How to be a Proper English Lady in America

I think it’s been all of five minutes since I mentioned that I’m coming to America in autumn of next year, to do a Grand Bloggy Tour, which means it’s time to mention it again!

Also worth mentioning that there’s absolutely NOTHING like having your Thursday turned wonderful by just being a simple, unfettered day. Truly. Be thankful for a straightforward, uncomplicated kind of a day, in which you can smile your head off because your friends are so silly and so incredibly funny/kind/amazing as to put this together.

How To Be A Lady

Please put your hands together for the talent and humour of this crazy now-roomies-at-BlogHer duo; Baroness Gigi and Lady Aussa – to you both, I tip my hat, tug my forelock and honour you with a very slight unstiffening of the upper lip, to allow a tiny smile through (which, with usual English iceberg-ness, means that I completely, utterly love it, am blown away by your amazingness in doing this for me, and would hug you both to pieces if the English were allowed to show affection to anything beyond dogs and horses).

72 thoughts on “How to be a Proper English Lady in America

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  2. I serious would love to pull you birds, love.
    And about pudding, Black Pudding is neither dessert nor pudding.
    A trolley is not the tram like San Francisco but a shopping cart.
    And a lorry is a truck

    making fun of the Brits. LOL to funny ladies.


    • Oops! You lost your stiff upper lip? I hope you managed to find it again! And yes, I am HUGELY lucky. I also have over a year for them to teach me more about how to be English in ‘Murica πŸ˜€


  3. Fantastic! I was once educated by an “English lady” moonlighting as a snowboard instructer and I would add to your list her wisdom:

    Upon her offering to bring pudding to a dinner party. She informed me pudding is dessert-NOT actual pudding.

    Trash is a very ugly sounding word. Rubbish sounds better. You should say Rubbish in the bin.

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in the Colonies. Sending you California thoughts.

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    • Rubbish is a MUCH better word than trash. Or garbage, which sounds like garage (the way WE say it) and that gets confusing!

      Pudding is dessert. I have this battle CONSTANTLY with Laura, who insists that pudding is made of jello.

      Your snowboard instructor sounds cool πŸ™‚ She taught you well.


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  5. As I told Lizzi, I play an online game developed in Cambridge, and so I’ve had opportunities to learn some British vernacular… absolutely brill taking the mick there, dearies.

    I wish you’d included “jolly good show” in the list of British stereotypes.

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  6. My dearest Lizzi,

    I am touched ever so greatly by your enjoyment of this video. I do hope you take this sound advice to heart as you embark on journeys to new lands.

    I remain most fervently enveloped in your bosom,

    Lady Aussa

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    • Yer Ladyship

      I wuz wunderin’ wot on erff had gorn and gotten itself stuck in me corsets this mornin’! Now I knaw it’s yerself, I can only be right ‘onoured, innit, fer yer attenshun an’ care in werkin wiv tha Baroness Gigi ter give me SUCH a luvverly surprise as this. It warmed the cockles of me ‘eart, so it did.

      Yer a right special kind of NinYa, milady, p’raps my fave’rit kind (not that I knaw many) and all I can say is fanx SO much fer bein’ such a gawjus part ov makin’ my Thursday sumfink wunnerful. I’ll make sure I try an’ remember all yer great advice. I’m sure I can stash plenty of tea abaht me person as I fly threw customs. And I’ll always remember to answer any questiuns wiv ‘That is correct’ innit! An’ I ‘ope you an me might get ter ‘ave afternoon tea togeva at sum point when I’m over.

      Yer a dear, sweet one, NinYa

      As always, yer ‘umble servant

      Lizzi wiv-no-e x

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  7. This was absolutely Bloody Brilliant! The batting of the eyes was just marvelous. The ladies are just marvelous! And oh my gosh! An American Bloggy Tour, Lizzi!? πŸ˜€

    Too much awesome for me to handle on this morning!

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    • Aren’t they amazing? I don’t know if even *I* could hold a posh accent for as long as Gigi did. Though I was impressed by Aussa’s estuary English πŸ™‚

      And YES! American bloggy tour. Gonna be AWEEEESOME!

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      • The video totally made me happy and I have to google estuary English, haha. I’m learning a lot today. ^_^

        I still can’t type though. I’m leaving a lot of odd typos and I’m writing a blog post. Not good.

        I’m SO excited for your American Bloggy Tour!! Oh my gosh!!

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