Ten Things of Thankful #59

TToT 59

I feel *so* out of the loop. I have pretty much no idea what’s been going on in the Blogosphere, or with any of my friends, for I’ve not been here for a whole week – I’ve been at the beach. Not only have I not been here physically (okay, there’s a *small* chance I might have found an ice-cream parlour with free Wifi at some point, but at this stage, with 4yr-old Niece and 6yr-old Neff, I’ve rapidly learned to make no plans and hold no expectations!), I haven’t really been ‘here’ mentally, either.

Always Beach 2

Last year, coming away on holiday was a huge wrench, because I was so hooked into the internet and the support there. The Ten Things of Thankful was still in its very early days, and I was still relying heavily on the ongoing encouragement and reassurance from those around me in the ‘sphere as I struggled to come to terms with the tough realities around me.

They’re still tough, but time has lent distance, and a change in intensity. This year I miss ‘my people’, but I’m not fretting and whining about it. In fact, I’ve been very calm about the whole affair, and have had my laptop shut, completely, for two days, and have been reading and playing board games instead! Course, this could have something to do with the fact that WhatsApp allows me mini-contacts with a few people, so I don’t feel entirely FOMO’d.

But there have been some glorious things on this holiday; well worthy of a little writing immersion. So here goes (settle in – I’ve got a week’s worth of unblogged material)…

1. A mere hour off the ferry, and I discovered it was possible to keep my cool (metaphorically only, because it was HOT!) whilst driving a giant loop along the seaside and through car-parks THREE TIMES to try to find a space. Eventually we got one, and rapidly met with Mum, Niece and Neff, and I insisted that I was going to swim. Niece and Neff were thrilled because they’d been told they could only swim when an adult did, and neither Mum nor Husby were in a swimmingy mood.

The sand was hot on our feet across the beach, and the sea was delightfully clear and warm. Neff and I got straight out there, him clinging to me and shrieking as we bounced in the waves, and he made some valiant efforts at learning to swim (most of these involved hanging off my neck, kicking the water into foam, and screaming with laughter) while Mum took photos. Then the three of us held hands, jumped over waves, watched our shadows against the lightripples on the sandy floor of the bay, splashed each other and lolloped around in the ocean to our hearts’ content. I made them get out at one point, so I could go for a long swim, but once back, there was watermelon and some bodysurfing, as the tide went out and a sandbank made beautiful thigh-high breakers; just right for all of us to try.

2. I’ve been reading The Time Quartet, by Madeleine L’Engle, after a strong recommendation from Samara. A Wrinkle in Time was *beautiful* and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. The second book is fascinating and when I explained to Neff that there was a dragon in it, he got interested. Since then, I’ve been indulging in the delight which is a rapt, 6-year old weight lying across me, for 15-20 minutes at a time as I read aloud about dragons and cherubim and the mystery which might be found inside mitochondria. He has heard about X-ing and Good vs Evil, Charles Wallace – the boy upon whom the equilibrium of the universe hangs, and that by loving someone truly (in a way beyond just feelings) you make them matter.

3. We hit the beach early on Sunday, and the children were determined to swim again, though squealingly surprised to find that the water at the beginning of a day was a LOT colder than the water at the end of a day. Nonetheless, they made it in (I, somewhat reluctantly, knowing that once I was in it *probably* wouldn’t feel so shivery) and we were standing together, holding hands, when SOMETHING made the water 1 metre ahead of us erupt into Very Big Swirls, signifying a LARGE UNDERWATER PRESENCE! This being a different beach, with cloudier water, we couldn’t see what…so we stood stock still and weighed our options. Probably not a shark. Or a dolphin. Definitely not a whale. And not dragons. Neff suggested a fish, but I thought that even a school of big fish couldn’t have made a swirl that big.

