Ten Things of Thankful #50 – the FRIST BIRTHDAY edition

Happy First Birthday to the Ten Things of Thankful hop!

The astute amongst you will notice that while we celebrate the ‘birthday’ this weekend, we’re only at #50 – it’s not my mathematical skills (for once…I promise!) – it’s because over Christmas we had a couple of ‘renegade’ editions when many of you decided that you couldn’t do without it, even for two weeks of holiday time with your families (you crazy, wonderful people; those were some good ones!).

Anyway – it’s a birthday and there’s cake – who even cares about precise numbers? Let’s celebrate! Shall there be a surprise Birthday Present Giveaway? I think so.

For our birthday, in spite of some resurgence of requests that your co-hosts appear naked with cake (wait, no – didn’t we do that already?) we decided that if nothing else, there should be cake. And that everyone’s list should contain 50 Things of Thankful in honour of the occasion (kidding!).

So my dear co-hosts, who I hope you have come to know and love over the course of the time you’ve been part of this, have each baked, borrowed, begged or otherwise begotten a cake (I use the term loosely) and with all their candles, I figure we have fifty between us to properly mark the occasion.

I also asked them for five Things of Thankful each, which specifically pertain to the hop – this thing we do each weekend; the joining in to bring such joy and delight through our determined sharing of thankful lists – and the similarities were striking.

Flattery aside (because it is not-so-secretly pleasing that a few said they were thankful for me and my utter genius happy  accident of creating this hop), the thing which seemed to resonate most other than the simple act of thanks-giving itself, was you guys: our community.

You guys, who are here as often as you can be, joining in and cheering one another on.

You guys, who have adopted an attitude of gratitude and have noticed change in your character with regard to the way you face life, as a result.

You guys, who have supported this idea, found value in it and inspired others by your participation

You guys, who have committed to actively seeking the Good Things in life, just by joining in.

You guys, who bring delight to our hearts when your lists are full of wonder and light, but who impress us far more when you dig deep and create that list when your life is full of darkness, and you find that it helps you – in these times the original spirit of the hop is brought into play and reinforced through determination and strength of character.

You guys, who have made this wonderful blog-hop the thing it is today. You rock.

And because you rock, I want to have a Birthday Present Giveaway. A real one (not just our snazzy birthday button, which I hope you’ll take to mark the occasion). So here it is – if you enter the TToT this week, I will draw names from my silly Hat, once the weekend is over, and send an Actual, In Fact, *glitterysparklywonderful* birthday present to the winner. And no, you can’t enter if you’re a co-host (just to clear that up!).

Get thinking of those thankfuls, and join in.

Tiny Little Pre-Official-TToT-Birthday-Fifty-Things-Of-Cohosts-Thankful NEWS ITEM: The look of this here hop (and this here blog) is going to change. Soon. I am moving it, whole kit and caboodle, over to WordPress. Which should cause little to no disruption bar one thing – because of the way WP is set up, no thumbnail links will be displayed on the Considerings page, but will be accessible in a pop-out window. Visually, I am disappointed by this, but in terms of community, WP is far better set up for connectedness, and I am confident that we can GROW by this move, rather than being stunted. Be rest assured, your links will show as usual everywhere else.


The Official TToT Birthday Fifty Things of Cohosts’ Thankful.


1. That since its inception, there has been unwavering support, in a week-on-week basis, for the concept and ethos of the hop, and that SO many have found it has made a real difference to their lives, as well as being an enjoyable weekend blogging exercise.

2. That it HAS generated a community – we talk, we chat, we laugh, we buoy one another up and cheer one another on – there is a feeling of warmth and belonging and LIFE here. One of the things many new TToTers comment on is the delightful level of welcome and instant flooding of their inaugural list with eager commenters and new visitors. I love that about you guys – you include people, intentionally and actively.

3. That often, even when bloggers don’t feel able to join in, they visit and participate through comments and continue to be part of the group – there are a few people who I’ve noticed as being slightly peripheral, but I know that they still enjoy visiting with us, and I love that they do.

4. The Seven GuardVirgins – because there has been such FUN surrounding these mythic creatures and the Book of Secret Rules (or Secret Book of Rules) and the spirit of playfulness which has been engendered to combat those weeks when life is tough and there really aren’t ten, but the participation in the meme and the nod to the ‘get out of jail free’ clause has enabled people to still join in with the hop.

5. My co-hosts. A group who have changed, since the beginning, with some leaving and others joining, but who at core, have remained utterly committed and fully supportive of this hop and of me personally. I owe them a profound debt of gratitude for their constant being-there-ness, and for the wonderful way in which my association with a number of them has developed into true and abiding friendship.


1.That the TToT discriminates neither on gender nor breed, as seen by the variety of guard virgins and the number of times I’ve been able to be thankful for Skip.
2. That one day 50 posts ago, Lizzi was struck by the genius stick!
3. TToT is where I have met most of my internet friends.
4. That I have been able to perfect my dancing skills in the interest of using the Book of Secrets Rules / Secret Book of Rules.
5. That not only do I know what Lizzi looks like in a mustache and a tiger outfit, but I also know what she looks like when she sleeps. [True story! And look – you got FRIST on the list – L]

K2 (Kristi the Second [Who took her number seriously and was second to send her cake and list – L])

I’m thankful for the TToT because:
1.  When I “count my many blessings, name them one by one,” I always feel better than when I focus on the negative.
2.  I’ve witnessed great examples of the strength of the human spirit, as I’ve read accounts of trials and challenges, all with a positive spin.
3.  I’ve been reminded that the world is not that big, and that people are more alike than different.
4.  I’ve felt the support of friends I’ve never met, but who are friends nevertheless.
5.  I have the privilege of being part of the hop that Lizzi built.


