Ten Things of Thankful #57

So it is that we go from possibly the most WONDERFUL Ten Things list I’ve ever done, all full of glitterbombs and friends and love…to what might be one of the most ‘blah’. In fact, NO! Because, come onnn! I’m meant to be practicing at being a writer…so even if my week was blah with goodish bits and some crappyish bits, that’s not BLAH….it’s an opportunity to turn my really mundane list into something which will delight you. Right? That’s what it’s about, innit?

But actually, looking back (THANK YOU INSTAGRAM!) I just remembered a whole bunch of stuff which was decidedly NOT crappy, and now I don’t even have to try to invent something wonderful for you, because the wonderful already exists, which is aweeeeesome (1).

So. Last weekend, everything was taken up by my wonderful Glitterbomb from some of the nicest, kindest and generousest people I know. So there was no time to actually tell you about my week, so forgive me if I backtrack, because last weekend was its own kind of awesome.

Beginning with Friday evening, when I entertained two teams of wonderful netball players by falling over. No, that’s not remotely sufficient to describe what happened. It was nearing the end of the game, and my team was probably *slightly* losing (and if you know me at *all* by now, you’ll know that I’m super-competitive and hate to lose) so we were pretty focussed on scoring a few more goals. I was playing goal attack, which meant that I was one of the main shooters (person who scores goals) in addition to having to zip around all over the court. The ball was being passed, person to person, down towards the end of the court where I needed to be to shoot the goal. So I ran. Fast. And either someone called my name or I just thought I’d be amazing and catch the ball, but I twisted, mid-run, and tried running backwards, to catch the ball and pass it to the goal shooter, who was waiting in *just* the right place by the net…

…when something went badly wrong. Like terribly, awfully wrong. And I kind of steppedonmyownfootandfelltotheground. No, Fell isn’t adequate, either – it was a slow-mo, tree-felling moment, where I kind of toppled from the ankles up, bashing my knee, smashing my elbow, then my shoulder, and then (for all you scientists out there, the part which smashes down at the end, from the highest point, has the most energy in it)…my head. Sideways. Into the (very hard) floor of the court, with such force that it bounced upwards again (still sideways) and wrenched all the muscles in my neck and shoulder on the other side.

There was a stunned, frozen moment of silence, in which I realised that I hadn’t even caught the ball as I fell (just to redeem it a little), and that I was in A LOT OF PAIN, before everyone rushed over, looking utterly horrified and yelling at me to stay still, and debating over which part of me they thought they saw go *SMASH!*.

I sat up, gingerly. It hurt. I wasn’t knocked out, but the world looked a bit woozy. Someone handed me back my glasses, which had gone skittering off to goodness knows where (and somehow were thankfully (2) not broken). And then my nurse friend told me I was in shock. I laughed and told her that yes, it was a surprise, but no, I wasn’t. So she pointed out my hands. Shaking. Crap. Shock.

Head BumpThat bump? Not my hair.

Someone got me a drink, someone else poured water on some kind of a kleenex so I could hold it to my head, when WHOA! MY HEAD! There was a frikkin EGG on the side of it! You would not BELIEVE the size and immediacy of the lump which grew on my noggin! Cue gentle probing, a check to see that I wasn’t bleeding, the order of a lift home, and a promise elicited from me to not drink any wine with my friend that night (*SIGH*).

BUT my friend did come, and we had a gorgeous time talking until all hours, and then the next day we languidly hauled ourselves up at around midday and then wandered off into town to see the Mela Festival (a celebration of South Asian music (and an Irish band (and flamenco…obv))) where we listened to bhangra music and watched amazing, beautiful, colourful Bollywood routines on stage, with a swarthy young man who strutted and primped around like a rooster, while his lithe, swirling hens, bedecked in finery and gold, danced around him, assuring him that he alone was their lord and master – their king of the roost. It was all very elaborate and the rhythms got into our feet and we found ourselves tapping along. And then there was a very sweet, drunken man in a turban, who came and shook our hands repeatedly and made friends as he beerily enquired where we were all from, and told us that he was a dancer, and also that he had no money for food (cos he spent it all on booze?) and finally left us bemused but happy to have met him. Later there was henna (3).


