Ten Things of Thankful #51

And so, you see already that there are a few changes around here. Most of you by now (I hope!) will have picked up on the fact that I’ve moved over to WordPress, so things look a little different. Including the link-up, which is really my one *sadface* thing about the move – your gorgeous thumbnails of Thankful will no longer show up on this page, but will be available in all their glory in a new window, when you click to view the links or enter your own.

In other news, oh BOY do I have a fabulous list of Things for you to read this week…come on in and join the gloriousness that is my 51st list..but before you do that, why not join the BRAND NEW Ten Things of Thankful group on Facebook? Just another way we can develop the friendships in this wonderful community, and keep connected and positive through the week.

Daisy Magic

First and foremost; The PRIZEWINNER from last week, who got selected by determination of the HAT, is the ever-so-lovely JNY, who will receive her Official Ten Things of Thankful First Birthday Party Birthday Present Prize Surprise Parcel, SOON! (I say that – the postal services being what they are, I use ‘soon’ in the loosest and most flexible sense of the word). Also a shout-out to the SECRET ‘Frist on the Frist’ prizewinner, Kim. Congratumanylations both of ye.

Secondly, but of no less importance; I’b sick. And I’b whingey (so, so, so very whingey) about it. Because I have a summer cold (or, as I now pronounce it; a “subber code”) but I’m STILL THANKFUL. Because the week has been a good one, on the whole, and some parts have been AMAZING and at the moment I am being looked after very well by Husby (who, at this precise moment has escaped to spend time on the balcony, in the evening air, but who will be back shortly to check on me and see if I need a new cuppa, or some dinner, or a hug (from a distance, so he doesn’t catch it)) and he’s been marvellously sympathetic and caring and has put up with my high-maintenance, sniffly-tiger-zombie self VERY well indeed.

But look – I’m PROPERLY sick:

Sick Tiger To add a third; Circumstance and the confluence of events offered me the most wonderful, gorgeous, amazing day of floating in a cloud of happiness because of my online friends. In spite of all the ‘far away and divided by geography’ stuff, I consider my heart pretty well hardwired, and I had occasion to understand in an overwhelming manner this week, that it’s not a one-way thing, but that my friends in this Blogosphere do also truly care BACK, for me. It. Was. Amazing. And frankly, I found myself humbled and awed by the strength of their feelings and the manner they honoured the friendship, and could only find it in my heart to be utterly, enormously thankful for each one who reached out to me and stood alongside me.
Did I tell you lately that I LOVE my friends?
Coming back for fourths; Daisies. There have been lots of them this week. I have handstanded amongst them. I have hula-hooped amongst them. I found a magic one. I love them. They are perpetually cheering and remind me that summer is almost upon us. I miss summer and I WANT IT BACK.

Pleading the fifth; I won a poetry competition! I know for some people, who enjoy what I write and tell me I do it well (to the point where I get big-headed about it), the exclamation mark might seem arrogant, but honestly, poetry is very much one of those subjective things and there is just no knowing what might float someone’s boat. So I am pleased and honoured that my entry was picked as ONE OF THREE winners this week over at Feral Little Secret. It was a tough poem to write, but I needed it out of me.

Sixth form; It was D-Day, and I loved sharing my story earlier in the week, about the old soldier I met. I was in the van with another patient on the day, and the topic came up, and I shared with him about my encounter with the old soldier. Then all of a sudden, he started talking, and I swear, my ears literally pricked up because he sat there and gave me my NEXT entry for ‘Tales from the Van’. I wrote up a page of notes as soon as he was gone. I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s a good one.

In seventh heaven; My job gave me filing, and the chance to be online with friends through an otherwise boring office day. It also gives me time to hear snippets of people’s fascinating stories. And that’s awesome. And the hours are cushy and the money is reasonable and it gives me time to come home and WRITE. Which is what I love. What could be better?

[Bonus (and yes, I shall place a bonus wherever I choose, thankyouverymuch); That I also have a developing and wonderful online whatever-this-is with everyone’s favourite Dilettante, whose secret super-power is to send me glorious music, which this week kept me going through an incredibly tough moment, when I had to explain something very difficult to a dear friend.]

The eighth wonder; Even though I like the idea of having a garden and a share of an allotment more than I like the reality (cuz WORK, yo!) I did enjoy an evening this week, in the cool, down at the allotment with Husby, digging sods of knee-high grass out of what will be a functional vegetable-growing-place, and knocking the earth off the roots, so we could throw the weedy bits away. We rescued a bunch of worms, and cleared a good strip of land. I also de-bindweeded the potatoes.