As we deliberated, a blunt, rounded head popped out of the water, a little further away, and a large, liquid black eye gave us a glance, whilst two nostrils puffed out air and water drops, before sinking beneath the waves again. I barely had time to register before my excitement skyrocketed and I pointed (along with everyone else on the beach) and called out “It’s a SEAL!”

The seal rose again, further off, and then seemed to swim away to investigate elsewhere, but a couple walking their dog told me (as I emerged from the sea in a frenzy of excitement, to go and tell Husby) that the seal has been hanging out in the bay ever since the water got warmer, and it has been getting bolder and bolder about being near people (just as well, as the beach is usually thronged, and it was only that we were there early, and some of the first in the sea which made it feel it could come *so* close, because all the onlookers seemed stunned (except Niece and Neff, who really had NO comprehension of how cool an experience this was)). So yeah – I swam with a wild seal, yo!

4. I think my favourite parts of Monday were the middlish part, where I got to lie back on a lounger, in the sun, with my book, whilst Husby and Neff played a game of cricket in the (very large) garden of the place we’re staying; and later, just before bathtime (the kids’ – not mine!) when a snuggle with Niece turned into a singing session – both of us taking turns, and watching her very carefully staring at my mouth as I sang, so that she could copy the words. And holding eye contact (from about 6 inches away) as we sang together in the songs we both knew. And then inventing a song, complete with funny faces, and dissolving into giggles over it. Rinse and repeat with Neff, and there were a couple of *thoroughly* good moments there.

5. For a brief time, I got the internet back on Monday night. WHOOT! And for a shorter time Tuesday!

6. Niece wanted to visit a farm, so we trekked (okay, not really – the whole place is less than 30 miles long) across the backbone of the island to get to the one visitor-friendly farm there was, and it was gorgeous. There were lambs to be fed (at which point Niece scrambled into my arms with the alacrity of a cat and hung, almost from my shoulders, with her legs drawn up, informing me in a panicky voice that she ‘just wanted to watch’), goats to be petted (one with a very fancy, curly horn, which made me smile (so I took a photo for the sake of sharing it with everyone’s favourite goat-centric NinYa, though everyone seemed to think the goat was wearing a hat, which was amusing), bunnies to be stroked, and a tractor ride through some sprinklers, which left everyone soaked and laughing – perfect in the hot sun.

Curlyhorn Goat

7. More beach, swimming in the clear, sparkling ocean (this time cooler, with a breeze which made us shiver, and made Niece clamber into my arms and wrap herself around me as we bobbed in the swell, trying to steal my heat as we waited for the sun to come out from behind the clouds to warm us up again. A cup of tea and a sticky bun were definitely necessary after that!

8. The promise of time alone with Husby (and some wifi) in an ice-cream parlour means that I *might* even get this TToT list ready to go on Friday, and surprise you all! That said, it also means that the remainder of the week will go undocumented (which is okay) but there will almost certainly be a trip to Shanklin Chine – the most magical place IN THE WORLD BAR NONE – a deep chine, leading to the ocean, filled with ferns and trees and a taaaaallll waterfall, beautiful bridges and a rippling stream; and at night they light it up with every magical colour you can think of, and it turns into a fairyland just perfect for that mode of brain which has just hit the up-side of the sugar rush (cos the Chine is right next to the greatest sweet shop in the world, and the rule is that you go there first and stock up on SUGAR to eat around the chine and ruin your teeth with by the time you get to the beach at the end) and is buzzy and ready to believe in magic.

9. I’ve been amazed to learn that English seashells (and perhaps European seashells in general) are prettier than American seashells, which are allegedly ‘grey and smashed up’…I’d love to learn more about this, because I naively thought that seashells were varied and beautiful wherever you go – talk to me! What are they like where you go to the ocean?

Beach Treasure 210. We cleaned before we left – we’re coming back to a clean house, rock-solid WiFi, uninterrupted nights’ sleep and our own company. It’s gonna be gorrrgeous. And in the meantime (cos it’s only Wednesday here), there’s LOTS more holiday to go. If you want to recap and see aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the photos, just add me on Instagram.