Oh! We totally had gelato for lunch before the festival. What’s that, like, (4) things so far? Mine was a scoop of raspberry pavlova and a scoop of M&Ms. It was perfect. A great meal, all in one sprinklydelicious waffle cone.

Then there was a rock-climbing wall (5). Now, I’d seen one of these recently when we took Niece and Neff to the fair when it was last in town, and I decided that it was probably criminally expensive, but my friend egged me on, and I had to just *ask*…and it was cheap! So the competitive spirit (complete with walloped head) got up and going, and paid up, stepped up into the harness (tightened on, VERY tight, at crotch-height, by an incredibly cute young man…oy!) before getting myself hooked into a karabiner which would (I was told) hold me if I fell off.

But I am competitive. And stubborn as hell. I did not fall off. I CLIMBED THAT WALL, while my friend stood at the bottom and cheered and took a hundred photos, and I DID IT! Even though I maybe nearly got stuck at the top because WOW! it’s very tiring and my forearms were so fatigued I was shaking, but DETERMINED to press the damn buzzer at the top. And I did. Then I did it again, because it didn’t sound, and it still didn’t sound, but I definitely hit it TWICE. Then I whizzed down and climbed an easier wall and hit the button and it made a big “whoop whoop” noise, so everyone knew I’d won at climbing.

Then later I saw the photo my friend had taken, and I realised I also won at Spidergirl (7). And because I’m sometimes a complete attention whore, shortly after that, all my Facebook friends knew that I’d won at Spidergirl. And now you do, too.

SpidergirlThat night there was wine. And indoor frisbee. And a drinking-wine-indoor-frisbee game (8), which involved sound effects, trying not to fall down, trying to stop laughing long enough to breathe, and extra points for whoever could catch the frisbee with their boobs (not me – my boobs proved disappointingly un-dexterous…). Then there was talking til we passed out, a lazy morning, and ice-cream for lunch again.

Then a week in which I shaved a few minutes off my cycle lap times, which was awesome (9). And some crappy bits mitigated by knowing that two of my glitterbombs arrived (9a). In which I learned about “fruits” (9b), and wonderful timing, and that I’m sometimes stupid and sometimes self-indulgently-badly-obsessed, but that neither matters much in the end (9c). And that sometimes I’m not; and that Pintrest and beautiful music and photographs of the world and the decision to do something lovely for a friend, and a kind comment from another friend are what I need to get realigned (9d). And now, an evening of ‘out to coffee’ (which turned out to be one tea (me) and one coke) with a good friend, in a local bar, where we got to sit and watch the sunset and watch people and catch up and make plans for a sleepover soon (10). So YAY!  There are silver linings and loveliness everywhere, if I remember where to look for them (Instagram – always check on Instagram…)

And then, finally, today (a LONG TIME after most everyone else in the world, apparently) there was THIS. Which made me die laughing and fall completely in love with the song again, and with Weird Al’s brain (extraspecial 10/10 and five stars for this). And there’s about to be mango (tiny, bright moment of rightnow-real for ya there). Have a GORGEOUS weekend, and I hope very much that you will join in your list.


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102 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #57

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    • Oh I like to live life adventurously if possible! But not to the point of injury! I need to be more careful whilst running backwards next time (undoubtedly there will BE a next time…I rarely learn from my mistakes).

      Hope you find some gelato! It’s lovely.


  4. I’m exhausted by all your physical activity this week.
    I still have a tender place on my head from when i whacked it on the back lift door of the minivan a week ago, so I can only imagine what a goose egg like yours must feel like! At least you didn’t have to have stitches, or worse, get stapled.
    That henna is gorgeous! How long does it last?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heads seem to retain bumped bits for longer. But yes – at least there was no break to the skin, just a big bump. Same back atcha! Stuff’s hard when you hit it with your head…

      The henna’s all gone. I finally scrubbed the last bits off last night (but I’ve compensated with glittery nail varnish, and am wondering at what point I cross the line in terms of professionalism!).

      You can’t possibly be exhausted – you’ve been on holiday 😀


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  6. The Henna art is gorgeous. Rock/wall climbing looked like a lot of fun. My 10th grade year in high school, our science teacher took 6 of us rock climbing in North Carolina as a field trip type of thing for students who went above and beyond. It was a fantastic experience. Slightly scary, yet so much fun. I would love to try the indoor rock wall climbing that’s near where I live. Sorry about your fall. Seems you hit harder than you had thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hit a LOT hard!