In ninth place; I wrote an Our Land post a while ago about a really harrowing moment I had with an old person in a care home where I briefly worked, when I was a teenager. I ended up by being very disappointed at the treatment so many elderly people receive. And then to lament my shortcomings as a granddaughter, because I hadn’t seen my Granddad for aaaages. Well, he got sick with a TIA thing a few days ago, and has been in hospital. And I’ve visited him twice now, and he’s so happy to see me each time, I feel all pleased that I can a) make time for him and b) that he’s so happy about it. I asked him if he wanted anything, and he said (with a cheeky twinkle in his eye) “I’d love a Guinness” So I bought some. I need to ask the doctor’s permission first, but I’ll try. Once I’m better, so I don’t give him this durn COLD!

Ten. BOOM! It’s been six months since I got my first smartphone. And much as I snorted and rolled my eyes and looked down my nose at people who raved about them, I find myself every bit as hooked into mine as the people I used to scorn. SRSLY! I take it all back. I was wrong! It’s WONDERFUL to be so connected. I’m especially loving WhatsApp, because it’s free and allows awesome voice-message conversations, through the internet, to special, wonderful people, and hearing from them makes my day. Case in point, Gunmetal Geisha, with whom I have built a solid friendship as we’ve sung one another songs in other languages, talked through our days, told heartstories and had the occasional, bizarre conversation about roadside boobs in California (they turned out to be nuclear power boobs…) I am THRILLED TO PIECES with my phone.

Roadside Boobs

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111 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #51

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  3. why not join the BRAND NEW Ten Things of Thankful group on Facebook?

    I don’t use Facebook anymore (completely destroyed my account) but there is something similar to this on 43Things… got to run, but will come back later to tell you more about it

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  4. Here’s to visiting your grandfather (GO YOU and I hope the docs say yes to that Guiness!) (how do you spell Guiness???)
    I’m so sorry you’re sick. I hope by the time you’re reading this here comment that you’re much much better. And of course YAYYY for smartphones. They rock. (and apple is best)


    • Guinness. Two ‘n’s and two ‘s’s. I hope they do, too! I’ll find out in the week. And I’m MOSTLY better. I was WAY better yesterday but today I am sniffly again, but maybe that’s hayfever, I don’t know.

      Apple is NOT best. Apple sucks. It’s rogerian and I’m astonished you like it. I LOOOOOOOVE my android. And it sounds like a robot, which would kick a fruit’s ass.


  5. I left a comment last night, but this morning when I switched on my computer there was a message saying, “this comment could not be posted.” Good job I’m disorganised and forget to close tabs.
    So here’s comment number 2. Congrats on your poetry win.
    It sounds as if you had a good week, and hope this week goes well too.
    And this better post! 🙂


    • Wow! I wonder what happened then, because I’ve already approved you to comment so… weird one! Hopefully it’s fixed now!

      Thanks for the congrats, and well done on your useful disorganisation 🙂

      Fingers crossed that this all worked.


  6. Lizzi! Congrats on switching to WordPress! I’m on self-hosted but I think the two are very similar in set up. 🙂 I like it a lot better actually, but I’m still forever learning how to do so much in there. Being sick in the summer is never fun. I sure hope you feel better. Congrats on the poetry win. You write very well and I’m sure the poem was fantabulous!


    • I’m better now thanks. I really didn’t do well at being sick, so I’m glad it’s over and done with! I think the self-hosted and the free version are fairly similar, but I researched and I wanted the connectivity of the free one. So far, so INCREDIBLE! I am LOVING it. Really impressed.

      Thanks for the congrats. I managed not to really demonstrate that the poem was via the link up there 😀 But yes – it wasn’t bad! Thanks.


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  8. shit! I forgot to convey my sympathy for your illness… (I genuinely do feel that the world would be better were you not sick) having said that, have I held forth (on and on and on) about the adventures that being sick can be sometimes? there are a bunch of rabbit holes in the land of being ‘not well’…perhaps another time?
    getting used to the WP? (it does look good)


    • The world is ALWAYS better when I’m not sick. For me, at least! I had to do unexpected things whilst sick (see new post) and I DID NOT enjoy it – it was worse for still being sneezy. But the silver lining – I learned I can cycle home from work with only one eye barely open a chink, and that I can manage not to get hit by cars, whilst behaving as if altogether drunk/high because SO ILL!

      And thank you 🙂 WP is great on me 😉


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  10. Congratulations on wining the poetry contest! That’s stupendous! What an accolade to add to your resume. Your exhibiting a great attitude of thankfulness while sick. Blessings to you~

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  11. I love your daisyness.

    Congratulations on winning the poetry contest. That is awesome!

