Introducing The Sisterwives

The Blogosphere moves in mysterious ways, and there was something about the meeting of this particular collection of individuals which screamed ‘destiny’. Allow me to introduce The SisterWives:

Image Map

We are many things, but above all, we are writers. We are here to share our varied and complicated histories, and we are here to engage and involve those who could really do with it.

We are a complex and incredibly beautiful molecule of human beings, and we’d love to introduce ourselves – come on over to our brand new site, and find out what we’re all about.

32 thoughts on “Introducing The Sisterwives

  1. I think I get what image mapping is, now… if you had told me what it was in Flickr terms, it would have made more sense. BUT… I am guessing maybe you haven’t used Flickr to see how they do image mapping and… well, I’m just thick as a brick, m’kay? πŸ˜‰ Mother Nature is beating me up, so I’ve got this “pain is drubbing me” vibe.


      • It’s a little fancier than Instagram (or, at least, many of the users are a little more serious about artistic photography), although Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer seems determined to refashion it as an Instagram competitor.

        Phooey! And that means (as I look just now) that Ms. Meyer has changed the way they do image mapping, so I can’t really show you an example.

        I actually haven’t “figured it out”– I mean I still need to upload an appropriate image and see if I get it now.

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    • We are few now, but we may grow in number – there are so many awesome people we’d love to be part of this somehow, by submitted posts or whatever – this is gonna be HUGE πŸ˜€


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  3. I kept seeing all this stuff about sister wives and was wondering what it was all about… off to check out your site! (oh, and I love the new wp blog!)


    • Aw thanks Sarah – I’m glad you like it. And BRILLIANT – if you’ve noticed our hype, that means we’ve been doing it right – thank you so much for that useful feedback. I hope you enjoy what you find πŸ˜€


  4. I left a most awesome comment at the ‘wives new web site. And then it said “comment can’t be posted” or some such thing. Rather sucks as I was so cheering for the new site and all you women. *heavy sigh*
    Fuck it. (spoken in clarklike fashion) You know that I find you a most excellent writer Lizzi. Good luck to all the Wives!

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    • Dangit. That really is most infuriating because I love knowing we have your support in this endeavour. Alas no comment has shown up, even in spam…I checked in case it was being silly. But THANK YOU for being in our corner. It’s going to be awesome.


  5. Reblogged this on Writer B is Me and commented:
    If I were able to get to a comouter, I’d have written this myself. Lizzi knocks this intro out of the park, so I couldn’t resist using her words to help me introduce something I’m incredibly proud if and excited about….

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