Ten Things of Thankful #49

The version where I’m angry, and don’t actually WANT to write any things of thankful any more, because my husband, with whom I am mid-argument, has fallen ASLEEP and I am too busy turning the air around me black and blue with the colour and quality of my thoughts, and do not have headspace for anything happy or lovely or good. 

Because marriage is hard, kids, and sometimes….

I assume that at this point in time if I was terribly noble and generous to a fault and kind and all kinds of Good Things, I’d do some kind of Ten Things of Thankful for Husby, partly cos I know I could find them, and partly because, well, the Thankful is supposed to counteract the stuff which is getting you down. But frankly, I plain don’t want to. And I’m not going to wash my dirty laundry in public, partly because it’s not up for viewing and partly because it’ll only earn me a bollocking later (if this ever gets noticed). But suffice it to say, Ten Things of Angry or Ten Things of Pissed-The-Hell-Off, or Ten Things of Irate would be SOOOOO much easier and more cathartic right now.

But no. I am going to write a Thankful post and set (some kind of) an example to you all to GET ON WITH THE JOB AND BE FREAKIN THANKFUL, OKAY?! Do you feel thankful yet? DO YA?!



*wishes she had things to throw and/or break and/or smash against something satisfyingly hard and unbreakable*

Thing of grudgingly Thankful #1 – The sun shone this evening. And that matters because it RAINED ON MY HEAD all day. All. Day. And the camera broke in the van. And just…oh it was HORRIBLE and I was so, so glad to see the sun.

Thing of annoyedly Thankful #2 There was lemon drizzle cake. That was good, too.

Thing of okay, no this one IS really good Thankful #74 Zoe sent me a parcel, and because I promised Joy I would open it on video, so she could see, I had to WAIT TWO DAYS while the broken &%$@ing internet fixed itself before I could open it. Which was today.

Thing of still awesome Thankful #13 (what, who says I can’t go backwards?) I got glitterbombed GOOD. And now have funky straw glasses thingies and some ‘I blogged your mama’ gum. Oh, and did I mention glitter?

Thing of okay, well I’m kinda proud of this, cos I figured out how to do it ALL BY MYSELF (take THAT!) Thankful #182 I made a VLOG of me opening it. And it worked. And you can see it HERE:

Thing of probably…maybe Thankful #1159 I was pretty happy with the video and figured I’m fairly adorkable on it. So there’s that.

Thing of YIPPEE Thankful #24 the whole #AskMeAnything vlog can now GO AHEAD in May at some point, once I’ve decided which of your questions I’m going to answer. If you want to give me more questions, LET ME KNOW!

Thing of HUZZAH Thankful #1 #1 #1 (yes I CAN – it’s MY hop) I was in the right place at the right time to tweet to the Freshly Pressed folks at WordPress (this is a Big Deal Sharing bloggy thing, for those people NOT on WP, or unfamiliar with its innermost workings) and my Beth got her most incredible AMAZING post FP off the back of this, and I was absolutely TO THE MOON happy, because well, blogwife, and also this is one of my favourite pieces of her writing. Read The Phone Call here. And be amazed.

HUGE important (totally geeky screenshot) of HAPPINESS

Thing of yeah, no this is also good Thankful #609 I have no less than THREE poetry projects going on with THREE different poets, all of whom are wonderful, bright and enlightening, incredible wordsmiths, and working with them is making me very happy.

Thing of oh it had better be Thankful #4 and #6 I have Niece and Neff for a lot of this weekend. And am visiting with another one of ‘my kids’ tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be manic. And I haven’t the house tidy or anything REMOTELY ready to recieve them. And it’s going to rain. So guess what, kids – we’re gonna be CLEANING. Good luck.

Three Things of Worthwhile? Not tonight, Josephine.

SO! Next week is our FIFTIETH week (and because we had two renegade weeks at Christmas, that also makes it our FIRST BIRTHDAY!) so, CHECK BACK IN for celebrations and a snazzy button, if nothing else.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

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