    I’ve had my first smartphone for about three months now, and I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    Hope you are feeling better from your cold, and get to deliver that Guinness to your grandpa.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I went today! I was pipped to the post! his sister had already been in and SHE brought him Guinness as well! They’re both locked up, awaiting a doctor’s approval before he drinks them.

      I’m SO GLAD I’m not the only one a) with a new smartphone and b) who never thought they’d love it THIS MUCH! Thank you Tracie 🙂 I feel un-alone in this, now 😀

      And thanks 😀


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  13. Look at the charming new home you have found here! I don’t think that an extra click to find the links will deter many people. At least it’s not captcha…which should be abolished! I’m terribly sorry about your cold. I hate summer colds, they are the worst I think. Good for Husby for being such a good (and careful) caretaker :). I’ve loved all of you handstand photos you’ve shared..you’re such a lovable goof! I say that with all the love in my heart, ya know! I’m working on WhatsApp…found it…installed it…couldn’t figure it out….got pissed…..deleted it. But I promise, I will try again. My phone is really not cooperating very well right now, anyway. It is being a smartass phone. (HA!)

    I happen to think you have pretty amazing friends out here too….just sayin’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! I’m so glad you like it. The extra click doesn’t seem to have put too many people off – I kind of anticipate we’re into the Summer Slump now, but the companion group on Facebook is going really well, lots of lovely interaction there. *happy*

      I am BETTER FROM THE COLD! It was vicious but mercifully short-lived, I’m pleased to say. Thank goodness! I had a miserable time, and Husby did really well to look after me so nicely.

      I’m glad you think I’m a lovable goof. Having seen the pics of you this weekend, I cannot say the same of you, milady! I think the only appropriate comment I can make, refers once again to #KissingTheFrog…

      Tell your smartass phone to BEHAVE and let you install WhatsApp. I can talk you through it if you want – it’s not intuitive at all, and GG had to talk me through the installation and workingification of mine.

      I DO – I DO have amazing friends. You’re one 🙂


  14. So this freaking day was RIDICULOUSLY BUSY and so much happened that went WRONG I can’t even begin to explain it all. But dammit I am HERE.

    And I hope your day in the sun and the garden was GOOD and FILLING and HEALING and LOVELY.

    I love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE daisies!! They are my favorite flower!! I think about the movie “You’ve got mail” and I so loved it and I love that Meg Ryan was so darn adorable in that scene when Tom Hanks brings her daisies when she’s sick! If you haven’t seen that movie- DO. One of my favorites!! (In addition to sleepless in Seattle) I love her- that Meg!! Her spirit in these movies is sooooo beautifully adorable!!

    I’m so glad about your job position changing!! YAY!

    And I am so happy you WON one of the awards for your amazing WRITING/poetry. WOOHOO!!

    I am going to crash soon. And hope tomorrow is better and less unpredictable and challenging.

    Check in when you can!?

    Did I tell you how much I LOVE getting your posts in my INBOX? I did. But I need to repeat it. Cause, ya know. It’s awesome!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Well HELLO! I’m glad you’re here.

      I didn’t change my job – I’m just thankful for the small, fun, consistency of it, which allows me so much freedom. It’s the first job like it that I’ve ever had. It’s great.

      SO glad you like getting me in your inbox. You’re very sweet to keep saying how nice that is 🙂 (Did I tell you I get you in mine, too?)

      My day in the garden in the sunshine got waylaid by anger and aggression and frustration and danger, but MORE ON THAT TOMORROW! There is a blog post in it. An important one.

      Those movies…I’ve heard of them. I’ve not seen them. But they sound abso-utterly-lutely NOT like my kind of thing, Kitty! I’m glad you love them and they bring you such happiness, but nooooo. Not for me, at all!

      BUT I’m super-glad you like the crazy daisy 😉

      *HUGS* Hope your world unsnaggles soon so that you get some straightforward living done.


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  16. Boo to your cold. I was late on the smart phone bandwagon too, in fact I just have a tracfone I got in January. They are so freakin’ cheap so I switched over since I don’t have a lot of phone time. I have not used the email/web functionality, but I enjoy scrolling through contacts and looking important in public. Cheers from Bloppy land!

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    • Hello fellow Bloppy 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

      I dunno what a tracfone is, but I’m glad you enjoy the parts of its capabilities which suit you. I think you should figure out the internet on there – then you’d for real get sucked into the time-sink which is phonetime online.


    • Ohhh right yeah, Um,

      i – I have AMAZING, AMAZING friends, because I’ve successfully nurtured the relationships
      ii – I have deep, DEEP Feels for many of those friends and I’m good at checking in with them and being responsive
      iii – I sent some of them some incredibly silly selfies today, which was brave of me, because I often struggle with a very very negative self-image.


