Ten Things of Thankful #58

This has been a tumultuous week, and one in which I was worried I would be lost, then (a mere day later) was exploded into a sky full of stars and *glitterysparklytwinklygoodness*. I can’t even begin to adequately sum it up, which is a pathetic reason for not writing an overview, but suffice it to say I’m going on HOLIDAY this week, so I won’t be around, and my brain is full of packing yet to be done, summer clothes yet to be found, and a way to tetris it all into my car…

Which is my way of apologising because as far as I’m aware, the place we’re staying is sans wifi, so whilst I LOVE that the TToT can still go ahead without me, I’ll be sad because it IS going ahead without me, and I will miss you all. Forgive me for not being able to comment this week!

Sunshine and Friends1. Getting The Map – Having established that I *will* come to America in autumn of 2015, I got stuck on the point of what route to take around the country in a sensible order, which allowed a number of my bloggy friends to offer to let me stay with them, transport me between locations, feed me and generally ensure my wellbeing during my tour. Fortunately, my wonderful friend and co-Bard, Zoe, came up with a plan. The plan began with a map, which she sent, and I missed the delivery of.

So it was that on Saturday afternoon last week, I hauled out my bicycle and decided to kill two birds with one stone by cycling over to the next town to the delivery company’s depot to pick up the parcel. A map shouldn’t be too big for a bike, right?

The box was the length of the bicycle; a giant, unmanageable cardboard prism of mappy goodness. I didn’t quite faint from frustration (seeing as the day was one of the most humid I’d encountered, and I near enough needed gills, not lungs, on the way there) – I wiped the sweat from my brow, steeled myself, and opened the package in the depot. Out came a small, neat cylindrical map. WHY so much box? So I wiped my brow and decided that I shouldn’t need to fold the map (sacrilege!) and popped it upright in my pannier, secured it with a useful cord, wiped my brow and went on my merry way.

Now I just need some stickers to put on the towns of the people whose houses I’m going to crash…

2.Writing fiction again – the lovely Laura wrote a stunning piece for Tipsy Lit’s flash fiction prompt last week. Having commented on it, she charged me with joining in. So I duly waited until the appointed day and headed over to find a prompt which left me perturbed – ‘impossible choices’. Without resorting to sci-fi (the red pill or the blue pill?) or tongue-in-cheek (cake or ice-cream?), I decided that there were only so many impossible choices to choose from, and they all seemed to involve death, so I cheated and wrote a cliffhanger. But it was great fun and I loved doing it. I also probably paid more attention to editing (before I hit ‘publish’) and crafting my piece to fit the 500 word limit than I have thus far. It seemed to pay dividends, given the feedback. If you fancy it, have a read of ‘Until death do us part’.

3. BEACH – next week – my holiday. Five walking minutes from sand and shoreline and WONDERFULNESS. I can’t wait. We’re going to be with Niece and Neff, and I hope there will be many moments which step outside time, to turn into perfect memories with them. But there will be waves and seagulls and seashells and the sound of the earth breathing gently upon its edges

4. Family (see above (really? Yes – that’s all))

5. The Perfect Thursday, with love wrapping me around and boosting me on, topped by a surprise present (full of beauty and meaning and perfection), which exploded my heart into *glitterysparklytwinklygoodness* and then a late-night picnic at the beach with Husby, and a swim in the warm sea as the stars came out. Which was like being in a sky full of stars, but in the sea, and so it was perfect. This seems an utterly inadequate paragraph to describe just how deliriously happy the events of this perfect Thursday made me, but for once, I don’t want to tell all. I want to keep these things snuggled tight to my heart, and have them as *justmine*. And that’s okay, because yaknow what? It’s my blog and I’ll do what I wanna…

In a Sky Full of Stars6. Finally getting my knee seen to – it is now awaiting an MRI scan for what *might* be (in the doctor’s considered, medical opinion) some kind of ‘snaggle’ behind the kneecap. Oy! But it’s been sore!

7. Small changes for big differences. Or bigger changes for small ones. We shall see and time will tell, and at this stage I don’t know if things are finely controlled or teetering, but it’s okay – there’s enough of me to manage it. As long as the knee holds up. I’m being talked through it all, which helps.

8. Glitterbombed, on Monday, courtesy of the wonderful Katia (sans glitter, but there’s still enough around the house, in the bed, in the shower, to compensate – which I finally vacuumed up today *sigh* because it really, really needed it by now!)

Best Moment9. If you didn’t see it yet, go and learn about How To Be A Proper English Lady In America – there is an INCREDIBLY funny video there, courtesy of Aussa and Gigi. And if you didn’t read this week’s Guest Bard, Twindaddy, over at the Well Tempered Bards – GO! Now! I’ll wait for ya

10. Not only did I end up having an inadvertent most-of-the-afternoon off work on Friday (I accidentally ran the battery down in the van by leaving the fan a *tiny bit* going, and it died when I tried to leave to get back to the hospital for team training. My team were very kind about it, and I got to lounge around in the cab for two hours, chatting on my phone with Zoe and Hasty and Beth, and we had a grand old time, til I finally got rescued by the Man With The JumpStart Kit!

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71 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #58

    • You WERE my silver lining at that time – BELIEVE me. I actually told my friends about that today, and how wonderful it was to have the time to chat with you, and how very thankful I am for WhatsApp and the time we spent. I loved it. Truly. I cherish that breakdown now, because of you.


  1. This is a great list!

    It is so important for us to take time to stop and give thanks for all of the things that we have been blessed with and provided with.

    I personally believe that it makes us appreciate them a lot more. too.