Here are my 5 thankfuls:

1. I am thankful for the TTOT as a platform for, and a reminder to, express gratitude.
2. I am thankful for all our co-hostini, who support us in our blogging efforts.
3. I am thankful for the TTOT’s canine mascots, Skip, Una and Cloudy.
4. I am thankful for the Wakefield Doctrine, Considerings and the Bloggers Vidchat, through which I have  improved my insights on people and other issues.
5.  I am grateful to everyone who links up each week with sincere lists of gratitude. [Me too – L]


Hiya sweets, [See how sweet Kristi is? And EARLY – these lists are in the order I received them!]
Ok here are my five things.
And the cake I made.
1. The supportive and warm community. These people rock.
2. A blog hop that manages to be both full of silly fun and important reminders of gratitude.
3. Lizzi. ‘Nuff said.
4. That the virgin guards are forgiving during the weeks when I’m unable to follow the rules. Or count properly.
5. I love that regardless of the week I’ve had, that TToT provides me with the reflection and attention to remember how very blessed I am. That we all are, even when it doesn’t feel like it.


I know I’m probably coming in under the wire here but lately, that’s how I roll…

My five:

1.  The people! We have such a welcoming community and it’s always fun to find new folks coming to join. It’s like building a pyramid of gratitude.
2. The co-hosts. I have fallen in with a crowd of intelligent, witty, fun-loving folks who make me smile even outside the TToT. The emails are always entertaining 🙂
3. The writing. There are weeks (especially lately) when I don’t have time, energy or a working brain to write with. But I never miss the TToT. It is like free therapy.
4. The gratitude. There are weeks when I’ve had to reach deep down and pull my gratitude from the depths and I go in thinking there is no way I can do it. But I do. Every. Single. Time.
5. Lizzi – This is a friendship of fate. That’s what this is. I believe our paths were meant to cross and the TToT made that possible. She is my friend, my confidante, my heart.

How’s that? [It’s pretty damn perfick – L]


5 things of thankful:

1.  Reading about the things that makes other people happy makes me happy, too.
2.  It is a weekend full of positive things, which is a nice balance to the many, many negative things we see and read about each day.
3.  It forces me to be more mindful of the good things all week long, so I will have something to write when the weekend comes.
4.  I’ve met a variety of people I wouldn’t know otherwise.
5.  The co-hosts are wicked fun people.

Do I get to claim frist to get it to you?  I’m guessing no.  Michelle or K(2) and/or Zoe beat me? [No, but you beat Dyanne and that’s worth at least 20 points and a *hi-five* – L]


1.  Lovely new friends whose locations, lifestyles, beliefs, etc. are different enough from my own that we would never have met otherwise.

2. Understanding that though we are different, the real stuff is universal.

3. And so to connect with everyone because we all know love and grief, joy and pain, hilarity and sobriety.

4. The invitation to share real, deep feelings and experiences with the knowledge that the other participants will read your words and give thoughtful, meaningful feedback and support.

5. The opportunity to peek into and learn the minutiae of friends’ lives: their pets’ habits, how they take their coffee, what plants grow in their yards. Even when it’s superficial its still more than small talk at a party. [I love this, too – the getting to know people as PEOPLE – L]


I am thankful that, way back in May of 2013, Christine told me about this new blog hop she was going to co-host and asked me to join the hop.

I am thankful for the theme of the hop, which has forced me to find things I am thankful for during weeks when I don’t feel very thankful at all.

I am thankful for the new friends I have met through the TToT.  There’s not enough room to list them all, and I would also be afraid I would leave someone out, but suffice it to say if you are reading this, you are one of them!

I am thankful that I was asked by our fearless leader, Lizzi, to be a co-host in August of 2013. I love my fellow hosts to the moon and back, especially when we are doing everything in our power to push Lizzi right over the edge (vertical? horizontal? naked? with cake?). [I wondered why I wanted to to a moon and stars cake – I think it may have been you. Why are you in my brain and why didn’t I notice? – L]

I am thankful for the sense of community I get with the TToT. When I write my list each week, I know the participants are going to read it carefully, commiserate with me when I’ve had a bad week, rejoice with me when it’s been good. We are more than a community; we are family (insert Pointer Sisters song here).


It is not yet 12:00 midnight, heretime. [Well DUH! Why would I expect your entry in any kind of timely manner? I AM NOTICING YOU! – L]

Five Things?

a) Phyllis and (Ola…Bella…Una) for being the context in which I could take the Wakefield Doctrine out of my head and into the world
2) the internet for bringing the world into my world in a way that let me express the Doctrine, as it has been driving me to
c) the blogsphere
d) FTSF  which included a certain blogger with guardian-friends
5) the invitation to be a co-host (as the minority representative from the District of Y Chromia [I’ll bet you even left that parenthesis open just to bug me. And very good…listing – L]

and all of what followed, encouraged, constrained, construed, nurtured, forces, cajoled and allowed to be as I am comfortable being….in the company of 9 talented writer-people.

I may send in a revised if there is an opportunity, however, I stand by my photo (of celebratory pastry desert) and 5 Things T

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Fifty Things from the Ten of Us…and CAKE! A round of applause for my wonderful co-hosts, who all rose SO beautifully to the occasion, and for YOU for being here and being part of this.

Don’t forget to join in, and you’ll be entered into the draw for a Birthday Present.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

2 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #50 – the FRIST BIRTHDAY edition

    • It looked good, that pie!

      Buuuut I’m still *slightly* regretting all the cake, having embarked upon a sugar-free week to counteract, and having had it kick my ass the past two days! Hoping I get past the icky bit to the ‘I feel incredible’ bit, soon.


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