  17. Now this is a week of happiness and good feeling all over, isn’t it? So glad to see you in a sunnier place than last time. 🙂 Sorry you don’t feel well. Aren’t summer colds the absolute worst? I traditionally sprout one right around the end of the school year. So far…nothing. Not sure what’s up with that, but I’m not going to think on it too hard. Happy to be snot free for the first time in like ten summers. I do hope you feel better soon. You should drink my magic “sick tea” remedy. It’s on my blog and it’s wonderful. Magic.


    • I hope you don’t catch a summer cold. Fortunately this seems to have only been a very brief one, and I’m all better now. I remember reading about your magic tea remedy. I have a cuppa of ordinary here, and am writing, which is a great cure.

      It’s a MUCH better week, on the whole. I didn’t blog the bad bits, but all of life’s a mixed bag, and I love coming here for the GOOD BITS each weekend. I’m thankful for this hop 🙂


  18. I like all of this (well, except for the sick part). And those boobs? I used to see them often, as they’re not too far from my house…;)
    And congratulations on the poetry win! Poetry can sometimes be daunting, so when we receive encouragement, it’s such a coup. 🙂


    • Why thank you, Natalie. And I’m so happy that you got to see the Nuclear boobs for real. Someday, you never know, I might also get to! And then I would also tell everyone. In the meantime they inspired Laura to find and share the song “99 words for boobs”, which is HILARIOUS and you should find it on youtube.

      And thank you, Poetry is one of the things I find least daunting, mostly because I make it up as I go along, and I don’t try to subscribe to any particular style. It’s something I find I manage quite naturally, and it’s very enjoyable (and sometimes utterly puerile), but yes – the encouragement is HUGELY wonderful, and especially for this one.


  19. A most excellent post my dear! To be able to find positivity whilst sniffling the blues…well, you just rock!!!! Can’t wait to share this post with Ging, whenever she returns home, (birthday weekend celebrating hard with girlfriends! lol 😉 ) Daisy’s are her absolute favorite, which is why our Facebook page is covered in them & why I took your pretty upside down magical daisy post & posted the post on her facebook page!! Did I just manage to get in 3 posts in one sentence??? lmao 😛 Clearly I need sleep!!! Anywho…loved it & running over to read your award winning poem & congrats malady!!! 😉 xo ❤


    • Why thank you so very much *curtseys prettily* I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the pics of her birthday all over FB – she looks so happy. I’m glad you felt the daisy was worth sharing with her – that made me really happy 😀

      Thanks for the congrats re the poem – I hope you like it (I’ll follow you over and find out in a sec). Sleep well when you go, and I hope you wake up rested and full of sparkliness 🙂


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  21. Congratulations on your poetry-comp win, and hope you feel better soon.

    The D-day veteran item particularly resonated with me. I recently listened to a talk on the D-day landings, and he urged us to seek out the (rapidly diminishing) number of survivors and encourage them to tell their stories. He said that each time one of these old war heroes dies, it is “equivalent to a library burning down”, a line that will remain with me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s an incredibly powerful line, Bryan, and yes – we’ve lost the art of oral history, and their stories are being LOST! It’s incredibly sad. I’m so glad and honoured that I had the opportunity to write down a little of this gentleman’s story.

      And thanks. And I’m better now 😀


  22. I think your cold may actually be allergies from all the dirt digging and handstand doing in daisies. I hope you are feeling better this week so you can get out there and enjoy some more! And you winning a poetry contest is the least surprising news ever.


    • Dirt is good for me. It makes me immune. This was a proper, draining, fever-and-shaking AWFUL cold. But I survived. And I’m BETTER TODAY 😀 Thank goodness for that!

      LOL @ your poetry comment. THANKS 😀


  23. I was wondering what a picture of San Onofre was doing on your blog. California “architecture” is something else, all right.

    I hope you are feeling better soon!


  24. I am awake and so happy to receive a HAT!!! You made me cry! thank you so much! Get better from your cold! Good husby! Good friends! ALL GOOD! xoxox love! jean

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  25. Congrats on the poetry contest, Lizzi! And it’s ironic you mention your “new” smartphone. I humbly teased myself that I was the last person on the planet to get an iPhone and I absolutely love it 🙂

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    • Thanks Mike. I was really happy to win because it was a tough, painful poem to write, and it meant a lot to get it out of me. But I’m hanging on to hear the other winners, because there is one of the entries I really love, and I WANT TO KNOW IF IT WON! I am very impatient and Laura won’t tell me.

