Ten Things of Thankful #53

I wasn’t sure how to manage this weekend’s TToT…because I’m not here – I’m off having fun with Christine, my wonderful friend from A Fly On Our Chicken Coop Wall.

So there!

But I do have a list, even if half of it is fantasy and I won’t be able to tell you (until I get the chance to reply to comments) whether or not they came true. Until then, peace out.Peace Rose Be With You

Because I’m going to be very busy cleaning the house so Christine doesn’t think I’m a total slob preparing for her visit, I don’t see how I’m going to have time to write this on any other night. Which means this is being written on Monday, edited Tuesday and then panicked about until Friday, by which point I shall be having far too much fun to care.

The first thing (did you notice it on your way in?) is my beaaaauuuuutiful new banner, which I’ve been mulling about changing for a while, now, and Husby helped me with some graphicky magic on a really awesome cloud I Instagrammed the other day.

The second thing is that Husby’s been much better this week. And so have I. Thanks so, so much to everyone who took the time to get in touch and check in and make sure I was alright. Y’all mean the world to me.

Third – I sent some GLITTERBOMBS. And I plan to send more soon. I *love* doing that – can’t tell you how happy it makes my heart to know that for-real packages of *twinklysparklygoodness* are going out across the globe.

Fourth – GUEST BARDS are back, this time with dream team Inion n Mathair – over at the Well Tempered Bards. And they were so incredibly sweet, they sent me a copy of their latest book of poetry (did I tell you that Bards attracts published authors these days?) and I’m really enjoying getting to know them both on Facebook, where they are super-supportive of their writer friends πŸ™‚

The fifth thing is that I got to see my very special Peace Rose was in bloom this week. And I got a pic, cos it’s gorrrgeous. In fact, there were SO MANY beautiful flowers I got to see this week, that pretty much makes up the rest of the ten.

Flower MontageOkay, but that really is cheating. So onto my fantasy list:

It’s mine and Husby’s fourth anniversary on Thursday. I’m thankful we made it this far (yaknow, what with everything) and that we’re going to revisit the Mexican restaurant where we had our first married meal, on the evening of our wedding.

THAT I’M GOING TO SPEND TIME WITH CHRISTINE. Huge, huge thankful for this, as hers was one of my first blog crushes, and it took me forever and a half to get over being totally intimidated by her awesomeness to actually comment, then chat, then gradually make friends. I wrote one of my first ever fiction pieces (Coffee for real) about a first-time meeting between two bloggers, and it was my anxiety about meeting someone as cool as Christine, which fuelled that piece. Now we’ve vidchatted a bit, and have been bloggy buddies for OVER A YEAR (I can’t quite believe it, still) I think it’s going to go absolutely brilliantly. My only worry – she met Dyanne last week, and they had SUCH a blast. I only hope I can match up!Christine and Dyanne - they had SUCH fun (yes, I stole this pic)Christine and Dyanne – they had SUCH fun (yes, I stole this pic)


…I’m borrowing Mum and WonderAunty’s garden and we’re going to have the most incredible English Afternoon Tea, right down to the cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and the scones and jam and the Eton mess. And in case that’s not enough, we’re rounding things off with my Sister’s incredible chocolate cake (which has quite spoiled me for any other chocolate cake ever – and those who know me well, know I don’t really like chocolate, so that I loooove this cake is HUGE (in fact the cake is so good, it’s likely one of the main reasons Christine’s coming!))

I’m thankful it was sunny. And that the sun listened to me on Monday night when I wrote this, and shone MERRILY on Friday afternoon, when we had tea in the garden.

I’m thankful that Christine’s poorly knee held up.

I’m thankful I got the chance to guest post for Laura (Mandatory Makeup – an incredulous look at the way our relationship to makeup can affect kids) and Clark this week (maybe – like I say – writing this Monday – ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED INSTEAD! [Edit – this did happen, and I got to go and play so click here to read the pennies for your thoughts])

I’m thankful I managed to prepare all the food in time for the afternoon tea. And that there were no disasters. Hmm. What other wishes would I like to come true this week – perhaps this is the way to get them – to be incredibly thankful for them BEFORE they happen, in hopes of giving happenstance and serendipity a little ootz into making them occur.

Who knows.