      Why not go and try that rock wall? Bet you’d love it 🙂

      Well done for getting chosen for the trip – sounds awesome. One of those memories which really stands out 🙂


  7. Weird Al made my list this week too!! If I had arms that looked like yours I’d be thankful for them times 2000. I’m glad to see that your fall didn’t keep you down, and you climbed that rock wall like a boss. The henna is gorgeous – love that! I hope your head is healing up nicely. Have a wonderful week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JEN! JEN! COME BACK! I needed to talk to you…I clicked your link and it took me to a defunct page, then I clicked ‘home’ and I couldn’t see your TToT at all – will you link me again please?

      And NO WAY is a smash on the head going to keep me down! This one didn’t even need hospital or an x-ray so it was FINE. And it’s healing well – only a bit of soreness if I touch it (so yeah – I just gotta NOT touch it!)

      The henna was BEAUTIFUL. And my arms are one of my worst features (*I* think, but then I think a lot of stuff which is a bit skewed, so thank you), but apparently they’re alright flexed…who knew!

      Liked by 1 person

      • What the heck??? Sandy couldn’t get to my post this week either – it’s like, possessed or something. Try this direct link driftwood-gardens.com/ten-things-thankful-5/ . Oh, and you’re crazy – your arms are amazeballs.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah that worked! Thanks. Bloody blog links! *rolls eyes* Glad it wasn’t just me, though – I feel a bit less douchey about that!

          (and yeah, maybe…gonna ask about it, because this self-image thing is beginning to be a problem…)


  8. Lizzi, I try to catch up with you but….talk about a challenge!
    Bottom line for this comment? Happy, glad, relieved you are alright.
    Ya know… I’ve heard it said that sometimes after head injuries people have spontaneously been able to speak a foreign language. Laat het me weten als dat gebeurt ok? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Catch up? Where are you catching up? Why a challenge? RISE TO IT, my dear 😀 I’m entirely pindownable if you try 🙂 But thanks – I’m relieved too! Oy!

      And I’m sure that’s so, but not in my case. What’s that…Dutch?


    • Well, in that snapshot you can’t see my arms shaking… 😀 It was so much fun though.

      With your penchant for photography, I know you’d LOVE IG and having a smartphone…get a samsung – their cameras are (allegedly) the best. It’s what I have, and I love it big.


      • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve actually been considering a smart phone, and I was wondering which to get. My ancient “dumb” phone is a Samsung, and I’ve been quite happy with it for all these years. I was hoping their smart phones were just as good.


    • Heheh good luck to your daughter – I hope she has a fabulous time rock-climbing (FYI – TOTALLY harder than it looks!)

      The video’s AMAZING. I’m still listening to it on a loop.


  9. Yay! for not breaking your glasses! shew. Yay! That you made it to the top, at my current fitness level I could not have done such a thing. And yay for the TToT every week. You are on my list. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thats a hell of an egg on your noggin! OUCH! And what a set of delts on you girl!!!! I love the Al song… my favorite line is “You write like you’re spastic.”‘ I’m thinking I need to make you a book of my left over recycled book pages , yes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a BIG egg. Made me sad. But also thankful because everyone looked after me and cared and made sure I was okay.

      And SEE WHAT YOU MISS OUT ON WHEN YER NOT ON FB! But thanks 🙂 I didn’t know what delts were til I posted this pic and someone told me 🙂

      I kind of don’t like that line on principle, but it makes me laugh bad anyway. My favourite is “say you’ve got an i-t, followed by apostrophe” *love* that because that’s one which BUGS THE HELL OUTTA ME when people get it wrong. And the bit about the Oxford comma gives me thrills 🙂

      Ohhhhhh. Now. Quandry. Part of me is totally honoured and loves the idea. And part of me still shudders at a cut up book 😀 It would challenge my comfort zone, but then…art by you….YES! Pleaseverymuch 😀 ❤