Enjoy your weekend, and I hope to be able to join in with this one and see what you’ve been up to 🙂


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85 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #59

  1. Oh sweets!!! Your vacation sounds perfect and amazing. Also, I linked up a friend’s post of three things of gratitude (she was with me in LTYM) and she’s awesome. Hope that’s okay. So the seashells in America vary. There are beaches where they are incredible and amazing (more west coast) and beaches where they’re beaten up (more east coast but this is not consistent). It really depends on the surf and the rocks. There are some incredible beaches here, with gentle surf and sand, and well, magic. There are also the shitty touristy ones. I’m so glad that you found peace with relaxing and not stressing about the TToT community or your online life. I’ve found that myself this summer and have been surprised by how easy it is to take a break from it all.
    Also, I got your postcard yesterday and THANK YOU>>>>> <<<<333333

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    • YAY! Postcard 🙂 Glad it arrived *grins*

      Yeah – it was all a very different ‘feel’ than last summer, when I was a lot more heavily reliant on friendships here to help me through – and thank goodness for you all *being* so helpful and generous last year…ow! – this year has been very much more just…missing people and being annoyed at being left out, but not stressful or feeling like part of me got cut off. So yay for that.

      There are shitty, touristy beaches everywhere! Fortunately the times we visited beaches weren’t *too* overcrowded. I suspect your East coast beaches are a little more like our beaches, on the whole, though we tend to have a fair mix of rocky/stony/sandy ones. I’m just gonna have to get a load of people to show me pics of American seashells now…

      And thanks for linking your friend in 🙂 that’s awesome.

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  2. You had an amazing week! I still love (and may be a tad envious of) the fact that you got to swim with a seal. That would be so awesome. I had the thought when I saw the pictures of the seashells that they are so much prettier than the ones we have here.
    It’s soooooo nice to have you back full time but I’m glad you got the time away and that you had what sounds like a magical time with Niece and Neff!

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    • It really was magical. I miss them a lot already, and am kinda bummed about needing to go back to work and not see them so often now. It was brilliant.

      Ya gotta show me a pic of your seashells – I’ve heard this SO much now, and I want to see what they’re like where y’all are!

      As for swimming with the seal – a truly incredible moment – I was completely awestruck, I mean, WHEN does that kind of thing EVER happen!? Wow…

      I’m glad to be back in the Blogosphere though.


  3. You holiday like a Proper English Lady. Even swimming with a seal! I love that you have such a warm and loving relationship with your niece and neff. And your seashell are way better than gray and mashed.

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    • Yes – though to be fair I’m not sure how many Proper English Ladies would consider it quite proper to swim with a seal, though there’s a long tradition of sea bathing (for one’s health, doncherknow).

      I have yet to see evidence of the ‘mashed grey’ seashells y’all keep referring to…


  4. Oh you got t o swim with a seal! How fantastic! Your week sounds wonderful, so full of fun with your Niece and Neff. And your seashells are totally better than gray and smashed shells from here. 🙂

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    • Oh you should go again, if you can. It’s wonderful 🙂

      And as for being disconnected…it has its good points, but after a while it grew wearisome – I wanted to be in touch with my friends and it was highly frustrating to know that I was missing out 🙂


  5. We saw big, noisy sea lions in San Francisco. Didn’t have any in Ventura. Are sea lions and seals the same thing? I don’t even know.
    I think all the cool shells get hung up in the islands in the Caribbean and don’t make it to the gulf shore. We’ve only found grey and dingy white ones. Broken pieces of sand dollars, but never anything NEAR a whole one, which is a dream of mine.
    I’m glad you’ve had such a lovely week of sand and water and warm sunshine and candy and Niece and Neff.
    I LOVE “A Wrinkle In Time”. I’d like to tesseract.

