You make me happy

It is my pleasure, honour and utter delight to welcome you to this very special edition of Ten Things of Thankful. *stops to let that sink in*

But this is unaffiliated with the weekend hop; a total renegade (and anyway, it’s my hop and I’ll do with it precisely as I wish) which today means co-opting the format to invite you to join in with me as I celebrate the birthday of quite simply one of the most wonderful people I’ve ‘met’ in this ol’ Blogosphere.

Happy Birthday Mandi xXx

TToTMandiMy lovelies, indulge me, because this is going to be an absolutely selfish Ten – Mandi has come to mean a great deal to me, and I really want to share some of the very best bits of our friendship so far with you, because it has brought me such delight; such brightness and sunshine, and has really made a very big difference to my life…let me explain.

Mandi’s a little bit like one of those gummy candies (roll with me –  I’m thinking on my feet) which seems quite unassuming, though obviously ‘nice’, but when you bite into it, it has an utterly unexpected centre full of oozy, candy goodness, which makes the entire experience a million times better. When you look past the (perhaps, on the outside) unassuming blogger you might think Mandi to be, you’ll discover that her centre is full of glitter and fireworks and the most wonderful upwellings of love and encouragement, which are all a bajillion times better than the loveliest gummy candy…

1. She gives *the* best comment…no word of a lie. There are people who I look forward to hearing from when I hit ‘publish’, and then there’s a whole other category for how much I love to read Mandi’s comments. They are wonderfully rich in visuals and Feels – she taps right into my imagination and plants gorgeous images there, which unfurl like flowers under the sun. I think her comments were what first caught attention, because I’d seen the amazing things she’d written on Beth’s posts, and couldn’t help but ‘follow her home’ to her own blog, to see what kind of person was capable of saying such things.

2. In the midst of all the glorious visuals and glittering outpourings of *twinklysparklygoodness* comes, almost always, a massive dollop of encouragement, which according to the lady herself, is her specialty. She lives to support and nurture others, crafting her words carefully to boost – not just the ego – but the person, and to really get behind what they’re doing and cheer them on. The most inspiring (to me) thing is how absolutely unafraid Mandi is to say precisely how she feels about someone, *to* them. This is something which has forever thrown me into a panic, because I’m afraid of those levels of vulnerability, but Mandi manages to be so sweet and disarmingly endearing, that no-one could possibly have cause to ever find her frankness anything less than utterly charming.

3. Mandi is solely responsible for transforming my friendships with other bloggers from something which was just ‘on the page’, to something which is real and vital and breathing and FUN! She showed me how it was possible to send my voice, for free, around the world, and hear back from my friends in return, which is *such* a treasure, given that words often lose the full essence of communication, phonecalls are really too expensive, and it’s not always convenient to vidchat. So I have heard her sing to me in her very best English accent, I have traded jokes with her adorable children, and have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful new way of having a friend in my pocket (in my phone…nothing weird).

4. She writes…oh my gosh…she writes *so* well. Mandi asked me once what I thought of her writing, and (forgive me, Mandi, if I muddle this one – it’s late) I described it as that moment when you’re reading, and suddenly a scene becomes so real to you – like you’ve been transported into a cinema, and are watching it unfold in front of you; full-screen, HD, surround-sound, and with the speakers turned up so loud that your whole body vibrates with the power of it…

5. One of the biggest, most wonderful ‘online’ gifts was given to me by Mandi, who recorded her piano playing for me,  and sent it to me to listen to (there’s a context…wait for it). She has a wonderful, soft way of playing, which seems to coax notes from the instrument until it fills the whole room with beautiful music. Mandi thought she could have done better because there were mistakes, but I loved each one, because in the midst of those moments which were slightly less polished, was bravery and willingness to be vulnerable for the sake of friendship, and so each one was raised up to shining perfection by the strength of such a gesture.

6. She is my Muse (here’s the context) – after learning that Mandi had been a waitress who played the piano, out of nowhere (and this, bear in mind, was still fairly close to the beginning of our friendship, so I didn’t tell her for a while) a character popped into my head and became Anitra, whose story I am currently attempting to write into a book, and whose songs and love of music are all tangled up in Mandi-inspired moments.