  11. Who DOES have dexterous boobs? Not me. Certainly. Little measly A cups, they are. No dexterity without substance.
    You know what we have in common. Stubbornness. I am absurdly, irremediably stubborn. I actually love that trait in me, though I know, like all traits, it has a negative side. I kinda like that side still, though.
    What I am not so much is competitive. Actually, Brian would jump in at this point and say I am fiercely competitive but refuse to admit it. The truth is that I am, at heart, horribly competitive, but it’s led to a lot of heartbreak and frustration so I try to shut it down as much as possible.
    I am unremittingly stubborn about letting my competitiveness play a role in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’ve come across times when my competitive nature has upset people and become destructive. At the moment I’m kindasorta using it for good, but we’ll see. I love that you’re stubborn though, and that you like it. I find it has more positives than negatives these days, now I’ve learned how to (sometimes) harness the power for good.

      Bless your boobs! I’m sure they’d be dexterous enough at drunk frisbee – only one way to find out…
      But I have it on authority that all boobs are good, in and of themselves, so there’s that.


  12. As you know I LOVED word crimes. Even caught one on Downton Abbey the other day because of the song. Sorry to hear about your bump and WHOORAH on your climb AND love the henna! I am thankful for instagram on wordless weeks which end in a huge MEH.

    Liked by 1 person

    • DID YOU? What did you catch in Downton? I want to knooooow! That was a good nab!

      The climb and the henna were AMAZING and both made me so happy 🙂 IG is brilliant and I am hugely thankful for it, this week 🙂


  13. We are head bump twins – this morning I ran smack into the door as it was closing – hurt like a bitch. Right on the brow bone so didn’t swell much but I may have a lovely bruise tomorrow. Oh, and I’m super competitive too. Let’s be on the same team if we ever play together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh no! Dana! your poor head! Did you put ice on it and take painkillers? I hope you had people looking after you. *HUGS* 😦

      I remember reading that you’re super competitive. I think if we had to make a team, you, me, Sandy and Kristi would be unstoppable. I would’ve voted for Christine, too, before she got taken out by a little kid and needed surgery… 😉


  14. Ouch! That is quite the bumpus on your noggin. I’m so sorry that happened to you. It doesn’t sound like it slowed you down any. I still love the pic of you climbing the wall and still can’t get over the muscles in your shoulder. It is too bad about your un-dexterous boobs, though.
    I laughed out loud about the old drunken man in the turban! Love the henna tattoo…so pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The henna tat was gorrrgeous and made me so happy all week, until it all started fading away *sigh* I need to figure something cheering for this week. The drunken man was HILARIOUS! Added to which, he had a very thick accent and we were never sure what he was saying, so we all just nodded and smiled a lot!

      The bump didn’t slow me down much, but it did end the game. And it was a LOT sore for a few days. But no. Takes more than that to stop me. I’m still a bit astonished by that pic, as well…I never expected it! I still kind of look at it, then look at myself as I am righthere, and think “Naaaaaaah!”. And yes – total pain about my undextrous boobs. I don’t even know how to train them, but they need to get better at drunk frisbee before my friend visits again…

      Liked by 1 person

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  17. Look at those MUSCLES!!! Holy moly, Muscle Mama! Can you open this jar of pickles for me???
    Impressive. All the sports and cycling and running and falling 🙂 have made you so muscular! *cat calls* *wolf whistles* <– those are flattering noises, btw. Well, they are HERE. Allegedly. Kind of.
    I totally wanna play drinking-wine-indoor-frisbee!!! I probably need a helmet, but I'm betting it's fun. I love your henna, so beautiful. Can you still see some of it?? Hope so.

    Liked by 2 people

    • When you’re so incredibly flattering, I could open anything for you. In fact, I have a trick for jars involving a knife shoved under the rim, to release the pressure before I try…if I can do that bit in secret then I just look like a hero. And if not then I look way clever. Win/win. 🙂

      YES! It’s a tiny, soft frisbee that we used, so it didn’t hurt the indoors or the ornaments or the boobs! I’ll bring it with me to ‘murica if I remember, and we can play drunk frisbee 😀

      The henna’s almost gone. And I’m sad about that. But I need it all to leave before work on Monday…


  18. Facebook is a dick because it chose to not show me that you’re spidergirl! Yay you for making it to the top and ouch to your horrendous netball injury. Your hand hanna tattoo rocks! How long did it last? Or maybe you don’t know yet if it’s still there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It lasted til about midweek, then started fading off. I now have a weird, skanky, half-there weird pattern on my hand where it was. Blech! Needs to be gone by Monday so I can look professional for next week.