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    • Seals are slightly different from sea lions. I think sea lions are a bit more intelligent and trainable. They have a slightly different physique which allows sea lions a bit more mobility on land, too. And I think they’re warmer water creatures – not so much blubber.

      No whole shells? Or no whole sand dollars? We don’t get those at all here.

      It’s been a lovely week. Back to normal now, which I think is probably a good thing after all the candy and ice-cream!

      And YAY! Another AWIT lover. I’d like to tesseract if it didn’t hurt, and there were no Echthroi…


  6. So many wonderful things in here. The seal, how amazing! And ‘chine’ is a new word for me. Give me a definition so I can compare to what I’ve gathered from your description. And your shells are definitely more lovely.

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    • Chine – a ravine formed in rock through the action of running water (so saith dictionary.com). In this case, leading out to the sea.

      The seal was INCREDIBLE. I am still stunned that the encounter happened, if I’m honest. And though I looked, I never saw it again….but WOW!

      I wanna see YOUR shells now. I love learning this kind of thing about different places – it never would have occurred to me that shells would be so different, but I suppose it makes sense…


  7. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! A Wrinkle In Time is one my my fav books in the whole, entire world!!!!!!! Maggie (Margaret) is named after Meg Murray. Seriously! So excited you have read it now. So excited we can share that. Now back to the rest if your post.

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    • OHHHHHHHHHH she’s named after Meg? That’s one of the coolest name heritages EVERRRR! Wow! Meg is adorable. I’M SO GLAD WE HAVE THIS 😀 Once I’m done reading all the other books, I’m gonna read it AGAIN. My favourite sub-character has to be Aunt Beast. I near enough fell in love with her… *happysigh*


  8. A Wrinkle in Time is a favorite! It’s been a while since I’ve read it–and the others–so I should pull them off the shelf again.

    If you make it to Los Angeles, you’ll need to visit the Santa Monica beach. Nearly every time we are there, we see wild dolphins swimming in the water. We’ve not been as close to the dolphins as you were to the seal, but it’s still incredible to see.

    As for shells, the ones you found are very pretty! Probably the most exciting shells I’ve found have been sand dollars, which are cool, but not colorful.

    Thank you for the postcard, by the way! It arrived in my mailbox today. 🙂

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    • I really feel like I missed out on it growing up – I don’t think it’s really much known here as a classic children’s book – we have The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and things like that, instead, I guess…but having read great tracts of AWIT to Neff whilst on holiday, I hope that he’ll read it as he grows up, and enjoy it.

      Santa Monica beach sounds AMAZING! I think I’m coming to Cali at the end of my trip (still need to plan properly) and I’d LOVE to see dolphins. That would be so very cool!

      Someone sent Beth a sand dollar the other day – it had a *perfect* flower shape on the top of it, and looked like it had been sculpted from white marble. It was incredible – is that what you have?

      And YAY! Postcard 😀


  9. “Probably not a shark..” Wha-a-at?! Anything that happens in the ocean, in water that is not clear that illicits those words…..I be high tailing it out of the water at lightspeed. LOL Even w/ 2 small children!
    Seriously, how scary. But luckily, how cool. A seal!
    So glad you enjoyed your holiday Lizzi. I hope it was all you hoped it would be.
    Yes, we do have some beautiful shells here. Honest. They’re not all grey and smashed up!


    • I was lucky – the beaches we were at gave VERY good shells. One even had a tiny yellow snail still alive in it 🙂

      Aaaand logically it COULDN’T have been a shark. But my amygdala disagreed. I was very relieved it was only a seal!


  10. What a positively wonderful week of vacation! So glad your week away was so beautiful.
    Those seashells are truly lovely. I think not all American seashells are gray and smashed up, but the clam shells are definitely abundant – those being the ugly gray ones.

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    • It really has been a beautiful week of holiday, with many gorgeous moments which I will treasure for a long time.