  2. Hi, hope you can put South Carolina on your map for your Autumn visit. I live in a very historic town or should I say infamous since the South was the first state to succeed and many other recent headlines. 🙂


    • I confess I know very little about US history (I know little enough about UK history! At some point I’ll post an itinerary of where I’m going. I’m hoping to have a couple of big meet-up points so that if anyone wants to travel in, they can, but goodness only knows where those points would be!


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  4. After my five-day getaway to BlogHer, I have determined that holidays are essential to my mental health and the safety of my co-workers. PS, I met Katia at BlogHer – she is delightful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HA! I don’t blame you! Have you got one coming up this summer? Or was BlogHer sufficient?

      I have TOTAL Katia-meeting envy now…I know I’ve met her on VidChat a bunch of times (and you’re right – she’s SUPERawesomedelightfullovelywonderful) but I really want to meet her in person one day *sigh* Lucky BOTH of you getting to be there and meet each other…


    • Awesome! Well any time you want to create your own (consider that whilst you finish reading this response) you’d be very most incredibly welcome to join in! It’s a glorious free-for-all, and it’s great fun (you may have joined in this week – I have no way of knowing right this second cos WP has banjaxed my links to another dimension (or page, whatever) and my sketchy connection won’t let me see *everything* so I’m ducking out of checking, just for one week).


  5. I’d better be on that map, especially since I offered you a bed months ago.
    Have fun at the beach, but watch out for those seagulls. They’re assholes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I need stickers. But you’re THERE!

      So far no seagull assholes. No seaweed either. But a SEAL swam right up and scared the crap outta us. It was magical and terrifying (there was just a big swirl in the water ahead of us at first, til he popped up).


  6. I miss you terribly but you, in wonderful Lizzi fashion, have found a way! I am happy that you are on holiday with your family and enjoying waves and seagulls and seashells and SEALS! Wonderful!

    I loved your fiction. It has been a while and you haven’t lost your touch. You’ve always been good with a cliffhanger, too.

    I’m happy your Thursday made you so happy and if you wish to keep it close to your heart, you do that.

    Have an amazing time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh how could I not make contact!! It’s been SO incredible and so great to be able to still have that tiny little bit of not-completely-out-of-touch-ness! *phew* Thank goodness for that magic App! I never thought I’d like an App so much as I do this one.

      And thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I want to get back into writing a bit more fiction. I was planning on some more book this week, but it just hasn’t happened so far!

      Still having a great time. Catch you up more when I’m back, but I’m sure we’ll speak in the meantime x


  7. So happy you are off on a holiday. How I would love to experience your “beach” vacation and for you to venture on one here with me. And hope your knee situation gets resolved. Hate those knee problems. My right one is a rather cranky soul. Hugs. Unplug and rest body and mind Lizzi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh when I invent a teleporter, Jamie, we shall zap to each others’ beach vacation spots and give them a go. Deal?

      I’ve got an MRI on the 18th August, so we shall see whatever there is (or is not) to be seen at that point…*sigh* All good fun! In the meantime, anti-inflammatory gel, no running, and painkillers as needed. Bleah.

      Still, the beach is AWESOME and the internet is crap, so rest and READING are happening 🙂 Love it.


  8. Another week, struggling with the TToT, and… I… well, I guess I could go on vacation, too… y’know, just like James Taylor. I’ll go to Carolina in my mind, I guess 😦


    • All three. Definitely. Tonight there was singing and giggling til we *snorked* at silly songs before bathtime. I’m luxuriating in getting to do these things. Absolutely basking in them (most of the time, when they aren’t being little terrors!) 😀 ❤


  9. Ahh… good stuff!! My favorite? The sea and the stars and your man. I just love that vision and love that perfect moment for you two!!!

    And my second favorite? Keeping some things treasured and tucked in for you, and only you.

    Ah… that give me so much joy to know you hold gems in your heart that are solely yours- sacred signs-hidden jewels- solely for you.

    Praying for the knee mess. ugh.

    Feel the sand, taste the sea… jump and swing and run and play and giggle and squeeze and breathe…. in the joy, the love, and air of HAPPINESS!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So far, plenty happy – not much internet tho! EEK! It’s going v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y but I’m *just* able to do some minor surfing around, tonight, for the first time!

      Sand and sea have been daily occurrences so far. I see no discontinuation of this 🙂 Loving it 😀


  10. Lizzi. What a week! A good week:)
    I am jealous – holiday at the beach! Hurray!!!!
    Seems to me that folks in Europe have many more “holidays” than we do here in the US. Hm…..was thinking of moving….hm…..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure that we do, to be honest! An average annual allocation is 28 days, including 8 public holidays…what’s the US equiv?

      The week at the beach is (so far) living completely up to expectations 🙂


    • I think it’s going to be beauuuutiful! And I need to get my map out and see where all the states are, but I think I’m mainly staying around the edges….ack! I never realised how BIG the US is…like, properly, properly HUGE!


  11. I miss you already…but that description of the beach sounds fantastic. Enjoy every well deserved minute. And swimming in the ocean at night is one of nature’s perfect gifts. xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Aww, totally wishing you a happy holiday and seriously you deserve the time off to enjoy with your husband and family, too now. Don’t get me wrong, you will be missed, but still don’t want to see you around these parts during your time off. Hugs and definitely enjoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. OHMYGOSH I’m so excited for your holiday! I just know you’re going to have the most marvelous time full of magic and memories! (how many M’s was that??)



    Liked by 1 person

    • You have my full permission to go right on existing until I return 🙂

      And thank you, I fully intend to have a FABULOUS holiday

      (and am trying very hard not to think about the people I will miss lots while I’m away…)


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