Ten Things of Thankful #46

Ohhh my lovelies, I have MISSED YOU! I feel like I’ve been in a chorus-line, singing someone else’s words for the last month, and now, finally, I’m freed; centre-stage, solo, and ready to sing my own song once again.

Meantime, come HERE…

So, let me begin warbling, my voice shaking and quavering at first, with nerves, because a month of my blogging life has been taken up with writing styles and (primarily) prescriptive writing on a subject, and although I have the construct of the Ten Things of Thankful to cling to, I’m really back on my own, with no agenda, talking to you.

Which is nice. I’ve kind of missed this – the chance to just let my brain wander around and spill out into text, as though we were somewhere lovely, drinking tea and eating cake and chatting together. We’d laugh, I know that, and in a way I guess this is the equivalent of a long, drawn-out and delicious bloggy conversation – I tell you my news first, and then you take your turn (chez toi) and then I pop over and read what you had to say for your part, which is nice, as long as we’re just exchanging news.

But there’s the matter of feedback. Oh so important, and I’ve noticed a pinch lately – a lack and a slackening and, well, I guess just LESS. Which is fine if the numbers weren’t being made up by people who don’t know me well. But they were being, and with notable exceptions, who popped up here and there throughout the A-Z challenge, I think the sheer level of reading required by my output was too much for some people. Indeed, I was told as much on no less than sixty different occasions (okay, maybe two, but they FELT sixty) that I was un-keep-uppable-with. Or something. And that’s sad because there are people whose comments and input I really value, and who make my day happier to read what they’ve had to say about my little writings.

But I hope that somehow you’ll all come back for THIS, my Ten Things of (resurgent?) Thankful, and the re-entry into the Blogosphere of one tired out – but still verbose – Considerer.

1. I am thankful that the A-Z thingie is over. I loved doing it and learning all about the styles, and writing more of my Anitra story, and figuring out how to make a Villanelle, BUT…it was an awful lot of hard work, and I’m pleased to be back here as just me.

2. I feel like Little Jack Horner, if he grew extra fingers and got extra pies and stuck his extra fingers in all his extra pies and called them projects. Because I’ve somehow become a bit involved, whether with writing or publication or the possibility of both…and it’s very exciting and also terrifying all at once.

3. That most of these projects involve other writer/bloggers who have become very dear to me (if they weren’t already) is a SUPER bonus plus.

4. Thankful for some happy-to-the-middle moments with Husby this week, like when he tickled me and I dropped like a stone to the floor, laughing, and somehow landed on his feet, trapping him, but I was laughing too hard to move, and we both just stayed there, stuck.

5. A colleague gave me a month’s free gold-level gym membership which her daughter won in some draw (the girl is 8) and which she won’t use, so it was going begging and I said YES!

6. I began pilates this week and have an induction 1:1 with the pilates lady, MC (who is everything you’d expect a pilates instructor to be, but she’s very sweet and funny) Saturday lunch time. So far my knee has borne up, and seems to be less painful this week, in fact (should that be a thing by itself? Let’s not, and say it is) so I am GOING to be healthier and tone-derier, and stretchier. YAY!

8. I need to have a profile pic for a new thing, and to write a bio for it, but it needs to be very ME, so I’m asking you to help me out with a little vote: let me know in the comments which one of the following pics best fits that bill…? Thanks for your help (which I know you will so generously give, because you like me and that’s why you’re here, right?)

9. Am I adorkable or what? (For those of you to whom this is relevant, I barely need to tell you that I have a scottian side in full swing, right now, do I? 😉 )

10. I began a new little listything – you remember how this one was begun, with me and my need to find things to be Thankful for, when life was dark and challenging? Well I’ve discovered lately that much of the ‘dark and challenging’ is on the inside right now, so I have a new thing – Three Things of Worthwhile – because I was told that I have to try to drip-feed these positive things, even if I think they sound ridiculous, and even if I’m uncertain of them even when I say them, and ESPECIALLY when I am completely fordamn sure that I’m right about them, and I OWN them…because (I had an epiphany) I don’t need to FEEL worthwhile to BE it (but it sure would be nice to learn to feel it, too)

I’ll add them here because I got challenged to (half of me hates to turn down a challenge and the other half of me thinks this is probably Brave and Character-Building, which I dislike but acknowledge might be right). And I warmly invite you to play along and say three things which you think have made you a worthwhile human this week.

i – I bit my tongue and kept my eye-rolling to a minimum within sight of my hundred-and-eleventybillion-year-old patient who was veryveryveryveryslow today.

ii – I am a good encourager of others, and used this skill to the MAX

iii – I play good word/poem games

JOIN ON IN, whether it’s with the traditional TToT, or the new TToW, link up with us below 🙂

[Super-late shout out to my wonderful friend Mandi, who MADE MY DAY by showing me how to send voice messages to people through Facebook on my phone, and who is now (slightly) responsible for SO MANY PEOPLE getting little Actual, In Fact words from me *runs around hooting with laughter*]

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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