7. Music has become different since knowing her – which is wonderful. There was a whole subset of musics which I…liked okay…but which weren’t my favourites. But since beginning the Anitra story and finding that Mandi had gotten herself lumbered with being my muse for it (which she has borne very graciously, when I’ve suddenly messaged her out of the blue with a bizarre question or flash of inspiration for feedback on), there have been certain pieces of music which have spoken to me and become part of the story – they shimmer out of the radio and fill the air, and all of a sudden I’ve been aware of a different quality to the sound, and it’s as though Mandi’s name hangs there, unseen, but very present…and on the odd occasion when I’ve sent word to tell her about these songs, not only have they usually been ones she knows, but sometimes have counted amongst her favourites. It’s a bit spooky, but the writing makes me happy, so I don’t question it too much.

8. The woman can hula-hoop, she can pilate like nobody’s business (and got me into it) – she can also do a hurkey. In a conversation about cheerleading (because that’s what Mandi does, with all her encouragement), somehow the subject of hurkeys came up. Lo and behold, next thing we knew, she’d only gone and DONE ONE! Incredible. She claimed it was camera angles and trickery, but I saw jumping and hurkey-ing and it was awesome. And let me tell you now – I watched a YouTube tutorial, and tonight, as an experiment, I tried a hurkey outside in a large space. My only advice for anyone else idly wondering if they should give it a try, is DON’T! Not unless you have exceptionally stretchy hamstrings. That said…


Hurkey10. I shall call her Squishy and she shall be mine, and she shall be my Squishy. For sure and for definite. Sometimes there are people you just want to keep, yaknow…?

Ten! And I could keep going, but quite honestly however much of a writer I consider myself, I haven’t the words. I try not to have favourites (mostly because it causes arguments (I have some argumentative favourites)) but I figure this is different – it’s not about favourites – it’s about knowing a bunch of very different, wonderful people, and loving them for exactly who they are.

But that said, sometimes it *is* about favourites, and today, Mandi, you’re mine 🙂

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START AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SONG to read the whole thing, as it bounces around the Blogosphere singing: You Are My Sunshine


26 thoughts on “You make me happy

  1. I have been creeping her blog for quite sometime. I haven’t had the courage to comment. It’s good to know that she doesn’t bite…or maybe she does…do gummy bears bite back?
    She is a very talented writer and I think I started following her after you had mentioned her in a post a while back.
    You’re a good friend Lizzi 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh stop creeping and TALK Kimberly. …honestly, she’s truly the sweetest person and I’m sure she’d be thrilled to hear that you like what you read.

      She doesn’t bite – she hurkeys (far more dangerous)!

      Oh I’m so glad I got to be the one to introduce you to her 🙂 🙂 ♡


  2. The idea of devoting an entire TToT to one person and doing it without it becoming a generic “how do I love thee, let me count the ways” but something so personal and so super-duper happiness-inspiring, is so you. Your ability to stretch your goodness muscle and the reach of your words in so many different and unexpected ways and to make a post about another blogger so enticing that you want to get to know them better is uncanny. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you said that, because I’ve got a similar one coming up at the weekend, for a truly delightful reason…

      And I have to say, I rather insisted on taking this particular lyric, because Mandi does make me happy, in many ways, and her friendship is a wonderful thing to have been bestown. That said, I feel I could well write a post like this about most of my friends with whom I’ve spent time nurturing a relationship. I’m getting better at saying these things instead of just letting them exist unnoted.

      If you take time to get to know Mandi, I don’t think you’d regret it, dear – she’s truly wonderful.


  3. This makes me so happy – what a gift that Mandy sent you her playing the piano! And to have helped birth Anitra! Awesome stuff. A gorgeous tribute to an amazing writer, person, and friend. Happy birthday to Mandy!


    • I know – that was such a precious thing. I was absolutely gobsmacked and so, SO psyched. And yes – Anitra’s still going strong, thanks to Mandi.

      I think she had an *amazing* birthday (to read her latest) and I’m so glad to have played a small part in it 🙂


  4. What a wonderful thing to do and yes a Very Happy Birthday to Mandi! I could not agree with you more on her writing and it is “…like you’ve been transported into a cinema.” Great post, Lizzi 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lizzi, I can’t give you good comment right now because I’m a teary eyed mess and can hardly see my computer screen. I am BLOWN away and feel so covered in love that I’m not sure I’m worthy. Thank you. From my heart, thank you. It’s bursting out of my chest. I shall take a new hurkey picture after I read this wonderful song.

    Liked by 3 people

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  7. AW!!!!! I just love the LOVE from you to Mandi!!!! As I read this, I kept thinking why oh why I don’t follow Mandi and why oh why am I NOT friends with this woman? She seems like a true TREASURE.

    Happy Birthday Mandi!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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