      I’m glad not ALL American seashells are boring and grey. I hope that there are some which are pretty. I heard from Val that Cali has ormer shells, and those are pretty.


  11. Aaaah. I know I shouldn’t be. . . But, I have to admit that I am a touch jealous! It sounds like you had a pretty darn fabulous vacation! I could use a getaway; that’s for sure! It sounds like you had a grand ol’ time & that you have a marvelous relationship with your niece & nephew. Family IS what it is all about; without a doubt. Now, about this no wi-fi thing. . . Um. . . I don’t know if I could do it! LOL.

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    • The no Wifi thing SUCKED. Husby even got a magical portable wifi thing which was *meant* to make it possible for me to have my own little hotspot wherever I was…but alas, it operated on the same basis as mobile phone reception. Which there also wasn’t. So I *sometimes* had a VERY slow connection, and there *might* have been a few tantrums. Perhaps. So yeah…

      …on the plus side, I’m SUPER thankful to be back at home and connected very happily to broadband.

      And yes – family – wonderful family, and those deep ties 🙂 It was a gorgeous holiday and I’d recommend the same to anyone.


      • Well, when my time comes to be able to get away, I will need to make sure to plan ahead accordingly. . . Maybe that is part of why you felt so refreshed when you returned? You know, because you were limited in your connectivity & can now appreciate it even more? 😉

        My turn for a vacation will come eventually. . . For now, I will live vicariously through YOU. 😉

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        • Perhaps – I do tend to spend an inordinate amount of time hanging around the Blogosphere (especially late at night, when it would be better for me to be sleeping!) but I love it, and have made friends here. Reconnecting with them is awesome.

          Live as vicariously as you like – that’s half the fun of blogging, right? 😀


          • I am just getting my feet wet, but I do know what you mean! I spend a huge amount of time lurking around & am just now building up the confidence to actually interact beyond a “like” here & there. And, yes, yes, vicarious living IS part of the fun of blogging; I concur. 😉


            • Ahhh well good. I’ve built some wonderful, genuine friendships in this place, and they’re worth all the time investment – promise 🙂 Good for you – keep the confidence up and get stuck in 😀


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  13. If you’re out of the loop, I’m not sure what I am – out of the whole row of knitting? I’ve been away so much this summer that I missed you leaving and so was very intrigued to work out where you are. I’m guessing since a ferry was involved and you’ve got British shells, that it’s one of the Channel Islands?
    Speaking of shells, I’m sorry to say, but I think the New Zealand Puau (not sure how to spell it) shell is more beautiful than anything I’ve seen on UK beaches.

    I’m hoping to join in the hop this weekend, but I have a birthday cake to bake in the morning. (Not that it’s anyone’s birthday, but my daughter’s friend is off to live in China so won’t be around when the birthday rolls around in a few weeks.)

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    • Paua – now, where did I have that exact conversation – it was either here or on Facebook, because it’s the most incredible shell EVER, that one. I have a few pieces, brought back for me from when WonderAunty went to visit her uncle there…they are GORGEOUS.

      We were only on the Isle of Wight – much shorter ferry ride with the kids – something of an instant holiday but still full of perfect. I really want to go to Jersey though – I went to Guernsey a bunch of times as a kid and always loved it, but I yearn to visit the Jersey Zoo and see Gerald Durrell’s legacy.

      I hope the cake baking goes well.

      I think Summer’s not really a good time for trying to be in loops…glad to see you though 🙂


    • It was a gorrrgeous holiday, but I’m BACK! I did notice Julie mention me once – I think she’s been tired and found the daily thread quite a chore to do! I am ready to recommence duties and take up where I left off 🙂 Glad y’all muddled through though.


  14. Canadian seashells are far superior. In fact, I stepped on a lot of them when we went camping. Pretty to look at. Not so pretty to step on. We actually had a pet snail there. Named him pooper. Don’t ask.
    The best part in all of this is that you went into the water with your neice and nephew…don’t laugh…think of all the people who tell their kids no because a. water is too cold b. bathing suits and c. I want me time. Your niece and nephew will hold those memories of you playing in the water 🙂 Cause you’re cool and stuff.
    There was no internet for me. Even when we had wifi connection, I refused. I’m a bitch like that.