      SO GLAD you did the Smartphone thing too – isn’t it AWESOME?!


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    • Yes! I think I may be able to go later today. Not sure if there’ll be a doctor a round to sanction it today. but we’ll see! I’m feeling SO much better today, and I’ll be able to go allotmenting and get done the things I intended to, so YAY!

      And thank you for the congrats. I was very happy about it.


    • BWAHAHA Have you? WOW! Are they as funny in real life as they are in the photo?

      Talking through WhatsApp is HILARIOUS. So much fun. It’s great to feel the connections really leap off the page and into ‘real’, as I get to hear people’s voices.


  27. Have you named your cold yet? You know you have to name it after whomever you caught it from.
    Congratulations on the poetry win, you!
    A smart phone is good for passing the time when you’re lurking in the panel van.
    Feel better!


    • Do you know, I dunno who I got it off! And I never heard about naming a cold before! So much I have to learn about life!

      Thanks for the congrats on the win. I can’t wait to see who else won. Laura wouldn’t tell me. And YES it’s amazing for passing time when I’m in the panel van. I can take videos of you when you’re not looking…

      (I feel better already (not cos of the videos thing (well maybe a little that (hey, this is funny. I remember being creepy like this before, and it was hilarious (for me)))))


  28. You had me at the dandelion picture – just beautiful! Welcome to WordPress! And it sounds like you had a wonderful week despite being under the weather. As for D-Day – this is the first year it passed that I wasn’t working for Veterans Affairs. Felt a little odd – but I still watched some of the ceremonies on television.

    And yes! Smartphones. I too rolled my eyes before I got mine. There’s no going back…


    • It’s a DAISY – shhhh don’t tell 😉

      I’m so glad to be here. It’s already a million times better than Blogger. I did indeed have a wonderful week. I really enjoyed most of it. There were some incredible high points.

      I’m glad you got to see some of the D-Day ceremonies. I engaged with none of it, because the media around my house is pretty limited, but I wrote the post and I chatted to the old man, and I thought about him today.

      I am glad to know you also rolled your eyes.


      • Agh! Okay, I just went to re-look at the pic and see it’s a daisy. It’s the little pieces falling away effect that just made my mind go to dandelion. Ah well!


  29. Sick. Bad. Smartphones. Good. Winning poetry contests. Fabulous. Doting Husby. Priceless.Cushy job with good pay and time to write. Rare. Daisies and gardens. Essential. Ten Things of Thankful. Beautiful.

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  30. Even with a “subber code” you wrote a beautifully thankful post.

    I feel so inadequate! There’s no way I would write if I was sick. I’d drink tea and watch junk TV. And possibly eat cookies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tried very hard cos I had such super things to share. And I feel a little more human after a nap and some dinner.

      I am being looked after very well. And I have no tv and am DETERMINED to complete my week with no sugar 🙂


  31. Daisies, tiggers and beautimus pictures. I love the new look. Listening to people’s histories is one of my favorite things to do. I can’t wait to read about the notes you took.


    • Thank you 🙂 I had fun putting this one together. I LOVE making beautiful pictures on Picmonkey now. I’ve turned into a proper little blogger now 🙂

      The new post, when it goes up, will be awesome.


  32. First, I am so sorry you are sick and not feeling well this weekend. Nothing is more miserable then a summer time cold. I just hope you are better soon. I am actually taking the whole weekend off since I have a wedding for one of Kevin’s co-workers out of town tomorrow evening and then the end of soccer for the girls on Sunday during the morning and afternoon. So, totally a first for me, but not posting for two days in a row. But will be hear in spirit and definitely sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you’ve still come over and joined in, SantyKid, even though (SHOCK! This is almost unprecedented) we will have to do without your lovely list this week. I hope the wedding goes really well, and that you all have a gorgeous time together. And hey – ENJOY the blogging break. I bet they don’t happen often 🙂

      Thanks for the wishes and prayers – I hope I get better soon! Ick!


  33. I am sorry to hear about your cold, and I am glad I am one of your friends. I am SO EXCITED about the next TFTV installment because they are fast becoming my favs. Yay for TToT on Facebook. As Dyanne wrote, I FEEL POWERFUL!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know. I’m all miserable and in one of those awful ‘take PITY ON MEEEEEE!’ moods. I need tea and sympathy. YAY! for you liking my TFTV posts so much. THANK YOU 😀 I’m really enjoying them so far.

      And I’m glad you feel powerful, my friend, and I am SO GLAD you’re one of my friends. Huge glad.

      (careful with that power, now – be good with it 😉 – to be fair, I think I have more to worry about from Dyanne than you )


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