      Facebook’s a dick. So now i’m glad I caught you up 🙂 I was SO PLEASED with myself for making the top. Twice. But not pleased about the button which wouldn’t press. Or the headbang.


  19. Lizzi,
    I love how your week was so full of friends and physical wins! And your henna is lovely! I had a struggle this week with finding thankfulness but I did it! Shall post shortly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You did it INDEED! Well done you. I read your list, and not only did you find Ten, you EXCEEDED ten. So there 🙂

      My week was (on the whole) very good, and I was glad for the reminder 🙂 Thank you


  20. That video is hilarious. What a fabulous week – except for the fall. Very graphic description. My mind saw it in slow-mo. Literally, a great read.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. I hadn’t seen the Weird Al video until now – he certainly does have a big dictionary! I laughed.

    Sounds like you had a great week. The henna is gorgeous. Sorry to hear about your fall and hope all is well again (scary). As for spidergirling up that wall? Impressive!

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Well, well, well…after all the foot dragging and “I don’t see the point”s, you have certainly, fully embraced Instagram. I couldn’t be happier about it. 🙂
    This description of your fall makes me take back all of the laughing I did. You could have given yourself one heck of a concussion! Glad everything is mending and less achy for you.
    I am sorry I did not share the song with you the moment I heard it. The first time I saw it, I thought, OH Lizzi will love this song, but then I got distracted before I shared it. I’m sorry for robbing you of 24 hours of this song in your life.
    Hope the coming week is more fun and less crap. Goooooo Instagram! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope so too. I need it. I shall make it my mission to find beautiful, positive things to IG…but. We’ll see.

      And yeah – those are 24 hours I will NEVER CATCH UP ON! I am STILL listening to that song on a loop. DUDE. I can’t believe you robbed me of this delight. I love *love* love it! I mean, I loved the Robin Thicke version, just for the tune, but now it’s about WORDS and GRAMMAR, I’m in RAPTURES!

      And yeah – I guess I could’ve but I’m lucky (and thick-skulled). Glad you got to revisit your laughter :p 🙂

      LOVE IG. Now to get you to fully embrace Twitter…


  23. first of all the henna is absolutely gorgeous – (how long does it last ) I think I want one too- secondly I gasped after reading how you fell, your poor head I hope you are feeling better. Oh how I wish I can eat gelato all day long 🙂 cheers to Weird Al’s brain, I loved the video – he has another one called Tacky – using the song Happy- have a wonderful weekend as well as a week ahead too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve yet to find Tacky, but I’ve seen it advertised and I might have to look it up 🙂

      I don’t wish I could eat gelato all day – I think I’d be sick! But I need to make sure that I don’t indulge too often! My head’s loads better, thanks 🙂 And the henna is just rubbing off in a big way today, so I guess it lasts a week 🙂

      Weird Al’s brain is WONDERFUL. He’s so clever.

      Hope you have a gorgeous week 🙂


  24. CRAP- the sound isn’t coming through!!! AAAAH!!!

    I LOVE that pic of you climbing that wall!! Look at those DELTOIDS!!!! DAMN GIRL!!! YOU ARE A TRUE SUPERHERO if there ever was one!!

    I’m so glad you are okay after that famous fall! Geesh. POOR THING!!!

    And SO fun all those wonderful perfect fantastic amazing things you got to do with your friend!! Gosh, how I wish I could have a weekend like that with YOU!!!

    PS: I just published my TToT. My sweet girl needs serious love… would you help me find people to encourage her? She needs all the support she can get!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwwwh your TToT with Sammy is quite WONDERFUL. Wow! What a gorgeous soul she is, to keep going and keep persevering in spite of everything. She’s lucky to have you cheering her on, Kitty. I think she’ll be okay 🙂

      And I KNOW! I WAY hurteded myself! Much worse than all those snowball fights we had. But I would LOVE to spend a weekend like that with you – it would be perfection 🙂

      And thanks. I’m far too vain about that pic – it’s actually doing me no good at all. Did you get sound? The video’s AMAZING.