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    • You’re less hooked is all – I’ve probably become a little too reliant on these wonderful people of the Blogosphere, and I get pretty serious withdrawal from the ones I’m closest to, when I’m away and without them. Even *with* the distractions of family, and those perfect moments of snuggling and laughing with Niece and Neff (there were so many, and now I’m home, I miss them so much…)

      The water *was* cold, but I love the ocean too much not to go. And although I definitely don’t have anything close to what I’d class as a ‘beach bod’, a) I don’t want to miss out on the fun and swimming – I LOVE the ocean too much for that, and b) I need to try to set a good example to Niece and Neff about it being okay to have fun and look how you look in a swimsuit. I feel like I did myself proud there (though there were a few hilarious ‘changing’ conversations about how it’s okay to be naked on the beach when you’re four or six, but not 31…)

      Aaaand as for your superior Canadian seashells…pics or it isn’t so. I hereby smack you round the chops with a shell-encrusted gauntlet – let’s see what ya got… 😉


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  16. Lizzi, it sounds like the perfect holiday, and I can see you splashing with niece and neff and snuggling and living. I can almost hear you singing. Oh, actually, I can hear you singing, and I have listened to your voice over and over. K and M are mesmerized by your voice, your accent. I think they’re falling in love with my Lizzi, and I don’t mind sharing her. She’s pretty awesome. Which is why I miss her so much. Please come home. Please FB message me soon cuz or cos..withdrawals.

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    • It was *beautifulperfectsparklywonderfulawesomeamazing* and I found something small and beautiful for you at some point, but no jellyfish, I’m afraid, though I kept my eyes open (actually, that’s a lie – there was one – a gross, slimy candy thing in a packet, violently coloured in blue and red, and I didn’t think that it would travel so well, OR that you’d particularly appreciate it, so I left it there…). I’m glad K and M are happy with my singing – I’ll have to send you all a new song soon – I’ve expanded my repertoire with Niece and Neff this week, after singing them to sleep a few of the nights (Mum and I took alternate nights for bedtimes) and they took a LONG time some nights. So yeah…more songs.

      I will message you soon-soon! I’ve missed you LOTS. And I’m HOOOOOOME so I can chat without fear of losing connection, which really was THEE most irritating thing in the world EVER (sometimes).


  17. ‘Wrinkle in Time’ damn! (maybe an early indicator of worldview, I stumbled across this book in 1st year of high school. have never forgotten it.)
    now, I had not realized that there were 3 other books… gots to find them.

    (ok, will go back to reading Post).

    oh yeah, welcome back.

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    • Alas, it’s over, and I miss Niece and Neff SO MUCH already *sigh* as we were going our separate ways on the ferry, Niece wrapped her little arms around my neck and whispered “But I just want to see you EVERY day” *heartsqueeze* 😥 *snif*


    • Are they? What are they like? Will you share a pic of them on Facebook sometime so I can see? I’d be fascinated to know what they’re like.

      And YES! Hands down the coolest moment of my holiday, if not my life 😀


      • Sure, next time I go on holiday to the beach I will certainly share some pretty seashell pictures. I also like the pretty rocks we get to pick up here. Such pretty colors. 🙂

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        • I found a few pretty rocks. I always look for the ones which are slightly crystalline – pinks or whites. And ones with holes through them – lucky rocks. YAY for shell pictures 😀


  18. Wonderful beach vacation. Things are ALWAYS better at the beach. Interesting about the shells. In North Carolina we get oyster shells and a few small scallop shells. Nothing very exotic at all. See you on Instagram. PS: Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list. The seal would work. And maybe the seal could save the lovers stuck sharing the one air hose?????????

