A-Z April: Yard Sale Advert

Yeah, yeah, okay so scribbling on pieces of cardboard is kind of cheating, but for you I’ll add some of the things I might sell, were I so inclined to purge and actually HOLD a yard sale. And I’d give half the profits to Laura for coming up with literally the ONLY ‘Y’ writing style there is. In fact, I’ll extend yesterday’s challenge and appoint you Quing of the World for Ten Minutes, if you can come up with one better.

BUT, in case you weren’t certain because of just how this is, DO come on in and browse – there’s a treat if you buy something:

So, come along in, help yourself to a glass of something bubbly as you browse (it’s lemonade – this is a yard sale, not a freakin’ garden party) and enjoy the ambiance, the chatter of others as they pick up and put down my various items of tat and no value, and consider parting with their hard-earned pennies for some of it.

Feel the sun on the back of your neck, and know that all the time you’re browsing here, I’m able to enjoy your company, and perchance we might natter, and I’ll tell you the story behind any of the objects you so choose to pick up…I’d love to tempt you to buy one 😉

  • A mountain of books, too varied in title to begin to describe – they are un-lump-togetherable, but all fascinating.
  • A baby money tree
  • Some ink-paintings I made
  • Some acrylic paintings I made, all chipped and broken, but still with pretties on them
  • Assorted scraps of paper with poems on them
  • Cups, lots of cups (cup of tea cups)
  • A telephone, in good working order
  • Assorted clothes which might be good for wearing to paint in, as they’re old and enormous
  • More books
  • Odds and ends of jewellery and sparkly bits of whatevers
  • A tin FULL of old pens, only half of which work

And if you buy something, you can either pin or grab yourself a free rainbow:

And on the way out, a collection bucket so that free copies of Sunshine After The Storm can be given to grieving mothers who need it, remembering them particularly as we draw near to (American) mother’s day this weekend – we’re only halfway to the funding we need, and without meeting the target, all the funding will be lost *sigh*