Thankful for you, for not minding that this is silly, and that I’m not here much this weekend – I will TRY to get to you, but if not, forgive me.

[Edit – and a final, for REALZ thankful, that once again I was able to prove useful in bringing a dear friend to the attention of the marvellous folks at Freshly Pressed. For them who know what this means, being able to do this for someone is THEE most amazing, *buzzyhappysparkly* feeling in the Blogosphere – you don’t even KNOW how good it is (unless you’ve done it, in which case YAY! YOU!)]


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98 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #53

  1. I looooooovvvvveee the new look of your blog. And your flower pics are so gorgeous. I think it’s so awesome you gals are meeting up in person! I can’t wait to hear how your visit went. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubs. You’re right – a marriage has to be strong to weather the types of storms you and yours have had over the past four years. Wishing you two a lifetime of health and happiness and many more anniversaries.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well I hope that this week brings you more balance on your feet.
    Maybe it’s time to take ballet classes or join hockey with my five year old. No seriously, his balance has improved tremendously.
    I’ve met five blog friends and each time I shat myself. It is a surreal experience.


    • Surreal is right, but SO SO LOVELY. A real time to treasure.

      I’m taking pilates, missy, will that do ya? My balance will improve. Maybe. As for life…perhaps not so much πŸ˜€


  3. Sheesh you pack a lot into one post! Meeting bloggy friends is the best! I hope it’s really great for both of you. And that the weather cooperated for a lovely afternoon tea. Glad you’re on WP now!


  4. I wrote a comment, but my internet connection is dodgy so of course it went off when I posted. Bah. Still, it looks like you had a good time with Christine (of course) and happy anniversary. The new header is great!


    • Both came through – it’s fine, but I’ll reply to this one. I’m glad you like the banner – thanks – your whole new site is LOVELY. I love your sea picture.

      And YES we had an amazing time πŸ˜€


    • Oh it was BEAUTIFUL meeting Christine in person – did you see my pics of that? Wow. It was lovely.

      The garden I visited today restored my soul, and I was so happy to be there. And HEY! I’ve MISSED YOU. How are you?


  5. Lizzi, I don’t know if I will ever be able to voice my gratitude to you, not just for the fact that you seem to think I can write but that you believe it. That you went out of your way to tweet FP again, and that they listened. I feel like I just got a glitterbomb that was *twinklysparklywonderful* and full of Lizzi. Thank you. One day, maybe I’ll believe it, too.

    I hope the rest of your weekend was full of great *feels* as well and that you experienced even more beauty like the one in your banner…which is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you believe it one day. I hope this goes some way to growing your belief in your writing, because this piece got to me from the very beginning, and still affects me now. It’s amazing and in spite of the horribleness which means you had it to write, it (and you) is super. And thoroughly deserving of FP status.

      Always glad to bring happiness and glitter and *twinklysparklywonderful*, and thanks for the compliments on the banner. I’m about to go out and find a rose garden with my mum. There will be beauty there.


    • [As a total ‘aside’ and with no other point than to have shared it, I had a nap earlier and whilst asleep, I dreamed that you commented. You had that weird freaky geometric-pattern-avatar thing, instead of your face, and the comment was beautiful, and I remember nothing of it, except there was a word in there with an ‘x’ in it and that I liked reading it (though I think at some point you were trying to correct me (spelling, perhaps?)) – which goes to show…what? I dream in words sometimes. And on this occasion, I dreamed in your words (kinda). And I do so very enjoy your comments πŸ™‚ ]


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  7. Happy fourth year anniversary! Celebrate it well and EVERY congrats. So exciting that you get to meet Christine – I hope you both have a lovely visit. And the flowers are beautiful! My well-intentioned garden plans fell by the wayside this year again 😦


    • Meeting Christine was SUBLIMELY wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope she did, too. Not sure she realised how much of an English dork I am, but there ya have it. Now she knows and she seemed to have lots of fun anyway πŸ˜€

      Bear in mind that those flowers (bar the rose) are NOT MINE! I snapped them either at my mum’s allotment, or else around the city. I have NOOOO ownership of them at all. I like the *idea* of having a garden much more than I enjoy the reality, I think.


