Ten Things of Thankful #48

Can you BELIEVE that we’re only two weeks away from our 50th weekend? I can’t. I’m pinching myself to believe it, and I remember the tentative beginnings and my wavery, frail hopes that it might work. And we’ve built SUCH a community together…I love it.

I also can’t believe we don’t know what we’re going to DO to celebrate. For our 25th week, there was Naked With Cake. So it stands to reason that for our 50th…ohmigosh, no it doesn’t bear thinking about!

I have no ado. It’s been a good week, in many ways. And though I have lots to be thankful for, somehow a lot of it escaped me, which made me wonder whether I am too unused to being happy, and have forgotten to pay attention to the things which make me thankful (which, conversely, made me feel sad)

So I’ve come up with my list.

1. Thankful beyond words that my friends are quick to respond to my insecurities and reassure me they haven’t left and aren’t leaving.

2. HUGELY thankful that I could take the day off work and be there for my best friend in the world at her father’s funeral. It was sad and awful and horrible and heartbreaking. And I was there, which was important.

3. It was Husby’s birthday. I’m thankful for him, for the day being HAPPY, for him being HAPPY and for me being HAPPY. (4. I’m also thankful to the various shops in our town for providing marshmallow birthday-breakfast-cereal, and birthday-cake-flavour oreos 5. and for our Big Bang Theory Binge, and for pizza)

6. I’m thankful that I won a competition over at Feral Little Secrets, because it was fun to enter and more importantly I LOVE WRITING PROMPTS and these are good ones. Also blog-thankful for Beth’s place, where I can post the slightly bawdy stories I can’t write here.

7. I’m thankful for faded forget-me-not blue skies, hazy clouds which look like they’ve been smudged on by a child who was finger-painting a little too enthusiastically, for dark, peaty pools full of some kind of water-flowers which are so white and tiny they look like galaxies fell in, and for the comical, shaggy-headed donkeys in the New Forest, sticking their butts in the road and (with an absolute lack of concern) slowing down all the busybusy motorists.

8. Thankful for Laura and Helena for chatting to me on my phone as I waited ON HOLD FOR FORTY F*****G MINUTES to the tax people, and then had to put the phone down as I was due out to meet a friend. If they hadn’t been there talking me down and distracting me, I think the phone would have been thrown at something. Hard.

9. Thankful for my IRL friend who I met for coffee. She accepted snarly-me and told me that I didn’t *have* to let the tax office’s incompetence make me feel that way. And she bought me coffee and we had a wonderful, in-depth chat and put the world to rights.

10. Thankful always for brave people prepared to share their hurts and learnings in order to make the world a better, safer place for others.

and on that note; Three Things of Worthwhile

i – I am passionate about combatting social injustice
ii – I can write humorously when I try
iii – I am getting more confident within my friendships

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


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