  25. Well, now that I’ve read this i will go to bed with the Spiderman theme in my head. I really hope that isn’t going to keep me awake, because we have an early hike scheduled.
    Always good to realize the week wasn’t quite as sucky as it seemed, isn’t it?
    So sorry about the bump on your head – that can’t have felt good. Hope all is well and you feel fine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m all better now thanks. Just a tiny sore bit. No bleeding into the brain! And yes – absolutely wonderful to realise how good the week was, when I was rather mired in the bad stuff.

      I hope you enjoy your hike, and you’re welcome for the earworm 😉


  26. I love following you Instagram in case you didn’t realize already and must say I am quite addicted to the wide world of Instagram (I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to, but still). Seriously though, I hope you head injury is doing better now and just so happy that tomorrow is Saturday now after the long week here of Emma turning 5. We are taking her tomorrow to NYC to the American Girl Doll Store and out to lunch too at this dinner where all the waitstaff sings and dances, too. Should be fun and can’t wait to share more about that now. Hope you too have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Janine I still hold you and Kate responsible for getting me onto Instagram and I am SO SO SO happy you did. I love it. Really.

      I hope Emma has a super happy birthday in NYC, and WOW! Even I have heard of American Girl Dolls – that’s a big deal for a little girl, right? I hope you love it 🙂


  27. Oh dear! Is it Friday again? I’m still having difficulty scrounging up a list since last week!

    And now I know more about those Instagram photos I remember you tweeting about.


      • [scribble scribble scribble out all the yada yada blah blah blah yakkety schmakety I’m inclined to blather…]

        I do not have a smartphone. I do not have a tablet. I can afford neither. Yes, I know I’m using the wrong photography site– I use Flickr, which I know bloggers barely care about…

        damn it, I’m sorry, I’m really a grumpy guts right now. I wish folks would notice what I *am* using, because Flickr suits my photography style better AND we are at least guaranteed to get responses from my father-in-law. I see that Instagram supports video a LOT better (Flickr video support sucks arse), but, Princess wants to be a YouTube star and so that’s where we put videos. Even though I firmly insist that videos are put on MY account and there’s no way in hell she’s putting up vids on her own until she’s at least 13, if that.

        ugh, now I’m not just rambling, I’m rant-rambling…

        Liked by 1 person

  28. Look at you go all Spidergirl, Lizzi! That rocks (no pun intended)! I’m glad you are on the mend too. Btw…I’m perfectly capable of falling flat on my face even without playing netball! LOL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  30. I love that henna design! Beautiful.

    This week was a lousy one. I think I need to do a better job of recording the small things that make me thankful before all the bad ones take over my memory banks. So, more Instagram! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lousy is sucky. Since the weekend, not so much went well, but there were highish points.

      IG is great – maybe that could be your goal for the next week – to IG one beautiful/positive thing each day.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. It’s so adorable that you’re competitive and hate losing. I’m the same and it brings out a certain kind of childish temper tantrum in me when I don’t win. People steer away and are wary of me at such times. Hah. For their own good, I guess.

    I absolutely LOVE henna and that design is so beautiful! I like henna that is more detailed and has less flowery patterns and more abstract lines.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh I have been known to get ten kinds of pouty and sulky and stroppy, but competitive isn’t my BIG tantrum trigger – *that’s* when technology…doesn’t. I can go 0-hissyfit in about half a minute if a laptop or a phone or an internet connection doesn’t do what it SHOULD do. Then people steer clear and give me funny looks. And sometimes I get told off (by Husby; my mum; my sister…whoever’s there…)

      Henna is gorgeous. I liked this because it was kind of hibiscus-y and surf-y, but the detailed designs are also beautiful – they’re more traditional, aren’t they?


      • I understand that frustration, too. It’s really mindboggling for me when my electronics give way because I don’t know anyone else apart from myself who takes such great care.

        Yes, I prefer traditional Henna. I get my hands done many times a year and it’s a good substitute for my constant craving for permanent tattoos.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kinda have to say ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ – especially now you found me on IG 🙂 Do you have a ‘henna person’ you go to? I just found mine at the fair, but she’s from London and seems to travel between shows, so I don’t think she’d be a reliable source of hennaing. 🙂

          Ack. I don’t take much care…apparently. But I still get frustrated.


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