  8. Aw – twinkles, happy, happy, glitters – you’re with Christine right now! I hope you’re having an amazing time and I’ve wondered my entire life what is on cucumber sandwiches besides cucumber – is it cream cheese? And I loved your list and sorry you were stressed and loved it all the way. Soooo glad you and hubs are both doing better this week – that’s good stuff!
    Oh, except I’m bitter about freshly pressed. It pisses me off that I pay for WP (on accident – it was the option that came up when I googled how to start a blog) and that people who don’t (no offense, because this is a WP flaw, not the people who use it) can do this awesome cool thing. xoxo and take lots of pics and enjoy being UK tour guide!!!


    • Christine left early Saturday but we had an absolute blast. I’m so pleased she made time to see me, and we had the loveliest time. It was great.

      Nothing else in a cucumber sandwich besides cucumber – it’s exactly what it says on the tin. They’re actually very un-special, but part of the tradition, so we *had to have* them. The Eton Mess and the scones and jam were the best part.

      Ummm did I say that? Nope. Part of the fantasy few. That said after yesterday, I’d *just about* allow that statement. However…

      And YES! Because your ‘RightHere RightNow’ one, which I loveLOVElove, and which speaks so deeply to my heart would be SENT TO THEM. And I can’t because you’re on the silly paid version. Julie should put THAT on her website for people who are thinking about getting a WP blog. Yeah, if you pay you get the greater number of options to customise and whatever, but really, when it’s about the WRITING, free is the way to go, to get the connectivity and the opportunities and I’m gutted you don’t have that.


  9. I love the new header and I’m trying to remember if I already told you that…which really doesn’t matter because it’s worth mentioning twice. I loved seeing the pics of you and Christine. I think my favorite was the one of the two of you in the ocean! It looks like y’all packed quite a bit into your time together and I’m happy for you. She does seem like she’d be very cool to hang out with. The cake? Don’t get me started on the cake! It looked really, really good. I have a weakness for chocolate so I was practically drooling. The glitter bomb received in sunny Florida was so well received. It really made Nik’s day. Thank you for that!
    I loved your post over at Laura’s. It was great but you know what? I didn’t realize it was you writing it until the end when I saw your bio. I found that strange because I can usually spot your writing right away.
    Excellent call on Mandi’s post. It certainly deserved to be FP’d. That was the first post of hers I ever read…and I never forgot it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • No – it is incredibly powerful, and it really hooked me. I love it and hate it all at once, but am still in its thrall. Entirely worthy of more eyes, and I’m just so grateful to the FP gang for picking it up.

      I’m astonished at how many people didn’t realise I was the writer of that piece. Perhaps because it wasn’t full of sparkles or happiness, but was more of a soapbox moment.

      I’m so, SO glad I made Nik’s day. Seeing the pic of her with the card was awesome, and getting her poem afterwards was lovely.

      The cake…apparently I still don’t like chocolate, so I’m no longer in a position to judge. I’m sure it was fine. It was VERY pretty.

      We packed SO MUCH IN! Wow! A HUGE amount. I love the pic of us in the sea. I have more pics (hundreds and hundreds cos Mum and WonderAunty are PROLIFIC photo-takers) to come via email at some point. But it was super-lovely.

      One drawback – saying goodbye was so hard. Not so much for Christine, as she got to meet her husband and go and have a lovely anniversary vacation, but for me. Wow. I think that’s going to be something I find super-challenging about my ‘Merica holiday. Yow!

      And thank you – I’m glad you like the banner.


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    • I do, and I’m SO HAPPY it arrived. That’s beautiful news and it made me feel quite happy and glowy inside.

      Christine and I had a LOVELY time, just like she always signs off. I’m sososososo very pleased she made time to come and meet me.


  11. I love your new header. It’s very “you”.
    SO GLAD you and Christine got to meet! It was obvious from the pictures you had a fantastic time. Did you wear the same shirts?!
    Your flower collage is quite beautiful. Makes me want to plant some flowers, and I HAAAATE gardening.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh my dear Dyannedelion I’m glad you like the header. It does work better for the site’s new theme and outlook.

      Christine and I did NOT wear the same shirt, but we did smile an awful lot together, which was lovely. And we went in the sea and stood in the tiny waves and chatted. It was beautiful.

