well. Your pictures with your helmet looks like you had so much fun there. 🙂 People do tend to blog more when the school year is in don’t they?! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aussa helped, and later, so did TD (who’s gone off radar, so I can’t link him, but he DID help huge). It upset me. Apparently blogging upsets me easily!

      And YES loads of fun – the costumes were great fun to try on.

      Can’t wait for school to start 😀


  31. Love that you are visiting Ireland. You are having all the fun travel this month. I had quite forgotten that your husband was Irish.

    Also loving the picture of you with the cap. Dressing up is always good.

    I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was a kid. I know it is supposed to be the thing that is easy to remember how to do, but it still scares me a little. But good for you for not only riding, but riding on hills and in the rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh I LOVE cycling – especially while I can’t run. I’ve done it since I was little – it’s a really good way to get around shorter distances. And perhaps longer ones. But today it was a TRIAL!

      Dressing up is GREATFUN! I love it. Any excuse to be silly 🙂

      And yes – we’ll be leaving in about SIX hours now! Eeeeesh!


  32. Ok, so jealous that you are in Ireland and seriously is so on my bucket list since Kevin’s parents went back over 10 years ago when we got engaged. I know I am going to sound touristy, but take some pics please and even share in Instagram , if you can, because I would love to see a bit from there. But seriously Happy 70th birthday to your father-in-law and hope you have a great time celebrating!! 🙂


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