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    • Hmmmm perhaps if they could persuade him to pull her out of the stuck bit…I dunno – it seems too neat. I know dolphins have saved people who’ve been drowning, but that might be a stretch 😉 You really want them to live, huh 🙂

      Swimming with dolphins would be AMAZING, though I think I’d take wild ones over ones in a park somewhere – I’m all about things being free and looked after in their natural environments. I struggle with water parks which offer ‘up close’ experiences…I get very conflicted about them.

      Scallops can be pretty, but oysters are pretty plain and boring (though I live in hope of finding a pearl…) The one I would LOVE to find (but never will) is an ormer shell…now that WOULD be something special.


  19. It sounds like a lovely holiday! I love the way you immerse yourself in the fun with the younger set. I especially like the read aloud sessions with your nephew. This was so fun to read. I felt like I had been away for a little while! 🙂

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  20. YOU GOT TO SEE A FREAKIN’ WILD SEAL!!!! I always get way too excited when I see an animal out in the wild, especially aquatic animals. And bald eagles. 🙂
    Glad you are having such a nice week. I smiled when you said your mom was taking pictures. I now know exactly what that’s like.
    I have always liked A Wrinkle in Time, but never read the next one. Don’t know why.

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    • I KNOW! It was THEE MOST AMAZING THING EVERRRRR! I love seeing wild animals, but this one was INCREDIBLY close. Wow. And so beautiful. And if you had WhatsApp I could have TOLD YOU ON THE DAY, cos it was the only freakin thing that worked in the place of NO connectivity whatsoever. Pfft! I’d love to see a bald eagle. I get excited when I see red kites – they’re fairly rare, but increasing in prevalence, which is really good.

      It was a beautiful, amazing week. And yeah – she took LOTS OF PICTURES 😀 Not *quite* as bad as when you were over, cos she had more time to spread them out, but yeahhhhh!

      A Wrinkle In Time is beautiful. I recommend the others – I got the book from thriftbooks.com, very cheap. The others are also good.


  21. Aww, glad you had such a wonderful week and vacation, too. Nice to get away and even unplug for a bit. Not going to lie hoping and trying to plan something before this year is over, because I think we are so in need of it, too.

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  22. I have to wonder why you would use a photo of skip in a little hat for your ttot posting… what? thats not skip? WHaddya mean? WHat Skip isnt good enough for you!? I love me a goaty looking doggie and that real goat is pretty darn cute too! We have some shells like that but the majority are not easy to find like it appears on your beach…

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    • Do you now? Which ones are yours like? I picked up another load of the beautiful mother-of-pearl ones. They’re my favourites – like treasure.

      I would *love* to see a pic of Skip in a party hat…that would be AMAZING!

      And when I visit, I’m TOTALLY taking pics of Skipster (if he’ll let me).


  23. What an amazing week. So happy you took some time away to experience life. Your niece and nephew seem so precious. How cool is that that you all got to swim with a seal! I think I would have freaked out at first as well! 🙂 So glad to have you back for this week’s TToT! 🙂

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    • I’m *just* back now, and LOVING IT!

      Yeah – I totally freaked – I was so busy trying to be cool so that I didn’t cause Niece and Neff to panic…I almost convinced myself it was a shark, though, so I’m very glad it was only a curious seal! It was still quite intimidating though, but in a magical way 🙂

      Niece and Neff are absolutely THEE most adorable creatures ever and I love them TO PIECES.


  24. Your vacation at the beach sounds exciting. Seeing a seal, beautiful seashells, and swimming in the ocean … all of these things are wonderful.

    Personally, I would prefer spending time on the beach to surfing the Internet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh me too! But in the evenings when it’s dark and the beach is NOT the place to go (rather too many teens getting drunk, not to mention, one evening, several police officers AND paramedics!!!) then I just wished I could have surfed the internet as well. But it was a beautiful time 🙂


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