      You know that not ONE of those flowers is mine, right? Except the big rose. Those are all my Mum’s, or wild ones I found around the city…


  12. like the banner
    good news on things swinging away from the darkside
    flowers (…ok, real purty and all)
    ‘the Trip’ will be very something to look forward to…

    (back to work, will check in later)
    great vidchat… of course


    • Happy work. Or not, but you know what I mean.

      I’m glad – are you swinging away from the darkside? Or are you erroneously in good news space on my behalf? I know this reads well. Thank goodness for Monday and the Fantasy few, is all I can say.

      Glad to know you like the banner. It is rather pretty.


  13. Great header photo – don’t you love those great catches? Reminds me of one I took a whole lot of years ago where the sun was streaming from behind a huge cloud much like in yours – I still have a copy on my bulletin board. Fabulous.
    Hope you and Christine are having a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. This is such a beautiful banner! And your rose is spectacular! So are your flower photos! Happy Anniversary! And have fun this weekend!
    jean xox

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Your post was so not “silly”! Your sister does have a talent indeed for the cake creating. And see? Chocolate can be good:)
    I love all the pics you’ve posted about Christine’s visit and your tea party. How great to see the 2 of you on the Vid Chat last night side by side, IRL having such a good time:) Brought back some pleasant memories of my own trip to your country and, and! finding out Christine’s husband missed his flight – reminded me of my own similar nightmare!
    Hope you guys are still having a blast although I suspect you are in the midst of driving Christine to London.
    Exciting news that you will be coming here for sure!!

    In case I get caught up this week, Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!


    • Ah no – she is gone and I am back. Bryan may even be here by now, and they’re off, enjoying their wonderful trip of a lifetime. I’m so, SO glad she had a little time to meet me – it really was wonderful. Bryan made a standby flight, so it wasn’t too bad in the end, thank goodness.

      We had the MOST fun. It was beautiful and lovely and now I’m feeling that low of things returning to normal. That’s gonna be a really tough one in ‘Murica, because there are people who, once I’ve met them IRL, it’s going to be desperately hard to leave and know I may never meet in person again. At the moment I’m just SO thankful that I get to see Christine again next year when I make my trip.

      As for the cake…I remembered it better. So no…I’m actually not convinced, which was kinda sad. I guess maybe it was the best chocolate cake way back WHEN I liked chocolate. *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

      • How exciting for you. And now a little sad. But think of the wonderful treasure to put in the chest:) It will always be there. And then there is next year’s trip here, to our place!! Can’t wait to meet you live, in person. You will, for however long you are here, be the most popular person on the planet! lol


    • It was utterly, amazingly beautiful. Thank you πŸ˜€ She’s gone now, and life is slowly returning to usual. I’m sad about that. But it was WONDERFUL while she was here.


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  17. I’ve been having a great time checking out your beautiful floral pictures through the links on Twitter. I didn’t realize that England was so green and beautiful — it’s always portrayed as kind of drizzly and dreary on TV. I so want to come visit someday, having high tea (love scones and cream!), seeing some castles and the Heritage gardens (is that right)?


    • English Heritage is an organisation which works to preserve and restore and allow public access to various important houses across England. The National Trust does a similar thing, but for gardens, woodlands and beaches as well.

      If you come to England, and fancy Afternoon Tea – LET ME KNOW! It’s been THE MOST FUN. We went to the beach after, then went for cocktails, then gelato…it’s been SUPER.

      And no – we had GLORIOUS sunshine all day. It was stunning and in the mid 60s.


  18. Argh, I was going to email you today and ask about the visit then got behind! Love the banner, Lizzi….I always like to dream off wistfully into the heavens like that does for me. I have no doubt I will have that pleasant preoccupation with it before readng your posts going forward. Have an absolutely awesome, fun, happy weekend and you all be safe please! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mike. I’m glad you like the banner. It’s lovely and I was SO lucky to catch the clouds at such a beautiful moment. For me it’s the ocean more than the skies, but I DO love the sky. You should check out the Cloud Appreciation Society, if you like clouds.

      We;re having SUCH a lovely time. It’s been marvellous to meet my friend in person when we’ve been chatting here for well over a year and a half. BEST THING!



