A-Z April: Press Release


               Watch me answer your burning questions.

Special to the Blogosphere

UK, 18th April, 2014 – Participating in a series set in motion by the internet’s favourite Ninja-Hacker-Hooker-Spy, Aussa Lorens, The Considerer (Lizzi) has been invited to make the opportunity for YOU to ask her anything.

Reader questions will be taken, in comment or tweet form, and the best* ones chosen. They will be answered, en vlog, by The Considerer; the resultant piece being readied for release in May of this year. In spite of having appeared in this medium a handful of times, this proves a huge step out of her comfort zone for The Considerer, given she will be undertaking this project entirely unsupported by the gentleman known widely as The Vloggy Friend, upon whose expertise and editing she has formerly relied.

The Considerer was available for comment, explaining “It seemed like a fun idea, though I’m not sure what questions anyone will come up with, which haven’t already been asked or answered in my writing. I hope that my readers will get their creative hats on and come up with some off-the-wall questions for me – let’s make this AWESOME!”

It is hoped that she will amass questions throughout the remainder of the month, April 30th being the final day for submissions, at which point the selection process will begin. There are as-yet unsubstantiated rumours that The Considerer will be appearing as her trademark ‘TiggerSelf’, though assertions that she will also be vlogging from a fort have been quashed.

Will this endeavour prove delightful or disastrous? Keep reading for updates.


Tweet to: @LRConsiderer
Or comment below

*’best’ in this instance proving entirely subjective.

A TOTALLY vlogworthy look, right? Gotta love the gorgeous rings under the eyes *sigh*

Piper – thanks for the ‘Press Release’ prompt – it was perfick.


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