    Ahem. (Clearing my throat from all that screaming)

    What was that last one? Whatdidyado? I’m clueless! BUT so glad you did something lovely- as only you do my dear.

    And I’m so so glad you are with Christine! And that her knee is holding up okay. Gosh, that girl has been ‘around’ eh? Amazing! I hope right now you two are enjoying each other’s words and laughter and love IN PERSON. What a dream!

    For some reason, Cade came over to me at my laptop earlier and asked “When is Lizzi coming??!!” I told him next summer. He threw a FIT! “NEXT summer? NO! Not NEXT summer! Why can’t she come THIS summer?! Huh? Why mom? Why? Why?” And the searing whiny voice was both the most irritating and beautiful sound to my ears! lol How does this kid adore you so much that he is FREAKING OUT that you are not coming until next summer? SO adorable.

    The kid really, REALLY wants you here. Like NOW. I told him he should make a video to send you… and he just stomped away pissed off at the world that isn’t bringing you here NOW. THIS summer. He appears to not have it in him to wait.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh bless his darling heart. I do adore him as much as it’s possible to adore someone you’ve only met through video. He’s so gorgeous. I want to be there SO MUCH SOONER. But I need to save up cos I’ve been looking at all the people I need to see, and how I’m gonna get between them all and OHMIGOSH! Yow! It’s gonna be a WHIRLWIND.

      But I’m so excited to meet you AND Cade and Cass πŸ™‚

      Glad you like the header so much. Thank you πŸ˜€


  20. The header is gorgeous.

    I remember that fiction piece, and if I remember correctly, it was shortly after you wrote that piece that you started putting up your “fiction warning” signs! I’m sure that your visit with Christine is going much better than the visit in “Coffee for real.”


    • Thanks Kristi πŸ˜€ I’m glad you like it.

      YES! Wow…I got into SO MUCH TROUBLE for that piece not being clearly a work of fiction. *grins* which was kind of awesome for its own reasons.

      Christine and I had a BRILLIANT time. It was lovely lovely lovely.


  21. oh … high proper tea! How wonderful… when you get here I hope you realize its tatoos and beer…. Love the new header…I never told you but the THinker always creeped me out for some reason…not just on your header … I mean in general… you never creep me out… well okay, sometimes when you fall asleep on the vid chat but really thats it… okay, when you comment on my … hahahhahaah NO JUST KIDDIN’ you NEVER creep me out!!!!! well, hardly ever anyway….

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re NUTS πŸ˜€ But I don’t mind one little bit :D<3 I love the Thinker but not the version I had – but would need an expensive trip to France to get a non-stolen photo. And I'd rather save for 'Murica.

      Proper tea was SO nice. But yes – I realise it will be different. Yes to tattoos, NO to beer πŸ˜€


  22. It looks like all the food and weather worked out! And now I understand the chocolate cake because I was good and confused. Glad you have seen the light. Our anniversaries are two days apart!


    • I haven’t. Don’t tell my sister but I wasn’t keen in the end. I was very VERY disappointed as I’d built it up in my head to be AMAZING and I was pretty ‘meh’ about it. The Eton Mess was better. And the scones and jam and cream *sigh*

      But Christine sure brought the sunshine with her.

      Is yours the 17th or 21st? Cool that they’re so close.


  23. Luv this and so glad everything worked out so wonderfully for you!! And after everything you and husby have been through, glad you came out on the other side, still together and hopefully stronger than ever!! Having someone in your corner through the good and the bad, through thick and thin means the world!! Been there and I know the feeling!!


  24. Your flower pictures are so very beautiful. As is your new header.

    Happy anniversary!! (And great pick with the Mexican food – it is my favorite.)

    I am so So SO very excited you and Christine are getting to hang out for real in person!! This rocks my face off!! And I hope y’all have a marvelous time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’ve been having SUCH fun. We had afternoon tea and went to the beach, and then later for cocktails and gelato and it’s been SO wonderful to have her here πŸ˜€

      Thanks for liking the header πŸ™‚ Took me ages.


    • They’re real alright. I send them and they’re AMAZING. People WANT them cos they’re so full of *sparklywonderfulgoodness*

      No debauchery but a lo-OT of good eating and drinking πŸ˜€ So much fun we’ve been having.


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